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Domino's Pizza
"It's No Secret"
14 April 2017
UK Pizza Restaurants / Delivery

A super new approach from Domino's poses a question about the fast food firm's success: how do they manage to deliver so many pizzas?

It may be a bit of an advertising stand-by to provide an amusing sequence of 'wrong' answers before revealing the wholesome truth but it's been executed with real aplomb here. Much of the credit for this is down to a terrific central performance and the wise decision to allow the actress to dominate the film's 30 seconds.

It has exactly the right tone for the target market and it craftily reminds us that Domino's are the dominant player in a sector where there's something reassuring about knowing you're dealing with the company which has the biggest infrastructure.


Matt said:

Hard to believe they were here a few years ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItCcR6BD0uo



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Domino's Pizza
"It's No Secret"
14 Apr 2017
Domino's assure us that all their pizzas are handmade in this amusing ad. Various vignettes suggest what a pizza factory might look like, featuring industrial dough-squishers, tomato sauce paint rollers, and a toppings cannon which we'd quite like to have a go on. All this before revealing that the secret to their handmade pizzas is - drumroll - hands.

Short Films
"Get Staffed"
2 mins 32s
11 Apr 2017
What difference can one man make to the economy? Quite a big one, according to this fun short from Big Red Button, in which a bloke (played by Jack Barry) decides there’s a better way to spend his savings - go on a hiring spree. Starting with Cruyff the valet, he outsources every aspect of his life: cooking, dressing, even exercise. Only in the end do we learn how far his recruitment drive goes.

"Race Car"
10 Mar 2017
This commercial represents a massive improvement for a brand whose previous advertising has been so lacking in ambition it suggested the car's manufacturers didn't have any confidence in it. Gone are the hoary clichés of family life - instead we're given an emotional glimpse of the car's inner life. The vehicle in question is a racing car and as it's removed from storage every day to see if it can improve on yesterday's times, it yearns for a more fulfilling life on the open road.

"Baby Dragon"
6 Mar 2017
As fire hazards go, a baby dragon ranks among the cutest. Doritos nab one for this fun commercial which evokes 80s critters like Gizmo and ALF. Dogs, beware - looks like man’s found a new best friend. Biscuit’s Jeff Low ensures an idyllic bond between man and miniature beast, including trips to the park and go-karting.

"Dirty Weekend"
27 Feb 2017
KFC redeem another miserable outing in this 30" commercial. This time, George surprises Daisy with a trip to a music festival… just a shame it’s taking place during monsoon season. Anyone who’s ever regretted buying camping tickets on a whim will sympathise. Luckily, their soggy getaway is salvaged by the fast food chain’s new Dirty Louisiana burger.

Camilla Elphick
"Digital Dreamland"
27 Feb 2017
Fans of old school technology will be pinching themselves just now. As the Nokia 3310 enjoys its second coming, Windows 95 is back too. Well, sort of. Designer shoewear brand Camilla Elphick pays tribute to the venerable operating system in this frenetic ad. They may be promoting their spring-summer 2017 collection, but we’re slap bang in another era.

2 Feb 2017
This KFC ad will bring back unpleasant memories for some as we follow Kate and her colleagues enduring a company retreat. “Smells like team spirit”, the Southern-fried VO claims. Looks more like hypothermia. Of course, it isn’t rafting in sub-zero waters that brings them together - it’s the fast food chain’s new Double Bucket meal.

25 Jan 2017
moneysupermarket.com have introduced a new character into their well-choreographed mix as a gaffer turns up to urge the construction workers back to their building site. In keeping with the brand's motif, she's on the larger side and we can't help worrying that some will feel they're being invited to laugh at her because of it.

Domino's Pizza
"Winter Survival"
7 Jan 2017
A family remain blissfully unconcerned about the very worst winter has to offer - snow, hail, their house pretty much falling down around them - because they have the Winter Survival deal from Domino's to sustain them. Things are pitched just right in this ad, with the tongue-in-cheek humour enhanced by the intentionally stilted, self-conscious delivery of the actors.

"Jeff Bridges"
30 Nov 2016
Jeff Bridges stars in this festive UGG commercial directed by Biscuit’s Jeff Low. We catch the actor at home sorting presents for under the Christmas tree. Suddenly, the tree gives Bridges his own present - a pair of UGG slippers. The man’s grateful for his fur-lined gift, though he’s oblivious to the tree’s toasty predicament. Read the subtitles, man!

"Festive Feast"
17 Nov 2016
it's the morning after the office Christmas party, and you have The Fear - what was photocopied? Who was snogged? Will those pics of you and Ken... Len... Ben?... get sent to your entire friends list? Happily, Subway has the answer - a nice chunk of protein to kill the hangover and help brace you for the inevitable walk of shame back to your desk.

