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27 March 2017
UK Banks

A heart-warming tale of parental devotion is used to illustrate the support offered by HSBC when you need a mortgage in a hurry. The protagonists are a father and daughter who rise early each morning so the former can get the latter to the local swimming pool for her daily training session.

It appears to be an eye-wateringly exhausting regime but they are each dedicated to it and they plough on despite the tiredness. Director Louis Sutherland has beautifully captured the pair's strong relationship and there is little doubt this dad is willing to maintain this routine until his daughter has achieved her goal... but he also has a Plan B.

He's been keeping an eye out for a new house and when he opportunistically finds one, the advertised bank are apparently standing by with the loan he needs to buy it. But what's so special about this house and why hasn't he discussed it with his daughter?

The answer is provided by the swimming pool in the garden. In truth, it looks much too small but, hey, it's the thought that counts and this attractively put-together film certainly has its heart in the right place.

"The Cult"

Mark said:

She's about to crash into that hedge



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27 Mar 2017
A heart-warming tale of parental devotion is used to illustrate the support offered by HSBC when you need a mortgage in a hurry. The protagonists are a father and daughter who rise early each morning so the former can get the latter to the local swimming pool for her daily training session. It appears to be an eye-wateringly exhausting regime but they are each dedicated to it and they plough on despite the tiredness.

"Panjabi MC"
20 Mar 2017
Berocca aim to energise the nation with this entertaining ad for their fizzy yellow vitamin tablets. Far from being just a hangover cure, the brand want you to know that the drink can give you bags of energy and all the get-up and go you need. Roccy the chameleon embodies this vitamin-fuelled nugget of joie de vivre as he struts his stuff deep in the jungle.

Kit Kat
"Santa Lends A Hand"
10 Jan 2017
You'd think Santa would have had enough on his plate delivering presents to the little 'uns last year. However, Kit Kat capture a rare glimpse of the big man assisting hard-working Londoners - so if you ever wondered how he'd would cope in an office environment, here's your chance to find out. It would be punchier for being shorter, but it's a nice idea.

"Voice Password"
4 Jan 2017
Everyone wants their voice to count; now HSBC are giving customers the chance to use their dulcet tones as a password. Even woodland dens like this one have changed with the times. It's a familiar conceit: take a product or concept and make it look like child's play - an especially popular approach in the banking sector.

21 Nov 2016
Who will take the coveted Christmas number one spot this year? On the animated critter chart, that is. So far, we’ve had boxers, foxes, robins, (teddy) bears, and even carrots. Now the WWF up the ante with a tiger. Unfortunately, this big cat isn’t in the best of health… or in its rightful home. Instead, it’s lying wounded in a semi-detached house. Rather than dial animal control, this family decides to nurse the creature back to health.

"Found It 2016"
1 min 40s
10 Nov 2016
Debenhams subscribe to the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mantra with their Christmas ad. The department store presents another batch of festive gifts voiced by celebrities, including Jennifer Saunders as a leopard print bag and a well-cast Bruno Tonioli as a coffee machine. So that's where the Strictly judge gets all his pep from. It's a familiar execution, but the product-centric approach must pay dividends.

"Cough Off"
3 Nov 2016
An emotionally-charged moment is interrupted by a tickly throat in this cinematic Benylin ad. Footage from an old movie is smartly edited so that as the couple exchange dramatic words, the Clark Gable-esque hero has a coughing fit. Our resident film buff came up short when asked to name the film - answers on a postcard, please.

"Nose Knot"
26 Oct 2016
Sudafed return with another ad featuring Aardman's expressive animation. This time the guy is dealing with a knotty nose instead of a heavy head - right before an important meeting no less. Never fear, Sudafed promise to sort him out with a nasal spray and a helpful pseudo-medical diagram of how their product works.

Victim Support
"Break The Routine"
3 mins 27s
14 Oct 2016
This film for Victim Support offers an unsettling exploration of abuse. Domestic violence has been filtered through contemporary dance, enabling a depiction which is unsettling without being gratuitous. The choreography and the empty house in which it occurs give it a dream-like quality akin to a nightmare.

11 Oct 2016
The affectionf or some brands extends beyond the product and attaches itself to the advertising, and Oxo is a prime example. During a period when the advertising industry was rightly congratulating itself for its artful marketing of Levi's, Guinness, Sony and Honda, the great British public used a vote held by the TV Times to identify the Oxo family as its favourite strand of advertising... for nine consecutive years.

Kit Kat Bites
"Video Game"
11 Oct 2016
Following the success of their real-life 'Crossy Road' stunt, Kit Kit presents more video game antics at London's King Cross station. An ever-changing sofa of gamers enjoys blasting on-screen chocolate while passing a bag of Kit Kat Bites. Commuters, station staff, and even living statues join in the on-location fun, and it's a neat way of emphasising the confection's shareability.

