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"The Process"
23 March 2017
UK Fruit Juice

If you're a little rusty on the ol' Big Bang theory (no, not the sitcom), then let frozen smoothie brand Dole bring you up to speed. A sage VO charts how just a few billion days brought us from molten rock to fruit and ice ("Ooh, convenient!"); now Dole have perfected the process with their range of frozen confections. A wry, eye-catching introduction to the brand.

It's a really captivating piece of animation and subtly reminds us of the fruit company's global clout but surely it's time for Dole to update their logo as well as their packaging.


Ben said:

The performances are a bit big... not as good as other recent work on the brand.



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"The Process"
23 Mar 2017
If you're a little rusty on the ol' Big Bang theory (no, not the sitcom), then let frozen smoothie brand Dole bring you up to speed. A sage VO charts how just a few billion days brought us from molten rock to fruit and ice ("Ooh, convenient!"); now Dole have perfected the process with their range of frozen confections. A wry, eye-catching introduction to the brand.

15 Mar 2017
Jonny & Will have good form when it comes to Ikea ads. Having helped bring Dougal Wilsonís tale of migrating t-shirts to life, the pair assume directing duties in this charming Aussie commercial. When the alarm goes off, an especially hirsute hand reaches over. Turns out itís a sheepskin rug - or Ludde, to give its proper Ikea delineation.

9 Mar 2017
A new instalment of Twining's colourful animated campaign focuses on their range of fruit infusions. While some tea traditionalists may flinch at the prospect of sullying their precious beverage with the likes of blackcurrant and blueberry or lemon and ginger, it's hard not to be charmed by the bright stop-motion and whimsical soundtrack.

P & O Ferries
"Steppin' Out"
1 Jan 2017
Joe Jackson's 'Steppin' Out' scores this colourful P&O Ferries commercial. While Rob Brydon promotes P&O's cruise liners with middling results, nifty animation flags up the benefits of their ferry crossings. It's visually very appealing, but because we see no actual destinations there's nothing concrete prompting us to book a trip somewhere.

Sky Cinema
"Advent Calendar"
8 Nov 2016
Sky suggests there's plenty in store for movie lovers this Christmas with this skillfully composed ad. Windows from an advent calendar open to a host of blockbuster titles - and each door is in keeping with the film's aesthetic. The calendar motif is a smart one, making the proposition instantly obvious and easy to remember.

Red Axes
"Sun My Sweet Sun"
3 mins 55s
12 Oct 2016
Your average office party often turns into a car crash after a certain point in the evening, but this one takes the experience to a whole new level. Instead of inappropriate snogging in the server room or fisticuffs fuelled by flat cava, this bunch hook up to VR headsets and celebrate with the energy drink their company sells. It's not a recipe for the best night out... but it makes for a great promo.

4 Oct 2016
Asus provides the showdown we've all been waiting for in this home office epic. No, it's not good versus evil or Batman versus Superman - it's space marines versus a string quartet. When this gentleman innocuously plugs in his Transformer book, he summons pulse rifle-toting soldiers and a far more graceful band of violinists. It's an odd match-up, but an eye-grabbing one.

"Marlow Marathon"
2 mins 13s
12 Sep 2016
This may be bonkers but it's also extremely charming and it moves along at such a pace that you barely even notice more than two minutes have passed before you get to the end. It introduces us to Dr Glenneth Benson who is a "sports scientist to the stars" and he explains how he's organised an attempt on the world record for a relay-run marathon.

Hello Play!
"The Future of Music (Making Of)"
3 mins 50s
10 Mar 2016
Unless you're one of those people who jump straight to the DVD extras before anything, we recommend experiencing Greg Barth's original 360-degree film here before watching this equally enjoyable behind the scenes piece. A colourful insight into the technical and artistic requirements of such a venture underlines the possibilities afforded to creative types by this new technology... and it's not everyday you see a gimp suit used for such whimsical ends.

2 Feb 2016
More master puppetry from Blinkink's Joesph Mann as a tyre uses its last breath to draw a promise of vengeance from Churchill the dog. While the canine crusader isn't willing to go after the uninsured driver with a pack of hounds, he is able to promise that the insurance company he represents is willing to repair the damage without affecting the driver's no claims bonus.

1 Feb 2016
First rate puppetry and a neat gag combine to create a good outcome for the insurance company. A crushed vehicle tries in vain to laugh off the extent of its 'injuries' much like the Black Knight in 'Monty Python & the Holy Grail' - but Churchill the dog isn't fooled. He's pleased to hear about the options available to the company's punters if their car should suffer a similar mishap.

2 mins 12s
25 Nov 2015
Radkey's boisterous 'Glore' gets a stunning promo celebrating its garage punk, Beavis and Butthead, grossout sensibility. Nicos Livesey's fast-moving claymation has everything you could wish for: acid trips, superheroes packed with Gummi Bears; spinning heads and pizza crusts. All the things, in fact, that your average teenage boy would probably like to experience.

