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16 March 2017
USA Film Trailers

The inspiration behind Kristoffer Borgli’s ‘Drib’ is stranger than fiction. YouTube prankster Amir Asgharnejad - famed for provoking passers-by with violent results - embarked on an ill-fated partnership with a well-known energy drink (rebranded as Drib for, ahem, legal reasons). This punchy trailer promises a darkly comic look at modern marketing.

Transport For London
"Build a Picture"

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16 Mar 2017
The inspiration behind Kristoffer Borgli’s ‘Drib’ is stranger than fiction. YouTube prankster Amir Asgharnejad - famed for provoking passers-by with violent results - embarked on an ill-fated partnership with a well-known energy drink (rebranded as Drib for, ahem, legal reasons). This punchy trailer promises a darkly comic look at modern marketing.

14 Feb 2017
This ad for Renault smartly advertises their entire range of new cars. A man driving along a deserted road runs into a series of billboards and reaches another stage in his life for each one he ploughs through - as represented by the occupants of his vehicle changing, along with the car itself. A strong concept executed with aplomb by director Martin Werner.

"Tickets for Two"
31 Jan 2017
One of the things we enjoy most about this cinematic Interflora ad - the finale of Martin Werner's long-running series for the brand - is that the 'twist' at the end is, actually, not really that much of a twist. The young man at the centre of it appears to be haplessly in love with a woman at his office but when he finally approaches her, things take a slightly unexpected turn.

"A Good Listener"
25 Nov 2016
Following their attention-grabbing portrayal of divorce, Ikea present another understated family snapshot. The retailer plays a small but vital role in ensuring this father is always there for his daughter. Once again, director Martin Werner puts story before product and the result is one of the more emotive portrayals of a wooden stool we can remember.

"Captain Bobo"
22 Nov 2016
This Danish Interflora ad reminds us that a thoughtful gift can make us feel close to our loved ones even when we're apart. A shy girl starting kindergarten makes friends with a one-eyed teddy in the toybox, and although they're separated over the Christmas break, she's determined to let him know he'll be in her thoughts.

15 Nov 2016
Benicio del Toro shows he's mastered the art of the 'gift face' in Heineken's Christmas commercial. The Hollywood actor enjoys exchanging gifts with the family... even if a woolly jumper and a high-powered hand mixer weren't high on his Christmas list. No need to act when he reveals his gift to himself - a box of the advertised lager.

"Secret Yogi"
21 Oct 2016
Vigorsol play with tropes and stereotypes in this ad for their stevia-sweetened gum. It's fun and packs a lot into just 40" thanks to some economic storytelling from director Martin Werner. It's a familiar tale of a teenage girl disappointing her parents possessing an unconventional twist.

"Every Other Week"
14 Sep 2016
This commercial has been widely praised for tackling the taboo of separated families but - in DAVID's opinion - that isn't really its strength. Divorce is far too commonplace for anyone to consider it taboo and while it's always welcome to see modern situations being normalised in advertising, it's hard to believe viewers will feel it's revolutionary to see this kind of depiction in a commercial.

"The Look"
2 Sep 2016
Benicio del Toro returns as the face of Heineken, but it's not all plain sailing for the actor in this commercial. He informs us that it takes fifteen years to become a master brewer for the lager... enough time for him to hone his signature glance at the bar. It seems to do the trick, but the barmaid only has eyes for another customer.

"Your Ticket Out"
12 May 2016
This well-paced commercial for online ticketing vendor StubHub captures the enjoyable tension of waiting for a concert or sporting event to begin while still adding a lovely gag into the equation. Director Martin Werner (along with DP Rodrigo Prieto) are meticulous in their depiction of various venues - still, empty, and at rest - yielding to the din and bustle of gathering crowds.

18 Apr 2016
Payment app Vipps do an Attenborough on us by highlighting a fascinating migration phenomenon: Norwegians going on their holidays. Our Nordic brethren are imaginatively depicted as hatchlings crawling on to the beach in search of sun, sea, and copious amounts of ice cream. As they gradually adapt to their warmer climate, they show advanced generosity by paying for each others' vacation fun - a gesture made simple by the advertised banking app.

1 min 50s
18 Apr 2016
Canal+ showed they have a firm understanding of the football fan's psyche earlier this year with their heart-warming portrait of a Marseille-supporting steward. In a wry twist, the broadcaster now demonstrate the ugly side of having a lover of the beautiful game in the family.

