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Stella Artois
"Elizabeth's Dream"
2 mins 51s
7 February 2017
UK Lagers

Matt Damon introduces this short film for water.org in collaboration with Stella Artois by telling us that dreams can take a long time to happen. Not just for actors, but for anyone... and especially for women in countries where there is no clean running water. When they do have access, they have time to focus on their future - like seamstress Elizabeth.

"The Wayfair Song"

Matt said:

Hire an agency. This is doggy doo.



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Stella Artois
"Elizabeth's Dream"
2 mins 51s
7 Feb 2017
Matt Damon introduces this short film for water.org in collaboration with Stella Artois by telling us that dreams can take a long time to happen. Not just for actors, but for anyone... and especially for women in countries where there is no clean running water. When they do have access, they have time to focus on their future - like seamstress Elizabeth.

"Harry and Ahmed"
2 mins 05s
8 Feb 2017
This thoughtful UNICEF film reminds us that time doesn’t necessarily heal everything. Harry and Ahmed are separated by decades, yet united by hardship. Side by side, the two describe their respective ordeals. Faces, countries, and technologies may change, but the language of suffering remains the same. When Harry and Ahmed’s stories overlap, the humbling effect is compounded.

7 Feb 2017
Adidas unleash their creativity in this 30s ad championing 'more than hard work'. Starring supermodel Karlie Kloss and athletes Candace Parker and Becky Sauerbrunn, among others, the action-packed film builds on the brand's 2016 'Here to Create' campaign and reinforces the idea that creativity, along with hard work, is necessary to push the boundaries of sport. An intriguing concept and compelling visuals really hammer the message home.

Paddy Power
"Coach Driver"
6 Feb 2017
Paddy Power pay tribute to another unsung hero: a long-suffering coach driver who ferries football fans to and from matches. There are some lovely omedy beats in this ad, from the lacklustre delivery of the driver's own version of 4 Non Blondes' 'What’s Up?' to the introduction of 'Big Fat Phil' - who gets left behind when the coach stops for its passengers to, uh, water the grass behind some bushes.

"John Malkovich"
2 Feb 2017
John Malkovich has built his reputation on being other, gently menacing versions of himself. And even as he turns from acting to fashion design, some things don't change. This Super Bowl campaign for website building service SquareSpace shows him trying to maintain his cool on discovering someone has already taken the domain name JohnMalkovich.com.

Virgin Holidays
10 Jan 2017
Characteristic stuff from Virgin Holidays: bright, bold, and set to an energising soundtrack sure to grab viewers' attention. Thrilled with their cheap holidays, a crowd of people run into the ocean and frolic with colourful inflatables in celebration of Virgin's latest sale. Cutting to a pair of divers and muffling the music momentarily is a nice touch.

Army Recruitment
9 Jan 2017
Another effective Army Recruitment film highlighting camaraderie in the armed forces. A young soldier shivers on his own during a downpour before his squadmates remind him they're all in this together. This wordless exchange conveys a real sense of unity between different age groups, whatever the conditions they may face.

Army Recruitment
9 Jan 2017
Marking a new direction in their recruitment drive, the Army eschew a focus on self-improvement and instead appeal to potential soldiers' urge to belong. There's a palpable camaraderie during this snowy hike, even if an attempt to start a morale boosting sing-song is met with the assessment that the chap 'sounds like a dying cow'. Bit harsh, but drives home the idea that they're all mates.

"Do You See What I See?"
15 Dec 2016
Santa is everywhere at Christmas... but only for kids who believe. This ad for Meijer is carefully crafted, keeping the reveal about the potential St Nick until right at the end. The starstruck performances from the kids feel genuine and complement the lovely visual touches throughout (Santa's buying carrots in the final scene, which is somehow extremely gratifying).

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey
7 Dec 2016
The daredevil biker bees are back to remind us that Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey is available for sweet-toothed whisky drinkers in all its sticky glory. The swarm careers through city streets this time as they try to find the bar that sells it. We're imagining the rules about drinking and flying are a bit looser than on the ground - though at least they've got crash helmets.

Sandy Hook Promise
2 mins 28s
5 Dec 2016
There are so many mass shootings in the USA that there needs to be a particularly grim element about one for it to really lodge in our memory. The massacre at Columbine stuck in the public consciousness as the worst of these atrocities until December 14, 2012 when a lone gunman killed twenty children aged between 6 and 7 plus six staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut and a new baseline in horror was set.

Co-op Supermarkets
1 Dec 2016
The Co-op puts community spirit at the heart of its Christmas campaign. We watch the good times roll in for friends, families, and workmates. Smuggler’s Joshua Neale creates an appealing medley of festive moments, from a passionate kiss to revellers enjoying a chilly Christmas swim. Yet that’s only half the story. We think we know what Christmas is all about, “but what if it could do more?”

