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Thomas Cook
"Get Ready"
25 December 2016
UK Holiday Companies

The best thing about this is Stella Talpo's cover of The Temptations' classic 'Get Ready'. The worst thing about this is, well, everything else. A series of clichés are fired at us in quick succession, and whether they're live action or animation they're unable to generate any enthusiasm for the advertised holiday company.


Mark said:

Using the Errol Morris mirror technique and then not using it seems odd here



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Thomas Cook
"Get Ready"
25 Dec 2016
The best thing about this is Stella Talpo's cover of The Temptations' classic 'Get Ready'. The worst thing about this is, well, everything else. A series of clichés are fired at us in quick succession, and whether they're live action or animation they're unable to generate any enthusiasm for the advertised holiday company.

19 Nov 2016
Lidl's elves work through the night to provide around seventeen million sprouts to the British public in the run-up to Christmas - that's a lot of resentful children choking them down before pudding. 'Sprout widow' is a phrase we never expected to hear, even in the weird and wonderful world of Christmas ads - and is the highlight of the script.

14 Nov 2016
If we had to sum up the cleverness of TBWA's advertising for Lidl in a single phrase it would be this: it gives us permission to shop there. And their Christmas ad provides a brilliant example of how effective this approach can be. As families get ready for a meal many consider the most important of the year, they will focus on the single most crucial decision: the turkey.

"Coming Home"
1 min 50s
13 Nov 2016
adam&eveDDB have created a greater synergy between John Lewis's and Waitrose's advertising this Christmas. It's just over a year since they took over the supermarket's account and because of the way they've implemented some of the strategy that has made their partnership with John Lewis so successful, the connection between the two seems ever more evident.

21 Oct 2016
Footballers aren’t magnets for sympathy, but spare a thought if you can for Paul Pogba. The Manchester United midfielder’s £89 million transfer fee means every touch, kick, and pass is measured in pounds and pence. This vibrant Adidas commercial says forget the numbers - it’s all about the name.

2 mins 52s
17 Oct 2016
Comfort and Rogue's Tom Barbor-Might present this enlightening tour of Boring, Oregon. Obviously, the town's moniker carries certain connotations: as one resident remarks: "Some people would say you have to be boring to live here, but... you don't." Gentle humour permeates throughout the film as we learn more about Boring's history, culture, and local amenities.

"Juliet Stevenson"
5 Oct 2016
The latest ad in this winning series for Amazon's talking books service has Juliet Stevenson suggesting we let our imagination enhance the daily commute. Her description of such fantastical images as a newborn dragon and an intimate murder has us picturing impossible things, once again demonstrating how "when we listen, amazing things happen".

"Eddie Marsan"
4 Oct 2016
Eddie Marsan sounds slightly threatening as he plays with our imagination in this commercial from Audible, Amazon's audiobook branch. The actor delivers a boatload of gravitas as he conjures surreal images which demonstrate the power of words to enliven our lives... even when we're enduring the most boring commute imaginable.

Marks & Spencer
"Back to School"
15 Aug 2016
The 'back to school' market must be considered very precious by each of the retailers who supply it as they seem to raise their game year after year. Marks & Spencer's effort is particularly exuberant and as we mentioned last week, offered Rainey Kelly and director Chris Sweeney the opportunity to connect it to their sumptuous food advertising.

7 Jul 2016
Chris made the foolish mistake of alleging that Lidl collect their fish from a ditch so they took him out in a boat across the darkened water. But instead of filling his boots with cement as you might expect, they show him where they source their mussels and demonstrate how keen they are on sustainability... at least, that's what they did while the cameras were rolling.

4 Jul 2016
Lidl's continuing effort to upgrade the British public's expectations is given a big boost with this lovely documentary-style piece. According to the super at the beginning, Sharna used social media to question Lidl on the source of their meat. They didn't just reply, they arranged for her to be taken to one of the Scottish farms where some of the cattle who supply their stores are raised.

Audi R8
1 Jun 2016
When it feels like you're going around in circles, it can be a frustrating experience. Audi, on the other hand, like nothing better than going for a good long spin. Having shown they can let rip like the best of them in the past, the luxury brand present a cultured take on a boy racer's speciality. The camera remains in faithful orbit around the R8 as it executes a textbook doughnut on a warehouse floor.

