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The FA
"Casey Stoney"
23 March 2017
UK Public Information Films

Footballer Casey Stoney movingly discusses the sexism she's faced throughout her career in this inspiring spot for the FA. It's heartening to hear that women's football is gaining recognition and respect and that the FA have made a commitment to double the number of female players by 2020. But with an insane disparity in wages - a top female player earns less in a year than a top male player earns in a day - there's still along way to go.


Ben said:

The performances are a bit big... not as good as other recent work on the brand.



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The FA
"Casey Stoney"
23 Mar 2017
Footballer Casey Stoney movingly discusses the sexism she's faced throughout her career in this inspiring spot for the FA. It's heartening to hear that women's football is gaining recognition and respect and that the FA have made a commitment to double the number of female players by 2020. But with an insane disparity in wages - a top female player earns less in a year than a top male player earns in a day - there's still along way to go.

The FA
"James Blackwell"
23 Mar 2017
As Gareth Southgate becomes the latest man tasked with bringing glory to English football, the FA signal a belief that bringing more players into the game is just as important as anything achieved by the national team. This 30" profile of England midfielder James Blackwell shines a light on the body’s support of cerebral palsy football. It's a support which has allowed Blackwell to be defined by his talent, rather than his disability.

Food Standards Scotland
15 Mar 2017
A mother cajoles her daughter with chocolate to talk about the health problems that await her in later life. Food Standards Scotland’s campaign suffered a rocky start when a previous version of this ad claimed diabetes was linked to obesity; the revised script now specifies type 2 diabetes. The public health body will no doubt be hoping their message comes clearly now.

Transport For London
"Build a Picture"
15 Mar 2017
Transport for London revisit their ‘Report It to Stop It’ campaign with another measured film focusing on sexual harassment. We watch a business meeting led by a man with a pixelated face. His confident voice soon transitions into women providing police statements. With each detail given, the man’s face becomes clearer - and his fate is soon sealed.

Road Safety
"The Carvin Family"
2 mins 05s
2 Mar 2017
This poignant film is part of a wide-reaching campaign to coincide with new, harsher laws around phone use behind the wheel. It tells the story of the Carvin family, who lost their mother to a texting driver, in their own words. The controlled anger of the father packs the greatest punch, as he makes the distinction between an accident and the conscious choice someone makes to text and drive.

Road Safety
"Designated Driver"
1 Mar 2017
This road safety film reminds us that dangerous driving comes in many forms. A woman picks up her sozzled partner from the pub. She shows commendable restraint while he regales her with hazy anecdotes… that is until she picks up her phone. In a darkly comic twist, they both agree the drunken one is in a better state to drive.

1 Mar 2017
This kinetic ad from New Zealand encourages commuters to ditch traffic jams and get on their bikes to 'feel more' and 'care less'. It's interesting to see a cycling campaign which doesn't focus on the environmental benefits of bikes or address road safety concerns, instead playing up the value of personal time and freedom of self-powered transport.

Climate Coalition
"A Love Song"
3 mins 26s
9 Feb 2017
A cast of acting luminaries declaim a poem about climate change; their plangent tones asking us to stop and reflect on the beauty of the planet and the pain we're causing it. It is a 'love song' to the world, which we're all invited to take part in, and Elbow has lent a track to the cause - 'Magnificent (She Says)', from their new album - which becomes a swelling choral version of hope.

New Zealand Transport Agency
"Thank You"
18 Jan 2017
This is an interesting approach to car safety from New Zealand. While we watch a young man endure physiotherapy after a traffic collision, the older-sounding narrator describes how the incident occurred. Turns out the young man was at fault and suffered the worst. Is he bitter? No - he’s thankful his life was saved by the narrator travelling at a safe speed.

Reporters Without Borders
"When I Grow Up"
10 Jan 2017
Journalism is, by its nature, an unpredictable career. And for those who report from the front line, it's extremely dangerous too. This fundraising spot for Reporters Without Borders makes us wonder what qualities children like these must have to want to pursue this line of work even when they know what fate might await them.

NHS Change 4 Life
3 Jan 2017
The NHS Change 4 Life scheme - talking down to us since 2012 - has launched an app which allows the general public to scan food barcodes and be told (via idiot-proof graphs) how much sugar or salt we're consuming. We notice they don't show us what their symbol for saturated fat is... it's hard to picture one that isn't thoroughly unappetising, although maybe that's the point.

Road Safety (Australia)
"Rethink Speed"
14 Dec 2016
There’s some haunting imagery in this well-crafted Australian road safety film. We see a car and a young cyclist frozen in time as a near-miss. As the camera pans round, we see the same scenario escalate in crunching detail. The boy disappears after the third ‘crash’, yet his absence only compounds the horror. If speed can cause this much damage to a vehicle, what chance does a human have?

