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"Removal Van"
27 March 2017
UK Fast Food Restaurants

This KFC ad reminds us that age doesn't guarantee wisdom. Jim and John are travelling along a country road when the latter tells the former not to risk the tight squeeze ahead. Boss knows best, of course, and it results in their own removal van being, well, removed. So kind of the roadside recovery truck to bring some KFC for the pair, eh?

"The Cult"

Mark said:

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"Removal Van"
27 Mar 2017
This KFC ad reminds us that age doesn't guarantee wisdom. Jim and John are travelling along a country road when the latter tells the former not to risk the tight squeeze ahead. Boss knows best, of course, and it results in their own removal van being, well, removed. So kind of the roadside recovery truck to bring some KFC for the pair, eh?

"Spag Bol"
20 Mar 2017
With this spot, Quorn have significantly changed their approach to conquering the meat-free market. Gone are athletes endorsing the benefits of protein... instead the brand has charged director Richard Jung - master of delectable food ads - with making Quorn seem tasty rather than virtuous. A convinced VO from Alan Davies is the perfect accompaniment.

"Ellie Goulding"
13 Mar 2017
This ad for Deichmann also functions as a music promo for Ellie Goulding's 'Something in the Way You Move', and marks a big step up from the brand's usual fare. Gone are clunky scripts and distracting VOs: here the songstress stomps around in shoes from her own Deichmann collection, shot in astutely-chosen black and white which gives sparkles extra pizazz.

"This is Us"
13 Mar 2017
This film is one of three Nike spots commissioned for International Women's Day, each focused on a different part of the world. Here we take a look at Turkey and the stereotypes Turkish women come up against in their day-to-day lives. Beyoncé's feminist anthem 'Run The World' is an appropriate choice of soundtrack to accompany the powerful visuals - it certainly gets the blood pumping.

Ray Blk
3 mins 18s
9 Mar 2017
BBC Sound of 2017 winner Ray BLK urges caution for those with pound signs in their eyes. In today's get-rich-without-trying world, "Don't let the moolah make you blind" sounds even more pertinent. The promo's close-knit setting serves her grounded lyrics well, with director Hector Dockrill deftly flitting between BLK and the salon’s clientele.

Virgin Games
15 Feb 2017
This ad for Virgin Gaming features Vladimir alleviating the boredom of eternal afterlife with mobile games. He also becomes the first vampire to take a job in retail, and hits the dating scene in an homage to vampire mockumentary What We Do in the Shadows. Some lovely gags here, and if we haven't said it before - terrific casting.

Great Ormond Street Hospital
"Welcome to Ordinary World"
30 Jan 2017
This ad for Great Ormond Street hospital is crafted with skill, serving both as a deft parody and a poignant reminder of the struggle children with serious illnesses face in their day-to-day lives. We see a parody of a theme park ad for 'Ordinary World', complete with a hyperbolic script which turns a trip to the supermarket into a magical thrill ride... but for kids stuck in hospital, it really is the adventure they want.

"Health MOT"
7 Jan 2017
Nuffield Health let us know that members get a free 'health MOT' and personalised gym plans in this upbeat ad for their fitness centres. Bright colours and snappy costume changes suggest it is possible to beat the start of year blues and stay on track with getting in shape. With the right support, of course.

"No Resolutions"
3 Jan 2017
This raunchy film for the Arcane Gallery - the "place to go for sartorially elegant, luxurious and handmade fashion" - marks the debut of a new directorial duo called Rabble. The film is eye-catchingly saucy with a distracted young woman discovering there's more than one way to use a condom for safe sex.

Virgin Games
26 Dec 2016
'Virgin Games' takes on a whole new meaning in this ad presented to us by a cheery vampire. We see him going about his ordinary life, brushing his fangs and avoiding sunlight, as he talks about how the app has helped him get out more. It's unclear whether this ad would convince anyone to download the gaming app (other than the undead demographic which it has nailed down) but it's definitely amusing to watch. Plus, great ketchup gag.

Short Films
6 mins 38s
29 Nov 2016
What would happen if Jesus popped up in the contemporary world - would people believe he was the messiah... or just a very naughty boy? Anthony Dickenson's short film is firmly in the latter camp: if Jesus woke up in Hackney, he'd quickly find out things have changed quite a bit since his day.

"Film on 4 Sponsorship"
28 Nov 2016
Honda's hard-working engineers gather for a night in front of the box in these Film on 4 bumpers. The factory floor staff meet in the control room for a flick and plenty of pizza and even the robot polishing arm gets to enjoy some leisure time. They're fun spots which also suggest the car manufacturer cares about employee morale. Clever.

