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Hula Hoops
"Bank Robber"
17 February 2017
UK Crisps

This stick-up artist picks the wrong branch of West Heath Bank to rob. While he tries his best Guy Ritchie routine, the cashier is still enjoying snack time. Fortunately, a show of hands - and an expertly munched Hula Hoop - is all it takes to thwart the would-be criminal. Some folk just aren't designed for the outlaw life.

The brand’s strength has always lain in depicting adults giving into their childish urges. Outsider’s Jim Gilchrist ensures this latest offering is fun, snappy, and packs some cinematic verve. The cashier’s polite manner of turning the tables is also nicely done. Next time you’re told off for playing with your food, this ad will come in, erm, handy.


Matt said:

Hard to believe they were here a few years ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItCcR6BD0uo



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Hula Hoops
"Bank Robber"
17 Feb 2017
This stick-up artist picks the wrong branch of West Heath Bank to rob. While he tries his best Guy Ritchie routine, the cashier is still enjoying snack time. Fortunately, a show of hands - and an expertly munched Hula Hoop - is all it takes to thwart the would-be criminal. Some folk just aren't designed for the outlaw life.

Experian Credit Expert
"Next Steps"
15 Feb 2017
First steps turn to next steps in this latest Experian commercial as it builds on last year's promise to provide free credit scores permanently. Having obtained that all-important number, consumers can now use CreditMatcher to find compatible loans and credit cards. Shots of moving feet create a suitably progressive tone.

"The XF Effect"
10 Feb 2017
There's no shortage of verbs in this Jaguar XF commercial, that's for sure. We’re told the advertised saloon car has plenty to stimulate the senses as the camera takes an intimate look at the car’s moving parts - more than enough to get the target market intrigued. Meanwhile, Mark Strong imbues the script with his usual suave menace.

9 Feb 2017
This quirky spot for McDonalds has Steve - an employee at the fast food chain - trying to persuade Will (sitting next to him on the bus) that beef, the whole beef, and nothing but the beef goes into their burgers. When Will doesn't believe him, both they and the other passengers are transported to the processing plant which proves Steve's assertion. Stylishly done.

30 Jan 2017
In contrast to their last strange Super Bowl ad featuring Steven Tyler at his most dead-eyed, this year Skittles keep things simple - and it works. We're shown a house late at night, with a guy trying to get the object of his affections to notice him. Instead of throwing pebbles at her window, however, he's decided confectionery might sweeten his chances.

Virgin Active
"Go There"
17 Jan 2017
There's a stylish mix of animation, CG, and live action in this energetic ad for Virgin Active. An upbeat soundtrack accompanies visuals of people making the most of their gym facilities, while the shots are enhanced by animated extensions of the action. We particularly like the classic video game sound effects and scores on the woman in the yellow shirt - having an HP bar at the gym would be great.

"Winter Sale"
12 Jan 2017
See, not all winter sale ads have to be drab affairs. DFS return to the handstitched factory introduced in their Christmas ad, where Aardman's charming character designs produce some fun moments as we tour the workshop. We especially like the 'no hands!' flourish from one employee. In the end, we see one of their handcrafted sofas in action, so to speak.

"Scooby Doo"
9 Jan 2017
Halifax continue raiding the Hanna-Barbera vault by bringing Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Incorporated gang to life. While evading a pesky mummy, Scoob and Shaggy learn about the rewards available to current account customers. We can only assume the unmasked 'mummy' at the end is a dastardly employee of a rival high street bank.

Samsung Gear
4 Jan 2017
This vertiginous ad from Samsung depicts a bungee jump in reverse. We follow a woman from just below the water’s surface back to her starting position. Looks like a scream, eh? As it turns out, she isn’t actually perched a hundred-odd feet above a river - she’s in her living room wearing a VR headset.

Thomson Holidays
16 Dec 2016
This impressively-shot ad for Thomson Holidays captures the feeling of never wanting your holiday to end. A little girl has all the time in the world as she wanders through a beach resort in dream-like stasis. From exotic birds taking flight to a towel mid-flutter, she explores the little moments we might otherwise miss

Heathrow Airport
"Best Gift of All"
14 Nov 2016
It's fair to say not everyone will embrace Heathrow's Christmas cheer... particularly those living on the site of the airport's planned third runway. The issue will remain divisive into the New Year and beyond, but the airport's festive ad is a cuddly gem. Teddy bears won’t be enough to sway the anti-runway brigade, but their message of bringing families together with ease should travel well.

Currys PC World
"Christmas Lights"
3 Nov 2016
One of two droll Christmas ads from Currys PC World showing how far we’ll go to draw attention to the items on our festive wishlist. In this, a family gathers round as dad prepares to switch on the Christmas lights. He’s delighted with his handiwork, but their excitement quickly fades when they see the lights pointing to next door’s living room - and the LG 4K Oled television within. Oh, and one very confused neighbour into the bargain.

