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"World Licking Champion"
11 January 2017
Israel Biscuits

This Israeli commercial for double-stuffed Oreos is... how do we put this delicately... completely bloody bonkers. It focuses on Lickson, the 'World Licking Champ' and his ridiculously oversized tongue. A training montage features press-ups with said tongue, a lot of blue spandex, and some boasting about his licking prowess - no giggling at the back, please.

Domino's Pizza
"Winter Survival"

Chris said:

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Latest Work

"Zara Larsson"
21 Apr 2017
Zara Larsson invites us to kiss her Airs - Nike Airs, that is. The Swedish popster provides both the moves and the soundtrack for these quickfire ads. Larsson’s energetic dance routines are accompanied by some glistening visual flourishes - they are Jewells, after all. The brand will be hoping chart success translates to footwear sales.

Panasonic TV
"Hollywood to Your Home"
21 Apr 2017
After laying the groundwork last summer, Panasonic further extol their 4K credentials with this genre-hopping commercial. The protagonist’s blockbuster reel includes decadent ballrooms, battle-scarred planets, and even a spot of caped crusading. It’s beautifully shot - of course, we imagine it’s best to be watching on an Ultra 4K screen in the first place.

Harry Potter Studio Tour
"Forbidden Forest"
21 Apr 2017
The spirit of Don LaFontaine lives on in this fun ad for the Harry Potter Studio Tour. A gritty VO reveals that the behind-the-scenes attraction has added the Forbidden Forest set - complete with fully functioning lightning button. As the announcer seemingly goes off-script, it turns out dad’s just doing his best movie trailer voice. Needless to say, his offspring are less than enchanted.

20 Apr 2017
Combogesic are back, this time drawing attention to the dangers of glamping. A night on a mattress outdoors could leave you with a painful twinge in your back, necessitating an overpriced combination of paracetamol and ibuprofen to get you back on your feet. Playful animation here saves the ad, highlighting key words which would otherwise be lost to Sally Phillips's frenzied delivery.

"Baby Groot"
21 Apr 2017
Guardians of the Galaxy's cutest member teams up with the GEICO Gecko for this amusing tie-in commercial. Framestore's production values are typically high, with Gecko more than holding his own against Baby Groot's intricate animated design. It seems that only one of the actors here has bothered to learn their lines, but then we're not sure Groot's old enough to read yet...

"The Danish Way"
21 Apr 2017
Danish dynamite Mads Mikkelsen ruminates on why his compatriots are the happiest people on Earth in this amusing ad for Carlsberg. The actor keeps an admirably straight face throughout his whimsical bike ride, as he waxes lyrical about the Danish commitment to appreciating nature, maintaining a work-life balance, and - of couse - beer.

"The World in One Place"
21 Apr 2017
This effective trail for CNN’s Original Series strand packs plenty of screen time into 60”. A wall of televisions showcases the channel’s eclectic output, covering everything from the Nineties to Jesus Christ. The visual conceit pays tribute to CNN’s broadcast heritage as a constant stream of images blends familiar faces and more obscure subject matter against a scenic backdrop.

Lucozade Sport
"Anthony Joshua"
19 Apr 2017
With boxing fans eagerly anticipating Anthony Joshua’s bout against Wladimir Klitschko, Lucozade Sport present this gritty ad charting the former’s rise to prominence. An urgent sequence charts Joshua’s early years. We see a young man always running… sometimes with the wrong crowd. These transgressions don’t keep him off-track for long, however.

"The Big Swim"
19 Apr 2017
The latest instalment of giffgaff's ongoing campaign reasserts the disruptive brand's position as a provider of freedom. Their customer-led approach has forced its competitors to have a rethink and some of them are starting to echo giffgaff's central proposition. But don't expect the sector's upstart to be put out... it's probably what they've been hoping their rivals will do!

Los Angeles
"Paper Plane"
1 min 33s
19 Apr 2017
The devil makes work for idle tiny hands - as more completely rational travel bans loom on the horizon, the city of Los Angeles has launched a tourism campaign with a clear message in response: everyone is welcome. 'Real Love Baby' by Father John Misty plays as a diverse cast of characters hug, dance, and generally live their lives near iconic landmarks across the city.

18 Apr 2017
Wisden make take umbrage, but this lovely Foster’s commercial depicts a fun slice of cricketing 'history'. Having won the toss in 1888, Australia put England in to field. Alas, cable knit sweaters weren’t designed for the Melbourne sun. Just when it looks like England are poached, William and Ralph Foster arrive with their newfangled lager.

