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17 March 2017
Ireland Cider / Perry

Bulmers Ireland show us a scene with a twist in this energetic ad - reminding us how Irish their cider is just in time for St Paddy's. A pulsing soundtrack accompanies what looks like a house party only the cool kids are invited to, but appearances can be deceiving...

Soon the scene is annotated with percentages which make witty observations about what's really going on with the partygoers. A woman gazes into the distance, trying to remember switching her straighteners off; a man laughs along with his mates despite having no idea what the joke is; another man courageously commits to throwing shapes regardless of the fact he's probably at the wrong bash.

The annotations have a satisfyingly universal feel (we've all seen at least one bloke on a night out who 82% fancies himself), and build up nicely to the final observation that Bulmers is 100% Irish. A solid creative executed with aplomb - excellent work from Neil Gorringe and Lucky Generals.

"No Regrets"

Gary said:

Simply brilliant - (some jealous cunt give this a poor!)



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17 Mar 2017
Bulmers Ireland show us a scene with a twist in this energetic ad. A pulsing soundtrack accompanies what looks like a house party only the cool kids are invited to, but appearances can be deceiving... Soon the scene is annotated with percentages which make witty observations about what's really going on with the partygoers.

Castrol Edge
"Fast & Furious 8"
2 mins 28s
17 Mar 2017
'Fast & Furious 8' - or 'The Fate of the Furious' for Stateside readers - partners with Castrol Edge for this action-packed simulation. Stuntwoman Debbie Evans is challenged by series veteran Michelle Rodriguez to evade tanks and Russian submarines on an icy lake - just your regular Sunday afternoon drive, eh? Good to see the stunt driver take top billing for once.

4 Mar 2017
From Hovis Hill to Money Supermarket’s epic strut, UK ads know how to get people talking. Sure enough, this entertaining film promoting the IPA’s Festival of British Advertising brings together some of the nation’s best-loved commercials and some enthusiastic contributors. Even if your favourite ad didn’t make the cut, it’s an affectionate showcase of Blighty’s finest.

"Eden Hazard"
23 Feb 2017
Premier League refs would appreciate this Sure ad’s rewind facility. As Chelsea’s Eden Hazard prepares to take a penalty, we watch the build-up in reverse. How does the midfield maestro stay composed throughout? By using the advertised deodorant before kick-off, of course. While it’s unlikely to give Sunday league players the Belgian’s mercurial touch, it should help keep bothersome sweat at bay.

"This IS Classic"
16 Feb 2017
The beat goes on in this atmospheric Reebok Classics film. Rapper Jesse James Solomon pays tribute to a London that comes to life after sundown, as well as those who’ve provided the soundtrack over the years. RSA’s Antony Crook has demonstrated his affinity for the brand in the past, and this shorter piece maintains his firm grasp of place and time.

13 Feb 2017
Mitsubishi encourage us to “escape… virtual life” in this ad for their ASX model. We’re told to disconnect and explore the world around us as a studio full of displays shows just how much screentime we absorb. The sentiment reminds us of Toyota’s trip through a CGI realm, though good luck persuading audiences to ditch their smart devices in 2017.

Department for International Trade
"Invest in GREAT Britain"
31 Jan 2017
The Department for International Trade extends an invitation to global investors with this beautifully shot film. Where do you begin when showing Blighty at its best? Well, a cameo from James Bond’s Aston Martin DB11 is a good place to start. Dan Gifford and DP David Luther ensure a polished outcome as various UK industries receive their moment in the spotlight.

Pot Noodle
"Gary the Brickie"
20 Jan 2017
Geordie Gary went from being a 'proper normal lad' to President of the United States by borrowing some money from his dad to set up a hotel and... you know where this is going. This is an excellent spoof, hitting all the marks of a good Trump send-up including the graphics of 'Gary Tower', his too-beautiful wife, and the inflammatory tweets which swell his social media following ('cats are crap'... Gary, you monster).

David Bowie
"No Plan"
4 mins 01s
12 Jan 2017
Historians will likely pinpoint David Bowie’s death as the moment we should’ve realised 2016 was a write-off. Still, we made it to 2017 somehow, and the music keeps coming. The title track from Bowie’s posthumous ‘No Plan’ EP receives a suitably elegaic promo from Tom Hingston.

Mitsubishi Outlander
10 Jan 2017
This intriguing film for Mitsubishi's Outlander PHEV by Golley Slater and director Bugsy Steel offers an unusual, highly creative take on car advertising tropes. There are loving shots of smooth driving and a visceral soundtrack, yes, but something strange is lurking near the road...

Land Rover Range Rover
5 mins 25s
25 Nov 2016
Racing driver and former Top Gear wheelman Ben Collins takes on the invitingly named 'Inferno' ski course in a Range Rover Sport. The erstwhile Stig shows his mettle by navigating ice, rock, and dirt in an unforgiving drive. No need for a helicopter lift to hospital though - years of teaching celebrities to drive full-pelt around a race track have given Collins nerves of steel.

