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18 April 2017
UK Lagers

Wisden make take umbrage, but this lovely Foster’s commercial depicts a fun slice of cricketing 'history'. Having won the toss in 1888, Australia put England in to field. Alas, cable knit sweaters weren’t designed for the Melbourne sun.

Dropped catches and rising temperatures do little to help the visitors’ cause. Just when it looks like England are poached, William and Ralph Foster arrive with their newfangled lager. National pride’s one thing, but the brothers can’t let thirst prevail.

As with the brand’s previous trip back in time, there’s no final gag or twist - just the relief provided by an ice-cold pint.

"Bang, Bang"

Abby said:

Congrats Craig et al.



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18 Apr 2017
Wisden make take umbrage, but this lovely Foster’s commercial depicts a fun slice of cricketing 'history'. Having won the toss in 1888, Australia put England in to field. Alas, cable knit sweaters weren’t designed for the Melbourne sun. Just when it looks like England are poached, William and Ralph Foster arrive with their newfangled lager.

"Maldives Tuna"
5 Apr 2017
Waitrose may have recently ditched free tea and coffee from their stores, but they remain committed to fresh, sustainable produce. We join a Maldives fishing crew as they prepare another handline catch, giving shoppers an appealing glimpse at the source of their tuna. There's also a 360-degree component for anyone who fancies an on-deck view.

Asda George
"Visiting Nan"
1 Apr 2017
Asda fulfill another sprog's Easter fantasy; this time, an endless wardrobe. This little girl can't decide whether to wear a t-shirt, a jacket, or a dress to Nana's - luckily, she can change her clobber at the blink of an eye. How parents must wish it were that simple. Still, the ad shows the supermarket's George range packs enough variety to satisfy even the pickiest of dressers this Easter.

"Easter by Max Dixon"
1 Apr 2017
Asda present another seasonal flight of fancy; this time courtesy of young Max Dixon. He wants the whole family involved... well, as long as he gets to sit next to the potatoes. Neat visual flourishes and a big band score suggest Green Supermarket can provide an upbeat Easter. We like the vintage goggles, too - now that's responsible cake smashing.

31 Mar 2017
This US Fage commercial suggests a variety of locations in which one can enjoy a pot of the Greek stuff. Whether it's on the basketball court or off a swimming float, the smooth-as-you-like VO reckons anywhere merits "splendiferously fine" yogurt. We're sure the brand doesn't condone breaking and entering, but they do a good job of making the product look desirable.

"Emily's Easter"
28 Mar 2017
Emily imagines her perfect Easter, down to the prizes that she'll win in her hypothetical egg hunt. Although her wildest Easter-themed dreams correlate quite suspiciously with things available in Asda, the sharp editing keeps things interesting as trumpets turn into crumpets and then grow bunny ears in a few quick flashes. Nice use of the 'Bewitched' theme music too.

26 Mar 2017
Parker from Thunderbirds wins £500,000 in Halifax's prize draw and knows exactly what to do with the money... head to a tropical island where he can get away from the orders being issued by Lady Penelope. Let's hope he hasn't ended up on Tracy Island as he may find he's leapt from the frying pan only to end up in the fire. Brimming with authenticity.

"The Journey"
22 Mar 2017
Willie Nelson's 'On the Road Again' scores this charming ad promoting the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series. A rugby ball crosses all manner of terrain in order to reach the players' tunnel before kick-off. It's a neat way of reflecting the tournament's international reach, and Outsider's Jim Gilchrist ensures a bouncy treatment. Lovely ball work, too.

Direct Line
13 Mar 2017
Winston Wolfe (Harvey Keitel) returns in another instalment of Direct Line's long-running campaign. This time he's sneaked into the bedroom of a private landlord to reassure him that Direct Line will cover the rent if his tenants don't cough up. Winston then has the nerve to offer the bloke cocoa in a vaguely threatening manner... without so much as a sorry for the intrusion! Bloody cheek. Lovely performance from 'Trevor'.

Hula Hoops
9 Mar 2017
Having failed to prise open the West Heath Bank vault last time round, this bank robber eases his disappointment with a bag of Hula Hoops. You'd think this would be the ideal time for the rozzers to do their thing - alas, constable Gary is just as taken by the circular snack. We can't wait to see the Crimewatch reconstruction of this case.

"Top Cat Bloopers"
3 Mar 2017
Here’s a selection of ‘outtakes’ from Halifax’s Top Cat ad which gives us a glimpse into how animated the feline gang get when things go off-script. Of course, Top Cat remains the consummate professional while his fellow cast members fluff their lines. These bloopers accompany the main ad in cinemas, which should give audiences a chuckle before the main feature.

