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7 November 2016
UK Shopping Centres

Shopping centre proprietors Intu enlist some feathery customers for their Christmas ad. Like a storybook tale for the materialist age, the narrator introduces us to various shopping archetypes. From a "me, me, me" flamingo to a duck with a full flock in tow, these well-designed birds bring plenty of personality to their minimalist surroundings.

As shoppers steel themselves for the gift-buying onslaught, these avian protagonists have a lovely truth about them. Organized sorts want the job done without any fuss, while others look forward to swooping on a bargain just before closing time. Thanks to director Joseph Mann's puppet show, the shopping giant claims Christmas shopping can be whatever customers want it to be.

"Kevin the Carrot"

Charlie said:

We all like a carrot, but what about the stick?



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7 Nov 2016
Shopping centre proprietors Intu enlist some feathery customers for their Christmas ad. Like a storybook tale for the materialist age, the narrator introduces us to various shopping archetypes. From a "me, me, me" flamingo to a duck with a full flock in tow, these well-designed birds bring plenty of personality to their minimalist surroundings.

Maynards Bassetts
9 Aug 2016
Maynards Bassetts continue to add a splash of colour to the ad break with another Blinkink creation (this time courtesy of illustrator Rob Flowers). A tin man finds the confectioner's Juicy Chews to be a psychedelic shock to the system, and each sweetie that passes through the android's head prompts a colourful reaction. Now we know to deal with any evil robots that cross our path.

Maynards Bassetts
"Chewing Cup 2016"
15 Jun 2016
Our nation's summer of sport continues in unlikely fashion with the grand final of the Chewing Cup, brought to us courtesy of Maynards Bassett. This woolly competitor shows no signs of nerves as it lazily chews on a selection of Bertie Bassett's jelly treats, and Blinkink's Chris Bristow produces a fun addition to the brand's weird and wonderful reel of intermissions.

Maynards Bassetts
26 Apr 2016
Maynards Bassetts celebrate their brand union with an ambitious collection of ad break 'intermissions' starring their most famous confections. We didn't want to dilly dally at the pick 'n' mix stand for too long, so we've selected three 20" instalments for you to chew over, including Bertie Bassett as you've never seen him before; an awkward exchange in the bedroom; and a drummer producing some sweet beats.

"Hong Kong Sevens"
4 Apr 2016
HSBC typically have some fireworks in store when it comes to promoting their sponsorship of the World Rugby Sevens Series, and this film maintains their form in eye-catching fashion. Blink Ink turn Hong Kong into a supercharged Arcadia as players summon all sorts of fantastical powers in their journey to the stadium.

Hello Play!
"The Future of Music (Making Of)"
3 mins 50s
10 Mar 2016
Unless you're one of those people who jump straight to the DVD extras before anything, we recommend experiencing Greg Barth's original 360-degree film here before watching this equally enjoyable behind the scenes piece. A colourful insight into the technical and artistic requirements of such a venture underlines the possibilities afforded to creative types by this new technology... and it's not everyday you see a gimp suit used for such whimsical ends.

St John Ambulance
"Nursery Rhymes"
2 mins 17s
20 Jan 2016
The DAVID household has been intending to take up first aid lessons ever since an incident two years ago involving the near-tragic mis-swallowing of a spring roll, which has now gone down in family lore. This resolve has been strengthened on watching the new spot for the St John Ambulance in which famous nursery characters create a mnemonic song to aid CPR on babies.

"Joy of Storage Bumpers"
7 Jan 2016
This series of bumpers for IKEA has been very cleverly compiled using stock footage. The boffins at BlinkInk (and Colonel Blimp) have replaced objects in short sequences from the archive with household objects which are then placed perfectly in the space designed for them by IKEA.

Belgian Lottery
13 Dec 2015
Obviously piqued by the Spanish Lottery's bid for Christmas animation supremacy, the Belgian Lottery fight mannequins with snowmen in this lovely stop-motion film. Much like Raymond Briggs's Father Christmas, this snowman could do with a holiday in the sun... even if his skin doesn't suggest it will take the ultra-violet well. Regardless, it's a dream worth crossing his twigs for, and his friends in the woods decide to bring Hawaii to him.

"Make Them Giants"
2 mins
9 Sep 2015
Ever wondered why rugby players are so huge? According to this delightful commercial advertising O2's sponsorship of the England team, it's because of our admiration for them. Each glance of appreciation received by Chris Robshaw and his team-mates has them grow a little until eventually they are giants striding out across the fields.

4 May 2015
This new commercial for Clipper, which was preceded by an intriguing 10-second teaser, features a truly lovely animation by directorial duo Andersen M. The ad reminds us how unnatural things can look when they're the wrong colour... and connects this to the revelation that the advertised tea comes in bags that haven't been bleached.

