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24 February 2017
UK Supermarkets

Sainsbury’s must be sifting through their favourite clips from January’s ‘Food Dancing’ film. Having recently released a Valentine’s Day-themed montage, the supermarket moves on to 10” morsels. This particular cook demonstrates an unorthodox use of crockery... perhaps think twice about accepting a bowl of soup served up here.

"My Shade My Power"

Matt said:

How dull. They might as well have been telling me what size their shoes are.



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24 Feb 2017
Sainsbury’s must be sifting through their favourite clips from January’s ‘Food Dancing’ film. Having recently released a Valentine’s Day-themed montage, the supermarket moves on to 10” morsels. This particular cook demonstrates an unorthodox use of crockery... perhaps think twice about accepting a bowl of soup served up here.

24 Feb 2017
This brief instalment of Sainsbury's 'Food Dancing' campaign features a chap playing fast and loose with a grater while he grooves. The ubiquitous orange shopping bag in these otherwise black and white ads creates a distinctive look which stands out during any commercial break. The brand are encouraging everyone to get involved and boogie in their kitchen - just watch your fingers while you're at it!

"Love Dancing"
8 Feb 2017
A commercially-contrived event February 14th may be, but at least Orange Supermarket suggests we embrace the mood of the day rather than imply we're losers in love if we don't buy perfunctory gifts for our significant others. Better still, there's no discount price points cancelling out the thoughtfulness behind the limp flowers / battered chocolate box / bottle of Lambrini flogged by everyone else.

"Food Dancing (Extended)"
2 mins 55s
20 Jan 2017
This extended version of the new Sainsbury's 'Food Dancing' campaign features some interesting additions, including dance instructions and a colourful 80's rap video-style segment. Despite the campaign causing health and safety concerns in some quarters (dancing with sharp knives or flinging around tea-towels near open flames... maybe they have a point), this extended version is an effective promo for MysDiggi's specially-created song.

"Food Dancing"
18 Jan 2017
Something interesting always happens when an agency like W+K gets into bed with a client like Sainsbury's and so it proves with the agency's début TV work for its big new client. Orange Supermarket has been placed at the forefront of a new movement called #fooddancing by an ad with an earwormy soundtrack from MysDiggi combined with a montage that's been made to look as though it's been clandestinely filmed in our actual kitchens.

18 Oct 2016
This wry Freesat commercial demonstrates how the satellite service plays a very important role in these customers' lives. One places it above every accolade and trophy she's ever won; another thinks it provides better entertainment value than his musically-inclined children; and why would this couple pay for marriage counselling when there's subscription-free telly?

"The Wall"
10 Aug 2016
This visually striking ad for Huawei has Lionel Messi facing down a defensive wall with a serious "You shall not pass!" policy. Opponents, the media (a recurring target for football-based advertising this summer), and even a rampaging scoreboard combine to form an impenetrable barrier. However, all it takes is a selfie with a fan to inspire the Argentine wizard to score. It's not the most graceful brand integration we've seen, but Knucklehead's Gary Shore steers the VFX spectacle with a sure hand.

"The Swim"
8 Aug 2016
As the UNHCR‎'s recent film highlighting the Refugee Olympic Team showed us, Rio 2016 is aiming to unite countries during disunited times. And this commercial celebrating Syrian Yusra Mardini's journey to the Olympics is unquestionably inspiring. Knucklehead's Siri Bunford does a super job of reminding viewers that this is the young woman who used her swimming prowess to rescue a dinghy full of refugees and connecting her heroism to her Rio exploits.

"Don't Worry About Me"
3 mins 45s
4 May 2016
Young singer-songwriter Frances has penned a touching song for someone who has been there for her and who she now wants to be strong for in turn. The simplicity of the track is all the more poignant for Zak Razvi's accompanying promo, which focuses on an elderly man keeping vigil at his dying wife's bedside.

15 Sep 2015
A young boy called Alfie has a dream of becoming an astronaut. The precocious spaceman is shown in training with a smile that couldn't be wider. But this charming montage doesn't reconcile with what we hear. Alfie begins telling us about how he and his mother have been abused by her new partner. When a child's reality stops them from being able to picture a better life, that's when the NSPCC steps in.

1 min 37s
14 Jul 2015
Cycling enthusiasts will love this stunning film for Samsung which demonstrates there's more than one way to be a winner. Meticulous preparation and determined riding from an athlete armed to the teeth with Samsung technology appears to be a recipe for the man who'll cross the line first wearing a jersey in the colour of his choice. But there's more to this story than that.

