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"Be Our Guest"
10 March 2017
UK Holiday Companies

HomeAway's regular VO Nick Offerman sits out this latest ad. Shame - we'd love to hear his cover version of 'Be Our Guest'. Anyway, this 'Beauty and the Beast’ tie-in flits between clips from the upcoming movie and competition winners exploring Berwickshire’s Duns Castle (cursed nobleman and talking crockery not included).

"What Are Girls Made Of?"

Matt said:

Nice ad. Unfortunately http://bit.ly/2mMPPir



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"Be Our Guest"
10 Mar 2017
HomeAway's regular VO Nick Offerman sits out this latest ad. Shame - we'd love to hear his cover version of 'Be Our Guest'. Anyway, this 'Beauty and the Beast’ tie-in flits between clips from the upcoming movie and competition winners exploring Berwickshire’s Duns Castle (cursed nobleman and talking crockery not included).

Sun Life
"Hello, Boys"
9 Mar 2017
Cyclists have a new danger to look out for: Sun Life’s sixty-two-year-old siren. After her brief appearance in the insurer’s recent 60” spectacular, she’s the centre of attention here. The sunseeker doesn’t seem too fussed at the Lyrca-clad bodies flying over her garden hedge… that’s because Sun Life’s home cover offers complete peace of mind.

Sun Life
"Life After 50"
9 Mar 2017
Over fifty equals over the hill? Not if Sun Life has anything to do with it. Long associated with the likes of Michael Parkinson offering free Parker pens “just for enquiring”, the insurer flips the script in this all-action commercial. The entertaining script encourages growing old disgracefully with some well-staged beats.

14 Feb 2017
Having recently scooped a Grammy for Beyoncé’s politically-charged ‘Formation’ promo, director Melina Matsoukas tackles equality in this stirring Nike film. To mark Black History Month, Michael B. Jordan asks: “Is this the land history promised?” Despite the wintry aesthetic, the ad has fire in the belly.

"One in a Billion"
18 Jan 2017
They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. In that case, Under Armour should be very flattered by this Chinese Adidas commercial. The ad riffs on Under Armour’s sublime ‘Rule Yourself’ ad from 2015. Yet there's more to it than that; it also challenges notions about Chinese conformity.

11 Jan 2017
HSBC Premier launch their Jade membership scheme with this attractive-looking commercial. After delivering a mysterious box (the best kind of box), a young boy finds all doors open to him as he explores the high life. We're left unsure about what being a Jade member entails, but, then again, this is likely aimed at a very select portion of the bank's clientele.

"Be Heard"
12 Dec 2016
Beats by Dre have consistently tied their brand of flashy headgear to the hip and trendy, so much so that the overarching theme of their ad campaigns appears to be: 'how many slebs can we squeeze into thirty seconds of footage?'. So perhaps it's no surprise that this time around Anomaly have brought a whopping 23 of the world's biggest sports stars on board for their 'Be Heard' campaign.

"Pool Party"
16 Nov 2016
J2O's inflatable pool party looks like it could turn into the world's squeakiest orgy if that horse and spaceman don't tone things down. This sunny ad is the perfect antidote to winter blues, featuring a crowd of DJ loving monkeys and an unfortunate end for a juice-loving dinosaur. Another reason you shouldn't open bottles with your teeth, folks.

John Cooper Clarke & Hugh Cornwell
"Johnny Remember Me"
3 mins 23s
18 Oct 2016
Poet John Cooper Clarke and former Stranglers frontman Hugh Cornwell have joined forces on an album of cover songs. This version of John Leyton's 'Johnny Remember Me' is driven by Cooper Clarke's earthy vocals and a galloping beat. Cornwell's guitar twangs wouldn't feel out of place on a Western soundtrack, yet they add a wild element to this sombre ditty.

Short Films
18 Aug 2016
Watching a break-up unfold usually involves looking away to spare any awkwardness (and a few furtive glances back because, well, we’re only human). However, this ambitious interactive film by the Daniels grants viewers control of the multiverse by presenting divergent takes on this couple’s relationship crossroads.

"Tennis v Baseball"
15 Aug 2016
This Nike campaign continues to go from strength to strength with this demonstration of raw power courtesy of Serena Williams and Major League Baseball star Giancarlo Stanton. The pair's cross-court and cross-sport rally gets the viewer's pulse racing and Oscar Isaac's enjoyably frantic VO in a tizz, but he's soon in an apologetic mood for questioning this training session.

"Sister Madonna Buder"
14 Aug 2016
Nike once again flummox Oscar Isaac in the voiceover booth - this time by introducing Sister Madonna Buder a.k.a. the 'Iron Nun'. No, don't worry, she isn't the latest addition to cinema's ever-increasing roster of superheroes - eighty-six-year-old Buder is a triathlete with a spry attitude to the whole mind, body, and soul business. Another engaging distillation of the sporting brand's universal message of boundless endeavour.

