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"Kitty Kommercial"
2 mins 58s
11 January 2017
Internet Charities

This ad for the FurKids no-kill animal shelter has gone viral after being posted anonymously on Reddit. It's racked up over four million views on YouTube, despite featuring no actual actors and being shot in around half an hour.

While it calls to mind other spoof shelter ads (such as the memorable Calgary Humane Society film that went viral in 2015 for selling cats like used cars... is this becoming a sub-genre?), this feels more authentic because of the low (no) budget and the fact it can't decide what kind of commercial it wants to spoof... so it does them all.

There's the car salesman pitch, black and white infomercial shots, a South Park joke (I need about three kitty!), mispronouncing common words, and even a spoof of heartstring-tugging PSAs complete with terrible background music. Plus a script which features gems like 'we've got the blackest cats you've ever seen - it's like midnight inside a coffin over here!'

FurKids - "Kitty Kommercial"
Domino's Pizza
"Winter Survival"

Chris said:

great acting



Latest Additions

Nintendo Switch
"More Games"
25 Feb 2017
Nintendo emphasise the social aspect of their Switch console in this ad. Games to play with - or against - your mates include sword fighting, competitive shaving, and a questionable-looking soda shaking game which may well become a meme for the same reason as the infamous Shake Weight. Needless to say, some will make more of a, ahem, splash at parties than others.

24 Feb 2017
This brief instalment of Sainsbury's 'Food Dancing' campaign features a chap playing fast and loose with a grater while he grooves. The ubiquitous orange shopping bag in these otherwise black and white ads creates a distinctive look which stands out during any commercial break. The brand are encouraging everyone to get involved and boogie in their kitchen - just watch your fingers while you're at it!

Nintendo Switch
24 Feb 2017
This busy ad for Nintendo Switch shows the console’s party game in action. We feel for the VO competing against a cacophony of background noise, though it’s hard to miss the line: “Yank those udders like a pro”. If you’ve always dreamed of milking virtual mammary glands with your friends, March 3rd can’t come soon enough.

"Moving Out"
27 Feb 2017
This sweet ad for Subaru shows a young boy moving out of home a little earlier than expected... at least in the eyes of his parents. The reveal that he's actually grown up is a satisfying way to emphasise the longevity of the car, and director Sean Meehan delivers it with just the right amount of emotional pay-off. Parents everywhere will identify with the urge to hold onto their wee ones just that little bit longer.

"My Shade My Power"
24 Feb 2017
Lancôme celebrate the relaunch of their most popular Ultra Wear foundation by finding a woman to represent each of the forty shades available. Featuring such talents as writer Malorie Blackman (OBE), Olympic cyclist Laura Kenny, and director Gurinder Chadha, this film by The Brooklyn Brothers takes a refreshing approach to a familiar format.

24 Feb 2017
Guernsey bids for our summer holiday custom with this gentle, sun-drenched commercial. The VO invites viewers to enjoy “the jewel of the British crown” as the ad flits between castles, sandy beaches, and country tracks. Directors Ubik ensure the Channel Island looks at its best thanks to some sweeping aerial photography.

"More Than Data"
24 Feb 2017
This South African ad for Investec is all about the human touch. The financial institution insists its customers are more than just numbers on a screen while an ever-changing face tells us we are people, not pixels. The visual anomalies are subtly done, and although the swelling score is a tad intrusive it’s nonetheless an engaging communication.

Red Bull
23 Feb 2017
The latest instalment in Red Bull's animated campaign features an unusual chess match. A cocky robot is infuriated when heart-melting amounts of caffeine give its opponent the advantage, and throws a wobbly while the bloke sips smugly. The soundtrack is a nice change for this long-running campaign and enhances the laughs here.

Time To Change
24 Feb 2017
Mental health charity Time to Change launches a punchy film designed to encourage men to support a friend in need. Everyone’s got eyes for these three blokes as they swagger through the estate. Are they off for a post-work pint? Actually, they’re off to the local garage. Turns out their pal John's in need of a time-out.

6 mins 40s
24 Feb 2017
Our sense of smell is inextricably linked to our other senses and it has the power to evoke memories in a way that can be quite overwhelming. Alma Har'el's startling short film for Chanel riffs on this potency in a fashion that's as playful as it is sexy. While this isn't different in tone from much of what emerges from the marketing departments of perfume houses, its commitment to story sets it apart.

"Prince's Trust: All Worth It"
3 mins 05s
24 Feb 2017
Cheryl’s baby bump has threatened to overshadow L'Oréal’s partnership with the Prince’s Trust. Still, this is an engaging companion to last year’s ‘Skin Tones’ film. The likes of Katie Piper and Helen Lydia Mirren describe what self-confidence means to them, while their fellow contributors ensure a universal message. Another dignified reminder that beauty comes in many forms.

24 Feb 2017
This ad comparing Aldi's Magnum range of dishwasher products with more familiar brands features two lovely performances from some bubble-clad tykes following a washing machine mishap. It's nice to see Aldi return to their tried and tested comparison format, allowing the price of the products to speak for themselves - whether they end up being used correctly or not.

