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17 March 2017
Ireland Cider / Perry

Bulmers Ireland show us a scene with a twist in this energetic ad - reminding us how Irish their cider is just in time for St Paddy's. A pulsing soundtrack accompanies what looks like a house party only the cool kids are invited to, but appearances can be deceiving...

Soon the scene is annotated with percentages which make witty observations about what's really going on with the partygoers. A woman gazes into the distance, trying to remember switching her straighteners off; a man laughs along with his mates despite having no idea what the joke is; another man courageously commits to throwing shapes regardless of the fact he's probably at the wrong bash.

The annotations have a satisfyingly universal feel (we've all seen at least one bloke on a night out who 82% fancies himself), and build up nicely to the final observation that Bulmers is 100% Irish. A solid creative executed with aplomb - excellent work from Neil Gorringe and Lucky Generals.

"No Regrets"

Gary said:

Simply brilliant - (some jealous cunt give this a poor!)



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17 Mar 2017
Bulmers Ireland show us a scene with a twist in this energetic ad. A pulsing soundtrack accompanies what looks like a house party only the cool kids are invited to, but appearances can be deceiving... Soon the scene is annotated with percentages which make witty observations about what's really going on with the partygoers.

22 Aug 2016
Kopparberg continue to espouse the fnga dagen spirit (or 'seize the day', if your Swedish isn't up to scratch) with this Facebook ad designed to reward anyone who increases the volume on online ads. The brand's softly-spoken VO informs those who've turned a cross into sound waves on their news feed that a free keg of strawberry and lime cider could be in store. The killjoys who opt to stay mute must, erm, drown their sorrows.

Savanna Cider
10 Aug 2016
Only the brave earn a seat at this after hours poker game courtesy of Savanna. High stakes are enough to test this chap's nerves before his girlfriend calls. His opponents' eyes dart from their cards to the vibrating phone - does he have the guts to answer? Of course he does, and he isn't afraid to let his poker face slip for a few seconds of phone smooching. Greg Gray's cinematic aesthetic creates a tense atmosphere, and the cider's tongue-in-cheek boldness comes across well as a result.

"Let's Own It"
18 Jul 2016
This punchy Strongbow ad crams a pleasing amount of patriotism into 30" as the cider brand whets our appetite for the Rio 2016 Olympics. From the moment this chap's phone alarm rings, it's straight to that prime position on the couch to watch the action. Make-up is applied like warpaint and Union Jacks litter the screen. It's a carnival atmosphere wherever there's a television screen, and it's up to us to bring our A-game as Team GB supporters.

Stella Artois Cidre
"Prize Winning Cap"
11 Jul 2016
Stella's debonair spokesman has yet more important information to relay to the masses - this time, it's regarding their cidre's new packaging. To celebrate their new look, the brand have placed their signature star on a handful of bottle caps. Anyone lucky enough to happen upon a prize-winning beverage will then be whisked away to Fiji. As a side note, we can't take our eyes off the cravat and floral shorts combination.

Stowford Press
28 Jun 2016
This well-shot commercial for Stowford Press cider makes ideal use of rural Herefordshire on a sunny day as the camera follows the all-important ingredient from orchard to glass. The brand's craft is nicely portrayed through tactile photography, while glimpses of the cider maker's workforce emphasise the hands-on care required to bring their product to the parched masses.

21 Jun 2016
The Swedes have a rhythmic concept of clocking off, particularly those who work at the Kopparberg factory. As the temperature rises and many of us find ourselves wanting to slink off to the nearest beer garden after a hard day's grind, this arresting commercial for the cider encourages us to partake in the rhythm of life whenever and wherever possible.

"Hold True"
5 Jun 2016
Anyone out wetting their whistle recently will have noticed Magners have undergone a bit of a makeover. It stands to reason the cider-maker wants to make a song and dance about it, but as this genre-hopping commercial shows, they wish to embrace as many interpretations as possible. 'I'm Free' by the Rolling Stones encapsulates the brand's new zest for individuality as the film flits between various musical styles.

Henry Westons
25 May 2016
Henry Westons makes its first foray into TV advertising with this commercial evoking Terry Gilliam's Monty Python animation. While the cider market is brimming with young upstarts, the brand is keen to entice thirsty punters with its old-fashioned attitude while depicting its eponymous cider maker as a jolly enterprising soul.

5 Seeds
"Plant The Seeds"
9 May 2016
Australian cider brand 5 Seeds take it slow and somehow slower still in this arresting commercial scored by Sydney dance group Rfs. Moments of elation are stuck on pause as the camera weaves through a building in the midst of an orchard-inspired redecoration job. There's a mesmeric quality to director Dylan Pharazyn's treatment, and it helps the brand effectively portray its cider as the one to keep good times flowing long into the night.

"Nature Remix"
2 mins 10s
25 Apr 2016
Strongbow are the latest brand to jump on to the 'guerilla gardening' bandwagon with this enterprising film set on an abandoned street corner in downtown Johannesburg. With greenery at a premium, a band of nocturnal landscapers decide to inject some leafiness into the city before sunrise.

