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Milk Tray
"The Return"

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Latest Additions

Plan International
15 Feb 2017
Children's charity Plan International insist everyone should be able to change their own script. There doesn’t seem to be a way out of domestic drudgery for this teenage girl. However, she ‘improvises’ by leaving for school. The director may not be happy, but the charity hopes more young women can rewrite their life stories.

BNP Paribas
"The Day After"
17 Feb 2017
This French BNP Paribas commercial will bring back painful memories for some - or hazy ones, at best. A man wakes up in a hotel hot tub after a night involving, erm, chainmail. Alas, it’s far from the suite life. Only hotel CCTV can piece together whatever happened here.

Ben & Jerry's
17 Feb 2017
Socially-conscious ice cream makers Ben & Jerry's have returned to their talking cow character to introduce a new range of ice cream sandwiches... sorry, 'wiches. More appears to be more in their book, so for those of us who feel short-changed at the prospect of a mere tub of Cookie Dough, we can now look forward to an accompaniment of actual cookies.

Hula Hoops
"Bank Robber"
17 Feb 2017
This stick-up artist picks the wrong branch of West Heath Bank to rob. While he tries his best Guy Ritchie routine, the cashier is still enjoying snack time. Fortunately, a show of hands - and an expertly munched Hula Hoop - is all it takes to thwart the would-be criminal. Some folk just aren't designed for the outlaw life.

2 mins 32s
17 Feb 2017
This is the first time women have featured in Lynx’s engaging ‘Men in Progress’ series. They’re not flocking towards a bloke covering himself with deodorant, either... how times have changed. These couples chat about what makes their relationships tick, and we particularly like the couple whose revelations cover everything from soup to sexual prowess.

The Atlantic
2 mins 50s
16 Feb 2017
The Atlantic's first brand campaign in a decade sees esteemed actor Michael K. Williams reprising some of his best-loved characters as he explores the question of his own identity. The film shows four different versions of the actor examining whether or not he's typecast in his career and how that has affected him.

16 Feb 2017
This ad for HSBC's Fast Balance service is sweet without being too sugary as we watch an elderly gent prove you're never too old for first date jitters. While the big band soundtrack and the sepia-tinged palette underline his age he's evidently not stuck in the past; at ease with texting and using HSBC's mobile banking app. Classy stuff.

"Glitter And Gloss"
3 mins 33s
14 Feb 2017
Skott's 'Glitter and Gloss' has the kind of electro alt-pop sound you expect from your typical Scandi artist, and brings with it a cool promo to match. Cryptic journeys across frozen landscapes, singers lurking in freezing mansions; a colour palette that gives your eyeballs frostbite. Good stuff... brrrrrr.

14 Feb 2017
Having recently scooped a Grammy for Beyoncé’s politically-charged ‘Formation’ promo, director Melina Matsoukas tackles equality in this stirring Nike film. To mark Black History Month, Michael B. Jordan asks: “Is this the land history promised?” Despite the wintry aesthetic, the ad has fire in the belly.

"The Wolf"
6 mins 22s
16 Feb 2017
This stylish short from HP sees Christian Slater tapping into his 'Mr Robot' role to hack through a financial company's security via an unusual route: their printers. It's hard not to be compelled by Slater's slick, cocksure performance as he uncovers secrets and destroys lives simply because he can. Time to update the security software, we reckon.

Short Films
6 mins 51s
15 Feb 2017
Director Dave Tynan says he was "blown away" when he saw actor Emmet Kirwan perform 'Heartbreak' at the Fringe Festival and knew immediately he wanted to capture it on film. The resulting collaboration is an extraordinary piece of film which amplifies the passion of this mesmerising spoken-work performance.

"This IS Classic"
16 Feb 2017
The beat goes on in this atmospheric Reebok Classics film. Rapper Jesse James Solomon pays tribute to a London that comes to life after sundown, as well as those who’ve provided the soundtrack over the years. RSA’s Antony Crook has demonstrated his affinity for the brand in the past, and this shorter piece maintains his firm grasp of place and time.

Sonnet Insurance
1 min 46s
16 Feb 2017
This charming ad for Sonnet Insurance encourages us to think positive as a balloon dodges all manner of sharp things with a smile on its face. Nexus’s Smith & Foulkes produce a sunny piece of animation, playfully rendering one near-miss after another. A well-crafted way of suggesting insurance needn’t be all doom and gloom.

