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Land Rover
"Night Sounds"
1 min 40s
4 March 2017
UK Cars

The creatures of the night come out to play in this sensory treat for Land Rover. Beautifully shot by Gorgeous’s Chris Palmer and DP Barry Ackroyd, even nature can’t resist a gander at the new Range Rover Velar.

It’s a disorientating start: the viewer’s eyes frantically adjust to the pitch blackness, ears transported to a forest with equal intensity. Predators lurk in the shadows, but even they know they’re outmuscled by the four-wheeled visitor. Try telling that porcupine to shift, though.

Some may think they’ve stumbled on an episode of Planet Earth by mistake. After the CGI animal ark we saw last Christmas, these seem to the real deal. Minimalist lighting ensures each subtle twitch and glint in the eye is a nocturnal luxury.

Meanwhile, James Saunders’s sound design ensures complete immersion. From a deer’s tentative steps on the forest floor to bats squeaking like a hanging choir, each noise is skilfully pitched. The porcupine’s final indignant reaction is a lovely beat.

We’ve seen the brand flirt with the wild side many times before, but this is a far more refined and intoxicating execution. The Velar’s sleek design speaks for itself before a final explosion of sound. Man-made, yet elevated by nature.

Road Safety
"The Carvin Family"

Matt said:

Wow. Powerful stuff.



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Land Rover
"Night Sounds"
1 min 40s
4 Mar 2017
The creatures of the night come out to play in this sensory treat for Land Rover. Beautifully shot by Gorgeous’s Chris Palmer and DP Barry Ackroyd, even nature can’t resist a gander at the new Range Rover Velar. Predators lurk in the shadows, but even they know they’re outmuscled by the four-wheeled visitor. Try telling that porcupine to shift, though.

Ford Kuga
"Early Start"
6 Feb 2017
Some people use an alarm clock to get them out of bed; this woman uses the unfortunately-named Ford Kuga. Indeed, the mere sight of the SUV somehow kickstarts her morning. Do they share some kind of psychic bond? It’s hard to say, but the ad suggests this is the ideal vehicle for those on the go while everyone else grapples with the snooze button.

David Bowie
"No Plan"
4 mins 01s
12 Jan 2017
Historians will likely pinpoint David Bowie’s death as the moment we should’ve realised 2016 was a write-off. Still, we made it to 2017 somehow, and the music keeps coming. The title track from Bowie’s posthumous ‘No Plan’ EP receives a suitably elegaic promo from Tom Hingston.

11 Jan 2017
This Hyundai ad sees motorists across the land awake to a sizeable delivery. It turns out the car manufacturer has streamlined the whole car-buying process by letting us buy online. Lord knows how all that cardboard is going to fit in the recycling bin. Alas, the Hyundai website says “box not included”. Shame.

BT Mobile
"Jeremy Renner"
2 Jan 2017
BT have become synonymous with A-list talent in recent times, including Alec Baldwin, Willem Dafoe, Ryan Reynolds, and Rebel Wilson. Now it’s Jeremy Renner’s turn to provide some OTT star power. Renner makes an impressive landing in front of this unsuspecting family, promising to save them from an unseen threat. Alas, his “awesome” antics aren’t quite what the familiar BT duo had in mind.

1 Jan 2017
McDonald's show how a broken lift becomes a sweet bonding experience for two women. Trapped alone together and awaiting rescue, the women share water, shoes, a scarf, secrets, stories, and a pair of headphones, but not even their new found friendship compels them to share the McDonald's Chicken Selects which is handed to them by their rescuers.

Bell's Whisky
12 Dec 2016
Stephen Toast has seen it all before in this latest Bell's Whisky commercial. Matt Berry's comic thesp is unimpressed by the number of repeats on telly, so he chucks away the remote control. Alas, he becomes trapped in his own Del Boy-esque gag. Those who are all too familiar with that sense of déjà vu at this time of year will raise a glass in recognition.

"The Evolution of Stunts"
2 mins 20s
1 Dec 2016
This extraordinary piece of branded content has stunt performer Damien Walters recreating some of the most famous stunts in movie history. It's great fun seeing how many you can identify and we're not going to spoil it for you by listing them all... but you could always use the Comments section to see if you can.

29 Nov 2016
Chinese smartphone makers Xiamoi step into the arena with the tech industry's big hitters as they launch the brand's first ever ad campaign. As a cryptic VBO makes observations about curiosity and progress, children gaze at what appear to be portals to another dimension before we realise they represent phones as a gateway to the future. Slickly done. Watch out, Apple.

"You Be You"
25 Nov 2016
French footballer Paul Pogba might be the most expensive player in the world right now, but that doesn't mean everyone wants to be him. Although they do want to be in his shoes - literally. This hi-octane ad hits us with an unrelenting barrage of witty images demonstrating that while Pogba's skills, fortune and tabloid notoriety don't appeal, his Adidas boots do.

Amazon Prime
"Vicar and Imam"
16 Nov 2016
An imam and a vicar walk into a bar... well, into a living room, actually, and it's not the start of a joke: it's the premise of Amazon Prime's heartwarming Christmas ad. Two old friends meet up for a chat and commiserate about their mutual creaky knee problems. They each decide to do their mate a favour and Prime him some kneepads so he can keep praying painlessly... unaware that the exact same gift is winging its way closer to home.

