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24 February 2017
UK Supermarkets

Sainsbury’s must be sifting through their favourite clips from January’s ‘Food Dancing’ film. Having recently released a Valentine’s Day-themed montage, the supermarket moves on to 10” morsels. This particular cook demonstrates an unorthodox use of crockery... perhaps think twice about accepting a bowl of soup served up here.

"My Shade My Power"

Matt said:

How dull. They might as well have been telling me what size their shoes are.



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24 Feb 2017
Sainsbury’s must be sifting through their favourite clips from January’s ‘Food Dancing’ film. Having recently released a Valentine’s Day-themed montage, the supermarket moves on to 10” morsels. This particular cook demonstrates an unorthodox use of crockery... perhaps think twice about accepting a bowl of soup served up here.

24 Feb 2017
This brief instalment of Sainsbury's 'Food Dancing' campaign features a chap playing fast and loose with a grater while he grooves. The ubiquitous orange shopping bag in these otherwise black and white ads creates a distinctive look which stands out during any commercial break. The brand are encouraging everyone to get involved and boogie in their kitchen - just watch your fingers while you're at it!

McDonald's McCafé
20 Feb 2017
When did a cup of joe become so complicated? The sheer variety of sizes, roasts, and finishes available is enough to leave anyone's head spinning. So this entertaining McDonald's McCafé ad offers salvation for all those who - in the face of overwhelming choice - have ever uttered the phrase: "I just want a coffee".

Hallmark Cards
"Hannah & Henry"
2 mins 02s
10 Feb 2017
This commercial for Hallmark has a sly twist which - if heeded - could massively boost the sales of the card company's Valentine's offerings. It charts the burgeoning love affair between two people who work in the same building. Painfully unaware of a mutual attraction, they appear likely to opt for love of the unrequited variety.

"Super Bowl"
1 min 53s
10 Feb 2017
The pressure is on for odour eliminator Febreze in this Super Bowl ad. As weiner-stuffed spectators of the sport valiantly hold on to their bladders and bowel movements, the VO praises the half-time bathroom break - the moment when everyone gets to let rip and relieve themselves. But do we really believe Febreze can conquer the resulting stench?

"Love Dancing"
8 Feb 2017
A commercially-contrived event February 14th may be, but at least Orange Supermarket suggests we embrace the mood of the day rather than imply we're losers in love if we don't buy perfunctory gifts for our significant others. Better still, there's no discount price points cancelling out the thoughtfulness behind the limp flowers / battered chocolate box / bottle of Lambrini flogged by everyone else.

Turkish Airlines
"Look to Africa"
1 Feb 2017
This engaging ad from Turkish Airlines has some serious star clout, with charitable chap Didier Drogba describing the vibrancy, creativity, and ingenuity of his home continent. Rather than looking to the West for inspiration, he says, Africa is the future. With gorgeous visuals and an energetic soundtrack to back up his works, we certainly believe it.

"Food Dancing (Extended)"
2 mins 55s
20 Jan 2017
This extended version of the new Sainsbury's 'Food Dancing' campaign features some interesting additions, including dance instructions and a colourful 80's rap video-style segment. Despite the campaign causing health and safety concerns in some quarters (dancing with sharp knives or flinging around tea-towels near open flames... maybe they have a point), this extended version is an effective promo for MysDiggi's specially-created song.

"Food Dancing"
18 Jan 2017
Something interesting always happens when an agency like W+K gets into bed with a client like Sainsbury's and so it proves with the agency's début TV work for its big new client. Orange Supermarket has been placed at the forefront of a new movement called #fooddancing by an ad with an earwormy soundtrack from MysDiggi combined with a montage that's been made to look as though it's been clandestinely filmed in our actual kitchens.

13 Jan 2017
This ad for Santander shows a montage of funny clips pulled from the internet, while a VO explains ways in which the bank is here to help its customers prosper. These kind of content-mined ads can feel like a cop-out, but the inclusion of clips that feature the brand's spokespeople is a subtle way to link this to the rest of their campaign.

The National Autistic Society
1 min 50s
28 Oct 2016
The National Autistic Society once again compel us to view the world through someone else’s eyes. This time, the viewer experiences a series of job interviews as an autistic candidate. Pre-interview nerves are one thing, but imagine feeling as though everything is calibrated to put you off-balance once you enter the building… even someone stirring a mug of tea. Suddenly, sensory overload can turn an opportunity into an ordeal.

23 Oct 2016
Whiskas continue to celebrate curiosity in this amusing ad which features a cat who hasn't quite figured out that hairbrushes are nigh on unkillable. Julian Barratt's voiceover brings the kitty's inner monologue to life, as he stalks and pounces on his unsuspecting, spiny prey - only to be distracted by the sound of much more edible food being opened.

