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2 March 2017
UK Charities

The spirit of gambling targets another vulnerable individual in this latest GambleAware ad. Standing at the back of this darkened pub, he needles a lone drinker like a jilted lover channelling his inner Ben Kingsley. He toys with his prey, threatening to pass his winnings on to “her or him, him or her” before his true form is revealed.

Anyone who has ever experienced addiction in any way will recognise that insinuating voice in their ear relentlessly justifying itself, switching tactics on a whim; alternately menacing and cajoling.

The decision to personify it as the truly terrifying Don Logan is inspired. His is the sort of personality that won't be beaten, that thrives on wearing you to an exhausted pulp with his verbal battering before even laying a finger on you. How is it possible to find the strength to resist this, day in, day out, forever?

The degree of insight that this film - and its companion piece, 'Online' - shows is outstanding. It conveys the message that compassionate understanding and help from gambleaware.org is out there if you can just make contact. Let's hope those desperate to escape the clutches of such a destructive illness see this in time.

Director Tom Tagholm maintains his impeccable standards and let's give a nod to editor Leo King as well... his contribution here is absolutely vital.


Gary said:

It's ok as a mood film. Not a great ad tho.



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2 Mar 2017
The spirit of gambling targets another vulnerable individual in this latest GambleAware ad. Standing at the back of this darkened pub, he needles a lone drinker like a jilted lover channelling his inner Ben Kingsley. He toys with his prey, threatening to pass his winnings on to “her or him, him or her” before his true form is revealed. Unsettling and superbly acted.

"The Wolf"
6 mins 22s
16 Feb 2017
This stylish short from HP sees Christian Slater tapping into his 'Mr Robot' role to hack through a financial company's security via an unusual route: their printers. It's hard not to be compelled by Slater's slick, cocksure performance as he uncovers secrets and destroys lives simply because he can. Time to update the security software, we reckon.

9 Feb 2017
Online gambling can have hidden dangers beyond losing a few quid on the outcome of a football match, and this unsettling ad for GambleAware brings that home hard. The key to this film is a masterful vocal performance, as a man sitting on a young woman's desk speaks her inner thoughts aloud while she tries not to give in to the urge to gamble.

"The Get Away Car"
2 mins 51s
30 Jan 2017
The words of the late Alan Watts echo through this Volvo film. As Watts encourages us to live in the moment, we see modern types decide the time has come to reconnect with their true passions. The familiar imagery is given extra heft by the philosopher's 1959 speech. Mind you, we can’t help but wonder if the car brand took inspiration from this YouTube video.

"Drive Together"
4 Jan 2017
Human and car are tied together in a series of nuanced shots in this interesting ad for Mazda's MX-5. Taking the concept of 'togetherness' literally, we see different parts of driver and car compared: hearts and engines, pistons and muscles, smiles and headlights to suggest man and machine can work in perfect harmony.

Ok Go
"The One Moment"
4 mins 13s
24 Nov 2016
Viral wonders Ok Go are back with another compelling, visually complex promo which takes a few watches to fully appreciate. Which won't be a problem, because this has made a social media splash which guarantees you'll see it a few times whatever platforms you use. The video is first shown in its entirety in real time - shot in 4.2 seconds - and then shown in slow motion to accompany 'The One Moment'. The colourful salt bursts, paint splatters, and exploding guitars are visually hypnotic, keeping our attention right to the end of the song.

"Frankie's Holiday"
2 mins
22 Nov 2016
Apple's holiday ad is a weird but tender plea for acceptance at a divided time in history. 'Frankie' (Brad Garrett) makes the journey down from his isolated cabin to share in some holiday cheer. In the face of suspicion and fear, he screws colourful lights onto his neck bolts and manages to get the townspeople on side with a Christmas song.

Muscle Milk
"Lean On Me"
16 Nov 2016
Even when a hunk like Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews isn't around, Muscle Milk is there to give you the boost you need. This ad features not only the American footballer's huge muscles, but also his impressive crooning (last heard in Pitch Perfect 2 - he's a jack of all trades).

Talk Talk
1 Nov 2016
More languid domesticity from Talk Talk as a teenager lounges on her bed. Whatever's on the telly, she doesn't seem enthralled by it. A beep from her phone grabs her attention though - and a subtle smile appears. Thanks to the mobile provider's data plan, she can tune in to the important stuff... like, erm, talking to boys.

Talk Talk
"Work From Home"
25 Oct 2016
Another ad from Talk Talk's fly on the wall campaign, this time showing the importance of having good data access when you work from home. Especially for this young man, who needs to take care of business while simultaneously taking care of other, er, pressing matters. This ad is a step up from their last outing, bringing back touches of humour from the longer film.

Talk Talk
"Aunt Julie"
18 Oct 2016
Talk Talk continue with their drive for authenticity in this short clip following the style of their 'This Stuff Matters' film. The ad features a young girl teaching her Aunt Julie how to save emails to her tablet, because - as we know - everybody over the age of twenty tends to accuse new technology of being witchcraft. At least they've got enough data to have another go if Aunt Julie gets confused.

