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16 March 2017
USA Hotels

Binge-watching may seem like a good idea, Captain Obvious warns, but it's all too easy to lose an entire weekend without even noticing. The link to Hotels.com is tenuous, but there's a lovely performance from the couple who've missed grandpa's 99th birthday (and funeral, it transpires); particularly the guy - who discovers he's grown a beard and can no longer stand up despite 'actively trying'.

Transport For London
"Build a Picture"

Miles said:

He's about 45 though, right?



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16 Mar 2017
Binge-watching may seem like a good idea, Captain Obvious warns, but it's all too easy to lose an entire weekend without even noticing. The link to Hotels.com is tenuous, but there's a lovely performance from the couple who've missed grandpa's 99th birthday (and funeral, it transpires); particularly the guy - who discovers he's grown a beard and can no longer stand up despite 'actively trying'.

13 Jan 2017
This spot introduces Kuri - a robot home assistant which promises to be 'one of the family' - and assures us that the little guy isn't going to rise up and take over humanity. Yet the way the little guy watches classic killer robot movies of its own accord is unnerving to say the least... though if nothing else, at least our new overlord will be cute.

Reporters Without Borders
"When I Grow Up"
10 Jan 2017
Journalism is, by its nature, an unpredictable career. And for those who report from the front line, it's extremely dangerous too. This fundraising spot for Reporters Without Borders makes us wonder what qualities children like these must have to want to pursue this line of work even when they know what fate might await them.

BT Mobile
"Jeremy Renner"
2 Jan 2017
BT have become synonymous with A-list talent in recent times, including Alec Baldwin, Willem Dafoe, Ryan Reynolds, and Rebel Wilson. Now it’s Jeremy Renner’s turn to provide some OTT star power. Renner makes an impressive landing in front of this unsuspecting family, promising to save them from an unseen threat. Alas, his “awesome” antics aren’t quite what the familiar BT duo had in mind.

Porn Hub
"Touching Gift"
9 Dec 2016
An old man sits solemnly apart from his family on Christmas morning. Is he pondering the unstoppable march of time? Reminiscing mournfully about a deceased spouse? Thankfully his grandson has the cure for his woes and presents him with a gift card for Porn Hub Premium. A tear rolls down the grandfather's face as the two embrace and emotional music swells in the background. It's a well-pitched piece of satire that's very - ahem - touching.

Porn Hub
"Lonely Night"
9 Dec 2016
Christmas can be a lonely time of year for some - travel issues, working away from home, even living on another planet (if the cheeky reference to John Lewis' Man in the Moon is anything to go by), and Porn Hub have made the admirable decision to capitalise on that with an oddly endearing piece of work.

Naughty Boy
"Should've Been Me"
4 mins 25s
6 Dec 2016
Naughty Boy’s latest track benefits from an uplifting promo by director Ben Strebel. Skate parks are a staple setting for music videos, but Strebel offers a new perspective with a trip to Uganda where a skate park offers the chance for self-expression in Kampala’s Kintale slums. One boy watches his peers own the half-pipe before he starts shredding and grinding like the best of them.

"Alexander Wang"
24 Nov 2016
Analogue and digital collide in this visually arresting film from Adidas Originals and director Karim Huu Do. The ad flits from VHS quality footage to crisp modern visuals as a gang of X-Men converge on a shipment. Constant aesthetic shifts keep the viewer engaged while the brand's upmarket collection is shrouded in urban mystique.

"Operation Treenapping"
17 Nov 2016
Three boys believe everyone and everything should be together at Christmas in this Belgian Ikea ad. Under cover of darkness, these lads put their daring plan into action: liberate the Christmas tree. A charming festive outing - though it may prompt parents to stick a bike lock on the tree.

4 Nov 2016
Argos categorically settle the question of whether or not yetis exist with their colourful Christmas ad. In fact, the retailer lets five of the mythical beasts loose. Ice skates on, they navigate the snowy streets picking up all manner of festive tech, toys, and treats along the way. Despite their bulk, the Abominable Snowmen prove to be rather nifty skiers... even when a fleet of BB-8s roll with them.

Heinz Baked Beanz
"Can Song"
27 Aug 2016
Heinz is one of those brands that uses its advertising muscle to maintain its position as the market leader with such confidence you can forget alternatives even exist. The latest addition to their impressive portfolio exudes warmth in a fashion designed to remind punters that Heinz is the only choice if you want a taste of home comfort.

"British Weekends"
9 Aug 2016
After two years away, Enterprise's transatlantic pairing of Dave and Brad return in this entertaining ad which shows the latter's bemusement at our weekend exploits. After encountering a brood of 'chickens' and a racegoer with a logic-defying, Brad thinks he's finally on safe ground with a client after a removal van. When he learns of Guy Fawkes Night, however, it proves too much for the American to handle.

