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14 November 2016
UK Supermarkets

If we had to sum up the cleverness of TBWA's advertising for Lidl in a single phrase it would be this: it gives us permission to shop there. And their Christmas ad provides a brilliant example of how effective this approach can be.

As families get ready for a meal that many consider the most important of the year, they will focus on the single most crucial decision: whether to invite Uncle Ray the racist after last year's eggnog incident. No, not that, it's the turkey, obviously, it's the turkey. Specifically, where they are going to buy it.

Ideally, they want to avoid paying too much, but they want it to be decent quality and some will have a thought for animal welfare. Or - to be strictly accurate - they will worry about the judgement of those they invite to join them on Christmas Day. The cheapest turkey you could find? No-one wants to be that guy.

That's why this campaign is so clever. It transforms the idea of 'cheap' into its respectable cousin 'inexpensive'. The question in everyone's heads has been asked and it turns out that their standards are much better than we imagine.

We're not sure which platform is being used to put these challenges to Lidl - we can find no evidence of this question having been put to the supermarket via social media as other trade journals are claiming. (The press release accompanying this work refers to the remark having been "discovered via social media or independent market research" so we're assuming it must have been the latter.)

Not that we want to get bogged down with this. It's a fair enough contrivance and the choice of director persuades us that Debbie was the author of the sentiment. Tom Barbor-Might's documentary skills once again prove perfect for this campaign and it seems highly probable that turkeys will be, er, flying off Lidl's shelves this Christmas.

"Coming Home"

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14 Nov 2016
If we had to sum up the cleverness of TBWA's advertising for Lidl in a single phrase it would be this: it gives us permission to shop there. And their Christmas ad provides a brilliant example of how effective this approach can be. As families get ready for a meal many consider the most important of the year, they will focus on the single most crucial decision: the turkey.

2 mins 52s
17 Oct 2016
Comfort and Rogue's Tom Barbor-Might present this enlightening tour of Boring, Oregon. Obviously, the town's moniker carries certain connotations: as one resident remarks: "Some people would say you have to be boring to live here, but... you don't." Gentle humour permeates throughout the film as we learn more about Boring's history, culture, and local amenities.

7 Jul 2016
Chris made the foolish mistake of alleging that Lidl collect their fish from a ditch so they took him out in a boat across the darkened water. But instead of filling his boots with cement as you might expect, they show him where they source their mussels and demonstrate how keen they are on sustainability... at least, that's what they did while the cameras were rolling.

4 Jul 2016
Lidl's continuing effort to upgrade the British public's expectations is given a big boost with this lovely documentary-style piece. According to the super at the beginning, Sharna used social media to question Lidl on the source of their meat. They didn't just reply, they arranged for her to be taken to one of the Scottish farms where some of the cattle who supply their stores are raised.

iD Mobile
"Urban Cowboys"
6 Apr 2016
Another of the films celebrating the existence of the Fletcher Street Riding Club by Rogue's Tom Barbor-Might. Here a variety of voices involved with this extraordinary project explain how caring for horses helps to keep young men away from gang violence. As with the other work in his series, this has been beautifully filmed.

iD Mobile
27 Apr 2016
This extraordinary film by Rogue's Tom Barbor-Might is one of a short collection he shot in North Philadelphia with the Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club. Of all the ways in which one might expect an urban community to keep its young people away from the threat of gang violence, horse riding would sit somewhere between stamp collecting and morris dancing in a very long list of remote possibilities.

Lipton Tea
"The Revolution In Tea"
16 Nov 2015
Rogue Films's Saam Farahmand harnesses the spectacle of Cirque du Soleil for a brew like no other in this ad for the T.O. by Lipton machine. Tea infusion becomes a work of art as these colourful performers blend with the water in hypnotic fashion. As Brits know all too well, there is an art to making the perfect cup of tea, so the sublime craftsmanship behind this ad should win plenty of admirers.

"How 20 Years Have Flown"
21 Sep 2015
This lovely spot for EasyJet takes us to life's funfair and shows us that the more things change, the more they stay the same. In other words, each generation experiences broadly the same cycle of meeting The One, settling down, having children, drifting apart, only to rediscover each other when the fledglings have flown the nest.

Cancer Research
6 Mar 2015
An astonishingly simple, yet immensely clever ad for Cancer Research pinpoints exactly how human nature tends to react to gradual change... by ignoring what's happening. The pavement on a busy high street begins to grow an unsightly bump, which slowly gets bigger as the days pass. Hidden cameras observe the way people skirt round it with a fleeting glance - if it's not yet causing a problem, they don't have to deal with it.