"Not Just A Gift"
22 Nov 2016
The era of having to pretend to like terrible Christmas presents is over. Put down the socks, Auntie June: this year you can gift your family virtual reality headsets to whisk them away from stilted get-togethers, or webcams and smartwatches to enhance their future adventures. They're probably all extra fireproof by now, too.

Paddy Power
20 Nov 2016
Paddy Power pay tribute to football’s hi-vis heroes in this terrific ad. Rooted to the spot with a limited pitchside view, it’s a hard-knock life being a steward. This one decides to change the game. Tired of looking at the crowd’s jeering mugs for ninety minutes each week, the steward plays his own “part” in the action. How? By placing a bet on the opposition.

Paddy Power
21 Nov 2016
Another droll musical number from Paddy Power about betting in testing circumstances. This punter sings a racing-inspired version of Stealers Wheel's 'Stuck in the Middle with You', bemoaning "tweeds to the left of me" and "WAGS to the right". It's not quite as strong as the bookmaker's steward anthem, but Paddy Power's cover version still merits a chuckle.

Marks & Spencer
"Mrs Claus"
3 mins
11 Nov 2016
Janet McTeer plays Santa's wife in Marks & Spencer's epic Christmas ad. As her husband sets off on his annual gift-giving pilgrimage, she notices that one of the last batch of letters is addressed to her. It's a plea for help from a six year old boy in England who wants her to help him show his big sister that he loves her... despite all the mischief he's caused.

"Got No Strings"
10 Nov 2016
Premium headphone brand Beats tap into the trend for celebrity-crammed frolics with this jaunty commercial. Recognisable faces zip by at an impressive rate - Rebel Wilson, Michael Phelps, Nicki Minaj, and Pharell Williams to name but a few. They're all shown enjoying the wireless life while 'I Got No Strings' from Disney's Pinocchio provides the apt soundtrack.

16 Oct 2016
Another fun 10" ad demonstrating the firepower behind Colman's mustard. This wedding guest gets more than she bargained for thanks to a dollop of the advertised condiment. Luckily, a nearby ice sculpture provides emergency relief. Despite her fetching wedding outfit, there's just no classy way of rubbing your tongue against a chunk of ice, is there?

"Get Closer"
13 Oct 2016
As a woman dances in the empty streets of London, we can't help thinking of Danny Boyle's '28 Days Later' and worrying that she should be keeling an eye out for the rampaging 'infected'. The lone dancer unselfconsciously struts her stuff through the empty streets; past famous landmarks, down deserted main roads, and even in the eerily-silent underground.

"Ice Bucket"
28 Sep 2016
Colman's presents another uncool customer who's suffering from a case of mustard overload. Deciding he can give chilled wine a miss, this smartly-dressed man downs the contents of a hotel ice bucket. The culprit? A liberal dollop of the advertised condiment on his sarnies. A comical sight gag and a tight execution convey the brand's fiery quality to good effect.

"Paddling Pool"
28 Sep 2016
Colman's preaches caution when it comes to enjoying its mustard with this amusing 10" ad. Unfortunately, this chap hasn't followed this advice. His 'hot' hot dog causes him to dive head first into the kids pool, while his son looks on like a disapproving parent. It's quick and eye-catching, while the concise runtime strengthens the brand's 'a little goes a long way' message.

9 Sep 2016
Given the success of Aldi's twelve year association with McCann Manchester, you could forgive the agency if it felt a little peeved by the supermarket's recent decision to review the business. But - judging by their latest commercial - the relationship between the two has been injected with a new energy and it could well see further growth for Aldi in the years to come.

"Resistance is Futile"
17 Aug 2016
Superb 60-second ads are a pleasure... but when a spot manages to be absolutely note-perfect in just 30", we get an extra frisson of delight. So what better way to start the week than with this simple but brilliantly executed ad for Sheba? A man in the throes of a passionate encounter is rendered helpless by the telepathic commands of his cat - and whether you love these feline dictators or not, it's impossible not to laugh at this scenario.

13 Jul 2016
Captain Obvious continues his unique engagement with British customs in this Hotels.com commercial which takes place at the breakfast table of a swanky hotel. The straight-laced skipper reminds us we too can enjoy such classy hospitality thanks to the advertised website before misreading the waiter's offer of soldiers to accompany his egg. Well, breakfast can seem like a military exercise at times.

"In-Flight Entertainment"
4 Jul 2016
This busy commercial for Dell raids the CGI toybox to promote the technology outfit's new XPS 13 laptop, bringing dinosaurs, Roman soldiers, and lofty guinea pigs into play. There's plenty on screen to give your eyeballs a workout, but - like something from the summer blockbuster production line - it's a bit too busy to let the brand's air travel-friendly message fully sink in.

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