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"Feel Better Faster"
8 February 2017
UK Health Services

This ad for Nuffield Health makes much of the fact nobody likes waiting, pointing out that their clients can skip hanging around by shelling out for the consultations and treatments they need. Given the numerous recent news stories about the NHS being in crisis, it's safe to say that the focus on shorter waiting times here will grab the attention of some viewers.

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"Feel Better Faster"
8 Feb 2017
This ad for Nuffield Health makes much of the fact nobody likes waiting, pointing out that their clients can skip hanging around by shelling out for the consultations and treatments they need. Given the numerous recent news stories about the NHS being in crisis, it's safe to say that the focus on shorter waiting times here will grab the attention of some viewers.

"Believe In More"
2 mins
13 Jan 2017
This short film for Nike was conceived, created, and directed by avant-garde creative powerhouse and musician FKA Twigs. The grungy-beautiful two minute spot advertises Nike's new Spring Zonal Strength Tights, which are shown off to great effect by athletic dance moves from the likes of Olympic fencer Miles Chamley-Watson and krump dancer Saskia Horton.

"Health MOT"
7 Jan 2017
Nuffield Health let us know that members get a free 'health MOT' and personalised gym plans in this upbeat ad for their fitness centres. Bright colours and snappy costume changes suggest it is possible to beat the start of year blues and stay on track with getting in shape. With the right support, of course.

6 Jan 2017
A woman expresses herself on the dance floor in this uplifting yet understated BUPA commercial. Opening on her short journey from the drinks table, the array of emotions on her face suggest a far longer journey has taken place in her life. Then we learn she's had successful treatment for cancer, and understand we're witnessing her emergence from a long dark tunnel into the bright, welcome light of day.

"ITV Weather Sponsorship"
5 Dec 2016
A pair of charming idents promoting SSE's sponsorship of ITV National Weather. The energy company's uncanny CGI orangutan tries to befriend a frog during a rainstorm before hanging around during a gentle breeze. The Mill's VFX boffins ensure Maya remains as transfixing as ever - and show us that even orangutans can't stand the rain.

"The Flying Passenger"
2 mins 06s
29 Nov 2016
Volvo like to think outside the box when it comes to demonstrating their trucks. Last year they let a four-year-old girl control an FMX via remote control. This time, it's inland paragliding. While a walk in the Croatian countryside would satisfy most, Guillaume Galvani chooses a more unorthodox travel method: attaching himself to a ruddy big truck.

"Film on 4 Sponsorship"
28 Nov 2016
Honda's hard-working engineers gather for a night in front of the box in these Film on 4 bumpers. The factory floor staff meet in the control room for a flick and plenty of pizza and even the robot polishing arm gets to enjoy some leisure time. They're fun spots which also suggest the car manufacturer cares about employee morale. Clever.

2 mins 50s
22 Nov 2016
AMV BBDO have managed to capture the warmth and togetherness of the holiday season without succumbing to schmaltz in this touching ad for the HP Spectre x360. The bond between siblings is strained as one - who is deaf - cannot share in the other's passion for music. Seeing his brother struggle, the musician decides something must be done.

Birds Eye
15 Nov 2016
Grey London goes green with its first piece of work for Birds Eye. This beautifully shot film pays tribute to the humble pea - not the most obvious launchpad for a campaign, but what’s that they say about big things and small packages? We follow pea growers throughout the seasons. Despite the changeable conditions, these workers know what patience brings.

"The Experimental Series"
26 Oct 2016
Space take a scientific approach for Glenfiddich here, with a sultry Scottish voiceover telling us facts about the mind accompanied by dynamic shots suggesting curiosity and creativity. 'The mind lets us play with maybe, why, and what if' - which for Glenfiddich means creating a craft beer purely to season the casks that finish off their first experimental whisky.

Boots No 7
"Makeup Doesn't Mean Anything"
22 Oct 2016
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, award-winning author and celebrated feminist speaker, is the new face of Boots No. 7 range of cosmetics. In between featuring on Beyoncé albums and writing thank-you notes to Michelle Obama, the woman often identified as the most influential in Africa finds time to give us her thoughts on cosmetics and their function in the world: 'Make-up is just make-up, it's how you feel wearing it that matters.'

"Secret Yogi"
21 Oct 2016
Vigorsol play with tropes and stereotypes in this ad for their stevia-sweetened gum. It's fun and packs a lot into just 40" thanks to some economic storytelling from director Martin Werner. It's a familiar tale of a teenage girl disappointing her parents possessing an unconventional twist.

