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"Cowboys or Indians"
4 mins 04s
20 March 2017
UK Promos

Unkle may be constantly changing in the personnel department, but they know when consistency pays off. 'Cowboys or Indians' is their latest collaboration with directors Warren du Preez and Nick Thornton-Jones, and the pair deliver a typically trippy promo.

Murky shades and hues ooze across the screen as bodies shift in and out of focus. Silky, suggestive and hypnotic, the promo teases carnal pleasures through a woozy filter.

As the track veers from acoustic gospel to an urgent synth line, the imagery becomes clear for all to see: bondage straps, S&M gear, and tight-fitting leather. Well, Unkle sure know how to throw a party... and nail the playlist, too.

Co-op Supermarkets
"Mother's Day"

Gary said:

Beautifully done - looks and feels totally believable without being too sentimental.



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"Cowboys or Indians"
4 mins 04s
20 Mar 2017
Unkle may be a constantly changing act, but they know when consistency pays off. 'Cowboys or Indians' is their latest collaboration with directors Warren du Preez and Nick Thornton-Jones, and the pair deliver a typically trippy promo. Murky shades and hues ooze across the screen as bodies shift in and out of focus.

James Wellbeloved
"Mega City"
10 Mar 2017
Amazon recently showed you can’t go wrong with a busker and his dog. Pet food brand James Wellbeloved take this notion to heart with this beautifully animated commercial. A young chap braves an endless downpour to save for better times ahead. Alas, generosity is hard to come by in this grim metropolis. As faceless commuters trudge by, the lad manages a few pennies each night. Still, every penny counts.

4 mins 32s
24 Jan 2017
Second in a narrative trilogy for Aquilo - you can read our review of the first promo here - this film focuses on the father of the rebellious young figure skater whose story was told in 'You Won't Know Where You Stand.' This instalment shines a spotlight - literally - on the poignant circumstances of his life.

"You Won't Know Where You Stand"
4 mins 21s
24 Jan 2017
Electronic duo Aquilo embark on an ambitious trio of promos to launch their debut album, ‘Silhouettes’. Part one introduces us to a promising figure skater who learns the path to greatness never runs smoothly. She attracts the attention of a lad working at her ice rink. As their relationship blossoms, life both on and off the ice becomes a testing routine.

"The Future is Forwards"
9 Jan 2017
Jaguar show us a kaleidoscopic vision of the future in this ad for their first fully electric sports car. Images melt into each other as neon lights flash and a voiceover describes some of the concepts which went into the car, all to a pulsing soundtrack which makes the future sound not only forwards, but imminent.

Compare The Market
"Let it Go"
25 Dec 2016
For the latest instalment, we're offered an update on Oleg - the baby meerkat adopted by Aleksandr and Sergei three Christmases ago and taken back to Africa the following year. These updates are perhaps set to become a regular part of a Christmas push by the price comparison site as we rejoin the youngster in a winter wonderland.

Short Films
"Alice, Adelaide"
19 mins 35s
7 Dec 2016
This lyrical and intriguing short film was shot over the course of the eleven days it took to drive from Alice Springs to Adelaide in Northern Australia. The contrast between past and present becomes the main focus as stories emerge out of the stark landscape. The man who's been sober for four weeks, the Aboriginal man who feels caught between cultures, the ageing lothario opal miner - the camera gives them all space to relate their own narrative in a way that's affecting in its honesty.

"Circuit Paul Ricard"
3 mins 14s
29 Nov 2016
One of two films from electric car maker NIO demonstrating their engineering prowess. The Circuit Paul Ricard's vivid track hosts a record-breaking drive from racing driver Nelson Piquet Jr. Meanwhile, the NIO design team provide insights on how their calculations translate to raw power on the tarmac. Science and speed in perfect harmony.

2 mins 30s
29 Nov 2016
Germany's famed Nürburgring has been at the centre of a F1 storm recently with the circuit's owners unwilling to host next year's German Grand Prix. Luckily for racing fans, Chinese electric car start-up NIO puts the track to good use by test driving their EP9 supercar. Fluid visuals and aggressive sound design sell this eco-friendly car's power.

"Get More Out Of Giving"
4 Nov 2016
Very go the warm and fuzzy route in their Christmas ad that's all about the joy of giving. A woman is followed around by a little heart that grows with every gift she gives to delighted and bewildered passers by, children stuck in hospital, and even Santa himself. It's beautifully animated and very sweet - sure to strike the right chord with its target audience.

"Locker Room"
5 Oct 2016
We catch up with the Haribo rugby boys in another addition to their consistently amusing ad campaign. With the kids this time likening Tangfastics to 'a volcano' and 'people having a party in my mouth', the series remains funny and endearing as ever. Kids' voices coming out of grown-ups' mouths will never not be entertaining.

Compare The Market
"Aleksandr and Sergei's Rush to the Cinema"
3 Oct 2016
This Compare The Market commercial pays tribute to both 'Speed' and 'Anchorman 2' in one fur-raising trip to the local multiplex. Sergei insists 49.3 mph is the optimum speed to reach the snack counter in time, though he and Aleksandr are put through the slo-mo ringer thanks to some ducks crossing the road. Lovely nods to baby Oleg dotted around the RV, too.