20 Oct 2016
Regular filmgoers will know superpowers are the 'in thing' these days, so you can't blame nPower for wanting a piece of the action. Instead of CGI-heavy booms and bangs, however, the energy supplier celebrates more modest abilities. This ad introduces us to Russell from Norfolk: father, husband, and expert, erm, 'trumpeter'.

18 Oct 2016
This wry Freesat commercial demonstrates how the satellite service plays a very important role in these customers' lives. One places it above every accolade and trophy she's ever won; another thinks it provides better entertainment value than his musically-inclined children; and why would this couple pay for marriage counselling when there's subscription-free telly?

"Water Drop"
13 Oct 2016
Cat owners will be familiar with the inner monologue of the kitty in Whiskas' new ad. While he thinks of himself as a calculating, ruthless hunter stalking his prey with satisfaction, the opening of a Whiskas packet reveals him as a domestic cat watching a dripping tap. This is a fun exploration of the curiosity of cats... in a non-lethal sense.

"Acting Masterclass"
1 min 40s
18 Aug 2016
This year's crop of summer blockbusters may have failed to set the world alight, but this well-performed McDonald's ad hints at a seat-filler with extra bite. One can't help but wonder how the lead in this watery epic manages to summon such raw emotion in each and every take... but the reason has more to do with matters of the stomach than the heart.

"The Wall"
10 Aug 2016
This visually striking ad for Huawei has Lionel Messi facing down a defensive wall with a serious "You shall not pass!" policy. Opponents, the media (a recurring target for football-based advertising this summer), and even a rampaging scoreboard combine to form an impenetrable barrier. However, all it takes is a selfie with a fan to inspire the Argentine wizard to score. It's not the most graceful brand integration we've seen, but Knucklehead's Gary Shore steers the VFX spectacle with a sure hand.

"The Swim"
8 Aug 2016
As the UNHCR‎'s recent film highlighting the Refugee Olympic Team showed us, Rio 2016 is aiming to unite countries during disunited times. And this commercial celebrating Syrian Yusra Mardini's journey to the Olympics is unquestionably inspiring. Knucklehead's Siri Bunford does a super job of reminding viewers that this is the young woman who used her swimming prowess to rescue a dinghy full of refugees and connecting her heroism to her Rio exploits.

1 Aug 2016
It's no mean feat stopping us from automatically tuning out from a Flash commercial, and this respectably daft tribute to Queen's work on 'Masters of the Universe' grabs both the eyes and the ears. An erstwhile muddy dog and his owner give it their best Freddie Mercury to communicate the brand's comprehensive cleaning properties. Good, clean fun.

"The Journey"
7 Jul 2016
Usain Bolt narrates an uplifting account of his journey to sprinting glory in this ad for Enertor insoles. Dramatic music builds as Bolt takes us through some of the challenges he faced along the way, visually represented in a series of picturesque vignettes. Bolt's presence in an ad like this, even the sound of his voice alone, has the power to create a real sense of anticipation.

Right Guard
21 Jun 2016
Sequels are always tricky, but Right Guard produce a worthy successor to last summer's 'Kung Fu Fighting' ad with another helping of synchronised entertainment. Having conquered their workplace foes with a dance-off on a basketball court last time out, the deodorant brand's hip-to-be-square trio (led by one of the best beards in the business) hit the gym the only way they know how - and that's with a skip in their step.

Short Films
"Talgar The Hunter"
12 mins 39s
20 Jun 2016
Knucklehead's Charlie Crane directs this contemplative short film set in the beguiling terrain of Kyrgyzstan. As the title suggests, protagonist Talgar is a huntsman who roams with an ageing car and an air rifle. Alas, his impressive eagle, Tumara, has lost her urge to hunt. It prompts a classic journey across land and sea as Talgar hopes to coax his prized bird back into the air.

"Don't Stop"
3 mins 30s
24 May 2016
Holly Blakey really has the golden touch - her involvement in any music video pretty much guarantees it's going to be a winner. And this piece for Dutch duo Klyne is hypnotic. Beautifully lit and graded, it shows off Blakey's choreographic style to perfection: as earthy as it is ethereal, it somehow taps into the amorality of the human self and reflects back it back at us - ancient, pre-verbal, non-negotiable.

"Ski Resort"
1 min 45s
11 May 2016
The words 'ski resort' and 'equator' are not the most natural of bedfellows, but this stylish spot from Guinness proves that they can nestle comfortably in the same sentence. A group of friends decide to set out in search of a rumoured resort in the unlikely setting of Indonesia and this is their journey, ably assisted by bottles of the black stuff.

"Bear Breath"
8 May 2016
This 2014 commercial for Halls has just made its way on to British TV for the first time in this abbreviated 20" edit. After consuming a lozenge, a biker's breath emerges as a cloud of polar bears... each with their own fetching moustaches. A mad, but eye-catching piece of polar fun.

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