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23 March 2017
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Skeletor saved with moneysupermarket.com, and now he feels epic. So epic, in fact, that he's ready to renounce a life of universe-conquering and dance triumphantly through the streets to Irene Cara's 'Fame'.

The villain quickly wins the town over with his hip-thrusting moves... which we can't quite imagine Frank Langella busting out. Even He-Man is impressed, showing that sometimes all that's needed to bury the hatchet - sorry, Sword of Power - is astutely managed finances.

It remains to be seen whether the brand has retired the 'squads' conceit but this feels like a shrewd move even if it's only to provide a bit of respite from a well-loved but relentless campaign. Epic Skeletor has a weirdness factor and nostalgic twist sure to inspire the Twittersphere. Mother and Fredrik Bond have certainly made this one #epic.


Ben said:

The performances are a bit big... not as good as other recent work on the brand.



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23 Mar 2017
Skeletor saved with moneysupermarket.com, and now he feels epic. So epic, in fact, that he's ready to renounce a life of universe-conquering and dance through the streets to Irene Cara's 'Fame'. The villain quickly wins the town over with his hip-thrusting moves... which we can't quite imagine Frank Langella busting out.

H & M
"The Road Trip"
5 mins 20s
29 Sep 2016
H & M's odd couple of David Beckham and Kevin Hart hit the road to Las Vegas... or ruin, more like. Seems like the latter has decided 'I, Beckham' would work better as a musical, and David is last to know as always. Once again identically dressed in the retailer's threads, the duo pick up from where they left off last year with two likeable performances.

"Winning Streak"
3 Aug 2016
Brian the Robot has been consigned to the great scrapheap in the sky as James Corden arrives to give confused.com a boost. We're used to seeing Corden driving a car but usually he has the likes of Adele or Michelle Obama alongside. Here, his passenger is a little slow to appreciate the run of green lights that speeds their journey. Perhaps no one told him it's a metaphor for the help provided by confused.com when he's searching for a car insurance deal.

"Nature Remix"
2 mins 10s
25 Apr 2016
Strongbow are the latest brand to jump on to the 'guerilla gardening' bandwagon with this enterprising film set on an abandoned street corner in downtown Johannesburg. With greenery at a premium, a band of nocturnal landscapers decide to inject some leafiness into the city before sunrise.

13 Apr 2016
With their last ad having starred a farmer with an exuberant approach to all things cultivation, Actimel take to the classroom for another disco-tinged display of vitality. This time, it's the Bee Gees and 'Stayin' Alive' playing in the background as a teacher grabs her timetable with both hands while showing her pupils and colleagues a thing or two about school spirit.

"Jason Stathams"
4 Apr 2016
On his own, Jason Statham would command a considerable advertising fee. When multiple Stathams are involved, the figures must be even more eye-watering. It doesn't seem to matter to LG though as the electronics giant get plenty of value out of their leading man in this surreal actioner helmed by Fredrik Bond.

Système U
"La Vie en Rose"
31 Mar 2016
French supermarket Système U creates a chorus of the iconic Piaf song 'La Vie En Rose' from the fractious wailing of newborn babies. The song is basically shorthand for the French sense of optimism, and by cleverly weaving the cries into its tune the ad suggests Système U is on the side of future generations... so long as the current generation of parents shop there now, we presume.

H & M
8 Feb 2016
Having previously taken advantage of David Beckham's hitherto untapped comedic potential, H & M bring back the man in his capacity as someone - in the parlance of Derek Zoolander - really, really, ridiculously good looking. The ad has Becks hitting the town while wearing items from his Modern Essentials range. Turns out the whole town has the same idea.

Toys R Us
"Exactly What You Wish For"
3 Dec 2015
As far as Americans are concerned, it's Europeans who tend to get all soppy about Christmas but this film out of BBDO Atlanta proves they're not entirely immune to Christmas schmaltz. We're accustomed to Fredrik Bond providing a frenetic energy which weaves coherence from chaos so it's really interesting to see a piece of work which is free of those bells and whistles... and he's shown he can be just as brilliant with a script requiring a restrained approach.

Stella Artois
11 Nov 2015
Christmas can be a stressful time of year for many, and it proved to be just that for the inventor of Stella Artois if their festive ad is anything to go by. Unable to think of the right moniker for his new lager, he pounds the streets as the answer greets him at every corner. He then looks to the stars and voilà! - Stella Artois is born.

"The Launch"
21 Oct 2015
While we're all becoming more and more aware of 'the Cloud', it still remains a fairly nebulous concept. There are some rather nice ads around that tell us how great it is, but none of them offer any, er, tangible information. This terrific spot for Adobe does do something, however - it warns marketers that conflicting data sources could end up preventing the launch of a product that they've heavily invested in.

