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American Express
10 January 2017
UK Charge Cards

Every cloud has a platinum lining according to this neatly-animated American Express commercial. We're told customers can earn 5% cashback on everyday spending with the advertised credit card; something to cushion the blow when unexpected purchases arise. Clever transitions show what life can throw at us when we least expect it.

American Express - "Upside"
Domino's Pizza
"Winter Survival"

Chris said:

great acting



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30 Mar 2017
E4 believes everyone deserves to unwind, and that they're the ideal place to do so. This tongue-in-cheek ad introduces us to the E4 spa - a refuge from angry mobs, comment sections, and, erm, shrinking chocolate. The fun script conveys the channel's carefree remit well: quacks nationwide will be wishing they'd come up with "colonic irrigation for your mindholes" first.

Top Gear
"Matt LeBond"
7 mins 41s
29 Mar 2017
Even Joey Tribbiani's most ardent fans will admit he was never a candidate to play James Bond (though he could pull off a mean tux). Fortunately, this excerpt from the latest series of Top Gear offers an entertaining compromise. Starring Matt LeBlanc and Chris Harris a.k.a. "Joey from Friends and a bald guy in a bad jacket", it's a scenic duel between LeBlanc's Aston Martin DB11 and Harris's Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG.

McArthur Glen Designer Outlet
"SS 17"
27 Mar 2017
McArthur Glen Designer Outlet are the latest brand to unveil their spring/summer finery. These models strut their stuff to Jamie Cullum's 'Work of Art', while well-timed shifts from black-and-white to full colour provide a neat visual hook. A familiar approach, but it's a confident demonstration of what we can expect to find.

Samsung Galaxy
"This is a Smartphone"
29 Mar 2017
Samsung have worked hard to regain consumer trust over recent months, and this peppy commercial now encourages us to rethink how we perceive smartphones. Thus, from the literal ashes of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 comes the new S8 smartphone. Now if they can just stop their stores from catching fire as well...

29 Mar 2017
Levitating leather sofas isn't quite what this bloke had in mind when he joined the Magic Circle. Still, he manages to elevate this 10" Harveys commercial. While he waggles his wand, we're told the advertised sofa comes with a "free electric upgrade" - which captures the VO's imagination far more than the magician's abracadabra antics.

"Let them Fall"
28 Mar 2017
Many parents will be tempted to wrap their children in cotton wool (and any available bubble wrap), but the French Federation of Cardiology highlight the hidden cost. This ad celebrates every scuff, cut, and bruise youngsters encounter in the big bad world. Some viewers may wince, but it's a small price to pay for a healthy heart going forward.

"Dave Sponsorship"
29 Mar 2017
The i newspaper reveals its irreverent side through these Dave sponsorship idents. Given the channel's penchant for topical panel shows, it's a good match. Brevity breeds comedy as director Mark Denton crowns the title's logo with a Russian urshanka and Donald Trump's notorious weave... though the drone operator can't quite dot the, well, i.

Danish Defence
27 Mar 2017
Eschewing the gung-ho approach and unthinking camaraderie typically associated with armed forces recruitment, this Danish ad urging graduates to consider a stint in the army adopts a quite different approach. It wants people with the right skill-set to offer thoughtful leadership and director Caroline Sascha Cogez has delivered an altogether more human motivation.

"Ode to Coffee"
27 Mar 2017
How do you explain this? Seriously, how? We're guessing that half of the people making this ad had their tongues in their cheeks... but the other half didn't. At times it feels like the appalling failure to make the lyrics scan is part of the joke but it's equally possible that it's just really bad. There are moments which are clearly supposed to be funny but not enough to be certain.

Hellmann's Mayonnaise
"Natural & Light"
29 Mar 2017
Hellmann's have been a mayo on a mission recently. The brand have already stressed their commitment to using free range eggs and sustainable oils - now they're keeping things natural with their low-fat variant. Pacey editing and food photography ensure it's another uptempo demonstration of the condiment's versatility.

Oak Furnitureland
"Home Visit"
29 Mar 2017
Oak Furnitureland customers best pay attention to the small print off the back of this commercial. It seems buying fittings from said retailer includes a surprise visit from the manager and his lackey. Home privacy issues aside, it looks like they have a new recruit ready and waiting - could young Mr Acorn's position as chief sycophant be in jeopardy?

Sky Bet
"Second Bite"
28 Mar 2017
Football has long debated introducing video technology, though not quite like this. Sky Bet rejig another piece of Championship action to promote their improved Cash Out option - this time, it's Norwich City vs Brighton. Russell Martin's thirty-yard effort initially crashes against the bar... though it hits the back of the net after a quick rewind.

