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1 March 2017
UK Washing Powders / Liquids

Shoppers are amazed by the revelation that their sparkling-white clothes have already been thoroughly stained - and subsequently washed with Ariel - in this neat hidden-camera ad. The small print informing us they were invited to the pop-up store by the brand (under a pseudonym, presumably?) begs some questions, but this is an effective piece of work regardless.


Gary said:

It's ok as a mood film. Not a great ad tho.



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1 Mar 2017
Shoppers are amazed by the revelation that their sparkling-white clothes have already been thoroughly stained - and subsequently washed with Ariel - in this neat hidden-camera ad. The small print informing us they were invited to the pop-up store by the brand (under a pseudonym, presumably?) begs some questions, but this is an effective piece of work regardless.

Ryan de la Cruz
"Know About Me"
4 mins 01s
1 Feb 2017
Rising star Ryan de la Cruz plays all the roles in Bouha Kazmi's promo for his latest release 'Know About Me', proving he has presence as well as vocal talent. It reflects the track's brooding menace as Cruz drives through night-time streets with his, er, friends... culminating in a chilling denouement. Dark and accomplished.

2 mins 09s
10 Jan 2017
BBC One take a leaf out of Channel 4's book with these diverse idents from their Christmas Day broadcast. Cute kids, Dr Who fans, market traders, and expectant mums - to name a few - introduce their respective programmes in short slice-of life-shots. Mary Berry's inclusion will doubtless feel poignant to some viewers, but she's back soon so all is not lost.

5 Jan 2017
Money.co.uk eschew a spokesperson in favour of exploring more universal moments with their first major ad campaign. To reinforce the claim that the site checks more financial products than any other, we're shown a montage of situations where people could - or should - check things. Be they horoscopes, shoelaces, lottery numbers, or, uh, prostates.

30 Dec 2016
James Corden enjoys more good fortune in his second appearance in a commercial for confused.com. Incoming 'head marketer' Paul Troy ditched Bryan the Robot in an audacious bid to take his brand back to the top of the price comparison tree, and he had some choice words for his rivals in an interesting interview in The Drum.

21 Nov 2016
McDonald's give hope to toys nationwide with their Christmas film. We're introduced to Juliette - a vintage doll who's never experienced playtime and has learnt to endure her loneliness with silent fortitude. Each day from her toy shop window she wistfully watches people meet up to share food and laughter in the McDonald's across the street... and she resolves to act.

"The Gift of Beauty"
9 Nov 2016
While the rest of us collapse on the sofa after one Bucks Fizz too many on Christmas Day, for others it's just another day on the job. Boots use their Christmas ad to pay tribute to those keeping us safe and healthy over the festive period. Firefighters, nurses and ambulance staff all receive their moment in the spotlight thanks to the retailer's mobile beauty section.

Harvey Nichols
4 Nov 2016
While other brands shift towards heartwarming narratives and fake snow for the festive season, Harvey Nichols has eschewed the holiday aesthetic entirely and released an ad focusing on their range of Italian products in their Winter 2016 range. It's a shrewd move that makes their ad stand out from the crowd.., lots of shouting and breaking glass will tend to do that.

"Jackie Stewart"
1 min 33s
14 Sep 2016
Heineken continues to promote responsible drinking with this cleverly crafted ad starring Formula One legend Jackie Stewart. Most of the film takes place during Stewart's 1960s-70s heyday, using footage from Roman Polanski's 'Weekend of a Champion'. As Stewart makes his way through bustling pit stops and post-race celebrations, he's constantly offered a bottle by well-wishers - but the driver remains focused on the road.

14 Sep 2016
Nissan ventures into psychological horror territory with this Qashqai commercial, in which a man is haunted at every turn by visions of the advertised vehicle. Whether he's at work, on a basketball court, or dressing up as an astronaut, the spectral SUV is never far away. Luckily, it's all a bad dream - he bought the vehicle when he had the chance. Director Philippe André plays up the dread well before the lighthearted pay-off.

"The Prep Talk"
13 Sep 2016
José Mourinho has had better weeks. Defeat in the Manchester derby to Pep Guardiola, questions over his team selection.. you'd think the Special One would fancy laying low for a few days. Instead, he's rallying the troops from the rooftop in this pulsating Heineken commercial directed by Guy Ritchie.

4 Sep 2016
Another amusing dose of cinematic peril from Betway sees two castaways under threat from a gang of sharks... only one is too engrossed in the City v United game on his phone to notice. While his frenzied companion tries to explain that Jaws and friends smell lunch, the gambler simply sits back and relaxes with his mobile betting app. A fun execution in tune with the football-obsessed punter.

"Wedding Dress"
18 Jul 2016
Another tribute from McDonald's to those who like to stretch their budget as far as humanly possible sees a newlywed deciding her bridal gown would make ideal business attire. Nullifying her conspicuous arrival at the morning meeting with a lovely aside about train delays, it's a nicely-observed performance in a diverting plug for the fast food chain's Saver Menu.

