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Domino's Pizza
"Winter Survival"

Chris said:

great acting



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Sport England
"This Girl Can Returns"
24 Feb 2017
The bedrock of the long-awaited second instalment of Sport England's 'This Girl Can' campaign is provided by Maya Angelou's mischievous reading of her own poem 'Phenomenal Woman'. It's a perfect fit for the everywoman approach which drew so many plaudits for the original film... also directed by Somesuch's Kim Gehrig.

Nissan Micra
"Drawn at First Sight"
1 min 55s
23 Feb 2017
This Nissan Micra commercial certainly keeps you watching. Artist Stephen Wiltshire is famed for his meticulous landscape illustrations; here, the car maker gives him sixty seconds to memorise the car before ‘drawing’ it in VR. It’s an engaging insight into Wiltshire’s talents under the guise of a car ad. Google and HTC will be chuffed with the publicity, too.

"Eden Hazard"
23 Feb 2017
Premier League refs would appreciate this Sure ad’s rewind facility. As Chelsea’s Eden Hazard prepares to take a penalty, we watch the build-up in reverse. How does the midfield maestro stay composed throughout? By using the advertised deodorant before kick-off, of course. While it’s unlikely to give Sunday league players the Belgian’s mercurial touch, it should help keep bothersome sweat at bay.

Tesco Bank
"Pet Research"
23 Feb 2017
This quirky ad for Tesco Bank features a hapless chap attempting to run a focus group with rather unusual participants. He has to contend with more than the usual requests for coffee and people not understanding the question - there's pen-swallowing, peeing on the office plants, and standing on the table. The casting makes this: it's a lovely bit of acting by the erstwhile marketeer.

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand
"Run On"
1 min 36s
23 Feb 2017
If you’re left dumbfounded by pre-ripped jeans, wait till you get a load of Italian footwear brand Golden Goose. This chap pushes his pristine sneakers to the limit, exposing them to dirt, fire, and water. Well, how else are the label going to achieve their signature worn-in look? For those who love to be fashionably scruffy (and don't mind paying for it), this lively ad should float your boat.

22 Feb 2017
Rather than playing up the security benefits of a remotely-viewable video doorbell, or hammering home the sweet promise of never getting a 'sorry we missed you' mail slip again, Ring have made the baffling decision to show a family using their product like a video chat. It's 2017 guys, we have Skype and WhatsApp for that.

BT Mobile
22 Feb 2017
This instalment of BT Mobile's adventures with the Martin clan was aired during 'Location Location Location' - hence the gentle humour around kids being reluctant to leave home and all the freebies it provides. We're wondering when the last time was that a grown-up used a hashtag unironically in a private group chat...

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté
"La Nuit De L’Homme Eau Electrique"
1 min 43s
22 Feb 2017
YSL’s latest fragrance - La Nuit de L'Homme Eau Électrique - is a bit of a mouthful, though it does give promo specialist Colin Tilley something to sink his teeth into. This fellow finds the night is full of pulse-raising delights: secret gigs, pool parties and lots of alluring women; although his smirk makes us want to slap him repeatedly. Thomas Azier’s ‘Ghost City’ complements Tilley’s flash photography to good effect.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic
"Someone To Stay"
4 mins 11s
22 Feb 2017
There’s a hint of Bon Iver to Vancouver Sleep Clinic’s ‘Someone to Stay’. Mister Clinic a.k.a. Tim Bettinson delivers a wistful ballad which should chime with anyone who’s endured a rough patch. Director Georgia Hudson brings an other-worldly feel to suburbia as Bettinson chases a will-o'-the-wisp through the streets. Suitably dreamlike.

"S/S 2017 Camo Collection"
22 Feb 2017
French fashion label Moncler channel M.C. Escher in this trippy commercial. These models parade the brand’s new camouflage collection in a realm of endless stairways and gravity-defying landings. Much more exciting than a plain old runway, eh? Another skilful mind-bender from Colonel Blimp’s Alan Masferrer.

"Pure Happiness"
22 Feb 2017
This touching ad for South African brand Consol seems at first an unusual way to advertise glassware - children running around with breakable objects isn't generally a recipe for success - but an unexpected ending gives the film a satisfying twist. The ad is shot with a loving attention to detail, creating a hazy, nostalgic feeling enhanced by the appropriately gentle soundtrack.

"Travel State of Mind"
20 Feb 2017
There’s plenty of joie de vivre in this 60” ad for Eurostar. These travellers discover what can happen when you just say qui. A lot, as it happens - you’ve just got to have the right mindset. Long lunches, lost and found love, and discovering one’s dancing shoes… sod the itinerary and just roll with it.

