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John Lewis
20 March 2017
UK Department Stores

John Lewis have created their own in-house denim and lifestyle brand, And/Or - and here's the ad that launches it. 'Denim Born of LA' seems to be aimed at 20-somethings who see themselves as sexy, sassy and independent but who may not have considered John Lewis their first port of call for fashion.

It's beautifully shot and has a refrigerator-cool vibe. A young mum breastfeeding, a trans woman and multi-racial models are included in the mix of denim wearers, although the spot focuses mainly on a slim white woman who likes a pretty bra.

Considering the clothing collection is inspired by places in Los Angeles, it's an interesting choice to use Jain's 'Makeba' as the soundtrack. It's a terrific song and its vibrant rhythm gives extra energy to the ad, but its strong African influence doesn't really evoke the city, even allowing for the 'City of Angels' being a cultural melting pot.

Still, And/Or works hard in its suggestion that it offers lots of ways to put a look together and it has bags of attitude.

Co-op Supermarkets
"Mother's Day"

Gary said:

Beautifully done - looks and feels totally believable without being too sentimental.



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John Lewis
20 Mar 2017
John Lewis have created their own in-house denim and lifestyle brand, And/Or - and here's the ad that launches it. 'Denim Born of LA' seems to be aimed at 20-somethings who see themselves as sexy, sassy and independent but who may not have considered John Lewis their first port of call for fashion.

ONE Campaign
"Poverty is Sexist"
17 Feb 2017
The ONE Campaign examines the power of 'no' in this awareness film. We watch as women from across the globe are prevented from expressing themselves. Whether it’s face-to-face or through social media, 'no' paralyzes. The group has attracted criticism in the past, but this ad makes a timely appeal for gender equality worldwide.

"Bradley Wiggins"
5 Feb 2017
Skoda must be following Bradley Wiggins’s stint on The Jump closely. He’s already taken a knock, though at least their prized acquisition is fighting fit in this engrossing ad. We watch him tumble, carry on through pain and derision, before ultimately riding to success.

"Pogba: Capsule Collection"
17 Jan 2017
Paul Pogba's capsule clothing collection with Adidas has been launched at an uncomfortable moment for the player following a disastrous performance on the pitch. Perhaps this stylish film with edgy black and gold visuals and an attention-grabbing soundtrack can divert attention away from the critics.

"Transforming Treatment"
16 Jan 2017
MQ are the first major UK charity focused on funding research into mental health - and this is their first major ad, launched in a special presentation on Channel 4. We're shown a series of historical clips depicting things which were said to be impossible - the reunification of Germany, humans in space, amputees able to run - before the naysayers' screens are shattered.

"Hard Liquor"
4 mins 04s
9 Jan 2017
With 'Hard Liquor' SOHN adds Moby-style blues to his usual cocktail of plangency and tricksy electronics. Jovan Todorovic's accompanying promo amplifies the mood, centring around a man stumbling through a monochrome setting in which a car lurks predatorily in the shadows. His drink-dazed intensity is impressively compelling.

"Win At Sleeping"
11 Jan 2017
Ikea turn the struggle to get a good night's sleep into a competitive sport in this rousing ad. Featuring the vocal stylings of motivational speaker Derrick Moore, sleepers are framed as athletes gearing up for the biggest test of their careers: eight full hours. The small details are particularly satisfying here: including the 'Snoozin' Jo' boxer-style robe and night cream applied in the manner of warpaint.

Toyota CH-R
2 Jan 2017
Glass Animals provide the soundtrack for this stylish-looking ad for the Toyota CH-R. It's all about the production design and the wardrobe as the Japanese marque go all out for the 'bright young thing' market. Mind you, does it exist where cars are concerned? The only place with any money is London and who the hell can afford to run a car in the capital?

Cadbury Crème Eggs
"Hunting Season"
4 Jan 2017
Cadbury declare open season on Creme Eggs in this fun ad. A gang of sweet-toothed hunters take to the countryside in various modes of transport including tractors, rollerblades, and even mobile cabins (love the 'poaching' joke). It's like Stanley Kramer's 'It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World' all over again - only with chocolate eggs replacing the $350,000 bounty.

"Taxi Driver"
1 Jan 2017
The trickery in this clever commercial for Aviva is as multi-layered as a Matryoshka doll. It suggests that the two people in the back of the taxi being steered by ex-Formula One driver David Coulthard have no idea what's in store for them. But, clearly they do. It also suggests that Coulthard did all the driving in this ad and this seems just as improbable. After all, the racer turned pundit is not a stunt driver.

"Kevin's Last Hurrah"
15 Dec 2016
Aldi give Kevin the Carrot a fitting send-off in this 30” commercial. The supermarket’s showpiece ad left Kevin dangling on a reindeer’s antler; now he’s landed himself in trouble. After close encounters with the fireplace and the family dog, the intrepid vegetable makes a chilly new friend in time for Christmas.

Childhood Trauma
6 mins 40s
4 Dec 2016
This touching PSA drawing attention to the long-lasting impact of childhood abuse is, at times, hard to watch. The actor playing Chad successfully conveys a sense that he's too overwhelmed to speak as he struggles to articulate the horrors of 'his' past. He returns to the house where the abuse took place.

