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8 March 2017
UK Cereals

Weetabix return to their tried and tested slogan in this fantastical ad. A giant thunders through his lair, menacingly fee-fi-fo-fum-ing until he comes across his prey. The boy is unconcerned by his impending doom, and gives a notable performance as he cockily informs the giant he's had his Weetabix with a decisive tap of the spoon.

The production here is impressively elaborate, with a vintage vibe. Being so visually polished the potential for out-and-out cheesiness is offset, and it's bound to appeal to youngsters even if adults don't quite buy into it. BBH and The Sweetshop are behind this spot, and they've pulled it off with panache.

McDonald's McCafé

Lizie said:

that is so good , really funny , beautifully observed .. what a difference a talented director makes ... well done great work



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8 Mar 2017
Weetabix return to their tried and tested slogan in this fantastical ad. A giant thunders through his lair, menacingly fee-fi-fo-fum-ing until he comes across his prey. The boy is unconcerned by his impending doom, however, and gives a notable performance as he informs the giant he's had his Weetabix with a decisive tap of the spoon.

Domino's Pizza
"It's No Secret"
22 Feb 2017
Domino's assure us that all their pizzas are handmade in this amusing ad. Various vignettes suggest what a pizza factory might look like, featuring industrial dough-squishers, tomato sauce paint rollers, and a toppings cannon which we'd quite like to have a go on. All this before revealing that the secret to their handmade pizzas is - drumroll - hands.

"Jimmy's Steak for Two"
5 Feb 2017
Tesco expand their Food Love Stories campaign with another touching commercial, this time featuring a father and son. Jimmy explains that he and his Dad share the cooking since his parents split up, and we see him preparing what we assume to be dinner for the two of them - until it's revealed he's actually doing his old man a favour. It's pleasing to see the campaign introduce some variety and explore different kinds of love.

BBC Sport
"National Pride"
18 Jan 2017
BBC Creative asks a wide variety of rugby fans what makes them proudest about their teams and homelands ahead of the Six Nations. The answers range from Johnny Wilkinson to white van men to kilts and haggis, and the diversity of what makes people proud of their country is both amusing and heartening.

9 Jan 2017
Well, Tesco, I hope you're proud of yourselves. There's David - valiantly keeping his antipathy towards spicy food under wraps for the fifteen years he and Maria have been together - and you've come along and blown his cover. Even though he's specifically asked you not to. Hey ho. What's poor Maria going to do now she knows she's married to a gustatory lightweight?

Domino's Pizza
"Winter Survival"
7 Jan 2017
A family remain blissfully unconcerned about the very worst winter has to offer - snow, hail, their house pretty much falling down around them - because they have the Winter Survival deal from Domino's to sustain them. Things are pitched just right in this ad, with the tongue-in-cheek humour enhanced by the intentionally stilted, self-conscious delivery of the actors.

30 Dec 2016
James Corden enjoys more good fortune in his second appearance in a commercial for confused.com. Incoming 'head marketer' Paul Troy ditched Bryan the Robot in an audacious bid to take his brand back to the top of the price comparison tree, and he had some choice words for his rivals in an interesting interview in The Drum.

Land Rover
"Sat Nav"
7 Dec 2016
Ever fancied being a voiceover artist? Land Rover just may change your mind. This chap’s tasked with reciting every conceivable sat nav direction for the new DIscovery Sport. That’s a pretty chunky script, but the seasoned pro and his sound engineer both seem keen. Well, we hope they don’t have dinner plans...

"The Gift of Beauty"
9 Nov 2016
While the rest of us collapse on the sofa after one Bucks Fizz too many on Christmas Day, for others it's just another day on the job. Boots use their Christmas ad to pay tribute to those keeping us safe and healthy over the festive period. Firefighters, nurses and ambulance staff all receive their moment in the spotlight thanks to the retailer's mobile beauty section.

Harvey Nichols
4 Nov 2016
While other brands shift towards heartwarming narratives and fake snow for the festive season, Harvey Nichols has eschewed the holiday aesthetic entirely and released an ad focusing on their range of Italian products in their Winter 2016 range. It's a shrewd move that makes their ad stand out from the crowd.., lots of shouting and breaking glass will tend to do that.

7 Oct 2016
In this Snickers ad a group of mimes struggle when trying to use an invisible hose to put out an actual fire. It feels like it should be a poignant metaphor for something, but it turns out they're just really hungry. A Snickers bite quickly transforms the firemen back to usual, of course. The ad amusingly extends the long-running "you're not you when you're hungry" idea into a new scenario, though it does give a slightly alarming portrayal of the emergency services.

"Product Recall"
26 Sep 2016
Last year, Channel 4 rattled viewers with a mysterious communication from Persona Synthetics - later revealed to be the architects behind the world of sci-fi series Humans. Now, the corporation wishes to placate anxious customers with a product recall announcement.