"Blizzard CX1"
28 Mar 2017
Miele summon a sci-fi portal to show off their latest vacuum cleaner, the Blizzard CX1. Apparently, it's "for everything you love" - for this bloke, that includes looking moody in a swish apartment. The German brand posits itself as a high-end option... although their recent venture into internet-connected dishwashers may have been a step too far.

du Telecom
"The Man Sitting Next to You"
28 Mar 2017
A trip to the cinema offers ideal escapism for a couple of hours. Unfortunately, it only takes one crunch, slurp, or waft from a fellow patron to break the illusion. For anyone who’s suffered such picturehouse blues, du Telecom feels your pain. Rarely has the worst of cinema etiquette looked so good as arm hairs mingle, popcorn combusts, and nachos literally swim in melted cheese.

"Hungry Citizens of Britain"
28 Mar 2017
This is a new version of Just Eat's 'Find Your Flavour' launch from last year, with Bill Nighy's spokesegg replaced by the 'Rocky' theme tune. Some new faces are laced throughout to keep the idea fresh, including one frazzled mum in desperate need of "a bloody steak". We can see the nation's takeaway lovers responding in their droves.

27 Mar 2017
This may be promoting the Copenhagen International Documentary Festival, but Bacon's Tobias Gundorff Boesen takes us on a fantastical trip. Boesen crafts some striking imagery, including VR users excreting white liquid and a woman 'discovering' herself in a post-apocalyptic landscape. An unexpected take on the documentarian's craft.

"Help the Homeless"
27 Mar 2017
There must have been a certain nervousness at MullenLowe when they were charged with spreading the word about an initiative that has Knorr supporting homeless shelters. Worthy as it is, there must have been a concern that it would look exploitative and maybe even a little crass. Against that background, Rupert Murray's film is pretty marvellous.

Britain's Got Talent
28 Mar 2017
Slapstick is neatly used to draw attention to the wide range of acts likely to take part in this year's series of 'Britain's Got Talent' - an annual pop-pourri of eccentricity which sees performing dogs jostling for position with singers, dancers and acrobats. And and Dec start the mayhem before being untrousered by a vengeful sorcerer.

27 Mar 2017
It;s hard to imagine Lidl being advertised in this fashion in the UK and it just goes to show how differently a brand can be perceived in one country as against another. It's a beguiling depiction of a relationship that looks too passionate for its own good... and the impact it has on a woman reflecting on it while picnicking on a high rise roof.

"The Affair"
27 Mar 2017
Another twisted piece of communication for the car rental company has a woman letting her married lover know that she's pregnant... while he's with his wife and children. He's unfazed though because he's able to trump her surprising news with his own revelation about the inexpensiveness of renting a BMW through Sixt.

Short Films
"Visualise This"
2 mins 25s
27 Mar 2017
Danny Capozzi's satire on client fickleness prompted a lot of laughter when we screened it at our March 2017 CraftWorks event and the director proved as engaging as his film in the Q&A which followed. While you wouldn't guess it from his understated demeanour, Capozzi is clearly something of a show-off as he uses this film to demonstrate his versatility by executing a range of different animation techniques.

"The Woman in My Life"
27 Mar 2017
In this beautifully-shot ad from Norway, a middle-aged man enlists some help to track down a woman from whom he has long been estranged. His helpers are the country's directory enquiry services – and they succeed. Poignant and heartfelt without ever overstepping the mark, it nonetheless makes us wonder about our own equivalent... try as we might, we can't imagine the 118 twins helping heal a family rift.

"Enter the Zone"
1 min 37s
28 Mar 2017
Park Village's Thibaut Grevet taps into the racing mindset with this arresting Renault film. We've rarely seen the marque's high-performance division advertised, but this brings us up to speed. While Renault's consumer-focused advertising is hit-or-miss, the brand's sporting wing comes across as a formidable proposition.

Jemena Gas
"Instantly Better"
28 Mar 2017
It's been a good year for dragons in advertising so far. First Dorito's introduced us to their animatronic beast; now Australian energy firm Jemena present their own tame-ish firebreather. Alas, there's a reason why household dragons haven't caught on. This couple describes some of the fiery mishaps sparked by their scaly pet.

Macy Gray
"White Man"
3 mins 25s
27 Mar 2017
'White Man' is Macy Gray's comment on contemporary America, reminding us all that some people are still considered more equal than others. Fatima Andrade Koehler's accompanying clip features some terrific choreography as two women - one black, one white - confront each other while their hung-out laundry dries behind them (nice metaphor).

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