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"Enter the Zone"
1 min 37s
28 March 2017
France Cars

Park Village's Thibaut Grevet taps into the racing mindset with this arresting Renault film. We've rarely seen the marque's high-performance division advertised, but this brings us up to speed.

Anticipation builds through rhythmic humming and close-ups of the driver and his crew. These quiet moments make the eventual explosion all the more effective. Brief glimpses of snarling dogs and colliding helmets only enhance the physicality.

The tone evokes Grevet's short film charting the Coste motocross family. While Renault's consumer-focused advertising is hit-or-miss, the brand's sporting wing comes across as a formidable proposition. A potent look at life in top gear.

"The Cult"

Mark said:

She's about to crash into that hedge



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"Enter the Zone"
1 min 37s
28 Mar 2017
Park Village's Thibaut Grevet taps into the racing mindset with this arresting Renault film. We've rarely seen the marque's high-performance division advertised, but this brings us up to speed. While Renault's consumer-focused advertising is hit-or-miss, the brand's sporting wing comes across as a formidable proposition.

The Weeknd
"I Feel It Coming (ft. Daft Punk)"
4 mins 56s
21 Mar 2017
Fresh from their on-stage collaboration at the Grammys, The Weeknd and Daft Punk star in this slice of retro sci-fi for ‘I Feel It Coming’. The Canadian singer mourns the loss of his celestial amour as he mooches about, stranded on a rocky planet like an ill-fated love interest from Space 1999. The early MTV video aesthetic - complete with control track flickers – is terrific; ideal for the track’s summery Eighties vibe.

Direct Line
13 Mar 2017
Winston Wolfe (Harvey Keitel) returns in another instalment of Direct Line's long-running campaign. This time he's sneaked into the bedroom of a private landlord to reassure him that Direct Line will cover the rent if his tenants don't cough up. Winston then has the nerve to offer the bloke cocoa in a vaguely threatening manner... without so much as a sorry for the intrusion! Bloody cheek. Lovely performance from 'Trevor'.

9 Mar 2017
This fun Metcalfe’s ad depicts some shocking developments at the popcorn maker’s factory. A woman in a pink fur ensemble does her bit for snacking science by conducting static electricity. Once sufficiently charged, her new-found electric touch is enough to create a new batch. Who said laboratory conditions had be dull?

"Race Car"
10 Mar 2017
This commercial represents a massive improvement for a brand whose previous advertising has been so lacking in ambition it suggested the car's manufacturers didn't have any confidence in it. Gone are the hoary clichés of family life - instead we're given an emotional glimpse of the car's inner life. The vehicle in question is a racing car and as it's removed from storage every day to see if it can improve on yesterday's times, it yearns for a more fulfilling life on the open road.

"Skinny Popcorn"
4 Mar 2017
This ad for Metcalfe's range of 'skinny' popcorn flavours explores some alternative methods of making the stuff pop. Featuring a gent with an impressive set of pipes, it shows him straining for a glass-crackingly high note as dogs flee the scene with the force of his warble. It kicks off an eye-catching campaign for the snack brand, sure to grab attention with its quirky humour.

Jose Cuervo
"Last Days"
2 mins
7 Mar 2017
It's the end of the world as we know it... and with a little tequila we'll feel just fine. Jose Cuervo encourage us to live in the moment in this poignantly defiant film, set in a remote dive bar as the apocalypse looms. Some of the bar's patrons flee and take their chances in the storm, while others decide to stay put and wait for the inevitable.

"Game Time"
2 Mar 2017
A little Coach goes a long way in this 10” uSwitch commercial. The price comparison dynamo is back in Steve’s living room for a quick motivational session regarding energy price hikes. With a little encouragement (and a handy laptop), Steve can weigh up his energy options from the comfort of the sofa. "Boom!", indeed.

"Prosecco Princess"
2 Mar 2017
Thortful is the latest online greetings card emporium to hit the e-high street. Here, the website’s mind-reading, orange suit-wearing, cloud-headed spokesman congratulates this chap on his choice of card… and his, erm, “sparkly pants”. Be interesting to see how it fares in what is a pretty competitive market.

Paddy Power
"Surveillance Guy"
28 Feb 2017
Paddy Power round off their covers album with a casino-themed take on Dean Martin's 'Papa Loves Mambo'. This CCTV operator can only watch from a “sneaky camera angle” as these high rollers gamble the night away. Still, at least he can enjoy a cheeky punt on the advertised gaming app. Some tunes have worked better than others in the campaign, but this hits the right notes.

Experian Credit Expert
"Next Steps"
15 Feb 2017
First steps turn to next steps in this latest Experian commercial as it builds on last year's promise to provide free credit scores permanently. Having obtained that all-important number, consumers can now use CreditMatcher to find compatible loans and credit cards. Shots of moving feet create a suitably progressive tone.