25 Nov 2016
AXA PPP claim they're the insurer with a speedier approach in this gentle ad. This woman benefits from fast track appointments, ensuring she's fit to lift her little champion gymnast at the end. With everyone's time at a premium these days, AXA's offer of timely healthcare may well prompt further investigation.

2 mins 50s
22 Nov 2016
AMV BBDO have managed to capture the warmth and togetherness of the holiday season without succumbing to schmaltz in this touching ad for the HP Spectre x360. The bond between siblings is strained as one - who is deaf - cannot share in the other's passion for music. Seeing his brother struggle, the musician decides something must be done.

"Chicken McNuggets"
10 Nov 2016
McDonald's aim to set the record straight on Chicken McNuggets... again. The fast food restaurant has tackled what does and what doesn't go into their McNuggets once before, but they want to make sure everyone's got the message with this new execution. Forget beaks, bits, feet, innards, and feathers, says the VO - it's chicken breast through and through.

"Going Home"
7 Nov 2016
This understated Audi commercial pays tribute to the car maker's heritage at racing mecca Le Mans. Various models are roused from their slumber to undertake a very special road trip. Director C D Morrish and DP Ryan Carmody craft an atmospheric homecoming as these cars drive through the gloom, while the brand reminds us of its glories on the town's revered circuit.

"Barry's Golden Beetle"
2 mins 11s
4 Nov 2016
The VW Beetle's legacy has been beautifully tapped into by this online film from adam&eveDDB - Doyle Dane Bernbach's contemporary equivalent - which has been directed with great sensitivity and skill by documentarian Amanda Blue. The agency are never fearful of using sentimentality and this really seems to help them employ it effectively.

Boots No 7
"Makeup Doesn't Mean Anything"
22 Oct 2016
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, award-winning author and celebrated feminist speaker, is the new face of Boots No. 7 range of cosmetics. In between featuring on Beyoncé albums and writing thank-you notes to Michelle Obama, the woman often identified as the most influential in Africa finds time to give us her thoughts on cosmetics and their function in the world: 'Make-up is just make-up, it's how you feel wearing it that matters.'

23 Oct 2016
Whiskas continue to celebrate curiosity in this amusing ad which features a cat who hasn't quite figured out that hairbrushes are nigh on unkillable. Julian Barratt's voiceover brings the kitty's inner monologue to life, as he stalks and pounces on his unsuspecting, spiny prey - only to be distracted by the sound of much more edible food being opened.

"Amazing Babies"
14 Oct 2016
Amanda Blue's documentarian eye is perfect for this Pampers film focusing on our special connection to babies. Somehow avoiding mawkishness, Blue captures a series of special moments illustrating how a smile from a baby can affect all manner of human interactions. We were particularly taken with the vignette on the bus, not least because the man reading the newspaper appears at first to be really grumpy with the youngster interrupting his journey.

Wrigley's Extra
13 Oct 2016
We're going to go out on a limb here at DAVID and suggest that chewing gum while playing sport is probably a choking hazard. Health and safety concerns aside, it's nice to see women playing football in this ad (apparently made confident by their chewing gum), as opposed to the lot of guff about fairy tales and 'finding the one' we got in Wrigley's last outing for this campaign.

"Water Drop"
13 Oct 2016
Cat owners will be familiar with the inner monologue of the kitty in Whiskas' new ad. While he thinks of himself as a calculating, ruthless hunter stalking his prey with satisfaction, the opening of a Whiskas packet reveals him as a domestic cat watching a dripping tap. This is a fun exploration of the curiosity of cats... in a non-lethal sense.

Wrigley's Extra
"Bus Love"
10 Oct 2016
'Chew gum to prepare for love' seems to be Wrigley's message in this ad for their Extra chewing gum. A woman sits on a bus as the voiceover muses about knights in shining armour and happy endings, before a hunky bloke gets on at the next stop and sits next to her, apparently 'the one.' The rest of the bus is empty, young man, you could at least try to be cool about it.

BBC Radio 3
"Upside Down"
11 Oct 2016
One of three well-crafted films promoting BBC Radio 3 as the home of sonic innovation. Jazz rules this housing estate as a saxophonist wanders through the block with his bandmates nestled on walkways and stairways. In the distance, two high-rises mimic sound levels being pushed to the limit. Those in favour of Planet Jazz can get their fix thanks to the advertised station's eclectic output.

BBC Radio 3
11 Oct 2016
One of three well-crafted films promoting BBC Radio 3 as the home of sonic innovation. This string quartet gives their rock 'n' roll brethren something to think about with a pyrotechnic display of instrument destruction. Once they've finished sawing, drilling, and immolating the tools of their trade, they await their round of applause. A good blend of evocative music and classy vandalism.

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