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27 March 2017
UK Banks

A heart-warming tale of parental devotion is used to illustrate the support offered by HSBC when you need a mortgage in a hurry. The protagonists are a father and daughter who rise early each morning so the former can get the latter to the local swimming pool for her daily training session.

It appears to be an eye-wateringly exhausting regime but they are each dedicated to it and they plough on despite the tiredness. Director Louis Sutherland has beautifully captured the pair's strong relationship and there is little doubt this dad is willing to maintain this routine until his daughter has achieved her goal... but he also has a Plan B.

He's been keeping an eye out for a new house and when he opportunistically finds one, the advertised bank are apparently standing by with the loan he needs to buy it. But what's so special about this house and why hasn't he discussed it with his daughter?

The answer is provided by the swimming pool in the garden. In truth, it looks much too small but, hey, it's the thought that counts and this attractively put-together film certainly has its heart in the right place.

"The Cult"

Mark said:

She's about to crash into that hedge



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27 Mar 2017
A heart-warming tale of parental devotion is used to illustrate the support offered by HSBC when you need a mortgage in a hurry. The protagonists are a father and daughter who rise early each morning so the former can get the latter to the local swimming pool for her daily training session. It appears to be an eye-wateringly exhausting regime but they are each dedicated to it and they plough on despite the tiredness.

24 Mar 2017
Another mysterious challenge which looks as though it was issued on social media (but almost certainly wasn't) is flatly contradicted by a documentary-style commercial. This time daffodils are in the spotlight because 'Samantha' doesn't think Lidl's look as though they'll last longer than a couple of days. Au contraire, you fictional mischief-maker... they'll last way longer than that.

Lipton Tea
"Keala Kennelly"
23 Mar 2017
With all the dramatic and hard-hitting sports-based ads around, it's nice to know that sometimes even the athletically gifted enjoy a cup of tea and a sit down. The connection between surfer Keala Kennelly throwing herself into treacherous waves and caffeinated beverages may be tenuous, but this beautifully-shot film feels inspiring nonetheless.

"Brace Yourself"
22 Mar 2017
This atmospheric trailer from BBC Creative gives us glimpses of explosive scenes to come in Albert Square. A secret affair between a teacher and student is revealed by a slow-motion kiss in the rain, but the shocked reactions from other characters suggest there won't be anything romantic about the fall-out. Martin even stops eating his fish and chips at the sight - brace yourself indeed.

22 Mar 2017
You can tell Harry Kane is enjoying his new Nike Hypervenom boots... shame, then, that the Tottenham striker is currently nursing an ankle injury. While Spurs and England fans would rather see him back on the pitch, this colourful ad fizzes with energy as Kane summons the elements in training. Premier League defences will welcome the respite from the storm.

"Panjabi MC"
20 Mar 2017
Berocca aim to energise the nation with this entertaining ad for their fizzy yellow vitamin tablets. Far from being just a hangover cure, the brand want you to know that the drink can give you bags of energy and all the get-up and go you need. Roccy the chameleon embodies this vitamin-fuelled nugget of joie de vivre as he struts his stuff deep in the jungle.

17 Mar 2017
Bulmers Ireland show us a scene with a twist in this energetic ad. A pulsing soundtrack accompanies what looks like a house party only the cool kids are invited to, but appearances can be deceiving... Soon the scene is annotated with percentages which make witty observations about what's really going on with the partygoers.

"Magic Soup"
7 Mar 2017
Another warm ad from Tesco's Food Love Stories campaign explores the relationship between a boy and his grandmother through food. The kid might not like carrots or peppers, but the veggies are just the ticket when they're blended up as part of Nana's Magic Soup... complete with a star-shaped cheesy crouton on top.

6 Mar 2017
Tesco’s latest Food Love Story sees Alice attempt to sweeten things after a family argument. She regrets what she’s said to her stepmum… but luckily, the teenager is a dab hand when it comes to baking cupcakes. A more serious tone compared to previous instalments, though it’s good to see this campaign depicting different family dynamics.

Virgin Active
"Go There"
17 Jan 2017
There's a stylish mix of animation, CG, and live action in this energetic ad for Virgin Active. An upbeat soundtrack accompanies visuals of people making the most of their gym facilities, while the shots are enhanced by animated extensions of the action. We particularly like the classic video game sound effects and scores on the woman in the yellow shirt - having an HP bar at the gym would be great.

Tor Miller
3 mins 41s
15 Jan 2017
Brooklyn-born singer Tor Miller walks through an endless underpass in his latest release 'Always'. Besieged with doubts about his relationship, his fears are represented in the accompanying promo by identical women who accost him along the way. Is his significant other more replaceable than he wants to believe? Is he just afraid of being alone?