Mars Bars
"Sea of Support"
13 May 2016
Every even-numbered year affords a new shot at glory for the England football team. Alas, each tournament also affords fans new ways to experience heartache as if it's a national pastime. With Euro 2016 just a few weeks away from kick off, however, Mars extol the power of belief in this amusing Channel crossing.

iD Mobile
"Urban Cowboys"
6 Apr 2016
Another of the films celebrating the existence of the Fletcher Street Riding Club by Rogue's Tom Barbor-Might. Here a variety of voices involved with this extraordinary project explain how caring for horses helps to keep young men away from gang violence. As with the other work in his series, this has been beautifully filmed.

iD Mobile
27 Apr 2016
This extraordinary film by Rogue's Tom Barbor-Might is one of a short collection he shot in North Philadelphia with the Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club. Of all the ways in which one might expect an urban community to keep its young people away from the threat of gang violence, horse riding would sit somewhere between stamp collecting and morris dancing in a very long list of remote possibilities.

"Virtual Cockpit"
25 Apr 2016
You can trust Rogue's Mark Jenkinson to elicit drama out of dashboard instruments, and Audi's faith in the director is rewarded with this neat piece of storytelling. It appears the car maker is rather proud of its digital interface, one which displays everything a road user requires along with some nifty extras. Outside the comfort of the cab, however, all is not well.

BBC Radio
"Turn It Up"
22 Mar 2016
BBC Radio present a lyrical and eye-catching tribute to the wireless with this 60" ad directed by Rogue's Mark Jenkinson. Poet and wordsmith James Massiah is our guide through an ever-changing environment as he ponders radio's ability to keep us switched on from the moment we slide out of bed.

Lloyds Bank
"For Your Next Step"
11 Mar 2016
Having released their famous black horse from its stable last year with a gallop through history, Lloyds present another arresting film depicting life's noteworthy moments. We see the beast stride through the background of various scenarios rendered in slow motion. The technique allows the emotional heft of a new born baby, a proposal in a busy street, and the last goodbye to a loved one to be skilfully amplified.

3 Feb 2016
A barbershop becomes a bull market in this eye-catching commercial for social trading platform eToro. Idle chatter doesn't interest this horned barber, but talk of stock market movers and shakers does. By asking others whether to buy or sell natural gas shares, the stylist ensures the man in the chair becomes the man in the know. A fun depiction of amateur trading with a nice anti-bantz line.

"Apple Pay/Build-Up"
24 Nov 2015
The now very-familiar sound of a drum roll reaching its Whiplash crescendo makes its presence felt in this spot for Visa / Apple Pay. As the build-up intensifies, a staccato series of scenarios plays out. At the drop, everything resolves itself; and inbetween the Apple Pay app acts as a catalyst. It's smart and slick, but at the same time it does suggest that there's a degree of apprehension as to whether the app is going to allow a successful transaction or not.

Lipton Tea
"The Revolution In Tea"
16 Nov 2015
Rogue Films's Saam Farahmand harnesses the spectacle of Cirque du Soleil for a brew like no other in this ad for the T.O. by Lipton machine. Tea infusion becomes a work of art as these colourful performers blend with the water in hypnotic fashion. As Brits know all too well, there is an art to making the perfect cup of tea, so the sublime craftsmanship behind this ad should win plenty of admirers.

"Just Can't Wait for Christmas"
6 Nov 2015
When there are five directors of photography included in the credits, you'd better believe that most of what you ultimately see has been done in camera. And when what you see is the best part of an Argos store hurtling down the side of a snowy mountain, you'd better believe it's a mighty impressive achievement.

"Danny Weston"
3 Nov 2015
In real life, the Danny Westons of this world are described by those who know them as 'big personalities', which is code for exhausting and stressful. But for the purposes of a 30 second ad, they are life-affirming balls of fun who make things happen, so that their lesser friends are happy to chip in with payment via their mobile apps for the gifts and events Danny has organised. Really nicely done - we suspect we'd quite like him as a friend despite ourselves.

"Clare Spencer"
1 Nov 2015
Another winning reminder of how Halifax's campaign has maintained its celebratory tone with aplomb. The school hall is Clare Spencer's domain as she exhibits her formidable fighting skills with manic glee. She earns the respect of all around here - and she's earned the adulation from the advertised bank. To help ensure she doesn't perform tameshiwari on her tablet, Halifax have produced a series of explanatory videos that make banking terms crystal clear.

Marks & Spencer
"The Art of Luxury"
23 Oct 2015
You get the sense that Marks & Spencer's autumn campaign is going to migrate gently into their Christmas campaign... and before we know it, it'll be January and we'll all be waking up in a ditch wondering what happened. You could hardly blame them if they opted to stay with this bright and breezy series... they're certainly getting the job done.

1-25 of 369 Results

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