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Rag'n'Bone Man
4 mins 27s
27 March 2017
UK Promos

Rag'n'Bone Man delivers an a capella intro to 'Skin' against a wasteland backdrop that is as beautiful as it is austere. It sets the scene for what follows: a young boy picking his way through a post-apocalyptic small town searching for signs of any other human life. The landscape is the real star here - empty, sweeping vistas of Kazakhstan give Rag'n'Bone Man's plangent tones a different kind of depth.

"The Cult"

Mark said:

She's about to crash into that hedge



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Rag'n'Bone Man
4 mins 27s
27 Mar 2017
Rag'n'Bone Man delivers an a capella intro to 'Skin' against a wasteland backdrop that is as beautiful as it is austere. It sets the scene for what follows: a young boy picking his way through a post-apocalyptic small town searching for signs of any other human life. The landscape is the real star here - empty, sweeping vistas of Kazakhstan give Rag'n'Bone Man's plangent tones a different kind of depth.

B & Q
"New Brothers"
23 Mar 2017
B & Q's spin-the-bottle approach to appointing advertising agencies has made Leo Burnett the latest custodian and this film is the first TV work this new relationship has produced. It's a modern take on sibling rivalry as two boys roughly the same age are thrown together by the coming together of their parents.

"The Journey"
22 Mar 2017
Willie Nelson's 'On the Road Again' scores this charming ad promoting the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series. A rugby ball crosses all manner of terrain in order to reach the players' tunnel before kick-off. It's a neat way of reflecting the tournament's international reach, and Outsider's Jim Gilchrist ensures a bouncy treatment. Lovely ball work, too.

"Cowboys or Indians"
4 mins 04s
20 Mar 2017
Unkle may be a constantly changing act, but they know when consistency pays off. 'Cowboys or Indians' is their latest collaboration with directors Warren du Preez and Nick Thornton-Jones, and the pair deliver a typically trippy promo. Murky shades and hues ooze across the screen as bodies shift in and out of focus.

"No Regrets"
16 Mar 2017
This ad for German DIY retailer Hornbach is barmy - and brilliant. It opens with a man building a house in an idyllic setting (we assume this is a common German leisure activity), who takes an unexpected tumble just as his son arrives. The lad starts to weep for his loss, and the years of expensive therapy in his future, but then a very different sound begins...

We Fight Any Claim
13 Mar 2017
Financial warrior John Cleese discusses semantics in this latest We Fight Any Claims commercial. Whether financial institutions mis-sold PPI or customers “mis-bought” PPI, the advertised firm suggests consumers head straight to them instead of the banks for compensation. With a 2019 deadline now in place, those unsure best get a wriggle on.

Hula Hoops
9 Mar 2017
Having failed to prise open the West Heath Bank vault last time round, this bank robber eases his disappointment with a bag of Hula Hoops. You'd think this would be the ideal time for the rozzers to do their thing - alas, constable Gary is just as taken by the circular snack. We can't wait to see the Crimewatch reconstruction of this case.

"Raise Your Limits"
1 min 44s
8 Mar 2017
2011’s ‘Senna’ honoured the late Ayrton Senna’s F1 legacy while offering newcomers an insight into the Brazilian’s need for speed. Now McLaren - the team for whom Senna won three world championships - ensure this launch film for the 720S is a family affair. Professional racing driver Bruno Senna carries on the family tradition by putting the super car through its paces.

4 Mar 2017
From Hovis Hill to Money Supermarket’s epic strut, UK ads know how to get people talking. Sure enough, this entertaining film promoting the IPA’s Festival of British Advertising brings together some of the nation’s best-loved commercials and some enthusiastic contributors. Even if your favourite ad didn’t make the cut, it’s an affectionate showcase of Blighty’s finest.

We Fight Any Claim
5 Mar 2017
John Cleese may look like a compulsive banker, but don't let the braces fool you. Instead, the former Python and We Fight Any Claim frontman has those who mis-sold PPI in their sights. Given the comedian's own financial travails, he'll be glad to shift the focus elsewhere. Meanwhile, the claims management outfit are living up to their combative name by challenging the 2019 PPI deadline.

We Fight Any Claim
"John Cleese"
20 Feb 2017
John Cleese pays for his second hip replacement with this ad for PPI chasers We Fight Any Claim. Cleese's shifty suit insists he's no villain while wearing a stocking over his head. Fans of Monty Python’s Flying Circus will appreciate the nod to Cleese’s bungling bank robber. Unfortunately, the company name suggests they’ll fight your claim rather than fight it for you.