T K Maxx
7 Nov 2016
Film fans were recently hit with the news that Quentin Tarantino’s next two films will likely be his last. To soften the blow, T K Maxx’s Christmas ad pays tribute to Pulp Fiction with an unorthodox a cappella rendition of the movie’s signature tune, ‘Misirlou’. Before everyone has a chance to recite Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield’s ‘Royale with cheese’ scene, the ad’s oddball choir steals the show.

Leo Vegas
"Milk Bottle Orchestra"
1 Nov 2016
The natural musical talents of the lion-headed man introduced in the previous ad are showcased in this delightfully odd piece of work for Leo Vegas mobile casino. The message is to 'find play in the everyday', whether that's indulging in some inadvisable online gambling or... this. We know that cats like milk, but this is a whole new level of dairy appreciation.

"Sinking Ship"
3 mins 06s
25 Oct 2016
However promisingly they start, not all relationships work out - and Causes uses the apt metaphor of a sinking ship to remind us which way the less successful ones are headed. In the accompanying promo, memories of a couple's wedding day are cut with hints of their growing dissatisfaction with each other... and their realisation that a break-up will be apocalyptically life-changing.

Victim Support
"Break The Routine"
3 mins 27s
14 Oct 2016
This film for Victim Support offers an unsettling exploration of abuse. Domestic violence has been filtered through contemporary dance, enabling a depiction which is unsettling without being gratuitous. The choreography and the empty house in which it occurs give it a dream-like quality akin to a nightmare.

7 Oct 2016
In this Snickers ad a group of mimes struggle when trying to use an invisible hose to put out an actual fire. It feels like it should be a poignant metaphor for something, but it turns out they're just really hungry. A Snickers bite quickly transforms the firemen back to usual, of course. The ad amusingly extends the long-running "you're not you when you're hungry" idea into a new scenario, though it does give a slightly alarming portrayal of the emergency services.

"Dance Floor"
6 Sep 2016
The third of the three excellent commercial for Maltesers which won £1 million of free airtime on Channel 4 has a woman in a wheelchair describing a mishap on the dance floor at a wedding. It didn't end badly for her though... she managed to pull the best man. Another enlightening instalment.

"Theo's Dog"
6 Sep 2016
Another helping of funny and rude from the campaign for Maltesers which was selected by Channel 4 to champion diversity. In this execution - which is told in sign language - we learn how a hearing aid was swallowed by a dog and the only prospect of its return lies in filtering the pet's excrement. None of this is explicit but it doesn't take much to read between the lines.

"New Boyfriend"
6 Sep 2016
It's sometimes said that the Marx Brothers got away with their most risqué gags because the censors didn't understand the innuendo and we have to wonder whether something similar happened here - as we can't quite believe a gag as rude as this has made it onto our screens. We're bloody glad it has though, as it's a perfect way of reminding a general audience that you don't have to be able-bodied to have a wicked sense of humour.

"Epic Squads"
3 Sep 2016
One would be forgiven for thinking moneysupermarket.com's dance-off between builder Colin and shorts 'n' tie strutter Dave earlier this year marked the peak of this campaign's drive for epicness. As this latest outing shows, the price comparison site believes there's plenty of mileage left in shaking booty and misappropriating building site equipment.

Leo Vegas
21 Aug 2016
The online gambling market is huge and getting huger, so it's not surprising to see campaigns in this sector becoming ever more outlandish in a bid to make an impression. None more so than Leo Vegas and their extraordinary new commercial featuring a lion getting it on with an indeterminate carcass that looks as though it's been professionally prepared by a butcher.

Samsung Galaxy
"Christoph Waltz"
6 Aug 2016
Christoph Waltz may be known for bringing a sense of continental refinement to his Hollywood roles, but this fun ad for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 sees the two-time Oscar winner pondering what it is to be an American. One journey through American society and several costume changes later, Waltz decides he's quite taken with the Yankee lifestyle - one aided by the advertised smartphone, of course.

"Creating New Speed"
31 Jul 2016
Director Christopher Riggert and cinematographer Simon Duggan have captured the raw energy of these young men in the most extraordinary fashion. The camerawork that tracks them as they sprint at full tilt through fields burdened by agricultural debris is highly exhilarating and makes for an amazing spectacle and once again demonstrates that Adidas has a real edge when it comes to portraying a certain kind of grit.

6 Jul 2016
It's a touch off-putting not hearing Peter Serafinowicz's dulcet tones in this Subway ad, but the campaign's core idea soon prevails. The latest internal dilemma belongs to this thrifty chap watching his date peruse the menu. Both he and his wallet breathe a sigh of relief however when she spies the turkey and ham option from the restaurant's £3 meal selection. Lovely eye-acting on display here.

We Are Europe
1 min 39s
20 Jun 2016
Those on the Remain side of the debate will enjoy this... even if they will have to accept it's unlikely to have a big impact on Thursday's vote. As many have discovered on social media, those supporting 'Leave' are in the mentally unreachable state associated with cults and have all but abandoned an evidence-based approach.

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