16 Jan 2017
Lidl continue to tackle tweets from members of the public who wish to express their erroneous assumptions about the supermarket - in this case 'Amanda' is convinced that veg is so cheap there because it's 'the reject stuff'. We're shown a wholesome kale farmer explaining why his hand-harvested produce proves her wrong.

Premier Inn
"The Presentation"
10 Jan 2017
This Premier Inn campaign continues to be a box office draw. The chain continues to present familiar scenarios through a cinematic filter - in this case, a make-or-break business presentation. The hotel amenities are well-cast, the soundtrack is early 80s gold, while receptionist Liesel Hausman demonstrates that she has a bright future ahead of her.

Samsung Gear
4 Jan 2017
This vertiginous ad from Samsung depicts a bungee jump in reverse. We follow a woman from just below the water’s surface back to her starting position. Looks like a scream, eh? As it turns out, she isn’t actually perched a hundred-odd feet above a river - she’s in her living room wearing a VR headset.

Co-op Supermarkets
1 Dec 2016
The Co-op puts community spirit at the heart of its Christmas campaign. We watch the good times roll in for friends, families, and workmates. Smuggler’s Joshua Neale creates an appealing medley of festive moments, from a passionate kiss to revellers enjoying a chilly Christmas swim. Yet that’s only half the story. We think we know what Christmas is all about, “but what if it could do more?”

Metropolitan Police
"Double Lock"
1 Dec 2016
It turns out you don't actually have to do anything exceptional to be a hero - just show a bit of common sense. That's the message in this spot for the Met, who celebrate a local woman as crime fighter extraordinaire simply for double-locking her front door. Hope she gets them to clear up all that ticker tape on her lawn, though.

"The Greatest Gift: Food"
24 Nov 2016
Having set the scene in its opening commercial and brought in the Goggleboxers over a full ad break, Sainsbury's now lays out its festive stall in all its glory. We're offered a sumptuous blend of live action food photography and stop-motion animation... it's a real treat.

Premier Inn
"Great Aunt Mabel"
22 Nov 2016
This cinematic 60" spot for Premier Inn is a class act. Presented in the style of opening credits, it introduces us to the stars of ‘Great Aunt Mabel’s Birthday’ - and they're not who you think they might be. It's made in the style of a movie trailer... but cleverly, it never loses sight of what the ad is really all about.

"Googlebox Christmas"
3 mins 20s
18 Nov 2016
The cast of Gogglebox become stop-motion characters in this special adbreak from the show's creators Channel 4, and Sainsbury's. Following the groundbreaking ad to promote The Lego Movie - in which Orange Supermarket's current agency PHD recreated an entire commercial break in Lego - this ad sees the Gogglebox crew react to the Sainsbury's animated Christmas ad which launched last week.

19 Nov 2016
Lidl's elves work through the night to provide around seventeen million sprouts to the British public in the run-up to Christmas - that's a lot of resentful children choking them down before pudding. 'Sprout widow' is a phrase we never expected to hear, even in the weird and wonderful world of Christmas ads - and is the highlight of the script.

14 Nov 2016
If we had to sum up the cleverness of TBWA's advertising for Lidl in a single phrase it would be this: it gives us permission to shop there. And their Christmas ad provides a brilliant example of how effective this approach can be. As families get ready for a meal many consider the most important of the year, they will focus on the single most crucial decision: the turkey.

Quaker Oats
2 mins
30 Oct 2016
They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day - especially when you’re planning to blast off into space later. Who better to argue this point than Buzz Aldrin? This evocative film from Quaker Oats takes us back to the golden age of space travel, with eighty-six-year-old Aldrin musing on the past, the present, and the future.

Premier Inn
27 Sep 2016
You can see what the plan was here: turn the scaffolders into a modern day Top Gun crew but all we can think about is how icky it would be to have a bunch of sweaty, muddy construction workers striding through a hotel while you're secretly enjoying an insanely unhealthy breakfast. This looks great but is it the right message?

Smithwick's Ale
"Home Brewers"
13 Oct 2016
This appealing Smithwick’s ad captures the domestic alchemy of homebrewing. Forget hulking industrial vats and tanks - pots, pans, and bathtubs are the tools of the trade here. A dodgy pipe or a slight change in temperature are all that separate triumph and disaster. Through patience and a little improvisation, this lot enjoy liquid fulfilment. Now for the clean-up operation...

"Juliet Stevenson"
5 Oct 2016
The latest ad in this winning series for Amazon's talking books service has Juliet Stevenson suggesting we let our imagination enhance the daily commute. Her description of such fantastical images as a newborn dragon and an intimate murder has us picturing impossible things, once again demonstrating how "when we listen, amazing things happen".

1-25 of 423 Results

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