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James Wellbeloved
"Mega City"
10 March 2017
UK Pet Food

Amazon recently showed you can’t go wrong with a busker and his dog. Pet food brand James Wellbeloved take this notion to heart with this beautifully animated commercial.

A young chap braves an endless downpour to save for better times ahead. Alas, generosity is hard to come by in this grim metropolis. As faceless commuters trudge by, the lad manages a few pennies each night. Still, every penny counts.

His faithful hound never wavers as the coin jar slowly but surely fills. Their goal? An escape to the country. While a shiny new motorbike is tempting, nothing compares to a dog setting paw on grass for the first time.

While the setting and human protagonist are both skilfully rendered by Passion Pictures’s againstallodds, the dog earns top billing. Each subtle eye twitch and mannerism is both painstakingly done and rewarding to watch.

The brand itself doesn’t appear until the closing moments, but the patient approach pays dividends. Like this caring musician, every pet owner wants the best for their four-legged friend - and the advertised pet food comes across as a wholesome treat.

Channel 4
"Formula One"

Kevin said:

Sounds like the same v/o artiste as the Sky Sports F1 promo.... Definitely not "horses for courses"???



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James Wellbeloved
"Mega City"
10 Mar 2017
Amazon recently showed you can’t go wrong with a busker and his dog. Pet food brand James Wellbeloved take this notion to heart with this beautifully animated commercial. A young chap braves an endless downpour to save for better times ahead. Alas, generosity is hard to come by in this grim metropolis. As faceless commuters trudge by, the lad manages a few pennies each night. Still, every penny counts.

9 Mar 2017
A new instalment of Twining's colourful animated campaign focuses on their range of fruit infusions. While some tea traditionalists may flinch at the prospect of sullying their precious beverage with the likes of blackcurrant and blueberry or lemon and ginger, it's hard not to be charmed by the bright stop-motion and whimsical soundtrack.

"Baby Dragon"
6 Mar 2017
As fire hazards go, a baby dragon ranks among the cutest. Doritos nab one for this fun commercial which evokes 80s critters like Gizmo and ALF. Dogs, beware - looks like man’s found a new best friend. Biscuit’s Jeff Low ensures an idyllic bond between man and miniature beast, including trips to the park and go-karting.

"Don't Feed Exploitation"
1 min 56s
28 Feb 2017
Fairtrade bring child exploitation to shoppers’ doorsteps in this hidden camera stunt. The ostensibly legit Farley and Bell offers high quality fruit at low prices. Eager for their five-a-day, these customers sign up without hesitation. Of course, there’s a catch. As the delivery driver tells these shocked households: “You want low, low prices? This is what we have to do”.

"Champions League"
17 Feb 2017
Given his beloved Leicester City’s current domestic woes, Gary Lineker must be fearing for their Champions League prospects. Still, he’s his usual cheeky self as Walkers promote their sponsorship of the competition. Animated flourishes lend an extra football flavour to those enjoying the brand’s new Sharing Packs.

Lotto Euromillions
"Mega Week"
30 Jan 2017
Don’t you just hate it when your pink flamingo drinks holder floats beyond your grasp? It’s an everyday problem for Euromillions winners, apparently, as the game announces ten guaranteed millionaires will emerge from this week’s draw. We think an informative ‘How to Be a Millionaire’ pamphlet would be useful, too.

Great Ormond Street Hospital
"Welcome to Ordinary World"
30 Jan 2017
This ad for Great Ormond Street hospital is crafted with skill, serving both as a deft parody and a poignant reminder of the struggle children with serious illnesses face in their day-to-day lives. We see a parody of a theme park ad for 'Ordinary World', complete with a hyperbolic script which turns a trip to the supermarket into a magical thrill ride... but for kids stuck in hospital, it really is the adventure they want.

Virgin Holidays
10 Jan 2017
Characteristic stuff from Virgin Holidays: bright, bold, and set to an energising soundtrack sure to grab viewers' attention. Thrilled with their cheap holidays, a crowd of people run into the ocean and frolic with colourful inflatables in celebration of Virgin's latest sale. Cutting to a pair of divers and muffling the music momentarily is a nice touch.

"The Dot"
5 Jan 2017
Any ad which manages to use the phrase 'industrial lubricants' without raising a juvenile titter is going to be intriguing, and this brilliantly animated film for Mobil1 definitely hits that mark. The action centres on 'dot' and the many ways it's expressed - making a point (pun intended) about how important little things are.

BT Mobile
"Jeremy Renner"
2 Jan 2017
BT have become synonymous with A-list talent in recent times, including Alec Baldwin, Willem Dafoe, Ryan Reynolds, and Rebel Wilson. Now it’s Jeremy Renner’s turn to provide some OTT star power. Renner makes an impressive landing in front of this unsuspecting family, promising to save them from an unseen threat. Alas, his “awesome” antics aren’t quite what the familiar BT duo had in mind.

"Thank You"
9 Dec 2016
This animated Lotto film pays tribute to those who've added to the game's charitable fund in 2016. The ad demonstrates how Lotto funding has aided urban restoration, community projects, and UK athletes. So even if the odds of us winning the jackpot are longer than ever before, at least someone's benefiting from our weekly stakes.

