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16 March 2017
USA Film Trailers

The inspiration behind Kristoffer Borgli’s ‘Drib’ is stranger than fiction. YouTube prankster Amir Asgharnejad - famed for provoking passers-by with violent results - embarked on an ill-fated partnership with a well-known energy drink (rebranded as Drib for, ahem, legal reasons). This punchy trailer promises a darkly comic look at modern marketing.

Transport For London
"Build a Picture"

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16 Mar 2017
The inspiration behind Kristoffer Borgli’s ‘Drib’ is stranger than fiction. YouTube prankster Amir Asgharnejad - famed for provoking passers-by with violent results - embarked on an ill-fated partnership with a well-known energy drink (rebranded as Drib for, ahem, legal reasons). This punchy trailer promises a darkly comic look at modern marketing.

"208 Seconds"
3 mins 40s
2 Dec 2016
Sully: Miracle On The Hudson tells the true story of a heroic pilot who - after a flock of geese caused both engines to fail - managed to land his damaged plane on the Hudson River in New York and save the lives of everyone aboard. This intense commercial plays heavily on numbers: 155 passengers, 214mph air speed, 3:27pm, and 208 seconds - the exact time it took the near tragedy to unfold and conveniently also the length of an ad break.

Pearl & Dean
"Tumbleweed Trainer"
1 min 45s
26 Sep 2016
Pearl & Dean's campaign championing behind-the-scenes stars of cinema takes us back to the golden age of Westerns. While the likes of Clint Eastwood and John Wayne unloaded their six-shooters, someone had to train the tumbleweeds. In the style of a newsreel unearthed from the archives, the film pays tribute to Tinseltown's best tumbleweed wrangler - an "enigma" with the driest job on set.

X-Men: Apocalypse
24 May 2016
This promotional ad for 'X-Men: Apocalypse' portrays Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) as the most powerful football scout in the world, and he has Manchester United forward Wayne Rooney in his sights. Even if Rooney's been in indifferent form of late, the X-Men (through some tinkering in post) see him as the ideal man to take on the latest film's big baddie. Too late for Louis van Gaal to make a cameo, per chance?

"Penalty Kick"
11 Feb 2016
It seems Wayne Rooney has a new fan in the shape of Deadpool, the latest Marvel superhero to hit the big screen. The heavily-armed mercenary takes part in a shoot-out of a different kind as he takes the winning penalty for Manchester United. This surreal mashup turns out to be just a dream, though - just goes to show what a kebab before a snooze can do!

Mockingjay - Part 2
"Scarlett Moffatt"
26 Oct 2015
Channel 4's intriguing shift towards tailored advertising continues with this quick-fire collaboration between Gogglebox and the final 'Hunger Games' movie. Scarlett Moffatt takes a break from her unique brand of TV criticism to deliver Jennifer Lawrence's trademark salute and promote the movie saga's epic conclusion - Hollywood's favoured mode of conclusion.

The Wave
"TIFF 2015 Trailer"
2 mins 35s
22 Oct 2015
Great Guns' impressively named Roar Uthaug takes on the likes of Roland Emmerich at their own game with 'The Wave'. He may not have the level of budget enjoyed by his Hollywood brethren, but this impressive trailer demonstrates real scope - and no shortage of peril - as the Norwegian city of Geiranger bears the brunt of an 80 metre high wave. Might make us reconsider that boat trip along the fjords though...

"First Person Shooter"
2 mins 25s
22 Oct 2015
Ever since the late great Bob Hoskins made the ill-advised decision to don Mario's overalls in 'Super Mario Brothers: The Movie', video game adaptations have developed a rather dire reputation. Director Ilya Naishuller aims to buck the trend in ultra-violent fashion with 'Hardcore'... and he wants to bring audiences closer to the action than ever before.

Elephant Days
"The Maccabees"
2 mins
17 Sep 2015
London band The Maccabees worked on 'Marks To Prove It' - their fourth studio album - for two years prior to its release in July. In an unusual tie-in, the band commissioned director James Caddick to make a feature-length documentary examining the changing face of the Elephant & Castle - an strange area of the capital just south of the river Thames that's centred on a gigantic roundabout.

The Last Sparks of Sundown
1 min 38s
15 Jul 2015
Director James Kibbey's 'The Last Sparks of Sundown' has been doing incredibly well on the Festival circuit and this trail certainly whets DAVID's appetite. Comedy duo The Pyjama Men (Mark Chavez and Shenoah Allen) play a pair of American brothers who have inherited a country pile in England and it looks like shades of 'Local Hero' as they decide to get to know the place before they sell it.