Bell's Whisky
"Steven Toast"
10 Nov 2016
Matt Berry reprises his role as artistically-challenged thespian Steven Toast for Bell's. Whisky in hand, Toast is wary of the glut of festive "tele-vis-ion commercials" on our screens... but he soon joins in the festivities in full voice. Berry's script delivery is a joy as ever, and it strikes us as a very smart way t inject some personality into a rather humdrum brand.

Marks & Spencer
"Mrs Claus"
3 mins
11 Nov 2016
Janet McTeer plays Santa's wife in Marks & Spencer's epic Christmas ad. As her husband sets off on his annual gift-giving pilgrimage, she notices that one of the last batch of letters is addressed to her. It's a plea for help from a six year old boy in England who wants her to help him show his big sister that he loves her... despite all the mischief he's caused.

P & O Cruises
18 Oct 2016
Slightly sinister panel show regular Rob Brydon decides it's a little too cold for his delicate sensibilities so he jumps aboard a cruise for a week. The problem with this notion is that it's going to take almost the whole week for the slow-moving vessel to get him away from the climatic conditions he's trying to escape, isn't it?

"80 Years of Torment"
3 Nov 2016
The past may have been brutal, and 2016 may already look pretty grim, but at least you can have a steaming hot burger fresh from the microwave in ninety seconds. That's the message of hope in this punchy, attention-grabbing ad from Rustlers, purveyors of food to the after-pub crowd nationwide. Superb work from director Steve Rogers.

1 Nov 2016
Christmas plans rarely run smoothly as this Vodafone ad shows. While his mates enjoy the festivities down the local pub, this chap's stuck on a broken down bus in the middle of nowhere. Thanks to the network's 4G coverage, however, he's able to join in a good old fashioned game of charades... along with his fellow passengers. Not sure about their guessing skills, though. 'Air Dog'? Seriously?

Heinz Tomato Soup
19 Oct 2016
These short excerpts from Heinz's longer ad for their tomato soup each focus on a different character from the film and play up a different aspect of the product. Which is great, but it seems... iffy that they've chosen to emphasise the calorie count of their soup over the shot of a female office worker rather than a builder or a young boy. A bit of relying on tired stereotypes there, Heinz.

Heinz Tomato Soup
"Love Soup"
19 Oct 2016
This excerpt from Heinz's longer 'Love Soup' ad features a young boy who can't wait to get his chops around some delicious tomato soup, to the sweet strains of Dusty Springfield. Heinz Tomato Soup provides one of your five a day, according to the voiceover, which is quite possibly the best news DAVID has had in a while as the temperature starts to drop.

Milk Tray
"The Return"
8 Oct 2016
After the likes of Thom Evans, Joey Essex, and Barry from Eastenders failed to make the grade last year, fireman Patrick McBride is the new Milk Tray Man. This cinematic ad sends the latest incarnation of the Cadbury icon to the Altai Mountains. There's no time to enjoy the view, however - this is a Milk Tray Man on a mission.

Holiday Inn Express
6 Oct 2016
The Holiday Inn Express takes care of things inside the hotel so you can concentrate on what matters outside it. Instead of showing us their rooms, Holiday Inn keeps the focus on their customers, who are reuniting extended family in this instalment of their new campaign. It's a warm depiction of the value of convenience.

Holiday Inn Express
2 Oct 2016
Droitwich has its day in this effective commercial for Holiday Inn Express. This excitable lot meets in a hotel car park in - you guessed it - Droitwich. As luck would have it, they're even staying in opposite rooms! Yet the hotel isn't the main story - we don't even get a good look at the couples' respective suites. Instead, it's about attending a friend's wedding in a nearby forest.

Current Account Switch Guarantee
"Shaft Spoof"
17 Sep 2016
It's very nice of Engine and Peter Cattaneo to combine forces to bring us this rather sweet (and very English) take on the theme from Shaft but - as is often the way with commercials funded by bodies that have nothing to sell - it's a bit pointless. It takes nothing away from the execution but it's almost impossible to imagine this fuelling anyone's desire or willingness to switch bank accounts.

"The Love of Soup"
3 Oct 2016
Lips are puckered as people lean in towards the object of their desire in this charming commercial for Heinz. The camera is a cypher for the viewer as faces loom into the intimate space we reserve for our nearest and dearest building a visceral expectation of a kiss. It's quite a surprise when it turns out we've completely misread the situation.

Amazon Fire
"Drone Relief"
22 Sep 2016
With Amazon Prime's The Grand Tour nearing its November launch date, motormouth and amateur pugilist Jeremy Clarkson is back to plug the Amazon Fire Stick. "Probably the best thing to happen to this country ever", the widget grants viewers access to on-demand services from ITV, Channel 4, and - yes! - the BBC. Clarkson has no time for sour grapes, though - he has a fleet of Stick-carrying drones to pilot across the English Channel.

14 Sep 2016
A man sneakily tries to swig some chocolate milk that doesn't belong to him. But he doesn't reckon on it being Frijj milk - and when he unscrews the lid there are consequences. This is a terrific idea, classily executed - we've all been that sneaky thief standing in front of an open fridge with contraband consumables dribbling down our front - and this guy's powerlessness in the face of something delicious speaks to us eloquently.

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