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Short Films
"Get Staffed"
2 mins 32s
11 April 2017
UK Short Films

What difference can one man make to the economy? Quite a big one, according to this fun short from Big Red Button, in which a bloke (played by Jack Barry) decides there’s a better way to spend his savings - go on a hiring spree.

Starting with Cruyff the valet, he outsources every aspect of his life: cooking, dressing, even exercise. Only in the end do we learn how far his recruitment drive goes.

Such unorthodox philanthropy produces some lovely gags, including a homespun Breaking Bad remake. In these uncertain times, it’s good to see some positive employment news… even it is confined to a one-bedroom flat.

"Raspberry Roulade"

Chris said:

Er, Publicis… you've obviously been watching our M&S 'Adventures In…' campaign. Get your own!



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Short Films
"Get Staffed"
2 mins 32s
11 Apr 2017
What difference can one man make to the economy? Quite a big one, according to this fun short from Big Red Button, in which a bloke (played by Jack Barry) decides there’s a better way to spend his savings - go on a hiring spree. Starting with Cruyff the valet, he outsources every aspect of his life: cooking, dressing, even exercise. Only in the end do we learn how far his recruitment drive goes.

Short Films
"Fast Slow Motion"
1 min 42s
10 Apr 2017
You can see the punchline coming a mile off in Eran Amir's latest short film. The Nexus director crafts a slo-mo spectacle with a difference; every languid movement is achieved in-camera without any VFX wizardry. Amir's signature imagery - fruit bowls, slow pours - is complemented by a soothing soundtrack as he absorbs a mean left hook. Be sure to check out the making-of, too.

Short Films
11 mins 23s
7 Apr 2017
In the parlance of Monty Python, this diverting short film demonstrates the value of not being seen. Sue (Athene Parker) wanders through life practically - you guessed it - invisible to those around her. Pedestrians, workmen, and colleagues remain oblivious to her existence. Every cloud has a silver lining, however - and this is a particularly lucrative one.

Short Films
"Visualise This"
2 mins 25s
27 Mar 2017
Danny Capozzi's satire on client fickleness prompted a lot of laughter when we screened it at our March 2017 CraftWorks event and the director proved as engaging as his film in the Q&A which followed. While you wouldn't guess it from his understated demeanour, Capozzi is clearly something of a show-off as he uses this film to demonstrate his versatility by executing a range of different animation techniques.

Short Films
"Do What You Can't"
3 mins 52s
16 Mar 2017
Youtuber Casey Neistat has racked up three and a half million views with this energetically upbeat video. Addressing the film to 'the haters' and 'doubters', Neistat rails against conformity over a montage of people doing things they were told they couldn't do.

Short Films
"All We Do"
7 mins 58s
16 Mar 2017
Oh Wonder aren't afraid to ask big questions. The Londoners ponder what makes us human in increasingly harsh times with this sweeping short film. Each contributor offers thoughtful ruminations on their place in the world while Oh Wonder's nuanced soundtrack washes over. A welcome antidote to the bitterness threatening to boil over.

Short Films
9 mins 16s
8 Mar 2017
It’s safe to say Bristol artist Javeon and director Ben Strebel believe in the long game. The pair have collaborated on a series of interconnected promos since 2014, and this nine-minute epic brings their ambitious project to a conclusion. Javeon’s sharp beats puncture the tension, while Strebel demonstrates a knack for bleak, menacing imagery with an artful edge.

Short Films
"Last Supper"
4 mins 46s
6 Mar 2017
This prologue to ‘Alien: Covenant’ introduces the crew of the USS Covenant. They seem like a chirpy bunch as they prepare to enter cryosleep… though as franchise veterans will attest, they’re in for a grisly awakening. Luke Scott aims to flesh out the characters before things turn biblical in dad Ridley’s main feature.

Short Films
"No Doubt About It"
6 mins
2 Mar 2017
Give a rumour an inch and it will run a mile. Bacon’s Holger Karberg gives Hans Christian Andersen’s tale of gossip running amok a modern update as, instead of one feather turning into five hens, a one night stand turns into a criminal saga. When Peter divulges his latest sexual encounter, Jakob’s big mouth turns it into the talk of the town.

Short Films
6 mins 51s
15 Feb 2017
Director Dave Tynan says he was "blown away" when he saw actor Emmet Kirwan perform 'Heartbreak' at the Fringe Festival and knew immediately he wanted to capture it on film. The resulting collaboration is an extraordinary piece of film which amplifies the passion of this mesmerising spoken-work performance.

Short Films
8 mins 24s
26 Jan 2017
'1977' is an autobiographical short film directed by Peque Varela. It explores her experiences growing up as a child struggling with gender identity issues whilst dealing with restrictive attitudes and and close-mindedness. Charting her life from birth to adulthood, the film takes a mixed-media approach to explore Varela's experience of dysphoria, as well as the more mundane struggles of growing up in a small town with nowhere to go.

Short Films
"Charlie Cloudhead"
8 mins
20 Jan 2017
This short film by Rupert Cresswell gives us an insight into the life of Charlie - a man with a lot on his mind. We meet the long-suffering chap during an awkward dinner with his wife, a cloud literally hanging over his head as he frets about such issues as scheduling stress, being pressed over his yearly bonus, and accidentally saying things like "You're still a very attractive woman" to his wife - yikes.