Hula Hoops
"Bank Robber"
17 Feb 2017
This stick-up artist picks the wrong branch of West Heath Bank to rob. While he tries his best Guy Ritchie routine, the cashier is still enjoying snack time. Fortunately, a show of hands - and an expertly munched Hula Hoop - is all it takes to thwart the would-be criminal. Some folk just aren't designed for the outlaw life.

9 Feb 2017
This quirky spot for McDonalds has Steve - an employee at the fast food chain - trying to persuade Will (sitting next to him on the bus) that beef, the whole beef, and nothing but the beef goes into their burgers. When Will doesn't believe him, both they and the other passengers are transported to the processing plant which proves Steve's assertion. Stylishly done.

"Train Driver"
2 mins
7 Feb 2017
This amusing hidden-camera ad for Belvita introduces us to quite possibly the most cheerful train guard in the South. On Blue Monday - January 16th: officially the most depressing day of the year - he attempts to cheer up the early morning service to Waterloo with bad jokes, beatboxing, and his winning personality - all fuelled by the energy from his breakfast biscuits.

13 Jan 2017
This spot introduces Kuri - a robot home assistant which promises to be 'one of the family' - and assures us that the little guy isn't going to rise up and take over humanity. Yet the way the little guy watches classic killer robot movies of its own accord is unnerving to say the least... though if nothing else, at least our new overlord will be cute.

Department For Work & Pensions
9 Jan 2017
This ad for the DWP's Pension Wise service reminds us that just because you're an expert in one area, it doesn't mean you know what you can do with your pension pot. A pair of pals try to one-up each other on their encyclopaedic knowledge of dog breeds before letting us know we can get in touch with Pension Wise if we need any - ahem - pointers.

7 Jan 2017
A visually-impaired plumber attempts to drain a faulty boiler in the French countryside... which goes about as well as you'd expect. This ad is shot beautifully, bringing to mind some of the classic-era Stella commercials; and the comedic timing is spot on. We fear for the patrician chateau owner when he realises his irreplaceable wine has gone down the drain... sacre bleu!

6 Jan 2017
made.com provide their own twist on unboxing videos with this kinetic ad as a contemporary dancer conveys the frisson of opening a delivery from the online furniture retailer. January is always a busy period for this particular sector, and the commercial's minimalist set design and jerky backing track helps the brand stand out against the competition.

5 Jan 2017
Dodger the dog is first through the door as Next’s January sale kicks off. There is, well, no stopping Dodger as he races around the shop floor acquiring shoes, jumpers, and even a fetching raincoat. Lovely closing shot with the dog's infinite receipt - all Next need is for more human shoppers to splash the cash this January.

5 Jan 2017
Next's January sale is now on! Not that Dodger’s owners are too fussed. While they’re fast asleep, Dodger bolts to his TARDIS-like doghouse and begins filling his online shopping basket while Queen's 'Don't Stop Me Now' plays in the background. This all coincides with Next's disappointing sales figures for Christmas 2016.

"After the Feast"
25 Dec 2016
The Christmas meal festivities weigh heavily on Ben Miller, Ruth Jones and their guests as they sleep off the big meal. Luckilly, there's a cheeky scamp eager to profit from their lack of vigilance and - in the process - relieve them from the burden of additional calories when they recover from their turkey-induced comas.

24 Dec 2016
British comedy stalwart Patricia Brake joins the regulars in this amiable look at Christmas rituals for Blue Supermarket. Ruth Jones and Ben Miller's husband-and-wife team are playing that game where you have to guess an identity conferred on you via a post-it note on your forehead; and in this way Tesco continue to reassert themselves as part of the national fabric.

"Christmas Commute"
16 Dec 2016
It's day sixteen of Cadbury's advent calendar and a girl is determined to transform her mum's "nightmare" commute into something spectacular. She takes charge of decorating a train in time for the morning rush hour. Sure enough, the train arrives on time with plenty of Christmas cheer. We guessing this wasn't shot on a Southern train, then.

"Uncle Gethin"
9 Dec 2016
Everybody's got one - the relative who outstays their welcome and consumes your festive fare with the grace and self-restraint of a particularly peckish locust. Ruth and Ben suffer through Uncle Gethin's inexorable presence with admirable dignity, even when he sniffs out their hidden bottle of port. Grin and bear it folks, it'll be New Year soon.

6 Dec 2016
Tesco's latest festive commercial finds Ruth Jones and Ben Miller at a standstill in the kitchen. She's worried the turkey's a write-off, while he doesn't really know how to sharpen a knife. Those telly chefs make it look so easy, don't they? Once they summon their Christmas resolve, however, it's mission accomplished.

1-25 of 1014 Results

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