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"Champions League"
17 February 2017
UK Crisps

Given his beloved Leicester City’s current domestic woes, Gary Lineker must be fearing for their Champions League prospects. Still, he’s his usual cheeky self as Walkers promote their sponsorship of the competition. Animated flourishes lend an extra football flavour to those enjoying the brand’s new Sharing Packs.


Matt said:

Hard to believe they were here a few years ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItCcR6BD0uo



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"Champions League"
17 Feb 2017
Given his beloved Leicester City’s current domestic woes, Gary Lineker must be fearing for their Champions League prospects. Still, he’s his usual cheeky self as Walkers promote their sponsorship of the competition. Animated flourishes lend an extra football flavour to those enjoying the brand’s new Sharing Packs.

2 mins 34s
20 Jan 2017
This ad for the International Woolmark Prize features director Issac Lock trying to create a 'three-hour live art immersive experience' celebrating merino wool, the overlooked 'foundation of our civilisation'. The event is beset with problems - budget cuts being less of an issue than nobody understanding the creative vision of the project. It's all a mockumentary, of course, and hugely entertaining to watch the 'creative process' in action.

"It Begins With A Blanket"
1 min 35s
28 Nov 2016
This UNICEF film arrives just as many in the West will be counting their spoils from Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Amidst a whirlwind of discount tellies and clothes, it’s easy to forget how drastically wants and needs differ across the globe. A girl wanders around a makeshift refugee camp picking up odds and ends - after all, her life depends on it.

"Awkward Elves"
27 Nov 2016
Goodwill to one's fellow elf doesn't go entirely to plan in this well-performed ad for Bulldog. Two of Santa's hard-working employees discuss their love of Christmas. One of them wonders why elves don't give presents to each other. Safe to say his mate has never given it much thought. Sure enough though, the generous one has a surprise in store.

11 Nov 2016
DDB Europe capture the awkwardness of school discos in this entertaining ad for eBay. Various teenagers navigate a delicate social situation with the help of products acquired through the bidding site, including cute socks for a goth with an identity crisis and aftershave for the gamer whose strategy is evidently to gas his prey into submission. Lovely script.

10 Nov 2016
VW's latest ad supporting independent cinema should provide respite for those already weary of cute Christmas critters. A couple find themselves hunted by an extraterrestrial with an attitude problem. And you thought multi-storey car park charges were bad. An entertaining blend of sci-fi thrills and, erm, handsfree technology.

Hostel World
"Famous Faces"
1 min 45s
8 Nov 2016
Following their last outing featuring 50 Cent, Hostel World are back with another celebrity-centric film. Only this time it's not just one star but a multitude of the biggest names in music - including acts that are no more, like One Direction (quite a feat in itself). Here, Drake, Adele, Ed Sheeran and the Bieber live it up before an awards ceremony. Genius.

"80 Years of Torment"
3 Nov 2016
The past may have been brutal, and 2016 may already look pretty grim, but at least you can have a steaming hot burger fresh from the microwave in ninety seconds. That's the message of hope in this punchy, attention-grabbing ad from Rustlers, purveyors of food to the after-pub crowd nationwide. Superb work from director Steve Rogers.

"Tiny Whale"
31 Oct 2016
Just as the English-learning version of this ad satirised period dramas such as Downton Abbey for colouring the world's view of Britain, Babbel send up Amélie here for their French course. This 30s ad has it all: cryptic dialogue, existential musings about the metaphors in mundane things, and some lovely visual call-backs to the film involving heavy fringes and coquettish glances. And even a British bloke who manages to avoid making a fart joke about the sound of a ketchup bottle... c'est bien.

"Messy Dress"
31 Oct 2016
Babbel send up period dramas and the rest of the world's perception of Britain in this funny ad for their language-learning app. Two elegant ladies in Edwardian costumes daintily sip tea and gossip about a high-spirited young relative who wants to play freely and not conform to the staid social norms - a well-constructed play on tropes - when a modern-day man appears and shares his own comments about the young lady's unbecoming commitment to free will.

Costa Coffee
18 Oct 2016
Javone Prince is back as the world's most enthusiastic motivational speaker in this follow-up to Costa Coffee's longer ad. Our guy is extremely perturbed when - upon giving the instruction to roast these bad boys - a tiny flame emerges from a huge flamethrower. 'We only slow roast,' explains a smug-looking Costa employee, and we can't help joining Javone in his expressive disappointment. It's a funny clip, short and sweet. Or, uh, smooth and rich.

10 Oct 2016
You'd think mafiosos would've learned by now never to accept a lift. Still, Mickey's happy to go for a ride in this latest Volkswagen ad promoting independent cinemas. At first, Mickey has no need to feel nervous. After all, it's just another car ride with Paulie - the latest in a long, distinguished line of Paulies - and Carmillo's suspiciously quiet son, right? Wrong!