30 Apr 2015
Clipper Tea announces 'an advertising premier' in this attractively-animated teaser, where an angular pink and black bee buzzes among some meadow flowers. And indeed we are intrigued: what can possibly be so exciting about a cuppa commercial that it warrants making a date with the telly to view it? No doubt we will soon see.

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
5 mins 01s
7 Apr 2015
The first time we saw DHMIS - the 'Creativity' spot - we were kind of nonplussed. It seemed to fall somewhere between a parody of Sesame Street and Sesame Street itself. We didn't know how we were supposed to feel. But as time has passed and more films have followed, DHMIS has become sharper, darker and more ambitious... no wonder it now has a huge cult following.

Jose Cuervo
"The Margarita"
28 Mar 2015
This very stylish spot for Jose Cuervo tequila - like an animated Film Noir - reveals the history of the Margarita cocktail. Named for a beautiful Mexican showgirl, it was the result of her bad-mannered dissatisfaction with the free drinks offered her by a bartender. He was rather taken with her impetuousness, so instead of making her pay for the glasses she broke, he created a drink in her honour, the fool.

Jose Cuervo
"The Battle for Tequila"
28 Mar 2015
One of three spots for a new campaign for the drink, this whisks us back to 1873 when a dastardly bandit ran riot through Mexico, ransacking the towns as he went. However, he hadn't reckoned on the folk of Tequila, who were determined he wasn't going to get his sticky little paws on their beloved distillery. The slick animation guides us through the battle.

Jose Cuervo
"The Alchemist"
28 Mar 2015
This animated film positions the man responsible for the advertised drink's quality control as a daunting figure. He would sooner burn down the distillery than allow a single bottle of imperfect tequila to emerge through its gate so you can take it as read that every sip will be perfect... provided he never has a day off.

Drugs Live
"Cannabis on Trial"
21 Feb 2015
Trippy imagery is cleverly used in this trail for Channel 4's latest effort at offering a real verdict of the effect of drugs. Stop motion allows all kinds of hallucinogenic enhancements to be placed on the head of a man who revolves in front of the camera as a VO explains the aims of the forthcoming programme.

"Bing Bang Bong"
19 Feb 2015
There's some really lovely animation in this Twinings ad focusing on the feeling we're given by that first cup of tea. As you know, all Britons are properly addicted to the stuff, and most will recognise this depiction of the moment when the brain is sharpened by the first slurp. Out of the seemingly impenetrable fog of post-sleep bleariness, our minds come blinking into the sunlight of full cognitive engagement.

24 Sep 2014
Nice little bit of fun for Graze here, featuring the hundred-plus snack recipes. They're gathered together for a stirring pep talk by a Summer Berry Flapjack with a Brief Encounter-style delivery - only one nut gets a tad over-excited. Still, in inimitably British fashion, the crowd falls disapprovingly silent until order is restored and the speaker can continue.

"Barry the Biscuit Boy"
29 Mar 2014
This animated film has young Barry the Biscuit swimming in a river of Cravendale and very nearly coming undone. Luckily for him, biscuit-based lifeforms can cope with the loss of their heads with remarkable alacrity and his parents are able to merely replace the part of him that dissolved into the milky stream so that before long he's ready to fight another day.

Greenvale Potatoes
"Pretty Perfect Potatoes"
3 Feb 2014
What's not to love about the humble spud? Especially if they can talk. And these do - in tongue-twisters. It's delightfully animated and there's lots of emphasis given over to the fact they come in a paper bag for freshness (none of that green-tinged rubberiness you get with polythene). The only missed opportunity is that not enough is made of the fact they're versatile - you don't need different spuds for roasting, mashing and baking. Maybe the next spot will address this?

Velvet Tissues
"Thank You Trees"
23 Nov 2013
Trees get an acknowledgement of thanks for their sterling work in providing sticks to throw for dogs in this little bumper. By the same reckoning, Velvet are also thanking them for providing tissues and probably other paper-based goods. Sweetly done with figurines; recalling the unlikely pirate, cow and cyclist from the early Cravendale campaign.

14 Nov 2013
This finely-balanced tower of cheese and wine and dining furniture rises at impossible angles to demonstrate the care and exactitude that goes into balancing the cheese in question. The design and lighting is superb; evoking a classic Modernist trompe l'oeil painting. Clever, too, as it lends the brand a more upmarket feel than perhaps it currently enjoys.

John Lewis
"The Bear and the Hare"
2 mins
8 Nov 2013
John Lewis's Christmas effort is now well established as the 'daddy', and the clamour ahead of this year's unveiling has been quite remarkable. Is it worth all the fuss? Of course it is. Like last year, there's a notable absence of humans in the ad and this proves a wise choice as it allows an unremitting level of sentimentality.

Short Films
2 mins 29s
25 Jun 2013
Those of you who feeling blue after returning from Cannes are bound to enjoy this lovely short film by Blinkink's Joesph Mann. It's a wonderfully subversive piece of animation which charts a young boy's attempts to find meaningful companionship while spending at the day at the beach.

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