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Rag'n'Bone Man
4 mins 27s
27 March 2017
UK Promos

Rag'n'Bone Man delivers an a capella intro to 'Skin' against a wasteland backdrop that is as beautiful as it is austere. It sets the scene for what follows: a young boy picking his way through a post-apocalyptic small town searching for signs of any other human life. The landscape is the real star here - empty, sweeping vistas of Kazakhstan give Rag'n'Bone Man's plangent tones a different kind of depth.

"The Cult"

Mark said:

She's about to crash into that hedge



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Rag'n'Bone Man
4 mins 27s
27 Mar 2017
Rag'n'Bone Man delivers an a capella intro to 'Skin' against a wasteland backdrop that is as beautiful as it is austere. It sets the scene for what follows: a young boy picking his way through a post-apocalyptic small town searching for signs of any other human life. The landscape is the real star here - empty, sweeping vistas of Kazakhstan give Rag'n'Bone Man's plangent tones a different kind of depth.

24 Mar 2017
Another mysterious challenge which looks as though it was issued on social media (but almost certainly wasn't) is flatly contradicted by a documentary-style commercial. This time daffodils are in the spotlight because 'Samantha' doesn't think Lidl's look as though they'll last longer than a couple of days. Au contraire, you fictional mischief-maker... they'll last way longer than that.

Marks & Spencer
"Mother's Day"
22 Mar 2017
10" is all Marks and Spencer need to demonstrate the quality of their Mother's Day flowers. While the cheap and cheerful approach may work for their rivals, M&S showcase their bouquets with unerring sophistication. So if you want to treat your mum with a touch of style on March 26th, you know where to go.

The FA
"Casey Stoney"
23 Mar 2017
Footballer Casey Stoney movingly discusses the sexism she's faced throughout her career in this inspiring spot for the FA. It's heartening to hear that women's football is gaining recognition and respect and that the FA have made a commitment to double the number of female players by 2020. But with an insane disparity in wages - a top female player earns less in a year than a top male player earns in a day - there's still along way to go.

The FA
"James Blackwell"
23 Mar 2017
As Gareth Southgate becomes the latest man tasked with bringing glory to English football, the FA signal a belief that bringing more players into the game is just as important as anything achieved by the national team. This 30" profile of England midfielder James Blackwell shines a light on the body’s support of cerebral palsy football. It's a support which has allowed Blackwell to be defined by his talent, rather than his disability.

"The Process"
23 Mar 2017
If you're a little rusty on the ol' Big Bang theory (no, not the sitcom), then let frozen smoothie brand Dole bring you up to speed. A sage VO charts how just a few billion days brought us from molten rock to fruit and ice ("Ooh, convenient!"); now Dole have perfected the process with their range of frozen confections. A wry, eye-catching introduction to the brand.

"E4 Sponsorship Idents"
10 Mar 2017
giffgaff tap into the trend for instant reactions to TV shows with these fresh E4 sponsorship bumpers. The visuals possess the same madcap energy as last year’s crop, while each ident is dotted with clever references to programmes such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Mind you, each comment must be subject to approval first - after all, we all know what Twitter can be like.

Hula Hoops
9 Mar 2017
Having failed to prise open the West Heath Bank vault last time round, this bank robber eases his disappointment with a bag of Hula Hoops. You'd think this would be the ideal time for the rozzers to do their thing - alas, constable Gary is just as taken by the circular snack. We can't wait to see the Crimewatch reconstruction of this case.

ITV Racing
7 Mar 2017
ITV have created another beautiful short film about racing, this time centred around their coverage of the Cheltenham Festival. More dramatic than their last outing, the pulsing soundtrack creates a sense of urgency and anticipation. It accompanies intimate visuals of the preparations for the big day, before coming to a head with the thrill of the race itself. As the script says: nothing comes close.

"Human Made"
8 Mar 2017
This cultured Volvo commercial is touchy-feely in the best possible way. The carmaker claims it’s the human touch that inspires them. Instead of a portentous VO describing myriad design features, the ad favours a more tactile approach. Subtle gestures make a big impression - for Volvo, this is the ideal starting point when designing their interiors.

4 Mar 2017
From Hovis Hill to Money Supermarket’s epic strut, UK ads know how to get people talking. Sure enough, this entertaining film promoting the IPA’s Festival of British Advertising brings together some of the nation’s best-loved commercials and some enthusiastic contributors. Even if your favourite ad didn’t make the cut, it’s an affectionate showcase of Blighty’s finest.

"Baby Dragon"
6 Mar 2017
As fire hazards go, a baby dragon ranks among the cutest. Doritos nab one for this fun commercial which evokes 80s critters like Gizmo and ALF. Dogs, beware - looks like man’s found a new best friend. Biscuit’s Jeff Low ensures an idyllic bond between man and miniature beast, including trips to the park and go-karting.

