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The Rolling Stones
"Ride 'Em On Down"
3 mins 18s
2 December 2016
UK Promos

This promo for a new track by the Rolling Stones features Kristen Stewart as a woman using her car to burn fuel on meaningless adventures in post apocalypse LA - Mad Maxine, as it were. Not that this is abundantly clear from the get go... the puzzle pieces are there but it's left to the viewer to satisfyingly slot them into place.

Before we've come to recognise the scenario she's facing, Stewart appears merely to be another spoiled lass with a bad attitude... the kind of woman who's been contributing to the Rolling Stones' marketing machine from the very beginning. This adds to the impact of the realisation as it dawns on you.

The new album is going down well with the critics and this promo will surely help to spread the word, providing a remarkable demonstration of the band's relevance even as they head towards the tenth anniversary of their bus passes.

"The Evolution of Stunts"

Lucie said:

Surely this deserves 5 stars? Especially if the Cadburys 'Lights' spot is deemed worth of 5??



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The Rolling Stones
"Ride 'Em On Down"
3 mins 18s
2 Dec 2016
This promo for a new track by the Rolling Stones features Kristen Stewart as a woman using her car to burn fuel on meaningless adventures in post apocalypse LA - Mad Maxine, as it were. Not that this is abundantly clear from the get go... the puzzle pieces are there but it's left to the viewer to satisfyingly slot them into place.

H & M
"Come Together"
3 mins 52s
27 Nov 2016
There are few directors whose style is as distinctive as Wes Anderson and no self-respecting movie fan could look at this without immediately recognising it as his work. All of Anderson's familiar trickery has been deployed but don't let that fool you into thinking a square peg has been lodged into a round hole - the effect is entirely on point and is directed towards creating an utterly charming Christmas commercial.

Willie J Healey
"Would You Be"
3 mins 47s
22 Nov 2016
Willie J Healey describes his music as a bit "rock'n'stroll" - and he's just as happy to go with the flow on the promos front. When director Finn Keenan wondered if he'd be up for playing "a pathetic, but very likeable, character†who dedicated his life to recording the sound of things that don't make sound" he didn't need asking twice.

"The Music Box"
2 mins
25 Oct 2016
giffgaff's grip on Halloween tightens with another fitting tribute to the spookiest time of the year. It's been a shrewd investment by the mobile phone service provider as it's enabled them to establish a degree of ownership of an event which has increasing importance to their target market.

"Different Sides"
4 Sep 2016
Stylish and slick, this new spot for very.com features a glam chick with a voluminous wardrobe and enormous eyebrows looking perfect in any given scenario. The split screen technique is skilfully used to ramp up the number of outfits on show, and it's all set to a smartly tongue-in-cheek track called "I Love Me".

31 Aug 2016
A neon gymnasium pulses in the darkness as an assortment of fitness fiends push themselves to the limit in this impressive Nike film. As the synth-heavy score gathers momentum, the group appears on the verge of keeling over - but somehow rally to take this exercise session into overtime with an accompanying assault of colour and light.

"Sort It Out, Sharon (ft Wiley)"
3 mins 27s
17 Aug 2016
'Sort It Out, Sharon' sounds like a Half Man, Half Biscuit track about a supermarket cashier having a fight with a disgruntled customer who's returning an old watermelon. So it's a bit of a surprise when instead it turns out to be a darkly industrial number echoing 808 State and featuring Wiley, the granddaddy of grime. Ben Reed's promo is a fantastic accompaniment to this and keeps us gripped to the very end.

Infinity Ink
"Full Capacity"
3 mins 45s
20 Jul 2016
To understand what level of bonkers we are dealing with here, we've decided to take the unusual step of quoting - in full - a comment on this promo provided by director Ben Reed: "The song inspired all these images of bouncers, landscapes of bouncers, like imagine you wake up to find yourself in surgery being operated on by four bouncers, or it's 200000BC and bouncers are stalking the forest for fish for your breakfast or itís your funeral and the pews are filled with weeping bouncers."

Louis Berry
2 mins 52s
30 Jun 2016
Who says you can't have fun with multiplication? The manifold delights of Liverpudlian indie upstart Louis Berry populate this eye-catching promo for 'Nicole' - the second collaboration between the rocker and Riff Raff director Finn Keenan. Familiarity breeds enjoyment as Keenan envisages Berry's pursuit of the eponymous Nicole as a kaleidoscopic pageant.

4 mins 13s
27 Apr 2016
Casey & Ewan direct this fun spot for Lemaitre's 'Closer', which features a child with anger management issues morphing into a hulk-like figure when something upsets him at school. Mayhem ensues in the music room, during the art lesson, and even when he's about to eat a doughnut... plus we wouldn't fancy clearing up the feathers from that cushion he's destroyed...

30 Mar 2016
Finish note that a broken heart is often swiftly followed by a hearty appetite. These unlucky-in-lovers are shown wallowing in the depths of despair and comfort eating in a nicely OTT sequence, leaving behind a trail of filthy dishes. With their characteristic reasoned approach to life and washing up, the brand boast they can provide the necessary cleaning power... if not a shoulder to cry on.

