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11 January 2017
UK Banks

HSBC Premier launch their Jade membership scheme with this attractive-looking commercial. After delivering a mysterious box (the best kind of box), a young boy finds all doors open to him as he explores the high life. We're left unsure about what being a Jade member entails, but, then again, this is likely aimed at a very select portion of the bank's clientele.

Domino's Pizza
"Winter Survival"

Chris said:

great acting



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11 Jan 2017
HSBC Premier launch their Jade membership scheme with this attractive-looking commercial. After delivering a mysterious box (the best kind of box), a young boy finds all doors open to him as he explores the high life. We're left unsure about what being a Jade member entails, but, then again, this is likely aimed at a very select portion of the bank's clientele.

"Brother Dominic"
2 mins
8 Jan 2017
This short for Xerox is sumptuously cinematic in its sweep, with each detail and element lovingly considered. From the moment it opens on a remote monastery overlooking a rural idyll, it's obvious this is going to be something special... and it doesn't disappoint. The action focuses around Brother Dominic, who is creating pages of an illuminated manuscript with laborious care.

7 Jan 2017
A visually-impaired plumber attempts to drain a faulty boiler in the French countryside... which goes about as well as you'd expect. This ad is shot beautifully, bringing to mind some of the classic-era Stella commercials; and the comedic timing is spot on. We fear for the patrician chateau owner when he realises his irreplaceable wine has gone down the drain... sacre bleu!

Go Compare
12 Dec 2016
A pair of right Cockney bridesmaids discuss "mega-mongous" savings on home insurance, broadband, and even vet's bills. Their excitable chatter doesn't impress the congregation, but Gio Compario quickly leads everyone into a gospel singalong. Fair enough, though we'd be asking the pressing question: "Who invited this guy?"

Go Compare
"Pool Hall"
5 Dec 2016
Go Compare's excitable Geordie duo (think Ant & Dec's stunt doubles) dream of motorcycle and van insurance down their local pool hall. Sure enough, Gio Compario arrives on the scene with another ditty before showing off his own cue skills. Looks like he's got the talent to turn professional - some viewers will hope he makes the career move as soon as possible.

"It Begins With A Blanket"
1 min 35s
28 Nov 2016
This UNICEF film arrives just as many in the West will be counting their spoils from Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Amidst a whirlwind of discount tellies and clothes, it’s easy to forget how drastically wants and needs differ across the globe. A girl wanders around a makeshift refugee camp picking up odds and ends - after all, her life depends on it.

"Awkward Elves"
27 Nov 2016
Goodwill to one's fellow elf doesn't go entirely to plan in this well-performed ad for Bulldog. Two of Santa's hard-working employees discuss their love of Christmas. One of them wonders why elves don't give presents to each other. Safe to say his mate has never given it much thought. Sure enough though, the generous one has a surprise in store.

Sky Store
"Own It"
15 Nov 2016
Idris Elba continues to flex his considerable charm on Sky's behalf in this latest ad for Sky Q. He tells us that, as with movies, we can now buy and own our favourite box sets three ways; popping up in various scenarios to illustrate this - including in a hot tub filled with tablets. The minimalist bling of the set design ensures nothing distracts us from either him or his message - smart.

Stella Artois
"Brewed For The Holidays"
11 Nov 2016
Always fluid about their history, Stella Artois share another festive spin on their origin story. Monsieur Artois wants to share his new lager with the party across town - but the bridge is blocked by snow. Merde! Luckily, a herd of reindeer bulldozes through the white stuff. Thanks to this animal intervention, Artois ensures these partygoers are reassuringly merry.

Currys PC World
"Christmas Lights"
3 Nov 2016
One of two droll Christmas ads from Currys PC World showing how far we’ll go to draw attention to the items on our festive wishlist. In this, a family gathers round as dad prepares to switch on the Christmas lights. He’s delighted with his handiwork, but their excitement quickly fades when they see the lights pointing to next door’s living room - and the LG 4K Oled television within. Oh, and one very confused neighbour into the bargain.

Currys PC World
3 Nov 2016
After last year’s excellent ‘Spare The Act’ series starring Jeff Goldblum, Currys PC World have some, well, act to follow. However, AMV BBDO and Outsider’s James Rouse have proved themselves to be up to the challenge with two wry ads. We join this school’s nativity as the Three Kings arrive on the scene. We all know how the story goes, right? “The gifts the wise men presented were gold, frankincense, and… oversized silver headphones?”

Go Compare
30 Oct 2016
Go Compare are truly masters of the 'so terrible it's weirdly compelling' ad at this point, and Gio Compario rides again in this high-flying clip which exemplifies the genre. The usual opera-ish soundtrack has been replaced with a swing inspired number and a choreographed dance routine which takes place on top of an aeroplane. We can't decide if managing to rhyme 'compare it' and 'favourite' is genius or not... but it's certainly something.

