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23 March 2017
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Skeletor saved with moneysupermarket.com, and now he feels epic. So epic, in fact, that he's ready to renounce a life of universe-conquering and dance triumphantly through the streets to Irene Cara's 'Fame'.

The villain quickly wins the town over with his hip-thrusting moves... which we can't quite imagine Frank Langella busting out. Even He-Man is impressed, showing that sometimes all that's needed to bury the hatchet - sorry, Sword of Power - is astutely managed finances.

It remains to be seen whether the brand has retired the 'squads' conceit but this feels like a shrewd move even if it's only to provide a bit of respite from a well-loved but relentless campaign. Epic Skeletor has a weirdness factor and nostalgic twist sure to inspire the Twittersphere. Mother and Fredrik Bond have certainly made this one #epic.


Ben said:

The performances are a bit big... not as good as other recent work on the brand.



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23 Mar 2017
Skeletor saved with moneysupermarket.com, and now he feels epic. So epic, in fact, that he's ready to renounce a life of universe-conquering and dance through the streets to Irene Cara's 'Fame'. The villain quickly wins the town over with his hip-thrusting moves... which we can't quite imagine Frank Langella busting out.

McVitie's Nibbles
13 Feb 2017
McVitie's continue turning their treats into cute creatures in the latest ad for their Nibbles range. This time baby seals are the embodiment of adorable, as a group of friends open some snacks in a theatre and are overcome with joy at the emerging critters. We particularly enjoy the furry little guys doing tricks with the biscuit balls - great animation work.

Amazon Prime
11 Jan 2017
In the same vein as 2016's 'Vicar and Imam' ad, this film features someone doing a good turn for a friend by ordering them a gift on Amazon Prime. This time a woman sees the busker opposite her food cart fail to make any money, so she orders him a pirate costume for his dog which instantly turns his luck around. The British public: consistently predictable in their passion for pooches.

"Christmas Walk"
3 Nov 2016
The Littlewoods Christmas ad encourages us to get some fresh air with attitude on Christmas Day. There's a lovely 'tooling up' sequence as everyone steps out the door in style. With their thick jackets, Beats headphones, and lightsabers, nothing can halt this festive swagger... until another family emerges from around the corner. Some textbook British awkwardness rounds off this entertaining effort.

Co-op Supermarkets
"The Co-op Way"
30 Sep 2016
The diverse casting in this film is what really stands out for us at DAVID. The Co-op have done a stellar job of showing a wide variety of human beings in their new ad; people of all ages, races, and sexualities all need ethically-sourced products 'fairly priced and just down the road'.

H & M
"The Road Trip"
5 mins 20s
29 Sep 2016
H & M's odd couple of David Beckham and Kevin Hart hit the road to Las Vegas... or ruin, more like. Seems like the latter has decided 'I, Beckham' would work better as a musical, and David is last to know as always. Once again identically dressed in the retailer's threads, the duo pick up from where they left off last year with two likeable performances.

16 Sep 2016
A sad half-cracked egg voiced by Bill Nighy leads a succession of people through their takeaway dreams in this new ad for Just-Eat. It's the latest in a series of changed approaches and the lack of a discernible strategy inevitably gives rise to the possibility of client chaos. But - however they got here - this works.

"Winning Streak"
3 Aug 2016
Brian the Robot has been consigned to the great scrapheap in the sky as James Corden arrives to give confused.com a boost. We're used to seeing Corden driving a car but usually he has the likes of Adele or Michelle Obama alongside. Here, his passenger is a little slow to appreciate the run of green lights that speeds their journey. Perhaps no one told him it's a metaphor for the help provided by confused.com when he's searching for a car insurance deal.

"Final Song"
4 mins 12s
10 Jun 2016
Danish singer Mø gives us a tropically-tinged piece of pop in 'Final Song', about which she says: "When you’re united with your inner glow you can beat the fears and fly towards your dreams.” Indeed. The promo is suitably uplifting, with Mø accompanied by a group of dancers against a dramatic backdrop - absolutely spot on in terms of what makes her fans tick.

6 Jun 2016
After a successful visit to the International Space Station, an astronaut prepares to return from orbit to terra firma. As John Grant's 'Outer Space' plays in the background, the protagonist is strapped into his Union Jack-sporting tin can and begins a pulsating journey back into Earth's atmosphere. Equipment pulses and flames roar from the exhaust, but our hero remains calm as he hurtles towards his ultimate goal: the returning KFC Supercharger sub. Godspeed, indeed.

"Nature Remix"
2 mins 10s
25 Apr 2016
Strongbow are the latest brand to jump on to the 'guerilla gardening' bandwagon with this enterprising film set on an abandoned street corner in downtown Johannesburg. With greenery at a premium, a band of nocturnal landscapers decide to inject some leafiness into the city before sunrise.

13 Apr 2016
With their last ad having starred a farmer with an exuberant approach to all things cultivation, Actimel take to the classroom for another disco-tinged display of vitality. This time, it's the Bee Gees and 'Stayin' Alive' playing in the background as a teacher grabs her timetable with both hands while showing her pupils and colleagues a thing or two about school spirit.

