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Sky Cinema
"Advent Calendar"
8 November 2016
UK TV Stations

Sky suggests there's plenty in store for movie lovers this Christmas with this skillfully composed ad. Windows from an advent calendar open to a host of blockbuster titles - and each door is in keeping with the film's aesthetic.

As a result, The Jungle Book's Mowgli and Baloo emerge from an exotic number seventeen; Leonardo di Caprio staggers through Revenant-inspired gates; while the sleuthing duo from Zootropolis (Zootopia for our non-UK friends) skittishly check out the lie of the, er, land.

It's as hard-working a spot as it is appealing. The calendar motif is a smart one, making the proposition instantly obvious and easy to remember. Everyone looks forward to quality time in front of the tellybox at Christmas, and the idea that there'll be a move worth watching every day of the month is a strong one indeed.

"Kevin the Carrot"

Charlie said:

We all like a carrot, but what about the stick?



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Sky Cinema
"Advent Calendar"
8 Nov 2016
Sky suggests there's plenty in store for movie lovers this Christmas with this skillfully composed ad. Windows from an advent calendar open to a host of blockbuster titles - and each door is in keeping with the film's aesthetic. The calendar motif is a smart one, making the proposition instantly obvious and easy to remember.

"Get More Out Of Giving"
4 Nov 2016
Very go the warm and fuzzy route in their Christmas ad that's all about the joy of giving. A woman is followed around by a little heart that grows with every gift she gives to delighted and bewildered passers by, children stuck in hospital, and even Santa himself. It's beautifully animated and very sweet - sure to strike the right chord with its target audience.

"Christmas Walk"
3 Nov 2016
The Littlewoods Christmas ad encourages us to get some fresh air with attitude on Christmas Day. There's a lovely 'tooling up' sequence as everyone steps out the door in style. With their thick jackets, Beats headphones, and lightsabers, nothing can halt this festive swagger... until another family emerges from around the corner. Some textbook British awkwardness rounds off this entertaining effort.

"The Experimental Series"
26 Oct 2016
Space take a scientific approach for Glenfiddich here, with a sultry Scottish voiceover telling us facts about the mind accompanied by dynamic shots suggesting curiosity and creativity. 'The mind lets us play with maybe, why, and what if' - which for Glenfiddich means creating a craft beer purely to season the casks that finish off their first experimental whisky.

1 Aug 2016
It's no mean feat stopping us from automatically tuning out from a Flash commercial, and this respectably daft tribute to Queen's work on 'Masters of the Universe' grabs both the eyes and the ears. An erstwhile muddy dog and his owner give it their best Freddie Mercury to communicate the brand's comprehensive cleaning properties. Good, clean fun.

"More Winning"
15 Jun 2016
Very appropriates Charlie Sheen's use of the word 'winning' in their simple but arresting sales campaign. Featuring everyday folk beaming beatifically as ticker tape cascades around them, each spot focuses briefly on a different 'department' - here, it's big savings on TVs and white goods. A soothing VO encourages us to join them in their ecstasy and get that winning feeling too.

"Winning Feeling"
15 Jun 2016
What does it feel like to bag a bargain in the Very sale? Like winning, apparently. And who's to argue? This simple and classy campaign doesn't batter the eyeballs with a barrage of stuff at knockdown prices - instead it focuses on the euphoria resulting from saving dosh on the item of your choice... in this case, goods from their home and furniture departments.

"Road Trip"
2 Jun 2016
This attractively-shot ad for Cesar depicts a woman making her getaway from an ugly situation. All she has is her car, a few possessions, and most important of all, her faithful Westie. In an affectionate sequence, we see the woman and her dog hit the open road without a destination in mind. They frequent parking lots, diners, and any motel amenable enough to pets.

Danone Light & Free
17 May 2016
A young woman walks along vibrant streets with a spring in her step... but, as she discovers, not nearly so much spring as her shadow has. That's because she's just eaten a Danone Light & Free yogurt, which stops her feeling enormous and bloated like other yogurts are, er, known for doing. It's a pity women are still targeted like this, although you cannot fault the execution... it looks lovely.

BBC iPlayer
9 May 2016
A girl insists to her friends she's heard the latest essential track on Charlie Sloth's BBC Radio 1 show. Of course, giving a live rendition even to a four-strong crowd is a tough gig, and she's less than impressed by her audience's reaction. Luckily, there's always the BBC iPlayer Radio service to do the tune's "bang" and "pop" credentials full justice.

BBC iPlayer
9 May 2016
It's a sober atmosphere in this boozer as a woman describes some tense goings-on to her unseen companion. When she's asked how the situation escalates, we lean in for the details as well. Unlike some, our narrator pumps the brakes before venturing into spoiler territory - her colleague can experience it for herself on the BBC iPlayer. Another compelling film for the rewind service.