Pearl & Dean
"Back of the Head"
2 mins 41s
8 Jul 2015
Pearl & Dean, the cinema advertising company whose jingle is as well known as Big Ben's chimes, takes an affectionate look at the unsung heroes of cinema in this sweet spoof. 'Actor' Chad Jackson - or the back of his head, more accurately - fondly regales us with the challenges he's faced over a decades-long career emoting without being "front-facing".

Beverley Hills Cop
"Triple Promo"
18 Jun 2015
Children of the 1980s will take tremendous delight in this brilliant trailer for the forthcoming broadcast of the three Beverly Hills Cop films on Film4. It's perhaps hard to explain to someone who wasn't there at the time quite why the Eddie Murphy vehicle (and its unsatisfying sequels) caught the public's imagination in the way they did but 'Beverly Hills Cop' occupies a special place in our 1980s memory bank.

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
"Never Too Late"
22 Feb 2015
Not for the first time since Channel 4 ended the brilliant series of films promoting the station, the 'talking heads' meme has been adopted by an advertiser. Despite the starry nature of the contributors, this sits a little in the shadow of its eminent predecessors and serves only to remind us how good the originals were.

X-MEN Days of Future Past
"More Talking Heads"
18 May 2014
This second helping of the splendid 'Faces of 4' promo advertising one of this summer's blockbuster movies incorporates a few familiar Channel 4 faces alongside the film's actors. We learn that Jimmy Carr's biggest regret is a tattoo that reads 'Your Mum' and that Jamie Oliver says he should never have used the word 'pukka' on TV. Too right, Jamie.

X-MEN Days of Future Past
"Talking Heads"
16 May 2014
Channel 4's excellent 'Faces of 4' talking heads format has been revived to help promote the latest X-MEN movie. Key actors from the film - James MacAvoy, Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart, Michael Fassbender, Nicholas Hoult, Ellen Page - are asked what advice they'd give their younger self given what they know now. The result is funny, compelling and engaging.

After Earth
"Champions League Message"
26 May 2013
Will and Jaden Smith are in London for the match - and to plug the upcoming ad for their new movie. Will gushes and grins while his son stares inscrutably into the camera as if almost dumbstruck by his own coolness. He orders us to "tweet and tell us what you think." We think you need to be exiled to a distant galaxy, both of you.

"Book Tickets"
8 May 2013
All hail the blipvert. There are longer trails urging people to book advance tickets to see the latest version of Superman to hit the screens but this one stands out because of its brevity. There's little chance that the target market will clock this as they'll have their faces buried in their phones.

8 Apr 2013
In this rather strange ad, people discuss DVDs they've bought and liked - summed up by the VO at the end as "My unforgettable... my Universal". Presumably there's a promotion on anything made by Universal ("while stocks last" according to the super) at the recently-saved retailer HMV, whose logo also appears here; but it's hard to say what exactly is going on.

Paranormal Activity 4
"Audience Reaction"
2 mins
16 Oct 2012
A combination of clips from the advertised movie and infrared footage of a cinema audience being terrified by it are used to persuade us that it's something we might want to see. Those lacking an appetite for this kind of cinema can't say they haven't been warned. An effective piece of advertising.

Pearl & Dean
"Doomed Planet"
3 Jun 2012
This immensely clever piece of advertising demonstrates the power of the moving image. What appears to be one thing turns out to be something else altogether. It's one of those films that you have to watch again immediately after you watch it the first time.

Cocaine Unwrapped
"Run For Your Life"
17 May 2012
"For every line of cocaine snorted in the UK, an innocent life is taken in South America"... really? According to UN information from 2009, there are more than a million people regularly using cocaine in the UK so for that claim to be true, there would need to be hundreds of millions of innocents dying in South America every year. Good causes are not served well by nonsensical claims.

Cocaine Unwrapped
"The Machine"
17 May 2012
This anti-drugs film seeks to remind us that by using cocaine, we're helping to perpetuate a criminal network that spreads its tentacles across the globe. The menace is represented as a mechanical monster that grabs its human victims and reduces them to rubble. sobering stuff... if you can get past the irony of being lectured on cocaine use by people who work in advertising.

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes
"Apes Will Rise"
11 Dec 2011
This is an interesting way to draw attention to a DVD release... sequences from the film are shown backwards as a ballad plays. It looks as though the aim is to emphasise the film's poignancy as well as highlighting its action set pieces.

Happy Feet Two
"Fluffy Back"
26 Nov 2011
Wow... a proper bit of advertising for a film, wonders never cease. It's understandable really that ads for films are usually mini-trailers but it's refreshing to see a different approach and this spoof of 'The X Factor' works well (and was affectionate enough to run during the show itself).

Come To Harm
"Break In"
24 Nov 2011
Everything that emanates from the Nordic countries at the moment appears to be suffused with dramatic tension. The advertised film is no exception and this intriguing trailer suggests that it will add to the growing body of work from the countries on the edge of the Arctic Circle receiving international acclaim.

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