"The Best Planet"
1 min 40s
5 Oct 2016
When all's said and done, planet Earth's got a lot going for it, eh? This globe-spanning film from airline S7 and director AG Rojas reminds us that Earth's multi-layered beauty is there waiting for us to enjoy. The advertised airline wants us to embrace the world we know best - and does an impressive job of appealing to our inner explorer.

Talk Talk
"This Stuff Matters"
4 Oct 2016
Talk Talk demonstrate the value of authenticity in this fly-on-the-wall style ad. The product's role is subtle enough to blend unnoticed into the scenes until it's revealed what's being advertised, which leaves the viewer with a feeling of honesty about the company. 9 Merwick Street is an ordinary household that deserves extraordinary data access, and Talk Talk does a stellar job of showing us that without saying a word.

Samsung Galaxy
17 Jul 2016
Samsung return to their partnership with the World Surf League in this gripping commercial starring a snail. Yes, you read us right - and you'll never look at a mollusc on the pavement the same way again. A narrator with the kind of voice that has a lot of stories in it relates the life and times of a humble snail as it aims to conquer its horizontal Everest: crossing the road in one piece. Inconsequential? Well, what are you doing?

1 min 35s
20 Jun 2016
Turns out we were wrong to assume the world's elite athletes have a fleet of luxury transportation waiting to take them to Rio 2016. In fact, they have so much energy to burn, they're happy to make the trek to Brazil by any means, be it running, swimming, cycling, or - like the stars of this entertaining Visa commercial - carpooling.

One Love Foundation
"Love Labyrinth"
3 mins 42s
6 Jun 2016
This compelling film depicting the genesis of an abusive relationship is going to strike a chord with a lot of people. The insidiousness of a controlling personality has been depicted with an uncanny accuracy and anyone who has been through something like this is likely to find it so relatable that it makes them angry and upset.

California Lottery
13 May 2016
The protagonist in this ad for the Californian Lottery appears to have an unholy fascination with the number 'five'. Given what it advertises, you can probably guess why! It proves to be a divertingly quirky way of drawing attention to the tremendous impact it'll have on your life if your combination of numbers emerge from the process to deliver a big win.

Marks & Spencer
"The Art of Summer"
4 May 2016
The trials and tribulations of Marks & Spencer's fashion department seem to have been going on forever, but it's hard to believe when you see the gossamer delights of spots like this. Airy and frothy and radiating the fragrance of blossom through our screens, this makes us feel like popping out to our nearest branch and revamping our wardrobes.

Under Armour
"One Push"
25 Apr 2016
Under Armour enlist the vocal talents of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson in this engaging ad for their new HealthBox kit. The former WWE wrestler and general advocate of grabbing life by the unmentionables describes how pushing a button can set off a myriad of events in modern life, but a tap of the screen isn't always enough - you need to get the rest of those muscles working as well. With competitors like Fitbit in its sights, the ad makes a visually striking play for fitness junkies' attention.

"Designed for Data"
14 Apr 2016
Though we're never really sure who IBM's ads are aimed at, when they're as beautifully composed as this we don't mind listening in on their conversation with chief executive officers. A stunning visual technique by Park Pictures' Terri Timely elevates a dreary series of messages about the tech company's capability to an entirely different level.

"Rock and Roll"
21 Mar 2016
Anyone who's ever been labelled 'the brains of the operation' can afford a quiet fist pump while watching this energetic Audi commercial. To the urgent strains of Iggy and the Stooges's 'Search and Destroy', a montage of technical wizardry, creativity, and engineering feats unfolds in a stylish display of brains over brawn.

Sony PlayStation
15 Mar 2016
PlayStation celebrate the nationwide roll-out of their Vue television platform with this 60" chase thriller from Park Pictures and Lance Acord. When the protagonist's cable subscription lapses, it isn't long before the provider's technicians begin surrounding his home like hard hat-wearing vultures. Rather than be condemned to another year under contract, he makes a run for it.

"Idle Hands"
29 Feb 2016
The sense of dread in this intelligently-written spot for the YMCA is ratcheted up by the music; a note rising higher and higher as the tension is wound ever tighter. Disaffected youth is its focus: bored and alienated, teens can drift into petty crime and violence out of a desire to feel something, anything... but give that energy a positive outlet and wonderful results may blossom.

Toyota Prius
"Heck on Wheels"
10 Feb 2016
If you're going to challenge mistaken perceptions about your car, you may as well go the whole hog and Park's directorial duo Terri Timely have done exactly that in this joyously funny piece for Toyota's Prius. It is - according to the lyrics of the ad's magnificent song - "heck on wheels". The words chosen are a perfect marriage of hyperbole and restraint.

Toyota Prius
"The Longest Chase"
9 Feb 2016
Fans of 'The Wire' will notice something very familiar about this gang of ham-fisted bank robbers. In a pleasing nod to the drama's second season, Toyota have reunited three members of the Sobotka family (actors Chris Bauer, Pablo Schreiber, and James Ransone, plus one ringer) for some far more light-hearted criminal activity.

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