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Lipton Tea
"Keala Kennelly"
23 March 2017

With all the dramatic and hard-hitting sports-based ads around, it's nice to know that sometimes even the athletically gifted enjoy a cup of tea and a sit down. The connection between surfer Keala Kennelly throwing herself into treacherous waves and caffeinated beverages may be tenuous, but this beautifully-shot film feels inspiring nonetheless.


Ben said:

The performances are a bit big... not as good as other recent work on the brand.



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Lipton Tea
"Keala Kennelly"
23 Mar 2017
With all the dramatic and hard-hitting sports-based ads around, it's nice to know that sometimes even the athletically gifted enjoy a cup of tea and a sit down. The connection between surfer Keala Kennelly throwing herself into treacherous waves and caffeinated beverages may be tenuous, but this beautifully-shot film feels inspiring nonetheless.

Sky Sports
"No More One Horse Race"
16 Mar 2017
Nico Rosberg’s retirement following his 2016 title victory left many Formula One fans shocked - and presumably left his closest rivals delighted. Pole position is up for grabs, yet this beautifully shot Sky Sports promo draws from a different track sport. While there isn’t a car in sight, there’s plenty of horsepower.

Transport For London
"Build a Picture"
15 Mar 2017
Transport for London revisit their ‘Report It to Stop It’ campaign with another measured film focusing on sexual harassment. We watch a business meeting led by a man with a pixelated face. His confident voice soon transitions into women providing police statements. With each detail given, the man’s face becomes clearer - and his fate is soon sealed.

6 Mar 2017
The Dulux dog returns after the world's muddiest walk in this amusing commercial for the brand's 'Easycare' paint range. No amount of flying filth can tarnish the wipe-clean walls - even if an unsuspecting child's pristine white outfit doesn't fare so well against the onslaught. Slow-motion is used masterfully here, a comedic counterpoint to the frenetic, Ramones-esque soundtrack.

6 Mar 2017
Tesco’s latest Food Love Story sees Alice attempt to sweeten things after a family argument. She regrets what she’s said to her stepmum… but luckily, the teenager is a dab hand when it comes to baking cupcakes. A more serious tone compared to previous instalments, though it’s good to see this campaign depicting different family dynamics.

Leo Vegas
"Double Vegas"
21 Feb 2017
It turns out that Leo Vegas is such a vast online casino it needs not one but two brand ambassadors. We're already familiar with the suave yet faintly menacing lion... and now another familiar visage joins him. It's the perfectly-named Johnny Vegas - and boy, what a bonus he proves to be. Having "bigged it up" in the audition, he finds himself slightly out of his depth - and we can't look away.

"Sea of Blue"
17 Feb 2017
At a party where everyone is absorbed in a smartphone rather than talking to people IRL, one couple mock the non-action around them by miming a call to each other. Naturally they're wearing Levi's to show they're old-school and not afraid of ruining their mobile tech by jumping in a pool. It might not be up there with the brand's strongest ads, but it's a shrewd way of suggesting individuality for the youth market.

"Hallelujah Money (ft. Benjamin Clementine)"
4 mins 31s
20 Jan 2017
Gorillaz explored environmentalism in 2010’s ‘Plastic Beach’. Now they’ve got President Trump in their sights. Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett’s animated posse are joined by London artist Benjamin Clementine as they pay ‘tribute’ to cold, hard cash. The lyrics are laden with references to wealth and protecting one’s interests - whatever the cost.

"No Reason (ft Nick Murphy)"
4 mins 03s
19 Jan 2017
This surreal film by Oscar Hudson is 'about staying indoors'. It explores the Japanese phenomenon of hikikomori - young people so overwhelmed by life that they retreat to their bedrooms for years at a time. All the effects were done practically in camera, with the production team building eighteen almost identical rooms and props in multiple sizes.

"Nuts and Bolts"
15 Jan 2017
NatWest reveal: “We’ve been thinking about nuts and bolts.” Don’t worry, they’re going somewhere with this. The bank compares itself to all those nails and screws that keep things secure, and we’re told their business support team can help others build for the future. Part of the institution's ongoing campaign about its raison d'ętre.

Royal Caribbean Cruises
"Where Extraordinary Happens"
5 Jan 2017
Royal Caribbean Cruises ensure they stand out from the crowd with this beautifully shot, nearly silent ad. The lack of music is a shrewd choice, sure to grab the attention of even the most disengaged January-blues viewer; while gorgeous scenery shown with its accompanying co-ordinates manages to feel both sumptuous and elegantly understated.

"The Greatest Gift: Food"
24 Nov 2016
Having set the scene in its opening commercial and brought in the Goggleboxers over a full ad break, Sainsbury's now lays out its festive stall in all its glory. We're offered a sumptuous blend of live action food photography and stop-motion animation... it's a real treat.