"Welcome Home"
8 Oct 2016
IKEA tug the heartstrings with this understated, affecting ad for its lighting range. The ad opens with quiet shots of a woman heading home after work at night, walking through poorly lit streets while her son waits up and worries. A look around the room gives him an idea, and the next day he canvasses the neighbourhood and borrow lamps from as many friends and neighbours as possible to light her way home safely.

"Baby Orang Utan"
7 Oct 2016
At the risk of overloading the 'awww'-meter, Maya the orangutan now has a hairy little companion. With a little encouragement from mum, the baby ape explores a neon house while making a human friend, too. The VO informs us that SSE customers can enjoy free boiler repairs under their cover scheme... though audiences may be too entranced by the CGI primates to notice.

"Mating Season"
17 Sep 2016
More animal magic for the music streaming service as a guinea pig serves as, well, a guinea pig in an experiment to measure Deezer's appeal. During mating season a female has to choose between 'Clive' - another guinea pig - and the lure of Deezer. If this was an ad for Clive then we're guessing she'd have chosen him but it's not so...

Lucozade Sport
"Made to Move"
12 Sep 2016
Last year, a superb ad for Lucozade showed people hitting their stride in everyday situations. Here, they return to that theme with a terrific display of synchronised exertion. Kicking off with some one-on-one jumping jacks, a housing estate quickly becomes an open air jamboree of runners, BMX riders, and almost any physical activity you'd care to mention.

Boots No 7
"Explosive Colour"
1 Sep 2016
Boots No 7 seems to have taken a leaf out of the Marks and Spencers book with this latest 10" ad for the brand's comprehensive make-up selection. A black background plays host to a pyrotechnic display of colourful powder, providing a quick yet diverting demonstration of how the range's palette can satisfy one's cosmetic needs in vibrant fashion.

Arch Birds
"Be The Fastest"
2 mins 39s
23 Aug 2016
Academy Films' Seb Edwards directs this promo by London outfit Arch Birds, which came about as part of Virgin Media's series of vignettes featuring Usain Bolt. Here we see him cutting loose on the dance floor to the track and the sheer energy of both Bolt and the dancers around him is terrific. What a dude.

15 Aug 2016
What's so very lovely about this campaign is the way it ticks all the boxes on the brief... and then turns them into living, breathing creatures with irresistible cuddle appeal. This ability to transform abstracts into tangibles is pretty damn rare, and VCCP are the go-to alchemists in this realm. Not only does the message come across loud and clear that O2's coverage is strong, it also suggests it's adorably focused on you.

Boots No 7
"Match Made Service"
8 Aug 2016
A 10" plug for Boots No 7's tailored make-up range forms the first three letters of 'foundation' (more than enough for us to get what's going on) with three different foundation shades, while Mariella Frostrup's VO points viewers to their local branch for their own ideal tone. Funny, the on-screen gloop reminds us somewhat of runny chocolate, or... erm, something else.

British Heart Foundation
"Research Is Hope"
3 Aug 2016
The familiar 'once more unto the breach' speech from Shakespeare's Henry V proves a perfect accompaniment to a series of vignettes underlining the importance of research to combat heart disease. The emphasis on the last three words signals how apposite it is, and the combative turning of heads proves a strong piece of symbolism.

Shredded Wheat
"High Board"
1 Aug 2016
Sun-kissed visuals and a hint of surrealism help make this a memorable piece of work for Shredded Wheat. This chap is the living embodiment of falling with style as he plummets from the swimming pool high board while on holiday. But - as Henry Blofeld's reverent VO points out - this is no mere dive... it's a man without fear, and he's ready to embrace the "great, chlorinated unknown".

"Used Phone"
29 Jul 2016
This super piece of work advertising O2's second-hand phone scheme pulls out all the stops in its effort to catch our attention. It's another opportunity for directorial duo Si & Ad to show off their increasingly confident flair and the extraordinary effort they've put into this suggests there might be something in the 'buy one get one free' conceit when it comes to directors.

"The Obvious Choice"
28 Jul 2016
Nurofen have switched the focus of their advertising and it's a wise move. After the slap on the wrist they received for claiming the ibuprofen in their products moves through the body like determined Navy Seals in search of specific areas of pain, they have sensibly opted for a more digestible claim in this bright piece of work.

"Invisible Crime"
20 Jul 2016
Barclays appear keen to remind punters that avoiding fraud is as much their responsibility as the bank's. You can hardly blame them... after all, the banks usually bear the financial burden when someone is the victim of online crime so they have every incentive to persuade people to be more careful with their passwords.

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