Holiday Inn Express
6 Oct 2016
The Holiday Inn Express takes care of things inside the hotel so you can concentrate on what matters outside it. Instead of showing us their rooms, Holiday Inn keeps the focus on their customers, who are reuniting extended family in this instalment of their new campaign. It's a warm depiction of the value of convenience.

Holiday Inn Express
2 Oct 2016
Droitwich has its day in this effective commercial for Holiday Inn Express. This excitable lot meets in a hotel car park in - you guessed it - Droitwich. As luck would have it, they're even staying in opposite rooms! Yet the hotel isn't the main story - we don't even get a good look at the couples' respective suites. Instead, it's about attending a friend's wedding in a nearby forest.

"Super Rare"
24 Aug 2016
First Direct has been offering speedy mobile banking for a while now, so its parent company HSBC isn't giving its customers anything ground-breaking by providing the same. However, this spot is so charmingly memorable that you'd be forgiven for thinking it is; and indeed it leaves you almost wishing they were.

"I Spy"
21 Jul 2016
One could imagine a game of heavenly I Spy running out of steam quickly, but there's a twist in store in this light-hearted exchange between two angels. While one confidently picks a nearby cloud as the answer, her companion reveals there's something even more smooth and silken up in paradise - and that's Philadelphia's range of dips and spreads.

"Exercise Regime"
1 Jul 2016
An angel is caught in her kitchen eating Philadelphia Light, which arouses the suspicions of a fellow angel. "Have you been for a run?" she enquires, which prompts an evasive response. Quite why this should be so we're not too sure, but the ensuing 'workout' in the name of making a cream cheese bagel certainly wins her colleague round.

Blossom Hill
24 Jun 2016
A soundtrack intended to bring 'Sex & The City' to mind tells you everything you need to know about the positioning of the famously mediocre wine. The various flavours we're then shown appear designed to suggest this is a wine for people who don't really like the taste of wine... which is about right.

Milky Bar
6 Jun 2016
A giggly pair of children are having some simple fun with balloons when mum comes along to bear witness to their harmony. It's sweet but we're slightly worried that mum appears to be carrying a handy bag of the chocolate treats in her pocket... wouldn't they just be a sludgy mess if they've been in there longer than a few minutes?

"10th Month"
3 mins
13 May 2016
This extremely moving film for Bepanthen takes a look at the first month of motherhood and provides some pretty startling insights which it cleverly underlines by the way the film is presented. The first half is as baby-centric as these mothers have come to expect. Close-up photography disembodies the voices of mothers speaking different languages and they are effectively - if affectionately - reduced to the nurturing machines their babies require.

"First Date"
25 Apr 2016
It's been a long time since Philadelphia last visited heaven in their advertising, but this angelic take on the dating game makes for an enjoyable revival. In a pleasing twist to the formula, it's mum receiving first date advice from the daughter over some soft cheese. No need for Dutch courage here, then. Before she goes, mum receives some dating 'do's and 'don't's with a celestial theme.

"The Smile Factory"
18 Apr 2016
Rowntree's reveal the rhythmic truth about Fruit Pastilles in this engaging ad. Contained within each sugary confection is a small but energetic workforce operating an elaborate system of pulleys, levers, and pipes. It's a fun reimagining of a sweetie aisle mainstay, with Blinkink's Major Briggs turning each Fruit Pastille into a sweetshop packed with clever details.

"Coffee vs Gangs"
23 Mar 2016
This 30" edit retains both the menacing and uplifting elements of Kenco's original film depicting the threat of gangs in Honduras. The ad is a useful reminder of the coffee brand's efforts to guide those at risk from gang violence on to a safer path, and the emphasis is as much on the enrichment of their workers as the quality of the featured coffee.

Kit Kat
"The Break Off"
28 Jan 2016
Kit Kat breaks with tradition in this new spot, which echoes the 'how do you eat yours' approach taken by Cadbury Creme Egg. The exaggerated 50s-style family (nice production design, by the way!) are all shown eating the confectionery in question in their own unique way - from snapping to dunking to nibbling and more.

"The Last Toy"
15 Dec 2015
This sweet commercial for HSBC is yet another reminder from a financial institution that they are backing Apple Pay. The last minute gift for a young child proves to be a winner when she opens it on Christmas morning. When we're being encouraged to spend as much as possible on our children, it's nice to see a heartfelt was inexpensive soft toy meaning the world to a youngster.

Kit Kat
"Absolutely Nothing"
7 Dec 2015
Kit Kat offers a bit of relief from the deluge of Christmas commercials with a blank screen and the mellifluous tones of Tom Hollander. He describes all the horrors of festive advertising before urging us to "have a break, have a Kit Kat" in time-honoured style. It's a perfect fit for the brand and thanks to Hollander's performance, it's neatly done.

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