"Make Love Not Walls"
1 min 38s
15 Feb 2017
This film launching Diesel's 'Make Love Not Walls' campaign is hopeful, surreal, and flamboyant. But then, it's directed by famed photographer and Warhol protégé David LaChapelle, so why would we expect anything different? It stars 'bad boy of ballet' Sergei Polunin, who wanders through a wasteland until he comes across a mysterious wall (no word as to whether Mexico paid for it).

Bensons For Beds
"Big Sleep Sale"
15 Feb 2017
It’s ‘The Big Sleep Sale’ at Bensons For Beds, funnily enough. This 30” ad consists mainly of static shots of cut-price bedding, along with snippets from their ‘Be’ campaign. Anyone keen to rest their head for less should investigate further. Mind you, the gentle soundtrack risks putting viewers to sleep before they even reach the shop.

Experian Credit Expert
"Next Steps"
15 Feb 2017
First steps turn to next steps in this latest Experian commercial as it builds on last year's promise to provide free credit scores permanently. Having obtained that all-important number, consumers can now use CreditMatcher to find compatible loans and credit cards. Shots of moving feet create a suitably progressive tone.

Vauxhall Corsa
15 Feb 2017
This ad for Vauxhall focuses on the Corsa's wi-fi connectivity (wi-fi in a car, what a world) and features an awkward young couple overlooking a makeout point... although there's not a lot of making out on the cards. Especially not with the lad's mates a few feet away shouting out corrections to the wi-fi password - talk about a firewall.

Home Office - Abusive Relationships
15 Feb 2017
Another eye-catching film from the Home Office designed to enlighten young people about abusive relationships. These disembodied parts discuss the line between consensual sex and rape - a line that can quickly become blurry. This campaign itself walks a fine line between serious and conversational, but its distinctive execution should get people talking.

Express Bi-folds
15 Feb 2017
This ad for Express Bi-Folds features a number of people giving the void their best Don Draper stare as they contemplate what their lives would be like if they just had more space. Luckily, they can experience 'life without walls'... by literally ripping a wall off their house and replacing it with a folding glass window. Not the simplest solution, but it will doubtless appeal to some.

"Nicola Adams"
16 Feb 2017
Boxer Nicola Adams stars in this brief ad for Aldi's 'Super Six' deal, during which the supermarket slashes the price of six items of fruit or veg for a week. There's a nice bit of food photography and some slow-motion shots of the Olympic champion standing in front of a British flag made of fruit - making her the seventh 'winner' of the week.

Oak Furnitureland
"Coffee Table"
15 Feb 2017
It seems like only yesterday Oak Furnitureland were celebrating the New Year with a sale on their 100% wood furniture. Luckily for anyone who missed that opportunity, it turns out they've having a February sale as well! What are the chances? Better grab the opportunity while you can, because who knows when more discounts will come along.

"Balancing Act"
15 Feb 2017
This 20" ad gives us a sneak peek at the Ritz kitchen. Once these scales are activated, we watch a selection of sliced and diced ingredients hover in mid-air, showing us just how precise their Crisp & Thins recipe is. Together with Alexander Armstrong’s glib VO and Michel Legrand’s ‘Di-Gue Ding Ding’, the product comes across as a classy snack option.

Ibis Hotels
"Do Not Disturb"
4 mins 50s
15 Feb 2017
Ibis Hotels serve as the chrysalis for a band's transformation in this Spinal Tap-style mockumentary. French rockers Naive New Beaters have hit a pocket of ennui after a long tour, so it's up to the dedicated hotel staff to nurse their creative juices back into existence and see them enjoy a musical rebirth - however silly the demands become.

15 Feb 2017
ClearScore’s offbeat campaign continues to intrigue as Charlie’s advised to check his credit score whilst in the bath. While he has a nosey at the advertised website, Moose the dog asks what his owner’s doing in that giant bowl of water. Alas, not everyone’s as keen to join Charlie as the telepathic mutt. Strangely compelling.

Arman Cekin
"California Dreaming (ft Paul Rey & Snoop Dogg)"
3 mins 46s
14 Feb 2017
Arman Cekin's release gets a trippy video courtesy of directing trio Youth Hymns. Snoop, elegantly spotlit at a piano, plays a few chords... then takes a hit of his joint. The mood changes as we're led into his mind; a brightly-coloured cartoonish world where he and singer Paul Rey conjure up a California lifestyle full of the requisite babes, boulevards and, er, bongo brains.

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