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The Moonlandingz
"The Strangle Of Anna"
3 mins 40s
20 March 2017
UK Promos

Ah... Lias Saoudi. Where to start? The louche frontman of Fat White Family has an alter ego - Johnny Rocket - who sings with The Moonlandingz; a band that is, in itself, an alter ego for the Eccentronic Research Council. Here, Saoudi's wasted hero sings an elegy to a woman called Anna while Slow Club's Rebecca Taylor comes on like a Yorkshire Julee Cruise.

This ramshackle psych-rock masterpiece is neatly captured in Dawn Shadforth's video. Set in a nondescript club, Saoudi and Taylor gradually work up a head of steam as they sing to each other and dance in that lewdly disinhibited way people do just before they collapse in an incoherent mess and are poured into taxis by their exasperated friends.

Saoudi sports a clingfilm boob tube that holds actual fried eggs over his nipples and Taylor delivers her lines through lipstick-smeared mouthfuls of cake. It's more Twin Peaks than Twin Peaks could ever hope to be... we just pray their version of the Log Lady doesn't show up any time soon.

Co-op Supermarkets
"Mother's Day"

Gary said:

Beautifully done - looks and feels totally believable without being too sentimental.



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The Moonlandingz
"The Strangle Of Anna"
3 mins 40s
20 Mar 2017
Ah... Lias Saoudi. Where to start? The louche frontman of Fat White Family has an alter ego - Johnny Rocket - who sings with The Moonlandingz; a band that is, in itself, an alter ego for the Eccentronic Research Council. Here, his wasted hero sings an elegy to a woman called Anna while Slow Club's Rebecca Taylor comes on like a Yorkshire Julee Cruise.

Transport For London
"Build a Picture"
15 Mar 2017
Transport for London revisit their ‘Report It to Stop It’ campaign with another measured film focusing on sexual harassment. We watch a business meeting led by a man with a pixelated face. His confident voice soon transitions into women providing police statements. With each detail given, the man’s face becomes clearer - and his fate is soon sealed.

"Cara and Nadia"
2 mins 47s
14 Mar 2017
Rimmel moves into music videos with this sassy film featuring grime artist Nadia Rose. Cara Delevinge and posse strut to the beat around an old industrial building; heading up to the roof from which they can see their city playground through eyes enhanced with the brand's Volume Shake mascara. Directed by Emil Nava, the promo has attitude - and then some - which the young target audience is bound to love.

"Ellie Goulding"
13 Mar 2017
This ad for Deichmann also functions as a music promo for Ellie Goulding's 'Something in the Way You Move', and marks a big step up from the brand's usual fare. Gone are clunky scripts and distracting VOs: here the songstress stomps around in shoes from her own Deichmann collection, shot in astutely-chosen black and white which gives sparkles extra pizazz.

Super Bock
"90 Years"
2 mins 04s
7 Mar 2017
Super Bock raise a glass to ninety years of brewing in this attractive commercial. We see the Portuguese lager grow through various social, political and cultural shifts. After all, change is thirsty work. The film benefits from some vivid period detail, aided by cinematic grading and Benjamin Clementine’s rich vocal performance.

24 Feb 2017
Sainsbury’s must be sifting through their favourite clips from January’s ‘Food Dancing’ film. Having recently released a Valentine’s Day-themed montage, the supermarket moves on to 10” morsels. This particular cook demonstrates an unorthodox use of crockery... perhaps think twice about accepting a bowl of soup served up here.

24 Feb 2017
This brief instalment of Sainsbury's 'Food Dancing' campaign features a chap playing fast and loose with a grater while he grooves. The ubiquitous orange shopping bag in these otherwise black and white ads creates a distinctive look which stands out during any commercial break. The brand are encouraging everyone to get involved and boogie in their kitchen - just watch your fingers while you're at it!

"Love Dancing"
8 Feb 2017
A commercially-contrived event February 14th may be, but at least Orange Supermarket suggests we embrace the mood of the day rather than imply we're losers in love if we don't buy perfunctory gifts for our significant others. Better still, there's no discount price points cancelling out the thoughtfulness behind the limp flowers / battered chocolate box / bottle of Lambrini flogged by everyone else.

"Food Dancing (Extended)"
2 mins 55s
20 Jan 2017
This extended version of the new Sainsbury's 'Food Dancing' campaign features some interesting additions, including dance instructions and a colourful 80's rap video-style segment. Despite the campaign causing health and safety concerns in some quarters (dancing with sharp knives or flinging around tea-towels near open flames... maybe they have a point), this extended version is an effective promo for MysDiggi's specially-created song.

The Jump
"Flying Without Wings"
18 Jan 2017
This promo for Channel 4's beleaguered reality show 'The Jump' features the plangent vocals of Westlife. 'Flying Without Wings' accompanies shots of this year's batch of celebrities flying over a snowy landscape, with appropriately transcendent expressions as they perform improbable acrobatic feats.

"Food Dancing"
18 Jan 2017
Something interesting always happens when an agency like W+K gets into bed with a client like Sainsbury's and so it proves with the agency's début TV work for its big new client. Orange Supermarket has been placed at the forefront of a new movement called #fooddancing by an ad with an earwormy soundtrack from MysDiggi combined with a montage that's been made to look as though it's been clandestinely filmed in our actual kitchens.

