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"Barry's Golden Beetle"
2 mins 11s
4 November 2016
UK Cars

Great advertising is sometimes about making the best possible use of the assets in front of you. The public's relationship with certain brands and products sometimes comes to the fore in unlikely ways - something we witnessed when a spat between Tesco and Unilever focused almost entirely on the availability and price of Marmite.

Few products in the history of capitalism have generated the affection that surrounds the VW Beetle. It was at the centre of the advertising which reinvented the craft when New York agency Doyle Dane Bernbach took on VW as a client in the late 1950s... and twenty years later it was the star of a series of Disney films.

That legacy has been beautifully tapped into by this online film from adam&eveDDB - Doyle Dane Bernbach's contemporary equivalent - which has been directed with great sensitivity and skill by documentarian Amanda Blue.

adam&eveDDB are never fearful of using sentimentality and this really seems to help them employ it effectively. Even if you can see what's coming, you're still likely to find this extremely moving and - because of the authenticity of the legacy behind it - it really helps to forge a connection with the classic marque.

Movember Foundation
"Father and Son"

Ronae said:

Thanks for making me cry Patrick. Knowing the special bond between my husband and son makes this incredibly moving for me.



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"Barry's Golden Beetle"
2 mins 11s
4 Nov 2016
The VW Beetle's legacy has been beautifully tapped into by this online film from adam&eveDDB - Doyle Dane Bernbach's contemporary equivalent - which has been directed with great sensitivity and skill by documentarian Amanda Blue. The agency are never fearful of using sentimentality and this really seems to help them employ it effectively.

"Amazing Babies"
14 Oct 2016
Amanda Blue's documentarian eye is perfect for this Pampers film focusing on our special connection to babies. Somehow avoiding mawkishness, Blue captures a series of special moments illustrating how a smile from a baby can affect all manner of human interactions. We were particularly taken with the vignette on the bus, not least because the man reading the newspaper appears at first to be really grumpy with the youngster interrupting his journey.

"Cheese Balls"
28 Jul 2016
Another handsy execution from Ikea sees this young man prepare some cheese balls with some help from an extra pair of 'arms'. The cultured score and kitchen counter choreography make for an entertaining watch, and the brand's new focus on making a song and dance out of food preparation continues to be well-served by these shorts directed by tantrum's Stephen Pipe.

28 Jul 2016
Next on the Ikea menu is crispbread hors d'oeuvres, and this two-in-one chef makes a gleeful mess of applying cheese, figs, seeds, and honey to their crunchy slices. There is method to the madness, however, and the duo's sense of fun is conveyed well as the Swedish retailer continues to instil as much spontaneity into our kitchen spaces as possible... even if the work surfaces have to bear the messy brunt.

28 Jul 2016
This is one of several amusing new pieces for IKEA which back up their proposition that we should all be having a lot more fun in the kitchen. It's a familiar comic stunt... one person stands behind another, providing their 'arms' and attempting to execute something quite tricky. In this case, the objective is to make a cocktail. As you might expect, not everything goes entirely to plan but there's a lot of laughter and the frivolity neatly serves the core proposition.

3 Dec 2015
Another lovely look from director Amanda Blue at mothers around the world recognising the importance of their children's education. It focuses on Rashmita - whose daughter told her she wanted to go to school when she was just one-and-a-half years old - but takes in the perspective of other mums who've had to work hard to get their children an education.

"Endless Entertainment"
8 Oct 2015
Television as an immersive experience is explored in this action-packed commercial for Viasat. A couple sat on a sofa get more than they bargained for as they're injected into a number of different scenarios representing the endless entertainment offered by the broadcaster. Director Jon Dennis has provided some nice moments of levity as he keeps the momentum flowing.

"First Day of School"
2 mins 10s
2 Sep 2015
Documentary-style content is enjoying its moment in the sun and - in the right hands - it's the long-form that keeps on giving. This emotional film for Persil concentrates on a young mother raising her son in a Brazilian favela. It's his first day at school and it doesn't matter where you live, that's a big day for both parent and child.

Fairy Non-Bio
"Learning To Hug"
2 mins 10s
20 Jun 2015
This beautifully tender online film for Fairy Non-Bio focuses on a relationship between a father and his grown son. The perspective of both is explored as they describe how the hugging that characterised their interaction during the early years fell by the wayside during the teen years. Perfectly timed for Father's Day, it's a moving exploration of the modern father-son dynamic.

"Four Generations"
2 mins 40s
13 May 2015
An American family got in touch with Dove to tell them that no less than four generations of the women used Dove soap, and had never used anything else. Amanda Blue - who directed the original ad 'A Mother's Body' film - made this film about the family; spending time getting to know them to create a lovely slice of life. It's a super example of the documentary approach.