Smart Energy GB
5 Dec 2016
Flat-hunting's stressful enough without being given uber-vague details. When this woman asks her potential flatmates how much the rent is, they respond with some unorthodox parameters - like if she has a regular toothbrush or one that goes "vrrrr". Her befuddlement encapsulates why we should never tolerate estimates when it comes to our energy bills.

Highways England
2 Dec 2016
Highways England is urging drivers to slow down in rainy conditions after recent statistics revealed that almost 3,000 people were killed or seriously injured in wet weather accidents last year. This beautifully-shot ad makes its point gracefully as rain begins to pour inside a house, soaking the remains of a busy morning that's been mysteriously abandoned.

Currys PC World
1 Dec 2016
This dad’s not as clued up about tech as he’d like to be. Luckily, a Currys PC World assistant is able to point him in the right direction - and a Macbook produces the desired reaction from his daughter. We're edging ever further from last year's Jeff Goldblum triumph, but the ad should resonate with those who want to look switched on in front of their offspring.

Metropolitan Police
"Double Lock"
1 Dec 2016
It turns out you don't actually have to do anything exceptional to be a hero - just show a bit of common sense. That's the message in this spot for the Met, who celebrate a local woman as crime fighter extraordinaire simply for double-locking her front door. Hope she gets them to clear up all that ticker tape on her lawn, though.

"The Greatest Gift: Food"
24 Nov 2016
Having set the scene in its opening commercial and brought in the Goggleboxers over a full ad break, Sainsbury's now lays out its festive stall in all its glory. We're offered a sumptuous blend of live action food photography and stop-motion animation... it's a real treat.

2 mins 50s
22 Nov 2016
AMV BBDO have managed to capture the warmth and togetherness of the holiday season without succumbing to schmaltz in this touching ad for the HP Spectre x360. The bond between siblings is strained as one - who is deaf - cannot share in the other's passion for music. Seeing his brother struggle, the musician decides something must be done.

Metropolitan Police
"Independent Witness"
22 Nov 2016
The Metropolitan Police depict both sides of the story in this bold film. Shot from body-worn cameras, we get up close and extremely personal with a violent dispute. While two officers neutralise the threats, witness statements contradict what we see. By putting us in their shoes, Greater London's police force aim to show why these cameras are becoming increasingly necessary.

"Googlebox Christmas"
3 mins 20s
18 Nov 2016
The cast of Gogglebox become stop-motion characters in this special adbreak from the show's creators Channel 4, and Sainsbury's. Following the groundbreaking ad to promote The Lego Movie - in which Orange Supermarket's current agency PHD recreated an entire commercial break in Lego - this ad sees the Gogglebox crew react to the Sainsbury's animated Christmas ad which launched last week.

"The Greatest Gift"
3 mins 30s
14 Nov 2016
As Sainsbury's saunter across London and park their account between the penny farthings at the HQ of Wieden+Kennedy, their heads will be filled with a parting serenade created for them by outgoing agency AMV. Sung by James Corden and written by Flight of the Conchords's Bret McKenzie, it's a part of a farewell gift that may have the retailer questioning the wisdom of their decision to part company with the agency after forty years.

Currys PC World
"Christmas Lights"
3 Nov 2016
One of two droll Christmas ads from Currys PC World showing how far we’ll go to draw attention to the items on our festive wishlist. In this, a family gathers round as dad prepares to switch on the Christmas lights. He’s delighted with his handiwork, but their excitement quickly fades when they see the lights pointing to next door’s living room - and the LG 4K Oled television within. Oh, and one very confused neighbour into the bargain.

Currys PC World
3 Nov 2016
After last year’s excellent ‘Spare The Act’ series starring Jeff Goldblum, Currys PC World have some, well, act to follow. However, AMV BBDO and Outsider’s James Rouse have proved themselves to be up to the challenge with two wry ads. We join this school’s nativity as the Three Kings arrive on the scene. We all know how the story goes, right? “The gifts the wise men presented were gold, frankincense, and… oversized silver headphones?”

Quaker Oats
2 mins
30 Oct 2016
They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day - especially when you’re planning to blast off into space later. Who better to argue this point than Buzz Aldrin? This evocative film from Quaker Oats takes us back to the golden age of space travel, with eighty-six-year-old Aldrin musing on the past, the present, and the future.

23 Oct 2016
Whiskas continue to celebrate curiosity in this amusing ad which features a cat who hasn't quite figured out that hairbrushes are nigh on unkillable. Julian Barratt's voiceover brings the kitty's inner monologue to life, as he stalks and pounces on his unsuspecting, spiny prey - only to be distracted by the sound of much more edible food being opened.

"More Than A Pumpkin"
20 Oct 2016
Sainsbury's show us their Halloween range has expanded to include much more than pumpkins in this upbeat party ad. With decorations, food, and costumes on offer, they promise to help you 'Halloween like you've never Halloweened before'... even if your dad is a totally unscary dork at your Halloween party.

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