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"Spag Bol"
20 March 2017
UK Pre-Prepared Meals

With this spot, Quorn have significantly changed their approach to conquering the meat-free market. Gone are athletes endorsing the benefits of protein... instead the brand has charged director Richard Jung - master of delectable food ads - with making Quorn seem tasty rather than virtuous. A convinced VO from Alan Davies is the perfect accompaniment.

Co-op Supermarkets
"Mother's Day"

Gary said:

Beautifully done - looks and feels totally believable without being too sentimental.



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"Spag Bol"
20 Mar 2017
With this spot, Quorn have significantly changed their approach to conquering the meat-free market. Gone are athletes endorsing the benefits of protein... instead the brand has charged director Richard Jung - master of delectable food ads - with making Quorn seem tasty rather than virtuous. A convinced VO from Alan Davies is the perfect accompaniment.

29 Nov 2016
Chinese smartphone makers Xiamoi step into the arena with the tech industry's big hitters as they launch the brand's first ever ad campaign. As a cryptic VBO makes observations about curiosity and progress, children gaze at what appear to be portals to another dimension before we realise they represent phones as a gateway to the future. Slickly done. Watch out, Apple.

"Little Voices"
29 Nov 2016
Thanks to a clever device, this film promoting a NABS initiative which aims to persuade us to make time for our children never descends into schmaltz. Instead of seeing the youngsters whose plaintive voices chide their parents for not being around more, their drawings do the talking for them. A busy bee on an office wall, a forlorn horse on a fridge door... all are poignant signifiers of absence and love.

10 Sep 2016
Kinder Surprise embarks on a pleasing new direction with this ad directed by Nice Shirt's Liz Murphy. Instead of the cloyingly artificial depictions of fun typically used by the brand, this piece features family members taking authentic pleasure from each other's company with the chocolate egg's miniature toys at the heart of it all.

"That's Better"
10 Sep 2016
How do you solve a problem like James Martin? You add a whole load of other ingredients to marginalise him and let the food do most of the talking. Then you add a popular hit from the 1980s and allow to simmer. Finally, you garnish it with a charming VO from Derbyshire guitar-slinger Issy Suttie. Et voilą... a much tastier concoction than previously.

11 Jul 2016
A lovely piece of synergy between Aldi's 'Amazing' campaign and their sponsorship of Team GB rounds off this commercial infused with the spirit of Blighty. Cutting between shots of our nation's athletes in training and the supermarket's customers and suppliers, the ad concludes with their farmer-cum-gymnast taking a rest from his physical exploits to enjoy a distinctly patriotic view.

"The List"
4 Jul 2016
The halfway mark of Wimbledon 2016 seems like a fitting time to showcase this latest entry in Olly Goodrum's intimate series of films based on SW19. While the on-court action absorbs both competitors and spectators alike, every detail of the tournament is pored over by those in the background in the pursuit of perfection. From fixing the squeak of a chair to satisfying our nation's desire for a good cuppa, anything and everything is fair game for improvement.

"The Groundsman"
21 Jun 2016
Another of the excellent series of films pushing Wimbledon to an American audience zeroes in on the tournament's groundsman. Once again director Olly Goodrum's elegant documentary skills give the film an impressive feel and absolutely underlines the sense of classiness the All England Club wants to convey.

"The Ballboy"
21 Jun 2016
This is one a series of meditative films focusing on an aspect of the world's most revered tennis tournament to help market it in the US. Director Olly Goodrum directs his camera at one of the tournament's ballboys who reveals how long he had harboured the hope of participating in the event and how happy he is to have realised his ambition. This has a lovely tone.

"Kite Fail"
11 May 2016
Another in this series of ads depicting 'the morning before the internet-meme'. In this film, a family gets ready to fly a kite and everything appears to be going swimmingly. But as she downs her Alpen Granola (and listens to Daydream Believer by The Monkees), how could she possibly know what is about to befall her?

"Cricket Fail"
11 May 2016
There have been a spate of commercials recently trying to solve the problem of engaging with an audience whose expectations of entertainment are formed online and this ad for Alpen may be the best we've seen so far. It's built around a famous YouTube clip of a man failing at cricket. Well, failing doesn't seem a strong enough... such is his hilarious ineptitude.

27 Apr 2016
This super film by Nice Shirt's JJ Keith perfectly captures the mood in the DAVID house as spring takes hold and a whole world of garden possibilities open up to us. For Mrs DAVID this involves lengthy and expensive trips to far-flung garden centres but for the man himself it can only mean one thing... meat grilling on a barbecue.