"Jackie Stewart"
1 min 33s
14 Sep 2016
Heineken continues to promote responsible drinking with this cleverly crafted ad starring Formula One legend Jackie Stewart. Most of the film takes place during Stewart's 1960s-70s heyday, using footage from Roman Polanski's 'Weekend of a Champion'. As Stewart makes his way through bustling pit stops and post-race celebrations, he's constantly offered a bottle by well-wishers - but the driver remains focused on the road.

4 Sep 2016
Another amusing dose of cinematic peril from Betway sees two castaways under threat from a gang of sharks... only one is too engrossed in the City v United game on his phone to notice. While his frenzied companion tries to explain that Jaws and friends smell lunch, the gambler simply sits back and relaxes with his mobile betting app. A fun execution in tune with the football-obsessed punter.

Short Films
"48 Hours in Shetland"
3 Aug 2016
This evocative short film captures the atmosphere of Shetland; the strange juxtaposition of remoteness and stillness with the rugged intimacy that life on such islands offers. Snapshots provide an impressionistic vision of the place: the temporary shelter housing what appears to be artwork; a young woman's long hair blowing in the wind and echoed by rivulets of water running down the rocks at the foot of a cliff.

"Wedding Dress"
18 Jul 2016
Another tribute from McDonald's to those who like to stretch their budget as far as humanly possible sees a newlywed deciding her bridal gown would make ideal business attire. Nullifying her conspicuous arrival at the morning meeting with a lovely aside about train delays, it's a nicely-observed performance in a diverting plug for the fast food chain's Saver Menu.

We Are Europe
1 min 39s
20 Jun 2016
Those on the Remain side of the debate will enjoy this... even if they will have to accept it's unlikely to have a big impact on Thursday's vote. As many have discovered on social media, those supporting 'Leave' are in the mentally unreachable state associated with cults and have all but abandoned an evidence-based approach.

"Reality Anthem"
3 mins 17s
15 Jun 2016
Depending on when you read this, Chesney Hawkes and Peter Shilton's humorous call for tempered expectations on behalf of Rustlers will either be a fitting epitaph to England's Euro 2016 adventure, or an overly-pessimistic ditty. In either case, the union of the king of the one-hit wonders and England's all-time leading cap holder produces a good-humoured addition to the pantheon of unofficial team anthems.

Amazon Prime
"New Neighbours"
2 Jun 2016
This lovely commercial for Amazon Prime reminds us that sometimes it needs courage to take those first steps towards friendship, especially for little feet. It's moving day for a little girl and her family, but clearly this doesn't feel like home just yet. Sitting forlornly on the front lawn, she notices the boy next door on his own too. Separated by driveways, the two trade curious glances whilst remaining set in their own little worlds.

26 May 2016
This spot for Betway is one of three lovingly made ads in the style of classic movies. Regardless of your feelings about football and betting, this a lot of fun... with the misunderstanding at the heart of it getting sillier and sillier until the poor arctic explorer is engaged in a wrestling match to the death with a polar bear.

"Summer Fashion"
16 May 2016
This sassy ad for Very reprises its springtime theme but with summer styles. Models sporting beachwear and holiday gear dance in front of the now-familiar Very cube which - in this instance - depicts the kind of exotic landscapes we all want to escape to after a long winter of grey, damp weather. It works hard while looking effortless - something that's not always easy to achieve.

Save The Children
"Every Last Child"
26 Apr 2016
This astonishing film for Save The Children (STC) is quite unlike any other charity ad we've seen. The frantic pace of the editing and its first person POV is truly visceral: not only does the spot completely immerse us in the action from the start but we feel giddy and breathless at its urgency. Right down to the super at the end assuring us that nearly every penny of our donation goes to the STC, not a single frame or image is wasted. Stunning work.

"Wonderful Life"
21 Apr 2016
We are all involved in our own life adventure according to this charming film for IKEA. While the young couple at the heart of this film have a pretty conventional life, in their heads they see themselves as racing drivers and champion tennis players. DAVID detects the influence of the famous sequence in the Pixar film 'Up' which made much the same point and had a similarly poignant separateness by its end.

"Dry Cleaners"
18 Apr 2016
The young man at the centre of this lovely commercial for Foster's has discovered that his job at a dry cleaners allows him to be anyone he wants to be. Like a modern day Mr Benn, he pops on a costume and adopts the persona of the man who would normally wear it... and is not above taking advantage of any misplaced generosity that comes his way.

Jacob's Cracker Crisps
"Ride On Time"
18 Apr 2016
A trio of bridesmaids waiting for the wedding to start become distracted by a packet of the advertised snacks in this lively addition to a winning campaign. Director Gary Freedman has surpassed the considerable gusto of the previous executions and we suspect he's achieved this by urging them to show absolutely no restraint as they mime along to 'Ride on Time'.

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