Currys PC World
3 Nov 2016
After last year’s excellent ‘Spare The Act’ series starring Jeff Goldblum, Currys PC World have some, well, act to follow. However, AMV BBDO and Outsider’s James Rouse have proved themselves to be up to the challenge with two wry ads. We join this school’s nativity as the Three Kings arrive on the scene. We all know how the story goes, right? “The gifts the wise men presented were gold, frankincense, and… oversized silver headphones?”

Ford Mondeo ST-Line
17 Oct 2016
A man presses against the windows of his local Ford showroom, wondering if he's earned a slick new Mondeo. Through his mind's rewind function, he remembers offering a sweaty cyclist a space in the lift at work. More than enough justification for a new set of wheels, then. Lovely bit of business from the actor as the lift closes - the look of a man who knows what he wants.

"If I Were a Toy"
25 Sep 2016
This ad from Smyths, featuring a rewrite of Beyoncé's 'If I Were A Boy,' is all about celebrating the possibility of imagination, soaring where it could have fallen into the trap of trying to play on parents' emotions. 'If I Were A Toy' has clever lyrics that don't feel shoehorned in to fit lines, and the song never gets cheesy.

"Older Selves"
1 Oct 2016
This could have been gimmicky in the wrong hands, but adam&eveDDB and Outsider's Max Fisher have crafted an affecting glimpse into the future for Aviva. Thanks to some heavy prosthetics, Adam and Toni sample life after retirement... and then given an enlightening indicator of their respective pensions. When confronted with the figures, both participants are given food for thought.

27 Sep 2016
This piece by charity Scope uses humour to educate us about the best approach to adopt when we encounter a disabled person. The acronym H.I.D.E. does not - as the people in the ad initially think - suggest we dive for cover in our fear of blundering. Instead, we should say "hi" as we introduce ourselves; make sure we "don't panic" and make sure we "end the awkward".

Experian Credit Expert
"First Steps"
21 Sep 2016
Credit score website Experian announce that their service is now free . After years of being synonymous with free thirty-day trials, it's a bold move. The brand has done well in communicating its usefulness in recent times, and this ad creates an optimistic vibe with a sequence of feet striding forward with purpose.

National Lottery Euromillions
8 Sep 2016
Do the newly minted receive a pamphlet entitled: "How To Be A Multi-Millionaire"? For example, changing a light bulb's one thing, but how about a priceless chandelier? Like 'first world problems' gone mad, this amusing ad for the National Lottery Euromillions highlights the minor foibles that can accompany a jackpot win.

National Lottery Euromillions
8 Sep 2016
One of two entertaining ads from the National Lottery Euromillions showing that the transition to multi-millionaire can be tricky for some. In this instance, parking a luxury yacht in the marina proves to be far more difficult than nabbing a space at the supermarket car park. Lovely back and forth work from the couple encountering one of the pitfalls of being stinking rich.

Ford Focus ST-Line
"Endurance Date"
7 Sep 2016
A guy who's trying to justify the purchase of a nippy new Ford ST-line casts his mind back to a recent trip to the cinema where he was surrounded by a sea of women sniffling at a chick flick. How magnanimous of him to accompany his (also sniffling) girlfriend. Does he deserve the car? Hell yeah, he tells himself.

De Montfort University
"Dare to Do"
4 Sep 2016
Following his impressive work for the Royal Navy depicting young people seizing the initiative, Outsider's Max Fisher is a shrewd pick behind the camera for this striking ad for De Montfort University. Demonstrating that studying needn't be staid, urgent breathing and kinetic visuals help portray the institution as the dynamic choice to achieve both academic and sporting potential.

"Judo Legend"
30 Aug 2016
This curly-haired gentleman willingly enters a world of pain each and every time his judo instructor asks for a volunteer from the line-up. Sparing his fellow classmates the discomfort of a well-applied arm hold or a face-first rendezvous with the mat, Elliot earns legendary status amongst the West Heath judo community... and one participant knows exactly what kind of chicken sandwich is worthy of his efforts.

"A Little More Action"
4 mins 08s
18 Aug 2016
An amateur Elvis impersonator is given assistance by the Dutch electrical company as he embarks on a mission to get fit and improve his tribute to his hero in this engaging piece of content. The elephant in the room is Elvis Presley's famous bloatedness which, arguably, offers the protagonist the opportunity for a more accurate show simply by eating freely (and often)... but that wouldn't suit the core message.

Ford Fiesta ST-Line
17 Aug 2016
This amusing offering from Ford hits the rewind button as a woman ponders whether she deserves to splash out on a new Fiesta. Transported back to a bridesmaid dress fitting while sporting a rictus grin and a Bo Peep-esque frock, she decides she's earned her big purchase.

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