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Suzuki Vitara
"Happiest Test Drive"
24 March 2017
UK Cars

Despite 'surprising' plenty of Suzuki customers already, Ant and Dec's enthusiasm shows no sign of waning. Here they take Craig on the "happiest test drive" ever, where Ant manages to clear a traffic jam through sheer force of personality. Suzuki dealerships across the land will be wondering how they can perk up their own test drives. Novelty horns, perhaps?

"The Cult"

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Suzuki Vitara
"Happiest Test Drive"
24 Mar 2017
Despite 'surprising' plenty of Suzuki customers already, Ant and Dec's enthusiasm shows no sign of waning. Here they take Craig on the "happiest test drive" ever, where Ant manages to clear a traffic jam through sheer force of personality. Suzuki dealerships across the land will be wondering how they can perk up their own test drives. Novelty horns, perhaps?

Ford EcoSport
"Perfectly Sized For City Life"
26 Mar 2017
To illustrate how the advertised car is the perfect size for the city, this neat commercial focuses on some of the things that aren't. An outsized chandelier and an enormous garden statue demonstrate the perils of making the wrong choice before more prosaic comparisons are drawn. Historically, cars with these properties have been aimed at women but we assume Ford were keen to show this vehicle is big enough for a male driver.

Nissan Micra
"Partners in Crime"
23 Mar 2017
Nissan have decided to appeal to the slightly niche target audience of those shopping for a new getaway vehicle. A young couple are shown stealing a suitcase and using the Micra to escape via a very scenic desert, stopping only for a quick posing break. The car will be an "accomplice" for those who choose to drive it... though more likely an accomplice on trips to the supermarket rather than dramatic car chases.

1 min 58s
24 Mar 2017
Bobsleigh purists may take umbrage, but a Subaru Impreza proves to be more than a match for the St Mortiz-Celerina track. Dark Energy's Adam Kaleta captures some impressive footage as the advertised vehicle slams its way downhill - even defying gravity at stages. And we thought driving after an overnight frost was dicey...

21 Mar 2017
Iggy Pop's 'The Passenger' became synonymous with car ads thanks to a 1998 Toyota Avensis commercial; now it's VW's turn to hit play. The German marque places great importance on gestures in this Golf ad... though motorists seeking compensation over the emissions scandal will be expecting something more on the lines of a generous gesture of goodwill.

Toyota Yaris
"Unexpected Journey"
13 Mar 2017
As the Geneva Motor Show rolls on, Toyota showcase their new Yaris hybrid with this eye-catching effort. The screen crackles with kaleidoscopic visuals and flashing lights before shifting onto the city streets. While supercars may dominate the Geneva headlines, this is a slick piece of light entertainment from the Japanese marque.

Ford Ranger
"The Bridge"
3 mins 21s
13 Mar 2017
Sometimes a vehicle is about more than getting you from A to B - it’s about helping others do the same. That’s the conceit behind this engaging Ford Ranger commercial where dirt tracks and jungle canopies replace tarmac and street lights. The bridge may be out, but the advertised pickup truck is a hardy replacement. An intricate guitar score and humid photography turn this into an engrossing jungle trip.

Fiat 500
"Forever Young"
1 min 45s
10 Mar 2017
This psychedelic ad for Fiat takes us on a surreal journey through time to celebrate sixty years of their 500 model. Animator Cyriak has created something hypnotically compelling to debut at the Geneva Motor Show - his trippy, trademark style with its beat-driven replications works to great effect here.

10 Mar 2017
We were pondering giving the BMW M4 a director’s credit on this ad, but we’ll let RSA’s Henrik Hansen take all the glory. The featured coupé pursues its silver 4 Series companion with a camera attached to the grill, allowing it to capture some nifty footage in the process. Nervous camera operators will be hoping this doesn't put them out of a job.

"Raise Your Limits"
1 min 44s
8 Mar 2017
2011’s ‘Senna’ honoured the late Ayrton Senna’s F1 legacy while offering newcomers an insight into the Brazilian’s need for speed. Now McLaren - the team for whom Senna won three world championships - ensure this launch film for the 720S is a family affair. Professional racing driver Bruno Senna carries on the family tradition by putting the super car through its paces.

"Race Car"
10 Mar 2017
This commercial represents a massive improvement for a brand whose previous advertising has been so lacking in ambition it suggested the car's manufacturers didn't have any confidence in it. Gone are the hoary clichés of family life - instead we're given an emotional glimpse of the car's inner life. The vehicle in question is a racing car and as it's removed from storage every day to see if it can improve on yesterday's times, it yearns for a more fulfilling life on the open road.