Smart Energy GB
5 Dec 2016
Flat-hunting's stressful enough without being given uber-vague details. When this woman asks her potential flatmates how much the rent is, they respond with some unorthodox parameters - like if she has a regular toothbrush or one that goes "vrrrr". Her befuddlement encapsulates why we should never tolerate estimates when it comes to our energy bills.

Road Safety (Republic of Ireland)
"Crashed Lives"
1 min 50s
5 Dec 2016
This gruelling road safety film gives words to the unspeakable. One by one, we meet those haunted by Ciarán Treacy’s death: his parents; the emergency services who attended the scene; and the nurses who fought to save the four-year old’s life. These are the ripple effects of drink driving laid bare.

Childhood Trauma
6 mins 40s
4 Dec 2016
This touching PSA drawing attention to the long-lasting impact of childhood abuse is, at times, hard to watch. The actor playing Chad successfully conveys a sense that he's too overwhelmed to speak as he struggles to articulate the horrors of 'his' past. He returns to the house where the abuse took place.

French Biomedicine Agency
"Deja Vu 2"
2 mins 35s
28 Nov 2016
Following their last film to raise awareness about organ donation - featuring Robert Cronejager, the most prolific victim in movie history - the French Biomedicine Agency offer more gratuitous violence. A pretty blonde actress calmly narrates the tropes of the horror flick she's in – a typical teen slasher movie featuring a remote log cabin, a failing torch and a murderous psychopath.

The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority
"Mother Presents"
4 mins 23s
14 Nov 2016
The name hardly rolls off the tongue, but the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority presents an affecting film aimed at foreign drivers. Polish lorry driver Lukasz Gorzynik is joined by his mother Anna as he travels north. Naturally, mother knows best, and she provides the practical driving advice the government department fears would be lost in translation. An interesting short with its heart in the right place.

Road Safety
6 Oct 2016
This film for Road safety is bound to have the impact it wants: making cyclists cautious about their decisions when lorries are around. Opening with a skilfully edited montage of clips of things you don't want to get stuck between: rutting stags, hurtling hockey players, a boxer's fist and his opponent's face, the ad sets viewer up so they expect the content to be funny, before letting dread creep in as impacts start to land and things begin to look sinister.

"Still Me"
21 Sep 2016
This moving public health film from Northern Ireland reminds us that dementia sufferers are people who still deserve respect. This gentleman tells us that while he requires patience from others, he wants to be treated like the man he always was. By separating the disease from the person, more people can enjoy a dignified existence in the face of adversity.

Food Standards Scotland
12 Sep 2016
This Food Standards Scotland film tells parents that handing out treats as a quick fix can result in long-lasting consequences for their children. After coaxing him with a biscuit, Dad looks on encouragingly as his son lists the health problems awaiting him in adulthood. Well-meaning, though certain to be construed as patronising by some households.

"Cold Water Kills"
26 Jul 2016
This haunting film by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency reminds us that our perception of the water after a couple of drinks can result in fatal consequences. All is still beneath the surface before a man plunges into the water. As soon as he begins to struggle, the VO's grave exclamations indicate his fate is already sealed. Bubbles cover the screen and frantic movements slow to a grim acceptance as the body has nothing more to give.

Be Clear On Cancer (NHS)
"Lawn Mower"
18 Jul 2016
This health film encourages people to look out for the signs of certain diseases by showing a child who has inadvertently spotted a potential problem with his Grandad's health. While doing an impression of him mowing the lawn he adds the detail of his heavy breathing. The home video style of the ad makes it more realistic, helping people to think of their own families while watching.

"Tea Time"
4 Jul 2016
HMRC return to their series of gently observed scenes depicting life outside the 9-5 lane. Despite this shift worker's exhaustion, she still finds time to enjoy a tea party with her daughter on the bedroom floor before dawn. With the deadline for renewing tax credits arriving on July 31st, the taxman aims to divert as much of the relevant audience as possible to the HMRC website and away from their fragile helplines.

Love Has No Labels
"We Are America"
3 mins 34s
5 Jul 2016
This captivating public information film starring World Wrestling Entertainment star John Cena boldly outlines what patriotism means in modern America as the nation celebrates the Fourth of July. As he strolls through the neighbourhood of a nameless town, he talks about some of the most common themes of national identity. To have pride in one's country is one thing, but to love it is another.

Smart Energy GB
28 Jun 2016
Don't be too surprised if you see 'Gaz and Leccy: The Movie' down your local multiplex in the future. The duo's animated scraps have provided plenty of entertainment while Smart Energy GB aim to increase awareness about smart meters as part of a nationwide drive. This time, Gaz regrets giving a frozen Leccy a lick as the sparky one enjoys a spot of bungee jumping.

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