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Land Rover
"Dust Storm"
12 February 2017
UK Cars

This epic ad sees Sir Ben Ainslie manoeuvring the new Land Rover Discovery through a swirling sandstorm. The Olympic hero fights his way through the vast clouds of dust to grab his sailing team mates and get them to the water on time. The music (Strauss's Blue Danube waltz) brings a nice touch of levity to the film, as does the sight of one chap determined not to lose his hat. Priorities, lads.

BT Mobile

Matt said:

Woeful by any measure.



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Land Rover
"Dust Storm"
12 Feb 2017
This epic ad sees Sir Ben Ainslie manoeuvring the new Land Rover Discovery through a swirling sandstorm. The Olympic hero fights his way through the vast clouds of dust to grab his sailing team mates and get them to the water on time. The music (Strauss's Blue Danube waltz) brings a nice touch of levity to the film, as does the sight of one chap determined not to lose his hat. Priorities, lads.

McVitie's Nibbles
13 Feb 2017
McVitie's continue turning their treats into cute creatures in the latest ad for their Nibbles range. This time baby seals are the embodiment of adorable, as a group of friends open some snacks in a theatre and are overcome with joy at the emerging critters. We particularly enjoy the furry little guys doing tricks with the biscuit balls - great animation work.

"Thinking About Tomorrow"
10 Feb 2017
Dismembered children's heads may be an unusual way to mark your first foray into live action but PES has always done things his own way. Mind you, it's not as unpleasant as it sounds - unless you really don't like Fleetwood Mac - because said children are offering an a capella version of one of the lightweight rock band's greatest hits to draw attention to a green proposition.

"(No-One Knows Me) Like The Piano"
3 mins 50s
8 Feb 2017
Sampha - starting to become known as 'the musician's musician' - tinkles the ivories sparingly as he explains how the piano in his mother's home set him on his journey. British model Adwoa Aboah moves around the almost empty room listening as if he were her son. There is a 3D VR version available, which suits the promo's minimalism.

"Jimmy's Steak for Two"
5 Feb 2017
Tesco expand their Food Love Stories campaign with another touching commercial, this time featuring a father and son. Jimmy explains that he and his Dad share the cooking since his parents split up, and we see him preparing what we assume to be dinner for the two of them - until it's revealed he's actually doing his old man a favour. It's pleasing to see the campaign introduce some variety and explore different kinds of love.

British Heart Foundation
1 Feb 2017
This spot for the British Heart Foundation is designed to have as much emotional heft as possible, with a young woman dying suddenly on her sister's wedding day. She is both the victim of the ad and its presenter; gazing on as events unfold around her own demise. It's an interesting way to communicate the disorientation we feel when something unspeakable happens out of the blue.

Blue Apron
"Better Food, From Scratch"
31 Jan 2017
This impressively-animated US ad for Blue Apron neatly explains how their service works: delivering you fresh produce grown by farmers in collaboration with chefs. The food photography and sketchy animation work well together, making the service look attractive and appealing to both environmental and culinary concerns. Shame about that voiceover, though - why is that style of delivery so popular in the States?

30 Jan 2017
In contrast to their last strange Super Bowl ad featuring Steven Tyler at his most dead-eyed, this year Skittles keep things simple - and it works. We're shown a house late at night, with a guy trying to get the object of his affections to notice him. Instead of throwing pebbles at her window, however, he's decided confectionery might sweeten his chances.

BBC Sport
"National Pride"
18 Jan 2017
BBC Creative asks a wide variety of rugby fans what makes them proudest about their teams and homelands ahead of the Six Nations. The answers range from Johnny Wilkinson to white van men to kilts and haggis, and the diversity of what makes people proud of their country is both amusing and heartening.

Tor Miller
3 mins 41s
15 Jan 2017
Brooklyn-born singer Tor Miller walks through an endless underpass in his latest release 'Always'. Besieged with doubts about his relationship, his fears are represented in the accompanying promo by identical women who accost him along the way. Is his significant other more replaceable than he wants to believe? Is he just afraid of being alone?

Audi A5
"Pure Imagination"
13 Jan 2017
An Audi technician ‘tucks in’ the factory’s supercomputer for the night. But what happens when artificial intelligence drifts off to the land of Nod? Best let Nexus’s GMUNK and the late Gene Wilder field that one. ‘Pure Imagination’ from ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’ scores this fantastical trip through databanks and along information highways.

"Hard Liquor"
4 mins 04s
9 Jan 2017
With 'Hard Liquor' SOHN adds Moby-style blues to his usual cocktail of plangency and tricksy electronics. Jovan Todorovic's accompanying promo amplifies the mood, centring around a man stumbling through a monochrome setting in which a car lurks predatorily in the shadows. His drink-dazed intensity is impressively compelling.