"Game Time"
2 Mar 2017
A little Coach goes a long way in this 10” uSwitch commercial. The price comparison dynamo is back in Steve’s living room for a quick motivational session regarding energy price hikes. With a little encouragement (and a handy laptop), Steve can weigh up his energy options from the comfort of the sofa. "Boom!", indeed.

Leo Vegas
"Double Vegas"
21 Feb 2017
It turns out that Leo Vegas is such a vast online casino it needs not one but two brand ambassadors. We're already familiar with the suave yet faintly menacing lion... and now another familiar visage joins him. It's the perfectly-named Johnny Vegas - and boy, what a bonus he proves to be. Having "bigged it up" in the audition, he finds himself slightly out of his depth - and we can't look away.

Hula Hoops
"Bank Robber"
17 Feb 2017
This stick-up artist picks the wrong branch of West Heath Bank to rob. While he tries his best Guy Ritchie routine, the cashier is still enjoying snack time. Fortunately, a show of hands - and an expertly munched Hula Hoop - is all it takes to thwart the would-be criminal. Some folk just aren't designed for the outlaw life.

Virgin Games
15 Feb 2017
This ad for Virgin Gaming features Vladimir alleviating the boredom of eternal afterlife with mobile games. He also becomes the first vampire to take a job in retail, and hits the dating scene in an homage to vampire mockumentary What We Do in the Shadows. Some lovely gags here, and if we haven't said it before - terrific casting.

Marks & Spencer
10 Feb 2017
This pair of pleasing 10s spots should entice shoppers to part with their cash for Marks and Sparks' Valentine's offerings. First up is food, which is gorgeously shot as ever and suggests a meal in for two can be just as delectable as a restaurant trip. Next are lush-looking roses, and the pair combined say your Valentine's extravaganza can have a price tag as low as £30.

D&AD Awards
2 mins 36s
1 Feb 2017
D&AD believe there’s nothing like a mother’s pride, and here, the mums of various advertising luminaries shine a light on their offspring's formative years. Some were stubborn, others cleared their plates far too quickly; now they’re all creative hotshots. For those who haven’t entered this year’s D&AD Professional Awards yet, go on - do it for mum.

Great Ormond Street Hospital
"Welcome to Ordinary World"
30 Jan 2017
This ad for Great Ormond Street hospital is crafted with skill, serving both as a deft parody and a poignant reminder of the struggle children with serious illnesses face in their day-to-day lives. We see a parody of a theme park ad for 'Ordinary World', complete with a hyperbolic script which turns a trip to the supermarket into a magical thrill ride... but for kids stuck in hospital, it really is the adventure they want.

Pot Noodle
"Gary the Brickie"
20 Jan 2017
Geordie Gary went from being a 'proper normal lad' to President of the United States by borrowing some money from his dad to set up a hotel and... you know where this is going. This is an excellent spoof, hitting all the marks of a good Trump send-up including the graphics of 'Gary Tower', his too-beautiful wife, and the inflammatory tweets which swell his social media following ('cats are crap'... Gary, you monster).

"Who's In?"
11 Jan 2017
Are you in or out? That's the pressing issue in this ad for Mini, showcasing five different models aimed at young, outdoorsy people who embrace adventure like the rest of us would embrace a hot water bottle on a cold night. If you like rock climbing, surfing, ping pong (yes), and being uber-fashionable while you do it all, this is the car for you.

Marks & Spencer
"Dine In"
17 Jan 2017
Marks and Sparks bring back their dine in for a tenner deal in this brief spot. The offer of an indulgently tasty ready meal with free plonk is sure to provide a pick-me-up in the middle of a dreary January, and the food photography is - as ever - something to be admired.

"The Whole House (Extended)"
1 min 55s
11 Jan 2017
This is the extended version of the HomeAway commercial we brought you recently. Parks & Recreation’s Nick Offerman recites an ode to the great family getaway. While he champions spending quality time with just the family, we’re also shown some creative means of destroying office equipment.

11 Jan 2017
This Hyundai ad sees motorists across the land awake to a sizeable delivery. It turns out the car manufacturer has streamlined the whole car-buying process by letting us buy online. Lord knows how all that cardboard is going to fit in the recycling bin. Alas, the Hyundai website says “box not included”. Shame.

6 Jan 2017
A woman expresses herself on the dance floor in this uplifting yet understated BUPA commercial. Opening on her short journey from the drinks table, the array of emotions on her face suggest a far longer journey has taken place in her life. Then we learn she's had successful treatment for cancer, and understand we're witnessing her emergence from a long dark tunnel into the bright, welcome light of day.

1-25 of 1090 Results

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