29 Mar 2016
If Batman duking it out with Superman has left you with a splitting headache, then Finish have a more playful skirmish in store for you in this new addition to their excellent campaign. The fight against ageing is an advertising staple, and the dishwasher detergent pedlars claim to have the ideal antidote - the Powerball.

Cancer Research
"Pretty Muddy"
16 Mar 2016
The battle to beat cancer just got down and dirty. That's right: this spot for Cancer Research is urging us to raise funds by wrestling with mud in its latest contribution to the Race for Life campaign. In fact, signing up to Pretty Muddy looks like pretty good fun if this is anything to go by - after all, just because there's a deadly serious purpose to it doesn't mean it shouldn't be a riot to take part in.

Stella Artois
14 Mar 2016
A crazy new origin story for the reassuringly expensive Belgian lager has a young man called Sebastian Artois selling everything he owns in order to buy the brewery. It's a high energy romp which ends with a message about pursuing our own dreams... something that may prove quite difficult if we buy into the core proposition: buying and drinking the advertised lager.

"This Way to Utopia"
2 mins 30s
10 Mar 2016
This languid piece for Uniqlo features some eye-catching shapes being thrown in aid of the clothing brand's Oxford Street relaunch. There's a detached coolness to this selection of urbanites turning cranes, crossbars, and even the side of a building into makeshift dancefloors/warm-up spaces, and it helps emphasise the Japanese brand's ethos of blending fashion and function.

"Ski Lodge"
2 Mar 2016
Of course, we like to think it's DAVID's wisdom and influence that has resulted in this new direction for Tena for women. The brazen French minx may not have quite the impact of Sterling Gravitas, but hey - she's still a huge improvement on the simpering capers of her predecessors. Her lassez-faire attitude to those 'oops' moments is a clever way to reduce the stigma of stress incontinence... it'll be interesting to see if the brand's target audience respond positively to this.

Louis Berry
2 mins 39s
22 Feb 2016
Rising singer-songwriter Louis Berry gets his career off to an explosive start with his single '.45'. A hi-octane rockabilly kind of number with masses of raw energy, it comes with a fitting promo which combines shots of him performing with vintage footage of events big and small. He's going to be one to note for his voice alone; a gravelly growl that doesn't seem possible from a 23 year old from Kirkby.

"The Snackarchist"
7 Feb 2016
There's a touch of Napoleon Dynamite about the young man refusing to conform in this excellent commercial for Mattessons' range of meat-based snacks. Showing a healthy disrespect for authority, he flaunts every rule he can encounters... albeit often demonstrating a slightly wary level of defiance.

Bloc Party
"The Love Within"
3 mins 53s
16 Nov 2015
Director Ivana Bobic ensures Holly Blakey's distinctive choreography takes centre stage in this promo for Bloc Party. A deserted shopping centre provides the backdrop for people dancing joyously by themselves one after another, as if each is being reincarnated into a new body full of pleasure at simply being alive.

Sam Smith
"Writing's On The Wall"
4 mins 39s
8 Oct 2015
We won't be the first to suggest Sam Smith might perhaps have spent longer than twenty minutes writing his Bond theme, but we must concede it's the nature of Bond themes to be grandiose and a bit silly. At least the attendant promo is slickly done and in keeping with the mood, with Daniel Craig looking like the devil's popped up to claim his soul somewhat earlier than expected.

Hooton Tennis Club
"P.O.W.E.R.F.U.L P.I.E.R.R.E"
2 mins 55s
25 Aug 2015
Wonky and wonderful, this immensely hooky track from rising stars Hooton Tennis Club makes us think of early Blur - if they'd been around in the late 60s. That's not lessened by the video that comes with it: a Hanna-Barbera-influenced cartoon by director Alden Volney which looks like Top Cat dropped PCP and started tripping off his tits.

Leftfield & Sleaford Mods
"Head & Shoulders"
3 mins 46s
11 Aug 2015
After a long hiatus, Leftfield - that hugely influential sound of the mid 90s - has returned. Or more precisely, Neil Barnes has resurrected the name single-handedly to release the recent, critically acclaimed album 'Alternative Light Source'. This is a track from it; a collaboration with the superlative Sleaford Mods - and new Riff Raff directors Casey & Ewan have done it right proud.

Angry Birds 2
"Bigger, Badder, Birdier"
4 Aug 2015
Huge online gaming hit Angry Birds is back for its second coming and this 'live action' (well, live-ish) commercial offers a graphic reminder of the proposition: pigs are the enemy and the birds must hurl themselves at them for reasons unknown. The highly addictive game was a defining moment for the iPhone's capability as a games portal but what can we expect of the sequel?

George Ezra
3 mins 04s
27 Jul 2015
George Ezra's gentle track Barcelona is given an equally gentle video accompaniment by Riff Raff's Ben Reed. Seemingly shot in the lush jungle of a far-flung continent, Ezra is actually singing among the tropical specimens of the Eden Project. It's the perfect location to show him effortlessly rise up towards the canopy; uplifted by his own poignant chords.

"Show Your Support"
20 Jul 2015
This fun commercial for O2 reminds us that they support English rugby by showing some of the current players literally riding on the shoulders of the fans. Some of the juxtapositions are unlikely - to say the least - so we suspect VFX providers ETC offered directorial team The Sacred Egg and the cast some clandestine assistance with the heavy lifting.

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