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8 March 2017
UK Cereals

Weetabix return to their tried and tested slogan in this fantastical ad. A giant thunders through his lair, menacingly fee-fi-fo-fum-ing until he comes across his prey. The boy is unconcerned by his impending doom, and gives a notable performance as he cockily informs the giant he's had his Weetabix with a decisive tap of the spoon.

The production here is impressively elaborate, with a vintage vibe. Being so visually polished the potential for out-and-out cheesiness is offset, and it's bound to appeal to youngsters even if adults don't quite buy into it. BBH and The Sweetshop are behind this spot, and they've pulled it off with panache.

McDonald's McCaf

Frankie said:

Lovely spot



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8 Mar 2017
Weetabix return to their tried and tested slogan in this fantastical ad. A giant thunders through his lair, menacingly fee-fi-fo-fum-ing until he comes across his prey. The boy is unconcerned by his impending doom, however, and gives a notable performance as he informs the giant he's had his Weetabix with a decisive tap of the spoon.

1 Mar 2017
This kinetic ad from New Zealand encourages commuters to ditch traffic jams and get on their bikes to 'feel more' and 'care less'. It's interesting to see a cycling campaign which doesn't focus on the environmental benefits of bikes or address road safety concerns, instead playing up the value of personal time and freedom of self-powered transport.

New Zealand Transport Agency
"Thank You"
18 Jan 2017
This is an interesting approach to car safety from New Zealand. While we watch a young man endure physiotherapy after a traffic collision, the older-sounding narrator describes how the incident occurred. Turns out the young man was at fault and suffered the worst. Is he bitter? No - hes thankful his life was saved by the narrator travelling at a safe speed.

"Voice Password"
4 Jan 2017
Everyone wants their voice to count; now HSBC are giving customers the chance to use their dulcet tones as a password. Even woodland dens like this one have changed with the times. It's a familiar conceit: take a product or concept and make it look like child's play - an especially popular approach in the banking sector.

Lipton Tea
2 mins
21 Dec 2016
This charming ad for Lipton is as soothing as the hot cup of tea it advertises. To a calm acoustic soundtrack, it tells the story of an unlikely friendship as a lonely young boy and his school bus driver look out for each other. After noticing the perpetually-late kid doesn't have any friends, the kindly driver reaches out one morning to give him a small gesture of solidarity.

Metropolitan Police
"Independent Witness"
22 Nov 2016
The Metropolitan Police depict both sides of the story in this bold film. Shot from body-worn cameras, we get up close and extremely personal with a violent dispute. While two officers neutralise the threats, witness statements contradict what we see. By putting us in their shoes, Greater London's police force aim to show why these cameras are becoming increasingly necessary.

The Warehouse
"Christmas Feels Like... "
9 Nov 2016
It's always interesting to see how our Antipodean brethren tackle Christmas. Chucking a load of fake snow at the proposition just wouldn't feel right, after all. This sun-kissed ad for retail chain The Warehouse depicts a Kiwi Christmas with a fantastical bent. Straight away, it's a different vibe: camping trips to the beach; shorts instead of long johns; and - of course - there has to be a barbecue.

"More Than A Pumpkin"
20 Oct 2016
Sainsbury's show us their Halloween range has expanded to include much more than pumpkins in this upbeat party ad. With decorations, food, and costumes on offer, they promise to help you 'Halloween like you've never Halloweened before'... even if your dad is a totally unscary dork at your Halloween party.

Lotto Powerball
"Mum's Wish"
17 Oct 2016
This heartfelt ad for the New Zealand Lotto Powerball warms our cockles as it tells the story of a deceased mother's last gift to her children. 'Home movie' footage tells the story of the siblings' childhood as they grudgingly turn up at their mother's house to complete one last chore. The mother is portrayed as a creative person who encouraged her children to be themselves... and left them the means to do so after she was gone.

"Super Rare"
24 Aug 2016
First Direct has been offering speedy mobile banking for a while now, so its parent company HSBC isn't giving its customers anything ground-breaking by providing the same. However, this spot is so charmingly memorable that you'd be forgiven for thinking it is; and indeed it leaves you almost wishing they were.

"Up For The Challenge"
18 Aug 2016
Ladbrokes swallow a mound of Aussie grit for this ad taking the bookmaker into punchy territory. Enlisting the kind of VO whom you could imagine turning a bedtime story into a hard man's chronicle, the ad is all about laying down the gauntlet as many times as 60" will allow. Lady Luck hasn't received an invite to this particular game; instead, the narrator rams home the idea that a bet is all about using your brain and having the backbone to trust your decision.

IAAF London 2017
"The Race"
2 Aug 2016
The Worlds - as they're known among athletes - are coming to London next year and, just ahead of the Rio Olympics, this super ad launching the event is letting the great British public know that it's time to get their skates on if they want a ticket. Paula Radcliffe's lonely training run through the early morning London streets is interrupted when a woman pushes past her in unlikely fashion, offering a heartfelt apology as she dashes past.

