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2 mins 50s
22 November 2016
UK Computer Hardware

AMV BBDO have managed to capture the warmth and togetherness of the holiday season without succumbing to schmaltz in this touching ad for the HP Spectre x360. The bond between siblings is strained as one - who is deaf - cannot share in the other's passion for music. Seeing his brother struggle, the musician decides something must be done.

Using HP Spectre technology, he creates a multi-sensory experience by connecting sound to light. Through this - what you could call applied synaesthesia - he enables his brother to share his passion on a level that wasn't previously possible.

Seb Edwards's clever treatment puts you inside the head of both protagonists. One as he struggles to comprehend the senses he knows he's missing, and the other as he plots to give his younger sibling a taste of the passion that drives him.


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2 mins 50s
22 Nov 2016
AMV BBDO have managed to capture the warmth and togetherness of the holiday season without succumbing to schmaltz in this touching ad for the HP Spectre x360. The bond between siblings is strained as one - who is deaf - cannot share in the other's passion for music. Seeing his brother struggle, the musician decides something must be done.

Arch Birds
"Be The Fastest"
2 mins 39s
23 Aug 2016
Academy Films' Seb Edwards directs this promo by London outfit Arch Birds, which came about as part of Virgin Media's series of vignettes featuring Usain Bolt. Here we see him cutting loose on the dance floor to the track and the sheer energy of both Bolt and the dancers around him is terrific. What a dude.

Virgin Media
"9.58 Seconds"
1 min 40s
6 Jul 2016
9.58 seconds. It's arguably one of the most famous times in the world (sorry Chico Time) thanks to Usain Bolt's imperious efforts at the 2009 World Athletics Championships. As the man primes himself for another surge at glory, Michael Johnson asks, "Do you know what 9.58 seconds feels like?" Thanks to this kinetic piece of work for Virgin Media, we've got plenty of definitions to work from.

"Idle Hands"
29 Feb 2016
The sense of dread in this intelligently-written spot for the YMCA is ratcheted up by the music; a note rising higher and higher as the tension is wound ever tighter. Disaffected youth is its focus: bored and alienated, teens can drift into petty crime and violence out of a desire to feel something, anything... but give that energy a positive outlet and wonderful results may blossom.

Rainbow 6 Siege
"Siege The Day"
23 Nov 2015
Idris Elba has been building a nice reputation for himself as the go-to man for advertisers looking for a legitimate injection of star power. This live action ad for 'Rainbow 6 Siege' has the man narrating on a hostage rescue with his signature authority. You'd think those on the right side of the law would find it rather odd to see none other than Stringer Bell join in on their raid, but the objective is all that matters.

The Prince's Trust
"Learn the Hard Way"
4 Feb 2015
How wonderful to be reminded by this sparkling film how important it is to look beyond the difficult circumstances that can make an individual's potential that much harder to see. Seb Edwards's film - from a script by William Cottam and James Crosby - leads us through a series of vignettes which powerfully remind us just how tough it can be when opportunities aren't served to you on a plate.

Army Recruitment
"Restoring Normal Days"
18 Jan 2015
This splendid commercial is another excellent addition to a super canon of work urging young people to commit some or all of their time to the armed forces. This film depicts the British Army as the saviour of many a situation... restoring 'normal life' whenever possible. The three scenarios are beautifully filmed and each starts with a moment of tense crisis before turning into a situation that's more comfortable.

"Life is a Beautiful Sport"
3 Mar 2014
This visually stunning commercial for Lacoste demonstrates that it's possible to make a grandiose fashion ad that works. Illustrating the inner turmoil of making that first move with a leap from a tall building may be overstating it, but Seb Edwards has created a film of such artistry that you find yourself totally drawn in. Indeed, you practically stand up and cheer when she finally reciprocates.

"Journey to Surf"
25 Feb 2014
This arresting ad follows a group of young men through the inhospitable terrain of Iceland in pursuit of the ultimate surf experience. It's almost beyond the bounds of belief to think they're voluntarily looking to don wetsuits out there in the arctic weather - but they do, and warm up afterwards with a bonding shot of the liqueur in question.

"Thank You"
29 Oct 2013
We sometimes forget just how successful football's Premier League is as an international brand. While a special commission is about to start examining the reasons why England is unable to challenge meaningfully at World Cups and European Championships, the country's elite competition goes from strength to strength and its universal appeal is beautifully illustrated by this lovely ad made by Academy's Seb Edwards.