"Unlimited You"
2 mins 37s
6 Aug 2016
When they hit their stride, there are few advertisers who can match Nike and they've pulled something really special out of the locker to launch their Olympics campaign. The first minute or so is pretty great but it pales into insignificance compared with what follows... and it's all held together by a spectacularly brilliant voiceover performance from Oscar Isaac.

Stella McCartney
25 Jul 2016
This candyfloss-coloured confection for Pop, Stella McCartney's new fragrance, looks light and frothy but in fact is an immensely sophisticated piece of work. Set to 'Venus Fly' by Grimes (a smart move in itself), it manages to be both girly and grown-up - and doesn't recruit brooding men to smoulder at women who just passively receive their gaze.

Years & Years
4 mins 51s
20 Jul 2016
Slick popsters Years & Years have an in-your-face promo (quite literally) for their latest release 'Worship'. Bold and defiant, it's a highly stylised clip about gay sexuality with singer Olly Alexander at the centre, Matt Lambert behind the camera, and choreographer Ryan Heffington orchestrating the action that sees Alexander dancing angrily for men in a car park.

"7 Deadly Sins"
13 mins 13s
16 Jun 2016
Fashion director Edward Enninful is celebrating a glittering career of 25 years and counting... so long-time friend Nick Knight has made a film in honour of this, branded by Beats. Called 'The 7 Deadly Sins of Edward Enninful', it features eight supermodels - apparently because it seemed fitting that gluttony should require not one but two representations.

Head & Shoulders
11 Jun 2016
Joe Hart hasn't kept many clean sheets during his time in the Head & Shoulders goal, but this purposeful ad for the shampoo brand marks an upturn in form. Along with fellow shot-stoppers Iker Casillas and Manuel Neuer, the pressures of being the last line of defence are depicted with pleasing visual spark. Meanwhile, the advertised hair product ensures these goalies keep their eye on the ball and not on dandruff.

"NikeLab x Olivier Rousteing"
8 Jun 2016
Fashion designer Olivier Rousteing brings a whole new meaning to the term 'silky football' thanks to his collaboration with Nike. Black and gold are the team colours of this eye-catching commercial showcasing the collection's luxuriant take on sports apparel, with PrettyBird director Nick Knight capturing the spectacle and rendering it in a suitably indulgent rhythm.

Blonde Redhead
3 mins 49s
7 Jun 2016
Who knew that director Eric Wareheim's favourite face-sitting artist is Namio Harukawa? Who knew face-sitting artists are even a thing? Well, if you didn't before, you do now. This promo is Wareheim's astonishing "love letter" to both the artist himself and Blonde Redhead, and it's quite an, er, eye-opener. In more ways than one.

Hannah Huston
"I Call The Shots"
2 mins 36s
7 Jun 2016
The Voice finalist Hannah Huston is on fine form in this performance video by Dori Oskowitz. The clip doesn't try to oversell itself with anything massively ambitious, which is a smart move as this is all about keeping our eyes on the singer, who also penned the track. The economical use of expressive cut-aways to Huston's gestures is spot on.

4 mins 08s
18 May 2016
There's nothing we can say about Coldplay that hasn't already been said, which leaves us free to concentrate on the rather lovely video for their new single Up&Up. Directed by Gal Muggia and Prettybird's Vania Heymann, it's a heady cocktail of surreal imagery, with turtles swimming through tube stations and babies flying on the wings of a plane.

"Summer Fashion"
16 May 2016
This sassy ad for Very reprises its springtime theme but with summer styles. Models sporting beachwear and holiday gear dance in front of the now-familiar Very cube which - in this instance - depicts the kind of exotic landscapes we all want to escape to after a long winter of grey, damp weather. It works hard while looking effortless - something that's not always easy to achieve.

International Olympic Committee
24 Apr 2016
The International Olympic Committee preach their hallowed message of determination and collaboration in this stirring film. As well as highlighting the tenacity of those training for Rio 2016, the IOC remind us that Olympic values extend to everyone regardless of their chosen pursuit, gender, or race. Well-shot with a suitably earnest tone, the work squeezes every ounce of grit out of the subject matter.

"Unacceptable Acceptance Letters"
20 Apr 2016
In this film designed to remind those heading to university that they need to be on their guard if they want to avoid being sexually assaulted, students report the prospect of being raped as simply part of the equation. While it works as a warning, it has the air of something that places all the responsibility for avoiding sexual assault in the hands of its victims when the people who really need to be reached are surely the perpetrators of these crimes.

Seventh Generation
"Not Blue Goo"
20 Apr 2016
This short US spot for Seventh Generation laundry detergent is a tad eccentric, but that's what makes it stand out among the raft of generic ads for rival products. A woman in white explains that other detergents often contain 'blue goo' to make clothes appear brighter, and that the offending substance leaves a residue. Not so with Seventh Generation, which is entirely natural and eco-friendly.

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