"ABC of Death"
9 Mar 2017
In contrast to the poignancy of their last outing, this film by German upstarts Dorian Lebherz and Daniel Titz is funny from the word go. It recounts the 'ABC of death' as we see people perish in various ways, and we only appreciate how dark some of them are after we've started laughing (D is for Dora... yikes).

"Human Made"
8 Mar 2017
This cultured Volvo commercial is touchy-feely in the best possible way. The carmaker claims it’s the human touch that inspires them. Instead of a portentous VO describing myriad design features, the ad favours a more tactile approach. Subtle gestures make a big impression - for Volvo, this is the ideal starting point when designing their interiors.

"The Chase"
3 mins 24s
4 Mar 2017
A focus group takes an unexpected turn in this energetic ad for Ford. Filmed in and around their factory in Cologne, the car giant lets World Rally Championship driver Toni Kelly and fearless BMX stunt rider Sebastian Keep put the new vehicle through its paces. Featuring some extremely impressive stunt work, this isn't for the faint-hearted.

2 Mar 2017
76’s Yann Secouet knows his way around a car shoot, and this Hyundai i30 commercial is another polished example. The advertised vehicle shines in a warehouse filled with light bars and illuminated buzzwords. The Korean marque wants us to know they’re always innovating… and making light work of it, too.

3 Mar 2017
The Suzuki Ignis claims to put “a new angle on life” - hence why the advertised vehicle manages to find its way to a rooftop beach party. So if you believe everything life has to offer should be found within the city limits, this is the mini SUV for you. Some colourful visual flourishes and a Shazam-bait soundtrack give the ad some pep.

Land Rover
"Night Sounds"
1 min 40s
4 Mar 2017
The creatures of the night come out to play in this sensory treat for Land Rover. Beautifully shot by Gorgeous’s Chris Palmer and DP Barry Ackroyd, even nature can’t resist a gander at the new Range Rover Velar. Predators lurk in the shadows, but even they know they’re outmuscled by the four-wheeled visitor. Try telling that porcupine to shift, though.

"Good Chat"
28 Feb 2017
This touching ad for Toyota explores the value of silence. In a world where we're increasingly encouraged to be open about our feelings, whether in person or shouting into the technological void, director Hamish Rothwell demonstrates that sometimes it's more powerful to say nothing at all.

Honda Civic
28 Feb 2017
Aim high and don’t look down, says this stunningly-shot Honda Civic commercial, in which rock climber Imogen Horrocks decides to take the gnarly way up an imposing mountainside. After all, she didn’t become a Team GB member by climbing ladders. Evoking ‘Mission: Impossible II’’s opening scene, Horrocks tackles great heights in searing heat.

"Moving Out"
27 Feb 2017
This sweet ad for Subaru shows a young boy moving out of home a little earlier than expected... at least in the eyes of his parents. The reveal that he's actually grown up is a satisfying way to emphasise the longevity of the car, and director Sean Meehan delivers it with just the right amount of emotional pay-off. Parents everywhere will identify with the urge to hold onto their wee ones just that little bit longer.

Nissan Micra
"Drawn at First Sight"
1 min 55s
23 Feb 2017
This Nissan Micra commercial certainly keeps you watching. Artist Stephen Wiltshire is famed for his meticulous landscape illustrations; here, the car maker gives him sixty seconds to memorise the car before ‘drawing’ it in VR. It’s an engaging insight into Wiltshire’s talents under the guise of a car ad. Google and HTC will be chuffed with the publicity, too.

Toyota Kluger
22 Feb 2017
This trope-subverting Australian ad for Toyota manages to have everything a car commercial needs - slick shots of the new Kluger gliding through a city, the set-up to a traditional seduction narrative as Clooney-lite notices the attractive driver - and then swoops in with brilliantly-timed comedy at the last minute. Quite a feat, and all in a neat 30".

Vauxhall Corsa
15 Feb 2017
This ad for Vauxhall focuses on the Corsa's wi-fi connectivity (wi-fi in a car, what a world) and features an awkward young couple overlooking a makeout point... although there's not a lot of making out on the cards. Especially not with the lad's mates a few feet away shouting out corrections to the wi-fi password - talk about a firewall.

Seat Leon
12 Feb 2017
Car manufacturers love telling us to seize the day... so now Seat go one further, insisting: “This is the moment to live any moment”. At least this extended cut lets the idea gather momentum. There are some neat transition shots as the protagonist shifts through various scenarios … though perhaps he should lock the bedroom door next time.

14 Feb 2017
This ad for Renault smartly advertises their entire range of new cars. A man driving along a deserted road runs into a series of billboards and reaches another stage in his life for each one he ploughs through - as represented by the occupants of his vehicle changing, along with the car itself. A strong concept executed with aplomb by director Martin Werner.

1-25 of 2187 Results

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