26 May 2016
This spot for Betway is one of three lovingly made ads in the style of classic movies. Regardless of your feelings about football and betting, this a lot of fun... with the misunderstanding at the heart of it getting sillier and sillier until the poor arctic explorer is engaged in a wrestling match to the death with a polar bear.

"Maisie Williams Pranks Game of Thrones Fans "
3 mins 40s
24 Apr 2016
Maisie Williams is fooling nobody but the effort she puts into the attempt is really rather charming and - given the popularity of Game of Thrones - it's not very surprising this has already racked up a lot of viewings on YouTube. The young British actress only turned 19 earlier this month and you have to give her a lot of credit for handling this hidden camera stunt with so much composure.

"Wonderful Life"
21 Apr 2016
We are all involved in our own life adventure according to this charming film for IKEA. While the young couple at the heart of this film have a pretty conventional life, in their heads they see themselves as racing drivers and champion tennis players. DAVID detects the influence of the famous sequence in the Pixar film 'Up' which made much the same point and had a similarly poignant separateness by its end.

"Dry Cleaners"
18 Apr 2016
The young man at the centre of this lovely commercial for Foster's has discovered that his job at a dry cleaners allows him to be anyone he wants to be. Like a modern day Mr Benn, he pops on a costume and adopts the persona of the man who would normally wear it... and is not above taking advantage of any misplaced generosity that comes his way.

Jacob's Cracker Crisps
"Ride On Time"
18 Apr 2016
A trio of bridesmaids waiting for the wedding to start become distracted by a packet of the advertised snacks in this lively addition to a winning campaign. Director Gary Freedman has surpassed the considerable gusto of the previous executions and we suspect he's achieved this by urging them to show absolutely no restraint as they mime along to 'Ride on Time'.

"A Revolution in Motion"
8 Apr 2016
Wow, advertising that works... whatever next? As well as providing The Hoffman Brothers with an opportunity to show off their considerable skill behind the camera, this ad for Nike has a very unusual quality - it sells the footwear rather than the lifestyle. Once DAVID has finished heaping praise on this commercial, he's going to set about acquiring a pair of the advertised trainers and there is no greater endorsement than that.

"Surprise Visitor"
19 Mar 2016
The giant chocolate hen is causing seismic waves around the Easter dinner table in this ad for Asda. A pleasant chappie has brought the roast lamb through and is just sitting down to general murmurs of approval when the hen decides to sit down too. The boom that ripples around the room suggests our man is heavier than he seems. Better lay off the dessert.

"Man, Horse, and Gut"
16 Mar 2016
Ladbrokes revisit one of their betting archetypes in this clever Cheltenham ad. Once again, 'The Gut Truster' attempts to gain gambling wisdom by staring into the eyes of a nearby horse. While he and the nag attempt to forge a telepathic connection, the VO injects geezer gravitas into a very funny script about the bond between "man", "horse", and "gut"... and all variations in between. The tongue-in-cheek tone undercuts talk of ways to gamble away your dosh very nicely.

"Chocolate Hen"
7 Mar 2016
If you're a supermarket, how do you make people think of you for their Easter eggs rather than other supermarkets? Well, if you're Asda you tell them about the arrival of the giant chocolate hen that's wheeled to your stores each year. This formidable beast climbs upon the roof and lays eggs which roll down a vast chute towards the eagerly waiting staff inside... and having captured our attention with this, Asda can casually mention the 20 million eggs we can rush out and buy from them as a result.

Jacob's Snacks
"Total Eclipse of the Heart"
29 Feb 2016
Bonnie Tyler's 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' - Adland's karaoke staple - receives a fun airing in this ad for Jacob's Mini Cheddars. These three lads demonstrate their Lip Sync Battle credentials while the packets in their hands provide the backing vocals. Lovely piece of background work also from the mum trying and failing to get the couch choir's attention.

Jacob's Cream Crackers
"Move It"
21 Feb 2016
Well, it was bound to happen eventually: Jacob's Cream Crackers have actually gone crackers themselves. Don't call the men in white coats yet though as they may just have a hit on their hands. A woman sits herself down in front of the exotic fish tank at an aquarium to enjoy a light snack- the perfect excuse for her packet of Jacob's crackers to break into an animated rendition of Reel 2 Real's 'I Like To Move It'.

3 mins 26s
1 Feb 2016
Well, we won't be the first to say that Zayn Malik has taken the raunchy route to solo stardom and we won't be the last, but predictable though it is, at least he has a suitably grown-up promo to attach to his single 'Pillowtalk'. Featuring his amour Gigi Hadid and up-and-coming actress Jodie Smith, it uses some fairly striking imagery to suggest love is as much a battleground as it is a paradise.

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