H & M
"Modern Essentials"
6 mins 50s
29 Sep 2015
The full version of the film so brilliantly teased last time out has landed and it's fair to say that H & M's unorthodox pairing of David Beckham and Kevin Hart delivers in its near-seven minute form. The 'I, Beckham' movie is in the works - not that poor David is in the loop - and leading man Kevin is keen to go beyond Method for the role. Armed with notes and a blissful ignorance of boundaries, he sets out to find just what makes Goldenballs tick.

H & M
"Beckham Meets Hart"
22 Sep 2015
It's time to scrap the 'golden rule' when it comes to working with David Beckham which was - as many of you will probably remember - whatever you do, don't give him a line. In this teaser for H&M, Beckham puts in such a naturalistic performance that it's hard to imagine acting has ever been a problem for him and much of the credit for that has to go to director Fredrik Bond.

Game of War
"Office Army"
9 Sep 2015
if you can get past the idea of grown men devoting time to games like these (and, frankly, we see no reason why you should) then you'll probably be able to appreciate the cleverness of this lovely piece of work. Virtual armies are conjured from mobile devices as two co-workers engage in a fight to the death... instead of processing invoices or whatever they're supposed to be doing.

"Puttin on the Ritz"
3 Jul 2015
Irving Berlin's 1927 song 'Puttin' On The Ritz' provides an excuse for a full-blown musical number in this impressive piece by expert chaos-monger Fredrik Bond. The production design evokes 1950s musicals and the dance moves are right for the project. Ironically, the weak link is the song itself which lacks the pizazz to earn this a full complement of stars.

Sony PlayStation
"Wouldn't You?"
2 Jul 2015
To promote the launch of Sony's PlayStation Vue TV service, this besuited protagonist acts as our confidante with a glint of knowing mischief in his eyes. If ever presented with a time-defying alarm clock, exoskeleton legs, or a real life 'save' option, he knows we'd at least be tempted. Sign us up for that forcefield now.

"The Match"
17 Feb 2015
When Fredrik Bond's in this kind of form, DAVID could watch his work all day long. He is an absolute master at generating a joyful narrative from a series of chaotic scenes and this is him at his very best. As a ship pulls out of harbour, the protagonist realises there's a big Champion's League match on and he's going to have to come up with a cunning plan to watch it.

"Dave's Epic Strut"
18 Jan 2015
This campaign has delivered some memorable ads, but this has to be the best yet for sheer eyeball-grabbing, attention-seeking mischief. A guy gets out of his car and strides down the street with a purposeful twinkle last sported by John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. What's he looking so pleased about? He's saved money with the site in question. But that's not all...

"Don't Bore Them"
19 Sep 2014
This sassy spot for Levi's is the first in a while and has the feel of a proper campaign, unlike the disparate ads we've seen occasionally over the past few years. To a gravelly-voiced and energetic track, we're presented with a sequence of vignettes showing people immersed in various activities, while supers beside them command us to treat our jeans in a befitting fashion.

31 Jan 2014
A legal representative who looks like the offspring of Cameron and Osbourne stands outside a courthouse, giving a statement to the thronged press as goggling crowds look on. He's evidently been through a long and gruelling case but his client has emerged triumphant. Yet as he thanks everyone, we realise his mind isn't quite as focused on his words as we'd expect.

1 Feb 2014
Like a similar ad in this series, this spot has the thoughts of an unlikely protagonist wandering towards a Big Mac at an inopportune moment - in this case, an upmarket estate agent showing a couple round an expensive property. It's an immensely effective technique - DAVID found himself thinking about the proximity of the nearest McDonald's by the time the estate agent had reached "shag pile cheese".

Thomson Holidays
"Simon the Ogre"
2 mins
30 Dec 2013
This is the full-length version of Thomson's ad depicting a work-weary husband and father as a lumbering ogre... until he goes on holiday. Gradually he turns from fairytale outsider to a human man again; a horn dropping off here (oops), a Neanderthal brow shrinking there... eventually emerging from the sea like Colin Firth's Darcy - only without the see-through shirt.

Johnnie Walker
"From the Future"
25 Sep 2013
Over the hardcore techno track Pursuit, an urgent male VO talks us through someone's present - only to reveal that the someone is yourself, and it's your future self who's doing the talking. Are you destined to be an office drone or will you carpe diem with the help of Johnnie Walker?

"Cup Final Tickets"
22 Apr 2013
Packed with bribes, derring-do and exuberance, this ad with its good-looking chap at the centre takes us on his journey from a jolly nice boat party to the stadium hosting The Champion's League final. He's discovered he's won VIP tickets for the match and nothing will stop him. Nice spot for Heineken as one of the competition's major sponsors.

9 Apr 2013
In this quirky commercial for Facebook being broadcast on the other side of the Atlantic, an airline passenger uses his mobile phone to access the social networking site just before his plane takes off. Each of the people he sees on screen appear as an hallucination in front of him... poor lamb.

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