Red Cross
"I Am A Crisis"
26 Sep 2012
A young woman representing all the crises and ill fortune endured by human beings casually reveals her identity in this striking film for the Red Cross that reminds the audience that the charity helps people in this country as well as those based overseas. It's always welcome to see a fresh approach when it comes to fund-raising.

Road Safety Authority
"In Their Shoes"
15 May 2012
In this Irish road safety film, road users are reminded that the people they affect are just like them. In each of the scenes, the person affected by inconsiderate behaviour is also the person behind the wheel and the psychological insulation provided by the car's metal cage is evaporated.

"Farmer's Son"
12 May 2012
It's sentimentality all the way in this stirring commercial for Hovis. A lad asks his dad if he can spend the day with him and when he's given the nod, he faces up to a tough day's work with admirable fortitude. It's the advertised bread that sustains him, of course, but it's the farmers who provide the wheat for the product who are being celebrated here.

4 Apr 2012
A young man working in the fashion industry has a successful meeting while a Jerry Garcia lookalike runs for a bus. The former looks like he'd be unimpressed at the prospect of communicating with the latter but this is a commercial so they laugh together as they consider their next adventure.

"Train Journey"
20 Feb 2012
HSBC have noticed that we're leading increasingly International lives and so they claim that they've made it easier to transfer money abroad. Pretty footage of a young family making a train journey helps to distract from the nebulousness of the proposition.

James Blake
"A Case Of You"
2 mins 52s
10 Jan 2012
Actress Rebecca Hall weakens the knees when she looks intently into the camera in this pop promo for a song by James Blake. In turn, she looks seductive, outraged and upset as she explores the full gamut of emotions provoked by a tempestuous relationship.

2 mins
12 Jul 2011
This ad celebrating HTC's sponsorship of a team in this year's Tour de France shows a bunch of cyclists making their way through Warsaw. It looks as though they were given the freedom of the city (provided they did all their shooting before six in the morning).

"Roberto Custodio"
24 May 2011
This ad for a Brazilian fashion company that also raises money for charity focuses on Roberto Custodio, a boxer who rejected gangsterism. It's a compelling piece of work and an impressive initiative to boot. The voiceover is provided by Idris Elba from The Wire.

Virgin Media
"A More Exciting Place To Live"
4 Feb 2011
This beautifully filmed commercial errs on the side of grandiosity but has the gravitas to get away with it. Virgin definitely feels like a more serious rival to Sky than NTL ever did and advertising like this is helping to spread this perception.

"Morning Confusion"
25 Jan 2010
While it's a little unconvincing to suggest that McDonald's is the solution to early morning tiredness, this commercial makes this claim with sufficient charm to enable us to overlook this. Various people suffer minor mishaps resulting from early morning confusion.

"Like A Golf"
14 Aug 2009
Various people are shown seeking a car or comparing a car with the VW Golf. But, as the super at the end asks, why drive something like a Golf when you can drive a Golf? This is that rare beast... a car ad which feels like it could be very effective.

"Britain's Favourite Baker"
5 Oct 2008
An impressive ad has an overseas visitor discovering that Britain's gone Warburton-mad. It's like a sequence from Doctor Who as he sees that every business in the country now seems to bear the name of the bakery company and when he reaches his hotel suite (the Warburton Suite, naturally) there's toast awaiting him.

Road Safety (British Army)
26 Aug 2008
Though not quite as effective as its companion piece, this is a hugely impressive attempt to persuade soldiers not to drive recklessly when they are freed from the discipline of life on their compounds. So inevitable is the protagonist's accident that the emergency services are waiting for him to bump into their hands.

Road Safety (British Army)
26 Aug 2008
A highly impactful reminder that when you behave recklessly on the road, the impact will be felt far and wide. A soldier leaving his barracks aboard his motorbike drives dangerously and pays the ultimate price... back home, his family are hit by the debris too. A highly effective piece of communication.

"It Must Be Love"
2 Dec 2007
A young couple seem to be struggling to find anything to say to one another when it occurs to him to play the Labi Siffre track It Must be Love (you may be more familiar with the version by Madness) and dancing in a bid which she can regard as romantic or amusing according to taste.

1-25 of 31 Results

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