"Aim High"
4 Apr 2016
Strongbow and agency St Luke's continue their fruitful partnership with this ad promoting the cider's Cloudy Apple variant ahead of beer garden season. It's a rare instance of welcoming the clouds on a sunny day as an archer emerges from the grey mass to fire a lightning bolt into an enticing glass - giving each sip a little extra spark, as it were.

23 Feb 2016
Sir Patrick Stewart's shaky relationship with Strongbow continues as this amusing commercial reveals he wasn't their first choice for the gig. Poor Patrick doesn't even get the chance to fully vent his indignation as the VO cuts him off without mercy. If being in charge of the Starship Enterprise and earning thirty-seven individual awards can't get you respect, what will?

10 Dec 2015
This spot communicates the classiness of Lambrini drinkers by depicting a young woman eyeing up a chap at a party, only for her false lashes to escape down her cheek at an inopportune moment. Quelle dommage! Fortunately, her mate's got lashings of falsie glue and a bottle of the booze in question so no harm done. Depressing.

Old Mout
"The Voice"
9 Dec 2015
We've all been stuck at the bar next to someone who just can't put a sock in it, but what are you supposed to do when you can't even see the chatterbox? That's the amusing conceit behind this ad for Old Mout Hard Cider. When Tommy strolls into a bar looking to quench his thirst, the VO - a graduate of the School of Drink Ad Narration - begins describing why the man has supposedly picked Old Mout.

Savanna Cider
"Got Apples?"
19 Nov 2015
This amusing showdown courtesy of South African cider brand Savanna will give even the meekest of employees hope ahead of the office Christmas party. When a worker spies the last appetizer on the platter, it's just his luck that the manager fancies a nibble himself. It's a tense moment - appetite, pride, and career prospects are all on the line... never before has a cocktail sausage carried such importance.

"Cloudy Apple"
26 Sep 2015
A meteorological event sure to get Carol Kirkwood's attention sees clouds gather to fire an electrified arrow into a pint of Strongbow. The resulting chemistry forms the brand's new Cloudy Apple variant as John Murphy's 'In the House - In a Heartbeat' plays in the background to underline the drama unfolding.

"Slow Motion"
9 Aug 2015
The scenarios chosen to represent the moment when time slows down near the Somerset farm where Thatchers is made aren't necessarily related to the rural idyll we've come to expect in advertising for cider. Sure, there's some beautiful West Country scenery and a bee caught in slow motion as it swoops towards a gorgeous-looking meadow but there's also a woman running for a bus and a man hosing his garden.

23 Jun 2015
Poor Patrick Stewart just can't seem to catch a break in this US campaign for Strongbow. We're sure he's been practising his lines like the professional he is, but it's of no consequence to the blunt VO - all the brand needs to sell its cider is ice. No need for Stewart then, who doesn't even get the chance to set off on an indignant tirade.

"Silver Skaters"
23 Jun 2015
DAVID's never been a cider drinker (apart from that unfortunate incident in 6th form which everyone promised to draw a line under) but if anything were to ever tempt him back to the stuff it would be this marvellous ad for Swedish premium brand Rekorderlig. Two blondly hirsute chaps powerskate their way around a frozen fjord to the ethereal song of their coach... genius.

Orchard Thieves
"The Fox"
1 Jun 2015
Michael Gambon (or Monsieur Jambon as we know him at DAVID REVIEWS) gives a typically grand reading to a poem about a fox as cool revellers enjoy the advertised tipple in a thoroughly modern and responsible fashion. It's stylishly done and seems likely to appeal to the younger drinkers who've changes the status of cider over the past decade.

5 May 2015
This wry US ad from Strongbow shows how confident the brand are in the quality of their cider. After all, an award for best tasting hard cider can't do any harm. Nor can having Patrick Stewart as the face of the brand. Well, not quite - the acting legend's only job is to stand obscured behind the trophy while dealing with the VO's tetchy direction. A nicely realised gag.

"History Lesson"
20 Apr 2015
In this retread from 2008 (that we haven't had on DAVID before for reasons unknown!) we learn how Lord Somersby made the momentous decision to turn his country estate into a cider haven. History buffs might then be shocked to hear the likes of Abe Lincoln, Napoleon and even Cleopatra have enjoyed a pint or two of the advertised product.

"Not A Moment Too Soon"
14 Apr 2015
The proliferation of cider variants in recent times has been quite staggering. Every drinks brand appears to be dipping its toes into the fermented apple market. Thus, the need to stand out ad-wise has rarely been more important and this commercial for Bulmers - a big player in this market - satisfies that need with sophisticated ease.

16 Oct 2014
If you're drinking cider, what do you need to complement it? Not a Hell's Angel tatt or badly-cut drugs; not at all - what you need is something soft and fuzzy to define your tipple's edges and give it that socially acceptable vibe. Like a walk on the beach with your beloved... and your very own slow motion horse called Brian. Works for us.

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