25 Apr 2016
The various components of a meal deal from the advertised fast food joint run rings around the opposition in this metaphorical five-a-side football match. If you're really hungry then you should have some deep-fried chicken and chips rather than a light sandwich... unless you're planning to play five-a-side football, ironically enough.

20 Apr 2016
Another intimate depiction of redecoration from Wickes sees a boy called Samuel and his parents begin planning a new bedroom for the lad. As with the DIY chain's previous film, the ad takes time to acknowledge the satisfaction of bringing a project to fruition, with Wickes portrayed as a welcoming provider of materials and advice when our hearts are set on improving our home.

"Barber Shop"
11 Apr 2016
An engaging commercial for Gillette. That's five words we never thought we'd type. The multi-national brand with an apparent addiction for meaningless puffery has actually commissioned a diverting film which uses story-telling and humour to let us know about a new service.

Change Please
"A True Story About Change"
3 Apr 2016
When advertising folk turn their attention to good causes, they sometimes seem so caught up in the worthiness of the endeavour that they forget to being their persuasive skills to the party... not so here. As well as describing a super initiative, this film by Stuart Douglas from an excellent FCB Inferno script never loses sight of its key objective... persuading people to use the charity's mobile vendors rather than directing their coffee money towards a major corporation's off-shore bank account.

14 Mar 2016
In a similar vein to the Homebase ad we brought you recently, Wickes have been thinking about why we - as a nation - can't get enough of DIY. The result is a lovely-looking film by Nice Shirt's Stuart Douglas focusing on three generations of the Hampson family as they plan a new treehouse. Douglas's observational prowess shines through as he takes us from the initial sketch to the finished fortress.

Scottish Power
"Your World"
14 Jan 2016
There's an agreeably warm atmosphere to this Scottish Power ad depicting a family simply getting on with life over the course of a year. Big events like Christmas and birthdays come and go, while the little events that make a house a home are just as important. Meanwhile, Scottish Power present themselves exactly how we want our energy supplier to be.

"Your Way"
3 Nov 2015
Nutella has jumped on the personalisation bandwagon with this perky ad drawing attention to the innovation. The rhyming ad with a whistled tune explains how you can have a label with your name on it, to emphasise the fact that everyone has their own favourite way to consume the chocolate spread. And - if you think about it - it's an idea well suited to a product found in workplace kitchens and shared facilities in universities.

27 Jun 2015
This is a great way to gain attention for a newly-launched service. Rather like the recent Weedol ad, the protagonist is shifted into a number of situations - only here, he doesn't know what he's doing. His cluelessness doesn't matter because he's wearing a freshly laundered shirt; and he's able to do that because he takes advantage of Laundrapp.

Short Films
"Hell of a Racket (Trailer)"
2 mins 05s
14 Jun 2015
Having had the pleasure of watching Stuart Douglas's short documentary about Ronnie Wood in full, DAVID can reveal that it's a fascinating insight into a man with more layers than you might imagine. There's no release date for it yet but if you ask Nice Shirt Films (020 7255 8100) nicely, they may be able to arrange a private viewing for you.

Capital One
"Little Legends"
16 Mar 2015
Ricky Wilson from the Kaiser Chiefs extends the 'everyman' persona he's successfully channelling into his work as a judge on The Voice to this charming film. It documents the role played by a group of youngsters at this month's Capital One cup final (in which Chelsea beat Spurs 2-0... get in!) and really helps to forge an emotional connection between Capital One's sponsorship and the young fans who love the sport.

Man Made
"Carsick Cars"
2 mins 45s
5 Mar 2015
Stuart Douglas has made a lovely, woozy promo for Man Made; the Manchester outfit helmed by Nile Marr - son of the legendary Johnny. The track, Carsick Cars, has jangly guitars and a retro-psychedelic sound that somehow manages to be hugely energetic without losing its essential stoner sensibility.

"Family Fun"
26 Feb 2015
This is a welcome new direction for a confectionery brand whose previous advertising left a lot to be desired. Moving away from the Kinder-style jingles and pan-Euro generics, this ad by director Liz Murphy is full of genuine family appeal. The minute-long spot features mum and dad spending the day with their children and bonding over Toffifee in a way that feels authentically heartwarming.

Pet Plan
11 Jan 2015
Pet owners up and down the land are going to find this spot hard to resist. A wonderfully simple premise - your pet has their job, yours is to insure them properly - is illustrated with the help of our beloved furry companions. As anyone who lives with one will agree, each has its own personality and we, their humans, anthropomorphise them for our own amusement

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