Short Films
"We Rise"
2 mins 38s
19 Jan 2017
This short film follows a band as they travel to and prepare for a gig. But this is a band we - the population in general - would not expect to exist. Because of our prejudices, we tend to assume folk with learning disabilities and differences such as autism aren't capable of coming together in this way. 'We Rise' challenges this assumption with energy, skill, and consummate grace.

Short Films
"State of Emergency"
5 mins 34s
17 Jan 2017
There is something so audacious about this film by Sebastien Petretti that you may be left unsure whether to laugh or cry but you'll nonetheless know you've seen something extraordinary. At its heart - in narrative terms - is a story being told by one young man to another. Keen to hear all the sordid details, the second young man urges him on with questions pressing for elaboration about the sexual encounter that may or may not have taken place.

Short Films
"2D Run"
5 mins 38s
17 Jan 2017
Here’s a film you just want to keep running and running and running. Bulgarian parkour artist Ilko Iliev turns the city streets into one endless assault course, sprinting and leaping over every barrier and gap. There are some breathtaking moments, not least a daring stroll down the side of the Buzludzha Monument. We can imagine various health and safety officials reaching for a glass of the hard stuff watching this.

Short Films
"Now You See It"
2 mins 40s
11 Jan 2017
As Joni Mitchell once sang: “You don’t know what you got ‘till it’s gone’. This affecting short film from director Rebecca Manley and narrated by Ewan McGregor depicts the consequences of ignoring our planet’s woes. We see an orangutan’s home razed to the ground; a mountain of discarded toys dominates the horizon; and a paper globe is dissolved by an endless shower.

Short Films
"Morning After the Night Before"
16 Dec 2016
The Mill have created a unique take on a Christmas film by focusing on the aftermath of a dinner party which didn't quite go to plan. The raucous shindig is shown in flashback as the camera slowly pans down the animated table of remains, placid tweeting of the dawn chorus interrupted by corks popping (and... pants and cats?!) until we reach the snoozing partier at the end - bottle still in hand. Truly the most wonderful time of the year... for hangover cures.

Short Films
"The Twelve Days of Christmas"
7 mins 59s
12 Dec 2016
Anomaly’s Christmas film offers a modern twist on “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. Have you ever considered the practicalities of receiving a partridge in a pear tree? Oh, and everything else that follows? Spare a thought for this ‘lucky’ woman. The protagonist (superbly voiced by Phoebe Waller-Bridge) charts the time her supposed “true love” went overboard in the generosity department.

Short Films
"Alice, Adelaide"
19 mins 35s
7 Dec 2016
This lyrical and intriguing short film was shot over the course of the eleven days it took to drive from Alice Springs to Adelaide in Northern Australia. The contrast between past and present becomes the main focus as stories emerge out of the stark landscape. The man who's been sober for four weeks, the Aboriginal man who feels caught between cultures, the ageing lothario opal miner - the camera gives them all space to relate their own narrative in a way that's affecting in its honesty.

Short Films
6 mins 38s
29 Nov 2016
What would happen if Jesus popped up in the contemporary world - would people believe he was the messiah... or just a very naughty boy? Anthony Dickenson's short film is firmly in the latter camp: if Jesus woke up in Hackney, he'd quickly find out things have changed quite a bit since his day.

Short Films
"Like My Selfie"
14 mins
25 Nov 2016
Since 'selfie' was crowned 2013's Word of the Year, how many selfies do you reckon have been taken? Well, it's more than you shake a selfie stick at. Dark Energy's Dave Aspinall examines the rise of this photographic subgenre and whether it's due for a fall. Even if you've never taken a selfie before in your life, Aspinall's film is a timely reflection on our image-obsessed culture.

Short Films
"Born A Believer"
11 mins 30s
24 Nov 2016
Gritty shots of urban London set the scene for 'Born A Believer', Darius Norowzian’s powerful short film about a community boxing club which rehabilitates ex-offenders and former gang members. The young men in this film are articulate and honest about their situation and feelings, and that authenticity really makes the film shine.

Short Films
"On Sunday"
6 mins 56s
23 Nov 2016
This sci-fi short from writer and director David Lea reminds us that the extraordinary is never too far away. A man rouses himself from his armchair to walk the dog. He seems lost in his own thoughts, but what he witnesses is enough to make him drop his pipe in awe. After all, how often do you see an alien spacecraft rise from the seabed?

Short Films
4 mins 06s
18 Nov 2016
Trust Cardinal Burns to see the funny side of the creepy clown craze. Coulrophobes may want to turn away, but for everyone else, this dark comedy reveals the root cause behind the phenomenon: geezers need excitement. What begins as a typical night on the prowl - anywhere but Hemel Hempstead - quickly turns into something from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Short Films
"King Lear Act 2 Scene IV"
4 mins 46s
15 Nov 2016
Colonel Blimp’s journey through Shakespeare’s tragedies continues with Billy Lumby’s take on King Lear. The setting is updated to a nursing home, but the language stays the same. Forget castle walls and royal quarters; Act II Scene 4 now unfolds in dull corridors and unwelcoming social areas.

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