Red Bull
"Washing Line"
24 Feb 2017
We’re surprised it’s taken Red Bull this long to cover ‘flying the nest’. Thirty-five-year-old layabout Luigi is getting on his mum’s nerves. Luckily, neighbour Nella has a can of the energy drink standing by which his long-suffering mother consumes instead of Luigi. This leaves him floundering when she discovers it literally gives her some get-up-and-go.

23 Feb 2017
We’re back in the Ritz kitchen for another flavoursome balancing act. This time, it’s the brand’s Bakefuls variety in the spotlight. Freefalling onions are drenched in vinegar, while feathers glide downwards to sell the snack’s healthy credentials. Michel Legrand's 'Di-Gue-Ding-Ding' once again complement the neat visuals.

Equal Pay Day
1 min 52s
23 Feb 2017
This tongue in cheek ad for Equal Pay Day Europe presents an unorthodox solution to the gender pay gap: have women start their careers ten years earlier. A father and daughter are spurred into action when they become aware of the gap, and the nine year old manages to land an advisory job for someone you might not expect.

"More Early Birds"
22 Feb 2017
If you've been cast on the latest series of Gogglebox and need to update your telly throne before the nation sees the stained mess you usually sprawl on, then Harveys has yet more early bird savings for you. And for less than a grand, you can even get a corner sofa big enough to avoid physical contact with members of your family. Result.

"Opening Titles"
24 Feb 2017
With murky, layered visuals and an ominous soundtrack, the opening titles for SS-GB tease the intriguing nature of the programme. An alternative history taking place after a Nazi win at the Battle of Britain, the show caught flak on release for lead actor Sam Riley's questionable diction. There are no such issues with sound here, as straining piano swirls over spreading bloodstains and confirms that all is not well in Hitler's Britain... as you might expect!

Sport England
"This Girl Can Returns"
24 Feb 2017
The bedrock of the long-awaited second instalment of Sport England's 'This Girl Can' campaign is provided by Maya Angelou's mischievous reading of her own poem 'Phenomenal Woman'. It's a perfect fit for the everywoman approach which drew so many plaudits for the original film... also directed by Somesuch's Kim Gehrig.

Nissan Micra
"Drawn at First Sight"
1 min 55s
23 Feb 2017
This Nissan Micra commercial certainly keeps you watching. Artist Stephen Wiltshire is famed for his meticulous landscape illustrations; here, the car maker gives him sixty seconds to memorise the car before ‘drawing’ it in VR. It’s an engaging insight into Wiltshire’s talents under the guise of a car ad. Google and HTC will be chuffed with the publicity, too.

"Eden Hazard"
23 Feb 2017
Premier League refs would appreciate this Sure ad’s rewind facility. As Chelsea’s Eden Hazard prepares to take a penalty, we watch the build-up in reverse. How does the midfield maestro stay composed throughout? By using the advertised deodorant before kick-off, of course. While it’s unlikely to give Sunday league players the Belgian’s mercurial touch, it should help keep bothersome sweat at bay.

Tesco Bank
"Pet Research"
23 Feb 2017
This quirky ad for Tesco Bank features a hapless chap attempting to run a focus group with rather unusual participants. He has to contend with more than the usual requests for coffee and people not understanding the question - there's pen-swallowing, peeing on the office plants, and standing on the table. The casting makes this: it's a lovely bit of acting by the erstwhile marketeer.

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand
"Run On"
1 min 36s
23 Feb 2017
If you’re left dumbfounded by pre-ripped jeans, wait till you get a load of Italian footwear brand Golden Goose. This chap pushes his pristine sneakers to the limit, exposing them to dirt, fire, and water. Well, how else are the label going to achieve their signature worn-in look? For those who love to be fashionably scruffy (and don't mind paying for it), this lively ad should float your boat.

22 Feb 2017
Rather than playing up the security benefits of a remotely-viewable video doorbell, or hammering home the sweet promise of never getting a 'sorry we missed you' mail slip again, Ring have made the baffling decision to show a family using their product like a video chat. It's 2017 guys, we have Skype and WhatsApp for that.

BT Mobile
22 Feb 2017
This instalment of BT Mobile's adventures with the Martin clan was aired during 'Location Location Location' - hence the gentle humour around kids being reluctant to leave home and all the freebies it provides. We're wondering when the last time was that a grown-up used a hashtag unironically in a private group chat...

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté
"La Nuit De L’Homme Eau Electrique"
1 min 43s
22 Feb 2017
YSL’s latest fragrance - La Nuit de L'Homme Eau Électrique - is a bit of a mouthful, though it does give promo specialist Colin Tilley something to sink his teeth into. This fellow finds the night is full of pulse-raising delights: secret gigs, pool parties and lots of alluring women; although his smirk makes us want to slap him repeatedly. Thomas Azier’s ‘Ghost City’ complements Tilley’s flash photography to good effect.

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