9 Jan 2017
Well, Tesco, I hope you're proud of yourselves. There's David - valiantly keeping his antipathy towards spicy food under wraps for the fifteen years he and Maria have been together - and you've come along and blown his cover. Even though he's specifically asked you not to. Hey ho. What's poor Maria going to do now she knows she's married to a gustatory lightweight?

"Porsche Design"
1 min 33s
12 Jan 2017
Huawei and Porsche collaborate on a new smartphone apparently based on their shared design sensibilities. Voices from both parties try to convince us of the fact, but it’s the visuals that command our attention. One question remains: does owning this count as owning a Porsche?

"Winter Sale"
12 Jan 2017
See, not all winter sale ads have to be drab affairs. DFS return to the handstitched factory introduced in their Christmas ad, where Aardman's charming character designs produce some fun moments as we tour the workshop. We especially like the 'no hands!' flourish from one employee. In the end, we see one of their handcrafted sofas in action, so to speak.

Short Films
"Now You See It"
2 mins 40s
11 Jan 2017
As Joni Mitchell once sang: “You don’t know what you got ‘till it’s gone’. This affecting short film from director Rebecca Manley and narrated by Ewan McGregor depicts the consequences of ignoring our planet’s woes. We see an orangutan’s home razed to the ground; a mountain of discarded toys dominates the horizon; and a paper globe is dissolved by an endless shower.

"Scooby Doo"
9 Jan 2017
Halifax continue raiding the Hanna-Barbera vault by bringing Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Incorporated gang to life. While evading a pesky mummy, Scoob and Shaggy learn about the rewards available to current account customers. We can only assume the unmasked 'mummy' at the end is a dastardly employee of a rival high street bank.

Samsung Gear
4 Jan 2017
This vertiginous ad from Samsung depicts a bungee jump in reverse. We follow a woman from just below the water’s surface back to her starting position. Looks like a scream, eh? As it turns out, she isn’t actually perched a hundred-odd feet above a river - she’s in her living room wearing a VR headset.

"No Resolutions"
3 Jan 2017
This raunchy film for the Arcane Gallery - the "place to go for sartorially elegant, luxurious and handmade fashion" - marks the debut of a new directorial duo called Rabble. The film is eye-catchingly saucy with a distracted young woman discovering there's more than one way to use a condom for safe sex.

BT Mobile
"Jeremy Renner"
2 Jan 2017
BT have become synonymous with A-list talent in recent times, including Alec Baldwin, Willem Dafoe, Ryan Reynolds, and Rebel Wilson. Now it’s Jeremy Renner’s turn to provide some OTT star power. Renner makes an impressive landing in front of this unsuspecting family, promising to save them from an unseen threat. Alas, his “awesome” antics aren’t quite what the familiar BT duo had in mind.

"The Broadcast"
22 Dec 2016
This pleasingly cryptic piece of communication from Thinkbox reminds us how television advertising can enable anyone to punch above their weight. In this case, an alien with intentions unknown begins broadcasting on all frequencies to the people of planet Earth prompting waves of panic as the population awaits its fate.

Short Films
"Morning After the Night Before"
16 Dec 2016
The Mill have created a unique take on a Christmas film by focusing on the aftermath of a dinner party which didn't quite go to plan. The raucous shindig is shown in flashback as the camera slowly pans down the animated table of remains, placid tweeting of the dawn chorus interrupted by corks popping (and... pants and cats?!) until we reach the snoozing partier at the end - bottle still in hand. Truly the most wonderful time of the year... for hangover cures.

Elvis Presley
"The Wonder of You"
2 mins 34s
13 Dec 2016
It seems there are visual parallels between Kate Moss's fashion pics and some of the more iconic shots of Elvis. At least, the apparent similarity is what inspired Vaughan Arnell to film this black and white clip of the supermodel lip-syncing to the ballad 'The Wonder of You' in a variety of outfits, including a leather jumpsuit akin to one worn by The King himself.

Bell's Whisky
12 Dec 2016
Stephen Toast has seen it all before in this latest Bell's Whisky commercial. Matt Berry's comic thesp is unimpressed by the number of repeats on telly, so he chucks away the remote control. Alas, he becomes trapped in his own Del Boy-esque gag. Those who are all too familiar with that sense of déjà vu at this time of year will raise a glass in recognition.

7 Dec 2016
A wee chap gets ready for his family's Christmas party in this Morrisons ad. He's very concerned about his hair and natty outfit - because a young lady he has designs on will be attending. Luckily he's got a platter of party food ready to woo her, and they hang out under the table while the grown ups get sozzled and talk about boring stuff up above.

1-25 of 3020 Results

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