Jean-Paul Gaultier
17 Nov 2016
Mademoiselle Noi embrace the weirdness of perfume ads to create a clip for Jean-Paul Gaultier with a distinctive aesthetic amidst a sea of generic sexy model and night-time city shots. There are sexy models - naturally - but this time they're working in a surreal factory manufacturing Gaultier's fragrances. There's a pleasingly limited colour palette in this that gives the ad a crisp, clean look.

"Kevin the Carrot"
7 Nov 2016
There's a fine art to creating a cute, anthropomorphic mascot. Likely inspired by the BBC's Sprout Boy, Aldi introduce their own vegetable hero: Kevin the Carrot. Kevin is determined to meet Santa Claus, but it requires a treacherous journey across the dinner table. Thanks to a sweet script and some charming visual touches, the supermarket have a new Christmas star.

"Going Home"
7 Nov 2016
This understated Audi commercial pays tribute to the car maker's heritage at racing mecca Le Mans. Various models are roused from their slumber to undertake a very special road trip. Director C D Morrish and DP Ryan Carmody craft an atmospheric homecoming as these cars drive through the gloom, while the brand reminds us of its glories on the town's revered circuit.

The Avalanches
"Because I'm Me"
4 mins 44s
2 Nov 2016
The Avalanches drop their sample-tastic approach to go for the 1970s Big Apple sound on this latest track. 'Because I'm Me' is evocative of classics like Odyssey's 'Native New Yorker' and 'More Than A Woman' by the Tavares - in fact, you could almost pop it into the Saturday Night Fever OST without anyone even noticing.

International Committee of the Red Cross
"Any Means Necessary"
1 Nov 2016
For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This stirring ad for the International Committee of the Red Cross reminds us that war tips the scale in horrifying fashion. It all starts with good intentions. A montage of smiling faces and bustling industry is accompanied by reassuring text such as "safer people" and "prosperity and peace"... but the language quickly turns hostile.

"The Robot"
4 Oct 2016
Playtime takes a surprising turn in this excellent ad for home security brand Daloc. A young boy regales his pal with talk of an extraordinary newcomer to his home - a newcomer made of steel, with gripping hooks, a "spy eye" and an ability to swallow all sound. His friendunderstandably pictures a robot of epic proportions - but just wait for the twist...

29 Sep 2016
This ad from Argos is as innovative as it is colourful, showing deliveries made with a bit more oomph than you might expect. Not your typical high-street ad, the choreography is fun without being slapstick, and the comic, colour-coordinated customers are a lovely visual touch. DAVID might have to order something if the same-day delivery comes complete with acrobatics like that.

McVitie's Nibbles
5 Sep 2016
As a group of flatmates watch the TV, one opens a packet of the newly launched McVitie's Nibbles and is delighted when a kitten wriggles out. Pretty soon, all four are cooing over a bunch of them to the incongruous strains of 'Grease Is The Word'. More than anything else about this campaign, we'd love to know who chooses the music, which has included Grange Hill's theme tune and that 80s classic, 'Axel F'.

Sun Bets
"In It"
16 Aug 2016
We've noticed some interesting shifts in the betting sector as of late with the likes of Betfair and BetVictor moving away from the boisterous machismo commonly associated with this market in favour of a more refined approach. It's therefore noteworthy that The Sun's foray into online gambling - Sun Bets - pays no heed to this and goes all in with the lad factor. Thanks to this energetic ad, the decision looks to have paid off.

Massive Attack (feat. Hope Sandoval)
"The Spoils"
6 mins 17s
11 Aug 2016
Massive Attack's recent single 'The Spoils' now has a video to go with it. John Hillcoat, who directed the film of Cormac McCarthy's novel 'The Road', has delivered a spellbinding clip in which Cate Blanchett slowly petrifies; turning from living, breathing human to crumbling stone. It's immensely powerful, and immensely moving.

"Community Football"
10 Aug 2016
Amidst all the hyper-stylized depictions of the beautiful game we tend to see at this time of the year, it's good to provide balance with something more innocent and grounded. This nicely shot McDonald's ad goes back to grassroots by showing youngsters developing ball skills and teamwork thanks to coaches and equipment backed by the fast food chain.

Dick's Sporting Goods
7 Aug 2016
US sports equipment chain Dick's Sporting Goods provide a quite interesting nugget of information in this charged Olympic tie-in: the human body contains 0.2 milligrams of gold. It's enough to give some of us an extra spring in our step, but it's not enough for Team USA - they want a whole lot more than a few traces of gold hanging from their neck. To achieve such a feat, it requires blood, sweat, and tears... and the right tools of the trade, as well.

"Feather Boiler"
19 Jul 2016
We're given some patchy philosophy from Sunny's perma-chilled spokesman as a feather wends its way down into this poor chap's boiler and gives him an unexpected cool spell in the shower. We doubt the "dude" who spoke of yin and yang had modern day loan companies in mind, but the brand's 80s refugee and his easy-going manner looks to have mileage.

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