"Smartest Savers"
28 Mar 2016
Another dose of real life for the insurance company as two families go head-to-head to see which can save the most money. This form of advertising can sometimes feel a bit basic but director Nick Rutter has cleverly retained the authenticity despite using techniques normally associated with scripted work; ensuring it looks good as well as being highly effective.

Système U
"La Vie en Rose"
31 Mar 2016
French supermarket Système U creates a chorus of the iconic Piaf song 'La Vie En Rose' from the fractious wailing of newborn babies. The song is basically shorthand for the French sense of optimism, and by cleverly weaving the cries into its tune the ad suggests Système U is on the side of future generations... so long as the current generation of parents shop there now, we presume.

"Easter Lamb"
14 Mar 2016
Second only to the Christmas turkey in the realm of high-stakes roasting, a bold spin on an Easter roast is not for the faint of heart. Subtly adventurous sorts they are, Sainsbury's suggest it needn't require a journey to exotic lands in search of nostril-overloading spices - all it takes is a bottle of ginger beer to give lamb that special kick before the family sit down to eat.

H & M
8 Feb 2016
Having previously taken advantage of David Beckham's hitherto untapped comedic potential, H & M bring back the man in his capacity as someone - in the parlance of Derek Zoolander - really, really, ridiculously good looking. The ad has Becks hitting the town while wearing items from his Modern Essentials range. Turns out the whole town has the same idea.

Alex Metric
"Drum Machine"
3 mins 43s
25 Jan 2016
Alex Metric's hypnotic 'Drum Machine' is a real banger - the bass pulses through your sternum and down into your toes, while Lou Hayter's vocals, cool and aloof, set tingles cascading across your skin. But it's Mister Whitmore's video that makes us play it over and over - droll, whip smart, and brilliantly cast, it features a couple who see the need to liven up a listless joint.

"The Winner"
18 Jan 2016
We had a sneaking suspicion who the winner of the Aviva Drive Challenge might be, and we were right - it's the awkwardly-named Malki. No prizes for guessing the young guy would be the least safe on the road. The pleasant vibe of this promotion does a great job of selling the app... which in turn could lead to a significant uptake in Aviva insurance.

15 Jan 2016
McDonald's once again turn MythBusters as they attempt to crack a few preconceptions about the ingredients on their menu. Jen wonders if the egg in her Egg McMuffin is the genuine article, but while manufactured egg tubes would make Phoebe the egg cracker's life a whole lot easier, this ad explains that's not what McDonald's are about. Another confident insight into the brand's food chain.

"The Challenge"
25 Dec 2015
A rather clever piece of work poses a challenge: download the app from Aviva to find out who is the safest driver in your family. Knowing what a bone of contention other people's driving habits are, it's a compelling proposition - finally here's the chance to show your parent / offspring / partner just how crap their road skills are compared to yours.

"All My Friends (ft Tinashe and Chance the Rapper)"
3 mins 50s
22 Nov 2015
This technically accomplished promo for R&B outfit Snakehips taps into the trend for elaborate tracking shots with pleasing results. Director Mister Whitmore deftly moves along a queue of clubbers each indulging in their own excesses, while the track itself delves into the darker side of nightlife as guest vocalists Tinashe and Chance The Rapper rue nights spent queuing for little reward.

5 mins 32s
19 Nov 2015
After the dancefloor blitz of 'Lights', Hurts's follow-up addresses the threat of the comedown once the party's over. A bacchanalian night gives way to bleary-eyed fights and unsteady journeys along hotel corridors. Have Hurts - as one determined reporter suggests - lost their way? Once on the stage, the critics are answered as the duo's stirring vocals and liberated sound cut through the haze.

6 mins 55s
22 Oct 2015
Manchester synthpop duo Hurts take an assured step towards a more optimistic sound with this lengthy promo. Director Dawn Shadforth reflects the band's tonal shift as she lets inhibitions melt away under the strobe lights. Sensual and edgy, the chemistry shared by the two protagonists - including a magnetic Theo Hutchcraft - keeps us drawn to the screen as the funk-tinged track pulses along.

27 Sep 2015
Another bold ad tackling the received wisdoms about items on the menu at McDonald's sees a mother imagining the nightmarish provenance of chicken McNuggets. Mad scientists and giant mechanical chickens! The sneaky inclusion of mush and slime and beaks! Fortunately, 'food tech' teacher - and mum - Rosie is on hand to reassure us all about their wholesomeness.

27 Sep 2015
McDonald's is busy debunking myths in this spot about their fries. Contrary to popular belief and apocryphal tales, the fries aren't grown artificially; neither are they cooked in a way that takes them off the menu for vegetarians. Indeed, farmer Terry knows his onions when it comes to spuds and he can vouch for it that "no weird stuff" goes on in the making of them. It's brave and interesting for McDonald's to tackle this aspect of their image head on.

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