"School Makeover"
26 Jul 2016
Sister knows best as this amiable back to school ad for Sainsbury's demonstrates. While mum makes sure her son looks neat and proper for his first day, his older sister looks on with well-versed bemusement. Knowing her bro needs a little helping of individuality, she gives him a quick makeover at the school gates courtesy of a popped collar and spiky hair.

Asda George
"First Day"
25 Jul 2016
We at DAVID gripe and groan about ads with rhyming scripts - but every now and again, along comes one which we can hold up as an example of how it should be done. With its natural rhythm and delightful delivery, this spot for George at Asda demonstrates that rhymes can sound inventive and charming rather than the last resort of the uninspired.

Short Films
"A Dream Within A Dream"
1 min 48s
16 Jun 2016
Edgar Allan Poe's 1849 meditation on the very fabric of reality receives a suitably trippy adaptation courtesy of The Sweet Shop's SEGA. Elusive by design yet intoxicating in its execution, the film constantly wrong-foots the viewer as scenes dance from chain link fencing to misty woods, from the rush of a sleepless city to hands emerging from a box. Meanwhile, Poe's words manifest on screen as the brooding narrator recites them from an untraceable phone line. An expressive test of reality's credentials.

31 May 2016
However unseasonal this short spot is, it works very effectively. A boy stands before the Halloween oranges and chimney reds of a bonfire while his granddad conducts the sparks in wizardly fashion, and the pleasures of eating hot, smoky food are conjured up. Astutely, Heinz has chosen to push the mild mustard of cinema hot dogs here; a taste which doesn't exclude children's palates.

"Fridge Wizard"
31 May 2016
Whatever you think of Salad Cream (and we know what we think of it), this brief ad for Heinz manages to make it seem quite an enchanting way to liven up that impromptu sandwich. A hooded figure in outline stands before a glowing doorway - before we discover it's merely mum considering her gustatory options.

"Chilli Cauldron"
31 May 2016
One of three short spots that combine to make the main 'magic' ad, this reminds us that a splash of Heinz Tomato Ketchup can be the secret ingredient that gives your pot of chilli added depth. It was an inspired idea to use the track from Disney's Cinderella - there's something about it that our inner child really responds to.

"A Splash of Magic"
24 May 2016
This charming spot for Heinz features a Franglais version of the Cinderella song 'Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo', and it works a treat. Sometimes a sauce or a sandwich or a salad dressing just needs an extra something or other to hit the spot - and a squeeze of a Heinz product can turn out to be "the thingamabob that does the job".

Lawn Tennis Association
"Go Hit It"
24 May 2016
While the French Open is well under way at Roland Garros, it's usually not until the grass court season - all Pimms, strawberries and cream, and a land mass named after the British number one - that we as a nation make a collective racket about racquets. This beautifully observed film for the Lawn Tennis Association evokes the first summer stroll on to the local tennis court to awaken our inner Andys, Rafas, and Serenas.

Peugeot 308
"Peter Mullan"
13 May 2016
This ambitious commercial for the Peugeot 308 initially has us shifting our brains into neutral as the advertised vehicle cruises through the albeit attractive Scottish landscape. Just as we start rifling through our glossary of car ad cliches before the script kicks in, we're greeted by hard-hitting actor and filmmaker Peter Mullan... and he has one or two thoughts about how cars are packaged for us on our telly boxes.

5 Seeds
"Plant The Seeds"
9 May 2016
Australian cider brand 5 Seeds take it slow and somehow slower still in this arresting commercial scored by Sydney dance group Rfs. Moments of elation are stuck on pause as the camera weaves through a building in the midst of an orchard-inspired redecoration job. There's a mesmeric quality to director Dylan Pharazyn's treatment, and it helps the brand effectively portray its cider as the one to keep good times flowing long into the night.

Visit Victoria
"Walk It Off"
2 mins
2 May 2016
This attractive piece of work for Visit Victoria takes a meandering approach to the tourism film as two blokes opt for an extended after-dinner stroll together. It's a ramble that allows them to enjoy the state's scenic variety, to get back in touch with nature, and to ponder life's most important questions... like, "Would you rather have an extra eye or an extra hand?"

"Anything For Love"
12 Apr 2016
It was never entirely clear from Meat Loaf's song what he wasn't prepared to do for love but we're pretty sure it had nothing to do with chicken nuggets. In any case, the Jim Steinman-penned ballad provides a perfect backdrop to a beautiful tale of fatherly devotion which includes a number of nicely-observed parental indignities.

Tiger Beer
25 Jan 2016
Feeling peckish? Tiger Beer's vivid ode to the wok will leave you hankering for street food as the brand celebrates Asian cuisine and its cooking vessel of choice. "Forged in fire to bathe in flame", the wok is granted almost mythological status by the VO. It becomes a holder of tradition, as vital to the recipe as any ingredient. When hungry citizens begin to flood Asia's streets and marketplaces at night, these cooks bring the heat.

1-25 of 150 Results

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