"Merry Beeping Christmas"
12 Dec 2014
Now this is a bit unexpected from a mouth hygiene brand... an ad boasting a plethora of profanities. Admittedly they're beeped out, but the utterances of words such as "crap" and "bollocks" are very clearly seen - and there are more than a few "fuck"s we see in nascent formation. The reason? There may be all sorts of trials and tribulations to endure at this time of year, but the misery of a gammy smile needn't be one of them.

Westfield Australia
"Sophia Grace and Rosie"
1 min 51s
18 Nov 2014
This ad for Westfield Australia features the irrepressible young stars of YouTube and Ellen, Sophia Grace and Rosie. The girls became a sensation a few years ago when a video of them rapping to Super Bass by Nicki Minaj was posted on YouTube, and their big personalities have ensured their fame has continued to grow.

"A Mother's Body"
1 min 40s
13 May 2014
tantrum's Amanda Blue has filmed the protagonist with sublime skill. The camera doesn't shy away from an examination that would, in other contexts, be seen as unflattering. Close-ups roll over one another as we see her tackling parenthood in all its ambiguous glory... delighting in her offspring in one moment, and challenging their behaviour in the next. A proper mum.

3 mins 10s
6 May 2014
This series of idents designed to rebrand Viasat's movie channels look like they've been made on a big budget scale. Polished, cinematic and resonant, they do a great job of suggesting the three channels in question - TV1000, TV1000 Action and TV1000 Kino - are a film-lover's dream. Not for a moment would you imagine the results were achieved against almost insurmountable odds.

The Sun on Sunday
"Bingo in Bed"
2 Sep 2013
Play Sun Bingo and you could turn into a dangerously inflated ball - not so unrealistic seeing that the enticement to play includes a discount at Domino's Pizza. It may sound like an unattractive proposition, but if your future is anything like the one this couple is destined for, death by exploding balls may be a more dignified option.

"Bored Dog"
31 Dec 2012
A worthy effort by Nisa to raise them game, this revolves around a bored dog amusing himself while his owner shops. He reads a newspaper with lovely doggy headlines, and by the time his owner emerges our canine hero is busy busking. Problem is, you remember the dog rather than Nisa - though if you've ever been in one then you may know that that's no bad thing.

Haven Holidays
19 Dec 2012
This beautifully filmed commercial for Haven Holidays does such an impressive job that even people who've already experienced the questionable charms of these resorts may find themselves willing to give it another go. Scene after scene makes the British seaside look like an idyllic paradise... fantastic work.

"Road Trip"
16 Aug 2012
Another strikingly over the top performance from Paul Kaye is countered by another underwhelming performance from Victor Chandler. Kaye is marvellous and it's good to see him on the telly box in any capacity. Incidentally, has the latter's company been rebranded to echo that of rival 'Bet Fred'?

16 Aug 2012
Talented comedy actor Paul Kaye plays a character trying to get a special deal from Victor Chandler in the latest ads for the latter's eponymous betting service. Presumably Chandler's presence in his company's ads is yielding dividends but given his obvious limitations as an actor and the fact that he has the mannerisms of an old-fashioned villain, this is quite surprising.

12 Mar 2012
A woman is able to have the tacky wedding of her dreams despite a stain on her pink dress in this ad for the miraculous clothes detergent. Once we see who she's marrying, we can't help wondering if the stain was caused by the juices from a sneaky cheeseburger.

"Film Crew Dogs"
3 Mar 2012
This cute series of bumpers advertising Cesar's sponsorship of films on Channel 4 shows the breed closely associated with the dog food in a variety of poses indicating which member of the crew is the owner. We're not quite sure if 'lighting lady' is something you see in the credits too often.

"The Cube Sponsorship"
30 Oct 2011
An amusing series of bumpers advertising Plenty's sponsorship of The Cube. In keeping with the programme itself, Juan Sheet (played once again in the style of Nic Cage channelling Zorro) accepts a series of challenges on behalf of the product.

"The Final Leap"
14 Oct 2011
To test the claim that the advertised online service can be watched anywhere, a number of skydiving enthusiasts check their mobile devices while in free fall. The ultimate experiment is especially impressive as a whole sofa plunges towards the ground with a couple of couch potatoes on board.

"Ambassador's Reception"
15 Aug 2011
This spoof of a famous ad for Ferrero Rocher featuring former footballer Lee Dixon and former England cricket captain Michael Vaughan demonstrates that the duo are among the sportsmen providing tips to the service's punters.

"Juan Sheet & The Pretty Bride"
18 Jun 2011
Juan Sheet (who we like to think is being played by Nicolas Cage) comes to the rescue when a drink spillage threatens to derail a wedding. Announcing his arrival appears to defeat the purpose of his urgency though, doesn't it?

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