"Product Recall"
26 Sep 2016
Last year, Channel 4 rattled viewers with a mysterious communication from Persona Synthetics - later revealed to be the architects behind the world of sci-fi series Humans. Now, the corporation wishes to placate anxious customers with a product recall announcement.

Short Films
"Red Dirt Road"
14 mins 02s
8 Aug 2016
This documentary from director Rodney Rascona offers a compelling insight into one Cambodian village's efforts to craft a better future for itself stitch by stitch. Following sewing worker Hab Saly's efforts to leave the industrial hardship of Phnom Penh in favour of a more optimistic future, the film juxtaposes footage of Cambodia's traumatic past with its present-day landscape. For Saly, both her friends and family's future lies beyond the factory gates.

"An Apology"
1 min 40s
25 Jul 2016
This tongue-in-cheek apology proves a brilliant way of introducing a new 'Irish' burger at KFC. We can only assume that the personnel at BBH charged with finding an angle for this were so dumbfounded by the proposition that they decided the only possible approach was to take the piss out of it... and it's an immensely good call.

Travel Channel
"Judith Chalmers"
8 Jun 2016
80 year old Judith Chalmers proves a game trouper in this VFX-laden ad for the Travel Channel which looks to dispel the idea that a Travel channel deals solely in the currency of holidays. And especially not in the same fashion as Chalmers famously did in 'Wish You Were Here' (younger readers should picture 'Top Gear' without the cars).

"I’m a giffgaff Member"
27 May 2016
giffgaff is an advertising earworm that's been wriggling its way into the collective consciousness of the British public over the last few years. It has very successfully established its core principles with its earlier advertising while allowing the proposition itself to be somewhat nebulous. The arc of their communication has gradually shifted to clarify the offer and this - their latest commercial - sees their proposition solidify into something which demands our attention.

"Yes You Can"
9 May 2016
We never thought we'd mention Batiste and Barack Obama in the same sentence, but there's a first time for everything. The hair styling brand presents its own Obama-esque can-do moxie with this bright and bold commercial featuring a cheery cast turning hairy situations to their advantage. Thanks to Batiste's equally colourful selection, renegade strands needn't get in the way of a good time any more.

Sony PlayStation
"Ad Break Takeover"
3 mins 30s
7 May 2016
After their bold ad break collaboration with Ronseal last time out, Channel 4 once again venture into uncharted territory of a different kind. To celebrate the release of PS4 keystone 'Uncharted 4: A Thief's End', Gogglebox audiences were treated to a blockbuster sequence from the game. Once Nathan Drake enthusiasts had stopped salivating at the game's graphics, they could take to Twitter for a chance to win their own treasure haul.

Food Network UK
"Paul Hollywood City Bakes"
26 Apr 2016
Paul Hollywood is the thinking woman's crumpet on every level and he know how to use his appeal. Here, the silver fox promotes a TV option which will give his fans the opportunity to watch him explore the cuisines of other countries.... while baking the occasional loaf himself, we expect.

5 Apr 2016
This is a great way for Dairylea to return to our screens. The sensibility is reminiscent of Quiet Storm's excellent Haribo work and it also brings to mind last year's Hovis ad. However, it's better than the latter while more than holding its own against the former. Two knights are readying themselves for a battle with some dragons when they stop for a little sustenance... but not all is as it seems.

Domino's Pizza
"Pepperoni & Sriracha"
29 Mar 2016
More gobby gymnastics from Domino's in this 10" plug for their pepperoni and Sriracha sauce pizza. These two suffer a sensory overload with the aforementioned dish under their noses, and the power of speech proves no match for the power of pepperoni. The idea naturally isn't given as much to time make an impact as the main ad, but the brand have faith in the oddness factor.

Domino's Pizza
25 Mar 2016
Domino's aren't afraid to mouth off about the supposed tastiness of their pizzas as this zany commercial shows. In the presence of an order from the advertised pizza vendor, the mouths of these customers take on lives of their own. While their gobs do an eye-catching shuffle, the only way to articulate their pleasure is through incomprehensible gibberish.

Mellon Educate
"What the Fuck Have You Done?"
3 mins
21 Mar 2016
Daydreamers, procrastinators, and dilly-dallyers beware - volunteer charity Mellon Educate have you in their sights. This clever film riffs off the vagaries of online interaction to guide us towards channelling our clicking energy into something worthwhile. Easier said than done in this age of falling down the YouTube video rabbit hole.

World Child Cancer
"The Big C"
10 Mar 2016
This beautifully realised ad for World Child Cancer takes one of society's most common labels for cancer - the Big C - and turns it into an arresting visual metaphor. A child's building block increases in size as it crashes down a flight of stairs, where It ends up towering over a Bangladeshi girl playing with her own blocks. The two children share the same pastime, but one has a far better chance of beating cancer than the other.

"Achieving The Impossible"
5 mins 28s
11 Feb 2016
This short film obliquely connected to Nicorette doesn't sound like it's going to be particularly compelling, especially when you consider some of the Nicorette advertising that's graced our screens in recent years. However, it commands your attention from the get-go... and doesn't let up. A beautifully inspiring piece that refuses to succumb to sentimentality.

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