"Googlebox Christmas"
3 mins 20s
18 Nov 2016
The cast of Gogglebox become stop-motion characters in this special adbreak from the show's creators Channel 4, and Sainsbury's. Following the groundbreaking ad to promote The Lego Movie - in which Orange Supermarket's current agency PHD recreated an entire commercial break in Lego - this ad sees the Gogglebox crew react to the Sainsbury's animated Christmas ad which launched last week.

Michael Kiwanuka
"One More Night"
3 mins 54s
21 Nov 2016
Director Nez collaborates with the Brooklyn Jumbies - dancers and performers in the African tradition - for this latest release from Michael Kiwanuka. The promo is heavily letterboxed at the start, giving us only a glimpse of the street in which the action is located, before widening to reveal a community literally rising up and standing tall. Upbeat and optimistic.

Not On The High Street
7 Nov 2016
Ads featuring elves are not unusual at this time of year. However, as always, it's not what you show – it's how you show it. And Not On The High Street's festive offering this year is a excellent reminder. Hand crafted, customised, or bespoke, presents from NOTHS say you're thoughtful and value the person on the receiving end. So when jewellers and joiners pause in their work to seemingly echo this sentiment we don't notice at first that there's something... well, different about them.

"Chicken McNuggets"
10 Nov 2016
McDonald's aim to set the record straight on Chicken McNuggets... again. The fast food restaurant has tackled what does and what doesn't go into their McNuggets once before, but they want to make sure everyone's got the message with this new execution. Forget beaks, bits, feet, innards, and feathers, says the VO - it's chicken breast through and through.

"Free to Run"
13 Oct 2016
BMW encourages us to embrace our inner child with this energetic commercial. Being an adult has its perks, but nothing beats sledging down a snowy hillside, watching sparks dance from a fire, or conquering the world's tallest mountain. Well, you feel like it's the tallest at the time. The car maker wants us to roam free again thanks to their all-wheel xDrive system.

"We Are..."
29 Sep 2016
The stark monochrome imagery combine with an insistent voiceover to command the attention and this certainly creates a sense of gravitas for the bank. With many of the conditions which caused the 2008 crash still unresolved, the possibility of another crisis is never far away. So it's probably not a bad time to make reassuring noises about your ability to offer financial shelter, if the worst should happen. Even if it isn't quite true.

Pearl & Dean
"Tumbleweed Trainer"
1 min 45s
26 Sep 2016
Pearl & Dean's campaign championing behind-the-scenes stars of cinema takes us back to the golden age of Westerns. While the likes of Clint Eastwood and John Wayne unloaded their six-shooters, someone had to train the tumbleweeds. In the style of a newsreel unearthed from the archives, the film pays tribute to Tinseltown's best tumbleweed wrangler - an "enigma" with the driest job on set.

3 mins 30s
13 Sep 2016
Impossible is nothing for a young photographer called Erik who describes his artistic process in this documentary made jointly by Volvo and Sky Atlantic. There is less worthiness in the subject of this documentary than in the other two films and - as if to compensate for this - directing collective DARYL have injected more visual interest. It doesn't quite distract us from Erik's self-indulgence but it's a good effort.

"Maria and Josefin"
4 mins
13 Sep 2016
In this short but wonderfully languid documentary made by Volvo and Sky Atlantic we're introduced to Maria and Josefin who built a business out of a desire to save their local environment from the danger posed by scuttled boats sitting at the bottom of the nearby lakes. Recycling parts from the salvaged vessels is a fantastically green solution to a problem that was a long time in the making.

3 mins 50s
13 Sep 2016
Volvo's fruitful relationship with Sky Atlantic continues to generate excellent work with this short documentary examining the efforts of a young engineer to improve the lives of those who have lost limbs. What's striking about this film is the optimism of both the engineer and the young amputee he's seeking to help.

Mark Pritchard
"Beautiful People"
6 mins 01s
5 Sep 2016
The new album from electronica musician Mark Pritchard is a meandering but beguiling journey into inner space, and Thom Yorke's vocals on 'Beautiful People' pretty much sums up the overall mood. Director Michal Marczak captures it visually as well, creating a bleak landscape of rocks and stagnant pools which Yorke wanders through alone.

DJ Shadow
"Nobody Speak (ft Run The Jewels)"
3 mins 33s
29 Aug 2016
Things are getting tense and personal at a summit meeting of the world's superpowers. "We the best," bristles a silver-haired elder statesman to his counterpart across the floor; "we will cut a frowny face in your chest." The nerve! "Fuck outta here," comes the response, before everything escalates and turns into a potty-mouthed bunfight.

Miike Snow
"Pull My Trigger"
3 mins 22s
23 Aug 2016
Miike Snow's follow-up to 'Ghengis Khan' is as poppy and infectious as its predecessor - so it made perfect sense for director Ninian Doff to create a follow-up promo too. 'Pull My Trigger' features the same cast as before, but in an alternative conflict... this time there are nukes rather than giant lasers.

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