"Follow the Rabbit"
2 Mar 2017
O2 introduce a brand new animal mascot in this intriguing ad for their 'un-rewindable' live experiences across the UK. We get a good long look at the stunningly animated little fella as we're asked if we're the kind of person who'll follow our curiosity - or will it be another night on the sofa for us?

Road Safety
"Designated Driver"
1 Mar 2017
This road safety film reminds us that dangerous driving comes in many forms. A woman picks up her sozzled partner from the pub. She shows commendable restraint while he regales her with hazy anecdotes… that is until she picks up her phone. In a darkly comic twist, they both agree the drunken one is in a better state to drive.

Hula Hoops
"Bank Robber"
17 Feb 2017
This stick-up artist picks the wrong branch of West Heath Bank to rob. While he tries his best Guy Ritchie routine, the cashier is still enjoying snack time. Fortunately, a show of hands - and an expertly munched Hula Hoop - is all it takes to thwart the would-be criminal. Some folk just aren't designed for the outlaw life.

Experian Credit Expert
"Next Steps"
15 Feb 2017
First steps turn to next steps in this latest Experian commercial as it builds on last year's promise to provide free credit scores permanently. Having obtained that all-important number, consumers can now use CreditMatcher to find compatible loans and credit cards. Shots of moving feet create a suitably progressive tone.

9 Feb 2017
This quirky spot for McDonalds has Steve - an employee at the fast food chain - trying to persuade Will (sitting next to him on the bus) that beef, the whole beef, and nothing but the beef goes into their burgers. When Will doesn't believe him, both they and the other passengers are transported to the processing plant which proves Steve's assertion. Stylishly done.

30 Jan 2017
In contrast to their last strange Super Bowl ad featuring Steven Tyler at his most dead-eyed, this year Skittles keep things simple - and it works. We're shown a house late at night, with a guy trying to get the object of his affections to notice him. Instead of throwing pebbles at her window, however, he's decided confectionery might sweeten his chances.

Virgin Active
"Go There"
17 Jan 2017
There's a stylish mix of animation, CG, and live action in this energetic ad for Virgin Active. An upbeat soundtrack accompanies visuals of people making the most of their gym facilities, while the shots are enhanced by animated extensions of the action. We particularly like the classic video game sound effects and scores on the woman in the yellow shirt - having an HP bar at the gym would be great.

"Winter Sale"
12 Jan 2017
See, not all winter sale ads have to be drab affairs. DFS return to the handstitched factory introduced in their Christmas ad, where Aardman's charming character designs produce some fun moments as we tour the workshop. We especially like the 'no hands!' flourish from one employee. In the end, we see one of their handcrafted sofas in action, so to speak.

"Scooby Doo"
9 Jan 2017
Halifax continue raiding the Hanna-Barbera vault by bringing Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Incorporated gang to life. While evading a pesky mummy, Scoob and Shaggy learn about the rewards available to current account customers. We can only assume the unmasked 'mummy' at the end is a dastardly employee of a rival high street bank.

Samsung Gear
4 Jan 2017
This vertiginous ad from Samsung depicts a bungee jump in reverse. We follow a woman from just below the water’s surface back to her starting position. Looks like a scream, eh? As it turns out, she isn’t actually perched a hundred-odd feet above a river - she’s in her living room wearing a VR headset.

Thomson Holidays
16 Dec 2016
This impressively-shot ad for Thomson Holidays captures the feeling of never wanting your holiday to end. A little girl has all the time in the world as she wanders through a beach resort in dream-like stasis. From exotic birds taking flight to a towel mid-flutter, she explores the little moments we might otherwise miss

Heathrow Airport
"Best Gift of All"
14 Nov 2016
It's fair to say not everyone will embrace Heathrow's Christmas cheer... particularly those living on the site of the airport's planned third runway. The issue will remain divisive into the New Year and beyond, but the airport's festive ad is a cuddly gem. Teddy bears won’t be enough to sway the anti-runway brigade, but their message of bringing families together with ease should travel well.

Currys PC World
"Christmas Lights"
3 Nov 2016
One of two droll Christmas ads from Currys PC World showing how far we’ll go to draw attention to the items on our festive wishlist. In this, a family gathers round as dad prepares to switch on the Christmas lights. He’s delighted with his handiwork, but their excitement quickly fades when they see the lights pointing to next door’s living room - and the LG 4K Oled television within. Oh, and one very confused neighbour into the bargain.

Currys PC World
3 Nov 2016
After last year’s excellent ‘Spare The Act’ series starring Jeff Goldblum, Currys PC World have some, well, act to follow. However, AMV BBDO and Outsider’s James Rouse have proved themselves to be up to the challenge with two wry ads. We join this school’s nativity as the Three Kings arrive on the scene. We all know how the story goes, right? “The gifts the wise men presented were gold, frankincense, and… oversized silver headphones?”

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