Arman Cekin
"California Dreaming (ft Paul Rey & Snoop Dogg)"
3 mins 46s
14 Feb 2017
Arman Cekin's release gets a trippy video courtesy of directing trio Youth Hymns. Snoop, elegantly spotlit at a piano, plays a few chords... then takes a hit of his joint. The mood changes as we're led into his mind; a brightly-coloured cartoonish world where he and singer Paul Rey conjure up a California lifestyle full of the requisite babes, boulevards and, er, bongo brains.

Paddy Power
"Coach Driver"
6 Feb 2017
Paddy Power pay tribute to another unsung hero: a long-suffering coach driver who ferries football fans to and from matches. There are some lovely omedy beats in this ad, from the lacklustre delivery of the driver's own version of 4 Non Blondes' 'What’s Up?' to the introduction of 'Big Fat Phil' - who gets left behind when the coach stops for its passengers to, uh, water the grass behind some bushes.

Great Ormond Street Hospital
"Welcome to Ordinary World"
30 Jan 2017
This ad for Great Ormond Street hospital is crafted with skill, serving both as a deft parody and a poignant reminder of the struggle children with serious illnesses face in their day-to-day lives. We see a parody of a theme park ad for 'Ordinary World', complete with a hyperbolic script which turns a trip to the supermarket into a magical thrill ride... but for kids stuck in hospital, it really is the adventure they want.

"Believe In More"
2 mins
13 Jan 2017
This short film for Nike was conceived, created, and directed by avant-garde creative powerhouse and musician FKA Twigs. The grungy-beautiful two minute spot advertises Nike's new Spring Zonal Strength Tights, which are shown off to great effect by athletic dance moves from the likes of Olympic fencer Miles Chamley-Watson and krump dancer Saskia Horton.

"The Whole House (Extended)"
1 min 55s
11 Jan 2017
This is the extended version of the HomeAway commercial we brought you recently. Parks & Recreation’s Nick Offerman recites an ode to the great family getaway. While he champions spending quality time with just the family, we’re also shown some creative means of destroying office equipment.

Premier Inn
"The Presentation"
10 Jan 2017
This Premier Inn campaign continues to be a box office draw. The chain continues to present familiar scenarios through a cinematic filter - in this case, a make-or-break business presentation. The hotel amenities are well-cast, the soundtrack is early 80s gold, while receptionist Liesel Hausman demonstrates that she has a bright future ahead of her.

6 Jan 2017
A woman expresses herself on the dance floor in this uplifting yet understated BUPA commercial. Opening on her short journey from the drinks table, the array of emotions on her face suggest a far longer journey has taken place in her life. Then we learn she's had successful treatment for cancer, and understand we're witnessing her emergence from a long dark tunnel into the bright, welcome light of day.

Royal Caribbean Cruises
"Where Extraordinary Happens"
5 Jan 2017
Royal Caribbean Cruises ensure they stand out from the crowd with this beautifully shot, nearly silent ad. The lack of music is a shrewd choice, sure to grab the attention of even the most disengaged January-blues viewer; while gorgeous scenery shown with its accompanying co-ordinates manages to feel both sumptuous and elegantly understated.

5 Jan 2017
Money.co.uk eschew a spokesperson in favour of exploring more universal moments with their first major ad campaign. To reinforce the claim that the site checks more financial products than any other, we're shown a montage of situations where people could - or should - check things. Be they horoscopes, shoelaces, lottery numbers, or, uh, prostates.

4 Jan 2017
Coach - the pep-talking pied piper of power providers - takes a more supportive approach than uSwitch's last spokesperson, reminding us of our daily triumphs rather than telling us we're stupid if we don't give the site a go. If Steve can change a duvet cover on his own, then he can damn well switch energy providers. You go, Steve.

Center Parcs
"The Forest is your Playground"
3 Jan 2017
This ad introduces a new campaign for Centre Parcs exploring the power of imagination. The 50-second spot features a family who carve out space in their hectic schedule to spend quality time with each other, nature, and - of course - robots. Yes, that's right - robots. But don't worry... these are eco-friendly, imaginary robots that live happily side by side with the great forest whales.

4 Jan 2017
uSwitch dispense with Philip Glenister's confrontational spiel in favour of an excitable coach named, er, 'Coach' who encourages Bev to be bold when sussing out her broadband supplier. He reminds her of unexpected triumphs she enjoyed involving house repairs and fake tan (not simultaneously); and even if the dodgy results don't set a high bar for uSwitch the ad cleverly leaves us feeling primed to give the service a go.

"The Whole House"
27 Dec 2016
HomeAway continue their mission to persuade us that there's a better alternative to AirBnB through the medium of humour and - in this case - song. Nick Offerman provides both via a winning VO performance which fans of US comedy Parks & Recreation will appreciate... even if no one else has any idea who it is.

Below the Belt
"The Success Man"
18 Dec 2016
This is a commercial that has to be seen to be believed. It has echoes of a famous Audi ad from the 1990s which gave voice to a young man who turned out to be a complete cock. In both ads, the voice we hear offers a glimpse into its owner's psyche and it doesn't paint a pretty picture. Self-absorption is the order of the day as an immensely selfish philosophy is revealed.

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