"100 Years"
2 mins 15s
13 Jun 2015
The people featured in this epic commercial for Finlandia have an aggregate age of a thousand years and their accumulated wisdom deserves respect. The grandeur of Siri Bunford's film helps to convey the idea that this is a product with gravitas and is not to be taken lightly and much of its effectiveness is bound up in its tone. But - more than that - the individual vignettes reward your attention.

"Forever Forward"
1 min 35s
24 Apr 2015
Another outing for the 'life flashing before your eyes' meme but no complaints from us as this is an absolutely cracking piece of work. Director Chris Hewitt and his editor Adam Marshall have melded a perfectly-judged summary of a young man's life with glimpses of him tearing around the racecourse where we see him at both the beginning and the end of the commercial.

Shredded Wheat
"Northern Soul"
2 mins
14 Jan 2015
What a terrific little film quietly endorsing Shredded Wheat - about a dad who's revived his love of early Northern Soul and eats reasonably healthily in order to stay trim for his dancing gear. He talks about the ritual of getting ready for dance night starting from the moment he wakes, and how his teen son goes with him too. "What's it like having the coolest dad in the universe?" other young fans ask the lad.

"Winter Linn"
3 mins 09s
21 Nov 2014
Christopher Hewitt's video for Winter Linn by Clark is breathtaking. Not only because the sequence of images accompanying this superb track are so riveting - but because they spin on their own axis at a giddying speed like some unsettling creation on an alien potter's wheel. Yet somehow there's a stillness at the very centre, and it's this contradiction that so complements the music.

Walkers Sunbites
"Cardboard Jane"
9 Feb 2014
This looks like it could have been conceived by Don Draper and shown on a grainy black and white TV set as the client looks on laughing anxiously. This isn't a criticism... there's something quite appealing about its old-fashionedness and it's been a long time since we heard anything quite like the accompanying song: "Jane, Jane, cardboard Jane, everyday she eats the same..." They don't write 'em like that any more - except that obviously they do.

"The Run"
4 Dec 2013
Amalgamating footage from other ads in the Chinese campaign for Nike, this is a quiet celebration of the pleasure of running for running's sake. There are additional shots too, like the baby taking its first toddling steps but seeming to radiate a desire to move faster - as if our instinct is to defy the pull of gravity and hurtle across the earth's surface at an exhilarating pace.

"Blind Runner"
4 Dec 2013
Another of the beautifully-filmed ads for Nike in China. This focuses on a blind runner who places her trust completely in her running partner to keep her path clear. The footage shows mostly flashes and fleeting glimpses of light as she talks about what she hears and feels: it isn't until the end that we see what other people see.

"Street Runners"
4 Dec 2013
One of several spots for Nike in China, this features a running club who likes to take to the streets improbably dressed. Bananas and hamburgers, hot dogs and peppers - together they run through markets and over bridges with a strange dignity all of their own; a way of claiming their precious leisure time for themselves.

"Fundan Girls"
4 Dec 2013
It's fascinating to see how running as a pastime is perceived in different cultures. In one of a series of terrific ads made in China, three young women explain how they're viewed by their peers for eschewing the beauty salons and club scenes for the love of their sport. "Boys think we're badass and unapproachable," one tells us with pride, though she goes on to observe that equally, no-one has ever told her she's pretty.

"Mr Sun"
1 min 40s
3 Dec 2013
This work is especially fascinating because it's rather defiant in its own way. The man at its centre - a septuagenarian marathon runner - is angry that he and his fellow senior citizens have been told they can no longer take part in races. In his own mild yet determined fashion, he makes it clear that he feels this should be a matter of individual choice.

Cancer Research
"Up Yours, Cancer"
1 Mar 2013
This ballsy ad is one of a breed that's moved right away from the Angels school of tearjerkers and instead stares the dreaded C word in the face unblinkingly. Someone utters: "Up yours, cancer," and you know it's a barely concealed euphemism for "Fuck you, cancer".

"Life Balanced"
4 Nov 2012
In this visually intriguing commercial, objects representing the pursuits of the driver are found on one half of a pair of scales as the advertised car is driven on to the other. In theory, it illustrates the idea that a Jaguar will help you achieve a balanced life... in practice, it exudes the style and sense of luxury this brand wants to project.

T K Maxx
"Street Styles"
8 Sep 2012
This stylish looking commercial for TK Maxx showcases some of the unusual fashions available from the retailer. It's the style of photography that ought to be known as 'gritty lite' as it has the mannerisms of a scene from The Wire combined with the kind of fashions usually used to suggest eccentricity in a British soap opera.

13 Feb 2012
As various Olympians train for the big event, BP talks about the importance of the coming Games and their role in supporting it in this ad that first ran last year. Since this is a commercial for one of the company's responsible for wreaking havoc environmentally, obviously it contains lots of footage hinting at the healthiness of its green credentials.

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