"Transforming Treatment"
16 Jan 2017
MQ are the first major UK charity focused on funding research into mental health - and this is their first major ad, launched in a special presentation on Channel 4. We're shown a series of historical clips depicting things which were said to be impossible - the reunification of Germany, humans in space, amputees able to run - before the naysayers' screens are shattered.

Compare The Market
"Let it Go"
25 Dec 2016
For the latest instalment, we're offered an update on Oleg - the baby meerkat adopted by Aleksandr and Sergei three Christmases ago and taken back to Africa the following year. These updates are perhaps set to become a regular part of a Christmas push by the price comparison site as we rejoin the youngster in a winter wonderland.

Short Films
6 mins 38s
29 Nov 2016
What would happen if Jesus popped up in the contemporary world - would people believe he was the messiah... or just a very naughty boy? Anthony Dickenson's short film is firmly in the latter camp: if Jesus woke up in Hackney, he'd quickly find out things have changed quite a bit since his day.

"You Be You"
25 Nov 2016
French footballer Paul Pogba might be the most expensive player in the world right now, but that doesn't mean everyone wants to be him. Although they do want to be in his shoes - literally. This hi-octane ad hits us with an unrelenting barrage of witty images demonstrating that while Pogba's skills, fortune and tabloid notoriety don't appeal, his Adidas boots do.

Bring Me The Horizon
"Oh No"
5 mins 03s
9 Nov 2016
Isaac Eastgate's promo for 'Oh No' by Bring Me The Horizon is a wild and wacky affair incorporating everything from a hostage scenario to a trumpet-playing clay baby. What's the plot? No idea. But we don't care - the unpredictable twists and turns hold our attention to the end, and you have to admire the way so many elements have been entertainingly squeezed in.

Paper and Packaging Board
"Letters For Peace"
3 mins
2 Nov 2016
This moving film comes from an unlikely source. Somewhat against today's eco-friendly mindset, the Paper and Packaging Board encourages us to use more paper-based goods. It points to the therapeutic power of writing as one reason why we should always keep a sheet handy. This three-minute piece brings together five individuals whose traumatic experiences were soothed by putting pen to paper.

Arla Protein
"Outdoor Planking"
17 Oct 2016
This entertaining ad for Arla Protein features a right planker. Eager to strengthen his core, this chap enrols in an outdoor boot camp. As if working his abs wasn't hard enough, a dog gets extra friendly with the side of his face. Only the strongest can endure such conditions, according to the steely VO - and Arla's protein range can help such fitness nuts stay in the zone.

BBC Radio 3
"Upside Down"
11 Oct 2016
One of three well-crafted films promoting BBC Radio 3 as the home of sonic innovation. Jazz rules this housing estate as a saxophonist wanders through the block with his bandmates nestled on walkways and stairways. In the distance, two high-rises mimic sound levels being pushed to the limit. Those in favour of Planet Jazz can get their fix thanks to the advertised station's eclectic output.

BBC Radio 3
11 Oct 2016
One of three well-crafted films promoting BBC Radio 3 as the home of sonic innovation. This string quartet gives their rock 'n' roll brethren something to think about with a pyrotechnic display of instrument destruction. Once they've finished sawing, drilling, and immolating the tools of their trade, they await their round of applause. A good blend of evocative music and classy vandalism.

BBC Radio 3
11 Oct 2016
BBC Radio 3 celebrates its seventieth anniversary with a trio of films demonstrating the station's commitment to immersive programming. This execution takes poet Alice Oswald's 'Rain' and stages a monsoon in the kitchen. Not that this listener appears too fussed by her extra soggy cuppa - instead, she's content to let the words wash over her.

4 Oct 2016
This amusing ad for Dunelm depicts pure, shaggy bliss. As a euphoric synth track plays in the background, this woman is lost in a sea of red. She can't get enough of this seemingly boundless rug, writhing on top as if she's alone in paradise. Of course, the rug isn't endless... and she isn't alone. The camera pans out to reveal a bemused line of party guests - not that she's remotely fussed.

Compare The Market
"Aleksandr and Sergei's Rush to the Cinema"
3 Oct 2016
This Compare The Market commercial pays tribute to both 'Speed' and 'Anchorman 2' in one fur-raising trip to the local multiplex. Sergei insists 49.3 mph is the optimum speed to reach the snack counter in time, though he and Aleksandr are put through the slo-mo ringer thanks to some ducks crossing the road. Lovely nods to baby Oleg dotted around the RV, too.

"Game On, Cooks"
22 Sep 2016
Has cooking become too much of a spectator sport? Lurpak thinks so, and the brand makes a bold move by telling viewers to switch their attention from telly to belly. Lurpak being Lurpak, they've done a first-rate job. Somesuch's Daniel Wolfe meets this campaign's exacting standards head on with a brilliant execution. Once the game begins, it's something to behold.

Pearl & Dean
"Tumbleweed Trainer"
1 min 45s
26 Sep 2016
Pearl & Dean's campaign championing behind-the-scenes stars of cinema takes us back to the golden age of Westerns. While the likes of Clint Eastwood and John Wayne unloaded their six-shooters, someone had to train the tumbleweeds. In the style of a newsreel unearthed from the archives, the film pays tribute to Tinseltown's best tumbleweed wrangler - an "enigma" with the driest job on set.

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