"Lucky Number Seven"
25 Oct 2016
This arresting ad for Sky Bingo gives the game of chance a fresh lick of paint. The Who's 'Baba O'Riley' shimmers away in the background as the number seven appears in a variety of guises. Whether it's on a swimming cap, the back of a jacket, or in handstand form, it's the digit that secures "full house heaven".

Ministry Of Sound
"Stiletto Dancers vs Freak Like Me"
3 mins 09s
21 Oct 2016
This promo for Ministry of Sound's 'Freak Like Me' features some of the smoothest moves we've seen for a while... possibly ever. There are slut drops, body rolls, and splits galore from the troupe of dancers, who strut their stuff like they're made of rubber... and do it all in stilettos, no less. Bloody hell. DAVID can hardly walk in heels, let alone dance.

Smithwick's Ale
"Home Brewers"
13 Oct 2016
This appealing Smithwick’s ad captures the domestic alchemy of homebrewing. Forget hulking industrial vats and tanks - pots, pans, and bathtubs are the tools of the trade here. A dodgy pipe or a slight change in temperature are all that separate triumph and disaster. Through patience and a little improvisation, this lot enjoy liquid fulfilment. Now for the clean-up operation...

"Free to Run"
13 Oct 2016
BMW encourages us to embrace our inner child with this energetic commercial. Being an adult has its perks, but nothing beats sledging down a snowy hillside, watching sparks dance from a fire, or conquering the world's tallest mountain. Well, you feel like it's the tallest at the time. The car maker wants us to roam free again thanks to their all-wheel xDrive system.

Sky Q
"Out And About"
12 Oct 2016
Sky Q's recording options merit a "Get in!" from Idris Elba in this latest ad promoting the telly box. It's hard to stop Elba once he's on the move, but the broadcaster has him covered. Customers can now watch recorded shows on their mobile devices without 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi - meaning Elba can stay entertained while travelling through this mysterious white void.

Chase & Status
"All Goes Wrong"
3 mins 27s
4 Oct 2016
Electronic duo Chase & Status return with this cracking track with Tom Grennan providing the powerful, raw vocals. The promo is clever, playing out different versions of an argument and two potential outcomes as director Glenn Paton shows us the triumphs and pitfalls of masculinity. The main message we're getting is: sorry may be the hardest word, but it might just save your life.

Sky Q
"Easy Peasy"
3 Oct 2016
We're back in Idris Elba's swish flat as the actor provides more information about Sky Q. The latest feature to get Elba excited is the ability to watch whatever's playing on the main Sky box in any room. This means he can zip from the sofa to the exercise room without missing any of the action. No faffing around with wires also ensures that chic pad of his stays pristine.

Go Compare
18 Sep 2016
Gio Compario is very much the Nigel Farage of advertising. It doesn't matter how often we seem to have got rid of him... back he comes and - begrudgingly - we have to admit it's because he's a very effective tool. The latest series plays up to the character's notoriety and hits, er, the right note in playing along with the sense that we love to hate him.

Sky Q
"Idris's Enthusiasm"
1 Oct 2016
Sky Q's advertising has delivered on the visual front, but less so on providing tangible details about the "next generation box". Luckily, Idris Elba is at home. The broadcaster's ebullient spokesman informs us that said box can record four programmes at once, while - "BOOM!" - letting us watch a fifth at the same time. A great ad for Elba and a pretty good ad for Sky too.

"Game On, Cooks"
22 Sep 2016
Has cooking become too much of a spectator sport? Lurpak thinks so, and the brand makes a bold move by telling viewers to switch their attention from telly to belly. Lurpak being Lurpak, they've done a first-rate job. Somesuch's Daniel Wolfe meets this campaign's exacting standards head on with a brilliant execution. Once the game begins, it's something to behold.

McCoy's Thick Cut
22 Sep 2016
Unassuming newsagent patron Gary is the latest to receive a call from Flavour in this new addition to WCRS's humorous McCoy's campaign. Upon picking up a packet of the brand's new Thick Cut crisps, a golden telephone appears from nowhere to give sage advice to the man. The newsagent's silent encouragement is lovely, while the script's talk of brains and guts earns some tasty laughs.

14 Sep 2016
A man sneakily tries to swig some chocolate milk that doesn't belong to him. But he doesn't reckon on it being Frijj milk - and when he unscrews the lid there are consequences. This is a terrific idea, classily executed - we've all been that sneaky thief standing in front of an open fridge with contraband consumables dribbling down our front - and this guy's powerlessness in the face of something delicious speaks to us eloquently.

McCain Crispy French Fries
"Friday Teatime"
12 Sep 2016
McCain argues that Friday evenings are nothing without French fries - specifically, the brand's extra crispy variety. With work over and school uniforms consigned to the laundry basket, it's time for the whole family to sit down for some well-earned grub. adam&eveDDB's work for McCain has convincingly placed the brand at the heart of family mealtimes, and this is another smart example.

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