BBC iPlayer
26 Apr 2016
This subtle ad for the BBC iPlayer taps into the satisfaction we feel when time spent catching up on our favourite programmes produces a nugget of knowledge. Within the confines of a cycle shop, a man attempts to explain the vastness of our universe to his disbelieving colleague using only a spanner. A neat depiction of how last night's telly can spark today's conversation.

Système U
"La Vie en Rose"
31 Mar 2016
French supermarket Système U creates a chorus of the iconic Piaf song 'La Vie En Rose' from the fractious wailing of newborn babies. The song is basically shorthand for the French sense of optimism, and by cleverly weaving the cries into its tune the ad suggests Système U is on the side of future generations... so long as the current generation of parents shop there now, we presume.

Carte D'Or
"Dessert Play"
29 Mar 2016
Carte D'Or is a brand many of us associate with uncool 80s names that briefly fooled us into thinking they were classy (its similarly-named peer Piat d'Or being another). Despite this heritage, it modestly plods on with well-crafted advertising like this helping to sustain its sales without threatening to elevate it to the next level.

21 Mar 2016
Are luminous talking orbs safe on a garage forecourt? They must be as BP return to our TV screens with Orby, a cheerful floating advocate of the oil giant's Ultimate fuel. Dougray Scott's infeasibly chipper VO melds with some nifty neon VFX to demonstrate how BP Ultimate supposedly leaves engines cleaner and better equipped to go the distance.

"Beautiful Chaos"
7 Mar 2016
A myriad kitchen utensils and ingredients cascade through the air in this classy-looking spot for Castello cheese. Figs, baby beet, edamame beans - they're all sophisticated salad stuffs here; none of your iceberg lettuce or pickled onions, thank you very much. So if you tend to think of soft blue cheese as belonging to the exotic end of ploughman's lunches, here's your chance to reconsider.

Lacto Free
25 Jan 2016
Arla previously employed hedgehogs to champion their Lacto Free range - now they have a band of revolutionaries in a monster milk float to do the deed. Talk about a change of tactics! This vigorous mob aren't out to raid palaces though - they want to inspire those on a dairy-free diet to rise as one.

"I Need A Hero"
13 Jan 2016
This is a really interesting approach to the business of marketing beer. It's very candid about some men's inability to curtail their appetite for the product being promoted and has women complaining quite vocally about their disenchantment. If this didn't have the courage of its convictions, it might be directing punters towards a low-alcohol variant but it means what it says and the real 'hero' of the commercial is the fellow at the end who recognises he's had enough.

Paddy Power
"Pocket Jostle"
25 Nov 2015
Paddy Power take their cheeky approach to new heights in an outing that was deemed too risqué for the telly box. The Irish bookmaker is notorious for pushing the envelope when it comes to advertising but this time they may have shoved the envelope off a cliff. To illustrate how easy it is to use their new phone App, punters are shown using them inside their trouser pockets and that - combined with an innuendo-laden VO performance - makes it look as though they are all having a crafty hand shandy.

Post Office
"Merry Chest Bump"
26 Nov 2015
Simon Bird lives out the dream of every child in the country by greeting Santa Claus with the world's most epic chest bump. Let's face it, Saint Nick has the padding to make it a good 'un and so it proves to be here. Thanks to Bird's childish glee and the suitably heroic score, the comedian's collaboration with the Post Office once again produces fun results.

"Black Friday"
24 Nov 2015
This is one of a number of commercials drawing attention to the imported phenomenon of 'Black Friday' which is due to happen at the end of this week. As if the Christmas buying madness isn't crazy enough without there being a special day nominated for the express purpose of buy things in a frenzied fashion. Bonkers.

"Not Normal"
17 Nov 2015
Stephen Fry's VO on this series was always a bit of weak link for DAVID so we're glad to hear a warmer performance from someone else in the latest instalment which peddles the usual line about Calpol restoring children to the mischievous entities we all know and love. It's a message which continues to resonate for anyone who has a child in their life.

"Stock Pot"
5 Nov 2015
More from the campaign which promises an Oxo Stock Pot can transform your ingredients into wholesome food no matter what they were to start with. It's a neat visual device and JWT's persistence with it suggests they must find it to be an effective way of persuading people to buy the advertised product.

"Magical Night"
7 Nov 2015
It doesn't matter if she's out in the cold on a moonlit night, Myleene Klass still has the magic touch as Littlewoods present their Christmas offering. As Klass plays a gentle cover of OneRepublic's 'Counting Stars', one family's ideal Christmas becomes a reality... gift by gift. Another attractive way of demonstrating how Littlewoods makes treating your loved ones cost-effective without compromising on quality.

2 Nov 2015
This impressive ad for Canon has the feel of a Christmas card picked by someone thinking outside the box. Academy's Marcus Söderlund develops the hardy bond between this horse and its owner as they traverse whiteout conditions. We assume these two would give anything for a warm stable and a comfy seat by the fire... but it turns out they're in their element.

1-25 of 67 Results

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