"Utility Poles"
19 Apr 2017
Nice Shirt's Stuart Douglas captures some extreme conditions in this BASF commercial. Hurricanes, whiteouts and flooding can wreak havoc on local infrastructure - especially the electricity supply. However, the chemical manufacturer insists their utility poles can weather the storm and ensure the lights stay on during a community's darkest hour.

"James's Unboxing"
19 Apr 2017
James Nesbitt lends his considerable charisma and charm to this ad, in which he unpacks a giant box containing the myriad features available with Sky TV bundles. We're hoping his appearance in the mysterious white Sky universe marks the beginning of a series of films about the wacky adventures he and potential flatmate Idris Elba get up to...

Mami Wata
5 mins 13s
16 Apr 2017
The surfing sector ventures into uncharted waters with this artfully-shot piece for Mami Wata. It’s a surfing ad without the lingo - no gnarly waves or wipeouts here. Instead, we’re given an insight into one man’s relationship with the sea… and it how washes over his everyday life.

Kellogg's Corn Flakes
"Chris and Stephen"
14 Apr 2017
Chris and Stephen have been regular contributors to Gogglebox without yet managing to get themselves into the Big Brother house or the I'm A Celebrity jungle so they'll be glad to pick up a few extra quid for explaining how they eat their Kellogg's Corn Flakes. An amiable campaign cleverly exploiting the pair's cult popularity.

Road Safety (Republic of Ireland)
19 Apr 2017
Ireland's road safety campaign takes a surreal turn courtesy of MindsEye's Ryan Patrick. This driver thinks he can talk his way out of trouble... but his uvula thinks otherwise. The bloke's, erm, mouthy sidekick reminds him of the joint he smoked earlier on, while viewers are told that roadside drug tests are now in operation. A trippy warning for Irish motorists.

"Min Tanaka x Fujiko Nakaya"
18 Apr 2017
Min Tanaka is an actor and performance artist whose Body Weather project explores the origins of dance in rural Japan. This haunting piece for Tate Modern in partnership with BMW is Ilona McIlwain’s directing debut, and shows Tanaka commanding the space within a fog sculpture by Fujiko Nakaya. It's a strange and lovely clip, and one which suggests McIlwain has a big future.

17 Apr 2017
Computer keeps saying "no" in this Hewlett Packard Enterprise commercial. This office android - complete with rolled sleeve technology - pumps the brakes on this company's data ambitions. Luckily, that's where HP's business-centric spin-off can help. If you're salivating at the thought of pulling customer insights in real-time, this may be the tech company for you.

Weight Watchers
"Amazing Members"
16 Apr 2017
If the weekly humiliation of standing on the scales in front of people - and paying for the privilege - doesn't make you shed the pounds, don't despair. Get the Weight Watchers app and it'll tell you just how much artery-busting crap is in each tempting item whispering your name from the supermarket shelves. That'll do it.

Channel 4
"Man Made Planet Season"
14 Apr 2017
To introduce Channel 4's 'Man Made Planet' season, a striking montage of images depict the indelible stamp humankind is putting on the Earth. Each snappy edit reflects the shape of the pale blue dot we call home, and gives us a very real sense of the way we are propelling ourselves into the Anthropocene Age without a brake to postpone the consequences.

Boots No 7
"Amanda Foster"
13 Apr 2017
Stuntwork is risky business. Performers endure falls, crashes, infernos, and all manner of dicey deeds ... all to ensure the leads make it to the première intact. Boots No 7 give one stunt pro top billing. Her name is Amanda Foster - and she’s got a date with a glass window.

Amber Mark
"Lose My Cool"
4 mins 10s
7 Apr 2017
This deceptively breezy track is about the anger Amber Mark felt as she started to process her mother's death. Courtney Phillips does a neat job of conveying the young singer's growing frustration without getting too dark along the way, and we suspect his promo will ensure the song is on heavy rotation on MTV.

"Just Some Motion"
31 Mar 2017
Italian telecomms company TIM use the medium of dance to express the country's delight at having an operator who offers it all - mobile, TV and broadband - without making things complicated. It's a stylish piece of work and features online phenomenon Just Some Motion, the electro-swing star whose moves have resonated around the world.

"Bang, Bang"
14 Apr 2017
Superdrug ditch their slow motion reactions angle in favour of this vibrant number. The high street chain suggests its range of cosmetics and styling products can complement any mood, be it "bold", "fierce", or even "super-smug". After some false starts, the brand looks to convey "that Superdrug feeling" with a brighter, in-your-face approach.

"April 17th"
17 Apr 2017
Fans of The Incredible Hulk will appreciate this 10" Argos commercial - the latest in the retailer's date-stamped campaign promoting same-day delivery. This time, a mild-mannered trampolinist undergoes his own "startling metamorphosis" into the green-skinned monster... though luckily his trousers stay intact.

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