The Chainsmokers
3 mins 42s
22 Feb 2017
This promo for 'Paris' reminds us of the Ikea 'Beds' ad by Juan Cabral, with a dash of 'Up' thrown in for good measure. A mournful young woman (Victoria's Secret model Martha Hunt) drifts through her home and realises it's floating into the sky. She prepares to jump out of the window... what will happen? Classy photography and grading enhances the dreamlike feel.

Toyota Kluger
22 Feb 2017
This trope-subverting Australian ad for Toyota manages to have everything a car commercial needs - slick shots of the new Kluger gliding through a city, the set-up to a traditional seduction narrative as Clooney-lite notices the attractive driver - and then swoops in with brilliantly-timed comedy at the last minute. Quite a feat, and all in a neat 30".

Top Gear
"Risk Assessment"
22 Feb 2017
This amusing trail for the latest series of Top Gear sees presenters Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris, and Rory Reid face a grilling in the BBC insurance department. The humourless pen-pusher (he’s stingy with biscuits, as well) has some concerns about the programme’s impending return. It’s safe to say these three aren’t the ones to ease them.

River Island
"SS 17"
17 Feb 2017
M.I.A.'s 2013 release 'Only 1 U' provides the soundtrack to this stylish River Island ad. It's a sassy, energetic piece of work that gives the brand clout and makes it feel like a worthy challenger to reigning high street fashion retailer Top Shop. The grading too plays a significant part; invitingly warm yet classily muted with a splash of bright pastels to add contrast.

4 mins 35s
22 Feb 2017
MailChimp breaks into the music biz with an ambitious online promo from Veil Hymn. The ‘band’ actually comprises Blood Orange a.k.a. Devonte Hynes and Bryndon Cook, and their laidback jam is designed to ultimately redirect curious music fans to the email marketing company. Eagle-eyed viewers will also spot ‘MaleCrimp’ on a barber’s price list.

Centraal Beheer
"Hulk Hogan"
22 Feb 2017
Veteran grappler Hulk Hogan stars in this amusing Centraal Beheer commercial. The wrestling legend runs wild on this mugger, even landing his trademark leg drop. Despite thrilling the crowd, Hogan's playacting does little to help the situation. Rather than rely on an aging pro wrestler when trouble arises, you're better calling the advertised insurer.

Domino's Pizza
"It's No Secret"
22 Feb 2017
Domino's assure us that all their pizzas are handmade in this amusing ad. Various vignettes suggest what a pizza factory might look like, featuring industrial dough-squishers, tomato sauce paint rollers, and a toppings cannon which we'd quite like to have a go on. All this before revealing that the secret to their handmade pizzas is - drumroll - hands.

ASN Bank
"Creature of Habit"
21 Feb 2017
This animated ad for Dutch bank ASN features a cute pooch playing the 'creature of habit' who's been doing business with the same bank (or in this case, money badger) for years without noticing the shady practices threatening the environment. Luckily, ASN Bank are environmentally sustainable and easy enough to switch to that even a puppy can do it.

We Fight Any Claim
"John Cleese"
20 Feb 2017
John Cleese pays for his second hip replacement with this ad for PPI chasers We Fight Any Claim. Cleese's shifty suit insists he's no villain while wearing a stocking over his head. Fans of Monty Python’s Flying Circus will appreciate the nod to Cleese’s bungling bank robber. Unfortunately, the company name suggests they’ll fight your claim rather than fight it for you.

"Delivery Dogs"
22 Feb 2017
This ad for Bakers has a procession of pooches driving what look like retro golf carts to deliver the latest innovation in dog food - no artificial ingredients. There are some nice slow-motion shots of eager pups leaping over obstacles as they clamour for a taste of Bakers' meaty chunks, and it's all appropriately upbeat.

British Airways
"New York Knicks"
21 Feb 2017
A father and son describe their journey to watch the New York Knicks play at Madison Square Garden. It’s a dream come true for the basketball-daft son; what’s more, it’s helped bring these two closer together. Thanks to British Airways, they now have a painting to mark the trip. A thoughtful way of encouraging us to share our travel memories.

Amazon Echo
20 Feb 2017
Here's another oddly constructed ad for the Amazon Echo Dot. We're shown three 10" vignettes involving a crying baby, a kebab, and a bulging suitcase respectively. Whatever the query, however, Alexa is ready to chime in with a suggestion. The end result feels rather disjointed, though at least we're in no doubt about the price.

"Appetite Needs Opportunity"
21 Feb 2017
This punchy recruitment film for McDonald’s appeals for hungry applicants. The fast food chain encourages its employees - regardless of background - to excel both on and off the job. Sofi Tukker’s ‘Drinkee’ provides the infectious soundtrack, while Goodoil’s Justin McMillan ensures Macca’s come across as a rewarding career option.

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