Foot Locker
"Little Voice"
27 Jul 2016
Colin Farrell 'stars' in this off-beat Foot Locker commercial as NBA star James Harden reveals his surprising source of inspiration. When the Houston Rockets man gives a quick pep talk to a pair of fellow gym patrons, everything seems to be in order - only the inner voice Harden speaks of has an unusually Irish lilt to it. Next time you see Harden running up and down the court on game night, you'll know it's Colin Farrell providing the motivation.

BT Broadband
4 Jul 2016
After his breathless arrival onto the BT Broadband set last time round, Ryan Reynolds takes time out in a comfy chair to introduce the telecom giant's new Smart Hub. Of course, why give a Hollywood superstar an easy ride when you can mount a spectacle? With a little money left over after acquiring Reynolds, the BT creative team procure a helicopter to showcase the strength of their new gadget's WiFi signal.

"Summer With The BBC"
28 Jun 2016
While it may not be all smiles and sunshine in the BBC talent pool post-Clarkson and co., this ad for the Beeb's summer schedule does an appealing job of positioning the broadcaster as the home of entertainment through heatwaves and inevitable downpours. Lenny Henry narrates a montage of seasonal pursuits with the BBC's TV and radio stations complementing the mood.

"Are You Trending?"
4 mins 48s
20 Jun 2016
While Vessels are proving to be rather more than competent at the electronic genre they've moved towards in recent times, Thomas Ralph's video for 'Are You Trending?' proves there's always room for strong visuals to enhance the audio that inspired them. This superbly edited, discombobulating clip simultaneously feels like the world's best and worst night out. We're off for a lie down.

Zak Abel
"Everybody Needs Love"
3 mins 19s
26 Apr 2016
I Owe Youth directs this distinctive promo for Zak Abel's new track. Abel sings directly into camera while playing table tennis - and the combination works surprisingly well. He's a charismatic young guy and IOY have neatly channelled his ability to convey emotional intensity while doing something physically demanding (you try playing with a bat in each hand).

BT Broadband
"Ryan Reynolds"
17 Apr 2016
The BT Broadband "behind the scenes" campaign hit its stride with Rebel Wilson's contributions, and this latest spot featuring Ryan Reynolds demonstrates a continuing confidence. Reynolds delivers a wonderfully deadpan performance, explaining how someone who lives in the fast lane needs the fastest possible broadband service to match.

Davidoff Horizon
5 Apr 2016
Oh dear - all that time spent alone in the wilderness seems to have got into the head of this generically handsome chap. Instead of making a bid for civilization, he decides to follow an eagle to the top of a mountain. See, that's the spirit of a Davidoff Horizon wearer... or something. Wonder if the outtakes show him attempting to fly like a bird with disastrous consequences.

7 Mar 2016
Director Samuel Abrahams has cleverly elevated the impact of this ad by creating some terrific choreography with his performers. Not only does this idea illustrate the product proposition, it captures the attention and holds it right to the end when the impressively big burger which it advertises reaches the mouth of one of its multiplicity of protagonists.

"The Dolphin Whisperer"
4 Jan 2016
While on holiday, a man saves a beached dolphin; and his wife films the moment it spurts water into his face through its blowhole. She christens him 'the dolphin whisperer' and back at the resort the clip gets passed from Samsung phone to Samsung phone with consummate ease. This speedy groundswell of interest sends it viral, creating memes everywhere and making our chap an internet hero.

"Our Pitch, Our Rules"
18 Nov 2015
Slick and commanding, this Adidas ad encapsulates the reputation of the German national team with clever visuals and a steely team talk for a script. The lines of the pitch become battle lines as players and fans organise themselves with precision. It's a very well-crafted production and one that only strengthens the long-lasting bond between team and kit provider.

"Discover More"
8 Nov 2015
Boots's Christmas ads in 2013 and 2014 both packed a real emotional punch but we can only assume that didn't translate into success at the tills as they've dropped that approach in favour of a more traditional piece of seasonal advertising. It draws attention to the retailer's special offers and has plenty of sparkle but it's not one of this year's highlights.

BT Broadband
"The Flies"
26 Oct 2015
Rebel Wilson has an unfortunate encounter with some flies in this spot for the BT Broadband campaign. The martial artist's lightning reflexes are pretty impressive as he dispatches a couple of the winged insects - but Rebel proves equally efficient, although not intentionally by any means. As ever, she makes the commercial.

Guitar Hero Live
"Win The Crowd"
26 Oct 2015
Actor James Franco and rock star Lenny Kravitz take time out from their busy schedules to enjoy a not-so-quiet night in together playing Guitar Hero Live. The full-length ad centres on the game's USP - a live-action crowd responding to the player's performance. Franco and Kravitz share some enjoyable back-and-forth as they take great pleasure in highlighting each other's bum notes.

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