"Train Carriage"
11 Sep 2016
Haribo has fun with the daily commute with in this latest commercial featuring adults with the mouths of babes. Many characters from the sweetie brand's train platform ad make a return, and they're once again comparing their favourite Starmix treats with childish glee. The shock from one passenger at the thought of teddy bears kissing (eurgh!) is lovely, producing another highlight in this excellent campaign.

Daily Record
"Scottish Football"
31 Aug 2016
The Daily Record's impressive ode to Scottish football fandom should stir the blood of any supporter north of the border, even when the thermometer plunges south. Delivered by a voice you can imagine has yelled both encouragement and vitriol in equal measure, the script casts a wry yet affectionate eye on Scotland's leagues with references to clubs proud of their "mid-table mountain" status and the rigmarole of navigating "a qualifier for the qualifiers" in Europe.

British Heart Foundation
"Research Is Hope"
3 Aug 2016
The familiar 'once more unto the breach' speech from Shakespeare's Henry V proves a perfect accompaniment to a series of vignettes underlining the importance of research to combat heart disease. The emphasis on the last three words signals how apposite it is, and the combative turning of heads proves a strong piece of symbolism.

Jobs In Football
"Unorthodox Manager"
20 Jul 2016
This well-observed piece for recruitment website Jobs In Football introduces us to Keith. Some say he's football's next visionary, though nailing down references to back it up is easier said than done. According to this local team's senior coach, however, Keith was the only option... and it's soon clear to see the shortlist could've done with a few more candidates - namely anyone but him.

"Pure Natural Energy"
14 Jul 2016
This suitably restless ad for Kiwi energy drink V-Pure gives the old eyeballs a fair workout thanks to a stylized montage that doesn't know the meaning of the phrase "chill out". Shot with an automatic fire sensibility by Rankin Film's Vicky Lawton, the commercial proceeds at a dizzying pace as eclectic and abstract examples of physical exertion catch the eye.

LV Liverpool Victoria
"Fix It"
7 Jul 2016
The persistent use of the same music and the green iconography has drilled home the ubiquity of LV's presence in daytime ad breaks as surely and pleasantly as water-boarding. That said, the pleasingly elaborate construction on show here with its neatly-imagined Heath-Robinsonian engineering offers some welcome visual respite.

24 Jun 2016
Heymoonshaker represent the spirit of ADCAN in this minute-long documentary about the rock 'n' roll beatboxers. ADCAN is a worthwhile endeavour which connects charitable causes in need of support with aspiring filmmakers looking to improve their reel and pushes them towards an extremely productive arranged marriage.

Compare The Market
"Limited Edition Toys"
28 May 2016
WIth 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' receiving another PR blow in the form of cast member Jeremy Irons's critical perspective, at least Compare The Market's Aleksandr and Sergei are doing their best to elicit some goodwill towards the film. Still dressed in their superheroic finery, the pair remind audiences of the website's two-for-one cinema ticket promotion and latest grab-them-while-you-can toys.

Alzheimer's Society
"Cup Cakes"
12 May 2016
Unusual makeovers are the order of the day in this sweet film, which urges us to take part in a cup cake-themed fund-raiser for the Alzheimer's Society. Fern Beresford has her players pout mischievously for the camera as she deftly splits the screen to add a bit of dynamism and generally invests the project with a vibrant aesthetic. Though - being honest - she had us at 'cup cakes'.

Danone Oykos
"Peter Andre"
9 May 2016
Peter Andre is the latest hunk to star in the Danone Oykos ads, presumably enjoying a nice break in the sun after all those studio-based Lidl ads. However, unlike Mark Wright, the male totty from TOWIE who was offering his services as butler for a day, we're told quite emphatically that the same prospect avec M. Andre is strictly limited to the realms of one's fevered imagination.

Big Issue North
3 mins 20s
19 Apr 2016
Bullion's João Retorta and Prose frontman Mike Murray join forces for this heartfelt insight into Murray's experience of homelessness on the streets of Stretford. His story is one of rapid upheaval and an equally urgent need to adapt to new and uncertain circumstances. For Murray, music and keeping one foot off the streets helped ensure a degree of normality that is otherwise rare.

Bobby Moore Fund
"Football Shirt Friday"
3 mins 25s
14 Apr 2016
Okay, so it's not perfect but there's a lot of fun in this film promoting a new initiative supporting bowel cancer charities. Invoking the name of Bobby Moore who sadly died from the disease at the age of just 51, Omid Djalili enlists the help of veteran actor Alan Ford to growl at company bosses and persuade them to allow their staff to take part in Football Shirt Friday.

"Barber Shop"
11 Apr 2016
An engaging commercial for Gillette. That's five words we never thought we'd type. The multi-national brand with an apparent addiction for meaningless puffery has actually commissioned a diverting film which uses story-telling and humour to let us know about a new service.

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