"David and Goliath"
20 Nov 2014
This joyous spot is a modern-day tale of David and Goliath. Back in 1978, the Irish team from Munster learned they were going to be playing New Zealand's All Blacks - a giant of a team in the sport whose sheer stature in terms of success could crush their opponents before they'd even stepped on the field. But Munster refused to listen - and as the footage shows, demonstrated that they were made as much of determination as they were of skill.

20 Nov 2014
Another in the excellent series from Guinness, this particular spot revolves around Bill McClaren - the legendary rugby commentator whose own playing career was cut short by a diagnosis of tuberculosis the day before he was due to play for his country. While that might break lesser men, McClaren merely found the closest thing to sport that he could in those circumstances.

8 Nov 2014
This latest Made of More spot for Guinness focuses on rugby star Jonny Wilkinson, celebrating the qualities of the man himself rather than his sporting abilities. Not just here in the UK, but in Toulon, France, where he won the hearts of the locals during his time there. It's a very moving piece of film. Young and old alike praise him with heartfelt sincerity, staring straight into the camera to ensure we see the depth of their feeling.

Kit Kat
2 mins
24 Sep 2014
Not content with using one character to showcase his talent, actor Martin Mahogany ambitiously plays two parts at the same time. Well, not quite at the same time... the two sides of his body wear different costumes and make-up so that he has to turn 180 degrees to switch character, as we learn in an explanation offered with perfect deadpan.

CLIC Sargent
"The Joke Appeal"
2 mins 05s
7 Jul 2014
This beautifully observed film publicising a worthy initiative by the charity CLIC Sargent portrays a playground scene with remarkable authenticity. A group of lads are exchanging banter typical of boys their age when one of them reveals that a friend of his - alone on the other side of the playground - is suffering from cancer.

Land Rover
"Can and Will"
13 Jun 2014
We hit the 30" edit of the new Land Rover commercial pretty hard as it felt cold and exploitative even as it clearly aimed to be anything but. The extent to which it suits the broader canvas provided by sixty seconds is almost unbelievable. The additional vignettes provide warmth and colour and the rock climbing sequence bprovide a good deal more humanity when you see the failed attempts.

Land Rover
"I Can"
11 Jun 2014
Eep. When did displays of positivity among the disabled become a band-wagon? We're not sure about the answer to this question but this ad for Land Rover sure as hell sounds as though it's jumped aboard. Of course it's inspiring when people are astonishingly undaunted by the loss of a limb but should that ever be equated with a vehicle's 'bravery' in negotiating a muddy track?

1 min 35s
3 Apr 2012
Rafa Nadal and Ronaldo compete using their respective sporting skills in this piece that manages to make it appear that the advertised boots are literally magical. It's one of those ads that works even though the action isn't really authentic.

Kit Kat
"National Luck"
1 May 2010
Now we know what those teasers were all about...Kit Kat is combating Mars's successful association with football by adopting a similar approach to create their own connection to England's World Cup bid. Keep your fingers crossed... and you never know.

22 Jan 2010
A series of vignettes demonstrate how annoying life can be when you are unable to make a reservation before using this to illustrate the wondrousness of being able to reserve stuff online before popping round to your local Argos to collect it.

Patak's Sauces
"Kirit Pathak"
30 Sep 2009
Kirit Pathak's story is by a young Indian actor playing the food company's chairman as a boy. He explains how his parents became popular by cooking their authentic Indian food for their new neighbours... a tradition that the company (almost) named after him continues today.

The FA
"11 vs 11"
2 mins
31 Jul 2009
This excellent Nike spoof has so many cul-de-sacs as it journeys through a first person look at an amateur footballer's life that you start to wonder what its message will be. And just when you become convinced that it's a warning about excess, it surprises you.

17 Nov 2008
This is a signal of how bad things are getting in the bid to persuade children to study science and maths rather than concentrating all their academic efforts on a ghoulish and voyeuristic forensic examination of the mid-twentieth century genocide. A lively effort nonetheless to remind of science's uses.

"Difficult Oil"
2 Nov 2008
A reminder of Shell's ability to get to 'difficult oil' in this ad which reminds us of the flexible drill inspired by a children's straw. It's arguable whether more ingenious ways of extracting oil is part of the solution or part of the problem when we examine the coming energy crisis.

"Washing Up"
16 Sep 2008
This charming ad has a representative being sent from a washing machine manufacturing company to India to find out why their products are selling so well over there. He discovers that they're not being put to the use for which they were originally intended but, of course, that hardly matters as a sale is a sale.

"The Wizard Of Oz"
25 Jul 2008
An instrumental version of the Wizard of Oz as people shop at those pesky retailers where they have stuff on the shelves. The neatly-filmed vignettes offer a pretty harsh assessment of the experience but they are each recognisable... especially the woman staring at an inexplicable shopping centre map.

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