Costa Coffee
"Motivational Speaker"
7 Oct 2016
Starring Javone Prince from Phone Shop, this ad for Costa Coffee depicts a business seminar with a difference as we're treated to the kind of work event we wish we'd be invited to. It's a genuinely funny send up of motivational speaker tropes and corporate team-building exercises, featuring a speaker so energetic he literally punches coffee beans out of the walls.

"Game On, Cooks"
22 Sep 2016
Has cooking become too much of a spectator sport? Lurpak thinks so, and the brand makes a bold move by telling viewers to switch their attention from telly to belly. Lurpak being Lurpak, they've done a first-rate job. Somesuch's Daniel Wolfe meets this campaign's exacting standards head on with a brilliant execution. Once the game begins, it's something to behold.

"Diego Costa"
23 Aug 2016
This 15" Adidas commercial should give Chelsea supporters on Instagram a reason to cheer... and fans of every other English Premier League team a reason to jeer. The Spaniard's divisive reputation is in focus as the striker disappears behind layers of brick, iron, and concrete only to burst forth with a smirk on his face. Cartoon flourishes tie in well with the brand's recent output announcing the new season.

"Blah Blah Blah"
1 min 45s
2 Aug 2016
This graphical riot of an Adidas commercial preaches to those who prefer a little less conversation and a little more action when it comes to the beautiful game. At the heart of it all is Paul Pogba, the France and Juventus midfielder currently caught up in this summer's obligatory transfer saga - and it's clear the Manchester United target is tired of the chit-chat.

"Sophie's Journey"
19 Jul 2016
After depicting love blooming in a petrol station shop earlier this year, Esso present another moving commercial which shows how life's adventures begin by filling up. An elderly woman has plenty on her mind as she fills her tank on the garage forecourt before setting off on an epic drive. As a worn photograph shows, her destination is worth the effort.

Audi Quattro
"Everyday Extremes"
17 Jul 2016
The best of Audi's advertising tends to focus on the car as an object of desire, serving it up in a fashion designed to give petrolheads an erotic experience. The emphasis is different here but it retains an important element of the other approach... a intensely visceral soundtrack. The bass guitar riff from the 'Are You Being Served?' theme music provides an excellent sound bed to which String & Tins's Will Cohen has added an appropriate array of other noises to give this after-hours exploration of a department store real vim.

Under Armour
13 Jul 2016
For those of us who struggled with arithmetic at school, this quick-fire commercial for Under Armour may feel like a machine gun volley from your maths teacher. Thanks to films like 'Moneyball' and the sport's overall preoccupation with raw data, numbers have become a major player in professional baseball - but for the likes of Washington Nationals fielder Bryce Harper, big hits trump digits all day long.

"Old Skool"
4 mins 27s
11 Jul 2016
Catastrophe's Sharon Horgan hosts a dinner party from the era when appetisers ruled supreme and style took a holiday in this evocative promo for Metronomy's 'Old Skool'. The hostess with the mostess goes through the motions before suburban decorum is discarded as if it were out of fashion - a fate that will soon befall this lot's wardrobe.

4 Jul 2016
We almost expected Kopparberg's dancing brewery worker to make an appearance in this entertaining Radox commercial, but the spotlight deservedly belongs to this twinkle-toed emo. While her long-suffering parents must have anticipated another day of silence from their black and purple-clad offspring, the protagonist emerges from her bedroom with a considerable spring in her step.

Literacy Partners
"What Kids Read"
22 Jun 2016
This clever and intriguing film for Literacy Partners puts a new slant on the importance of knowing how to read. At first, our assumption is that without being able to decipher the letters on a prescription tub or a bottle of drain cleaner, these youngsters' lives could be in danger. But that isn't where this is taking us.

Ray Ban
"Long Wave"
6 mins 28s
23 Jun 2016
This lengthy film for Ray-Ban directed by Somesuch's Rollo Jackson follows a teenage girl as she drifts through her humdrum existence before happening upon a rust-ridden car with a powerful radio signal. Grime MC Trim's 'Before I Lied' offers an escape from reality before Agnes decides it's time to walk tall. It's an elusive portrayal of the brand, but the intriguing story unfolds with fetching photography and well-judged musical interludes.

"The Smallest Bar"
21 Jun 2016
This quirky, charming commercial introduces us to the owner of the smallest bar in Amsterdam. Despite his lack of square feet, he is an avid collector of chairs and it raises an intriguing question... why? The answer lies in his clever opportunism. Frozen canals may be an inconvenience for barge owners but they provide this enterprising business-owner with the opportunity to massively expand his customer base for a short while.

"Match Winners"
22 Jun 2016
This amusing trio of ads for Tesco does a good job of encapsulating the dicey game football fans play when turning away from the action for whatever reason. With Euro 2016 entering the business end of proceedings, the supermarket wish to keep heart-stopping moments confined to the on-field action rather than the fridge.

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