29 Feb 2016
Proof that even winning an Academy Award doesn't guarantee you instant recognition comes in the form of this terrific ad for Heineken starring Antonio---sorry, Benicio Del Toro. When a couple of tourists line up a selfie with him through the window, it's like any other day for him... only they think he's that other attractive leading man, Antonio Banderas.

"Valentine's Day"
8 Feb 2016
Giving off a completely vibe to the usual sentimental, softly-softly ads for Pandora, this Valentine's Day spot from Denmark posits the jewellery store as the perfect place for men to buy themselves a second chance if they've disgraced themselves in their partner's eyes. Furious women hurl stuff at their chaps over the strains of a soaring snip of opera, and one can't help wondering if all the men survive long enough to actually make their bridge-building purchase.

4 Nov 2015
Controlling your home via your smartphone is given an enjoyably mischievous spin in this French ad for the Orange Homelive app. Rather than sit about ruminating on the widget's energy-saving capabilities, this couple indulges in a remote game of one-upmanship by turning blenders, vacuum cleaners, and even beds against one another. Roguish fun with great use of Louis Prima and Keely Smith's 'Old Black Magic'.

Road Safety (Denmark)
"A Little Breath"
15 Jul 2015
This road safety ad from Denmark takes a simple idea and builds to an effective pay-off. We see a man experience all the things in life that ask for a little breath, whether it's a loving gesture for his partner, cooling a coffee, or recovering after a workout. After a few drinks, however, a quick encounter with a breathalyzer proves to be his downfall.

6 Feb 2015
This sweet commercial from Denmark describes those first faltering steps towards puppy love found in schools everywhere. A dyed-in-the-wool goth braves the incredulity of his friends to shed his black lippy et al and go preppy in order that the girl he likes will notice him. Little does it occur to him that she might do the same for him.

1 Dec 2014
This slightly dark ad from Scandinavia is not what you tend to expect from an Interflora commercial, but it's all the better for that. A lonely clown falls for a trapeze artist at the circus where they both perform, and tries a number of ways to get her attention. But she, quiet and self-possessed, doesn't even notice he exists.

Audi Quattro
24 Nov 2014
Fans of the superb BBC drama Happy Valley will instantly recognise Jake Bugg's 'Trouble Town' when they watch this marvellous Scandinavian ad for Audi staking the German car's claim to be the vehicle of choice for those facing snow trouble. Two enterprising brothers borrow dad's car while the latter slumbers so they can head into the night to rescue other road users for a small fee.

5 Oct 2014
This very stylish ad for Audi actually demonstrates what its strapline - "presence redefined" - means, which is a refreshing change from the abundance of advertising that relies on baffling non sequiturs. A gramophone in an austere old warehouse pours forth redundant advice on how to obtain said presence with posture and language... till a sleek new Audi rolls in and nudges the instrument to the floor.

1 Oct 2014
A classic VW ad which has the sort of vintage humour those of us who are more advanced in years will recognise from the late 70s and early 80s. A factory boss strides onto the floor to bellow in rage that someone's VW Caddy has blocked him in - who is it, and move it, like, yesterday. He isn't expecting quite the response he gets when the workers wordlessly comply.

BT Sport
"Chelsea 6 v 0 Arsenal"
14 Jul 2014
Arsenal must be wondering what they've done to deserve such a kicking from BT Sport, given that this is the second ad now in which they've been shown as the heavily defeated team. At least in this spot, a madly unfair decision by the ref is flagged up - which adds to the atmosphere and frenzy captured by its fast pace and excellent combination of live action and convincingly contrived reactions.

BT Sport
"Believe It"
12 Jul 2014
One of a series in a new campaign for BT Sport which revolves around the line: "you have to see it to believe it" and shows everyone from fans to managers reacting to what they're seeing on the football pitch. So if you're about to breathe a sigh of relief that the footie's finally over, don't exhale just yet because this heralds the start of the Premier League season which is just getting ready to, er, kick off.

Jack & Jones
"On The Button"
24 Oct 2013
Not being young and fashionable, DAVID hadn't heard of Jack & Jones before. However, he does wonder if perhaps the lavish budget which accommodates both Christopher Walken and - in this instance - Nick Cave would have been better spent on icons who mean more to a generation younger than his own. Nonetheless, he has a sneaking suspicion no-one else can twiddle a button like Chris.

"Worst Day of Simon's Life"
17 Oct 2013
Another in the series of lovely commercials for Barclaycard drawing attention to a new scheme which encourages punters to shop around. Here it robs a young man of the only pleasure in his working life: handing over bread to a fragrant beauty whose loyalty - it turns out - was shallower than he thought.

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