"Make Them Giants"
2 mins
9 Sep 2015
Ever wondered why rugby players are so huge? According to this delightful commercial advertising O2's sponsorship of the England team, it's because of our admiration for them. Each glance of appreciation received by Chris Robshaw and his team-mates has them grow a little until eventually they are giants striding out across the fields.

Harvey Nichols
1 min 40s
14 Jul 2015
Harvey Nichols has backed adam&eveDDB to the hilt by commissioning this viral, which uses real life footage of shoplifters to draw attention to a new App allowing punters to get 'freebies' without risking arrest and humiliation... but we're not sure they should have as, arguably, this film exploits the misery of others to promote the advertised brand.

"Resealable Packs"
12 May 2015
The iconography of the previous ads rears its head again as we learn that Ryvita now has resealable packs. And, er, that's about it really. Mind you, now that DAVID thinks about it, resealable packs are probably a good idea because you only eat a Ryvita when you're far enough away from the last time you ate one to forget how arid they are.

Police Dog Hogan
"West Country Boy"
3 mins 49s
27 Jan 2015
If your day job involves running one of the most successful short-form film production companies in the world, you have a distinct advantage when it comes to making promos for your band and Blink's James Studholme has quite rightly taken advantage of this equation by asking Joseph Mann to direct the latest video for Police Dog Hogan - the group he formed with fellow musical ne'er-do-wells in 2008.

Save The Children
"Christmas Jumper Day"
5 Nov 2014
This is a great way to encourage people to donate to Save the Children: get them to raise money by wearing a classic 'Christmas Jumper' for a day. To Elvis Costello's revvy Pump It Up we see a whole bunch of individuals dancing in their reindeer / elf / tree-patterned pullies, and it really does incline you to join them.

3 Oct 2014
Another in the classy little campaign for the crispbread we all used to associate with slimming back in the day. This execution uses the stop frame animation style to suggest a whole new wealth of serving ideas a million miles away from the bleak slatherings of low-fat cottage cheese. Indeed, there are so many different types of Ryvita now we're spoilt for choice before we even think of toppings.

Ryvita Thins
"Anything Goes"
15 Sep 2014
Who'd have thought any crispbread with the name Ryvita attached could be made to appear in any way enticing? But that's what this ad for Ryvita Thins manages to do. Colourful, stylish and fun, it comprises a series of aerial shots looking down on a table, which is dressed with a succession of cloths, dips and the aforementioned Thins. We could eat some right now.

Julio Bashmore
3 mins 30s
24 Feb 2014
While we struggle to say anything positive about the track itself, the accompanying video is quite a bag of tricks. Created by Noah Harris, it's a complex extravaganza of in-camera graphic design and stop-frame animation that must have been a real labour of love. Everything is simultaneously intangible yet solid; evoking effects we've recently seen in videos for artists like Glasser, Jackson and His Computer Band, and Oneohtrix Point Never.

Greenvale Potatoes
"Pretty Perfect Potatoes"
3 Feb 2014
What's not to love about the humble spud? Especially if they can talk. And these do - in tongue-twisters. It's delightfully animated and there's lots of emphasis given over to the fact they come in a paper bag for freshness (none of that green-tinged rubberiness you get with polythene). The only missed opportunity is that not enough is made of the fact they're versatile - you don't need different spuds for roasting, mashing and baking. Maybe the next spot will address this?

"Customer Reviews"
10 Jan 2014
Very much on the mundane side, this, with its emphasis on customers' 'honest' reviews; but at least the animation style distracts the eye from the dullness of the message. It uses Post-It notes with positive remarks to form a moving mural as a backdrop to the car in question, which is called the 'Sportage'. This is pronounced in similar manner to the posh way of saying 'garage', which, it has to be said, is incredibly annoying.

"Perpetual Motion"
1 min 47s
3 Dec 2013
Good lord... these devices are getting more powerful by the day. Not only is this one a nice little laptop, pull it apart and it sends you off on a surreal voyage of adventure that a shedload of class A drugs are going to struggle to compete with. Just make sure you've had a few trial runs before you take it with you to that new job or you may have some explaining to do when they find you gibbering in the stationery cupboard.

Velvet Tissues
"Thank You Trees"
23 Nov 2013
Trees get an acknowledgement of thanks for their sterling work in providing sticks to throw for dogs in this little bumper. By the same reckoning, Velvet are also thanking them for providing tissues and probably other paper-based goods. Sweetly done with figurines; recalling the unlikely pirate, cow and cyclist from the early Cravendale campaign.

John Lewis
"The Bear and the Hare"
2 mins
8 Nov 2013
John Lewis's Christmas effort is now well established as the 'daddy', and the clamour ahead of this year's unveiling has been quite remarkable. Is it worth all the fuss? Of course it is. Like last year, there's a notable absence of humans in the ad and this proves a wise choice as it allows an unremitting level of sentimentality.

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